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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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this is the. place failed because of. american trained death squads reportedly targeting the taliban in pakistan but there is concern of what will happen once the u.s. withdraws from the region. republic's ready for.
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the next trip back in time. on the subject of science that's the theme of this week's moscow ause i'm from the great space race to medical advances ever since the times of peace the great this
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country is being. obsessed with technological and biological developments for the day and also here at the russian academy of sciences. the economy was stuck in seventeen twenty full time many in the russian elite. but it's illogical and empty city cheeseman of western europe as time progressed scientific research battle against censorship control. in eight hundred forty eight for example the government made it illegal to attend western universities in search of scientific training to bolshevik government two in nineteen seventeen introduced censorship. the matter of the sorest era and throughout the soviet times from close to seventy cities to the space race salto among the world leaders and scientific discovery. subject of research has kept top secret sides over the centuries the periodic table
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of elements the monorail and the for example have been invented by russian scientists the closed world it once was now russia is working with dozens of countries around the world on. scientific projects which brings us back to the cademy of sciences there are several conference calls this some of this building here on the risky prospect of various presidents and scientific debate. this. is the state of the art with solar powered energy and it always amazes me that you never really know. i didn't even know this and this space is called the golden hole for one thousand two hundred eager and excited scientists. and while i travel to my next scientific location let's take a look at this week's entertainment news. moscow
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house of photography has organized a display dedicated to one of russia's most famous before slaughter pollution. pollution is a clown who shows especially the production called slow show hits around the world the exhibition features dozens of photographs showing the red nosed entertainer not only on stage but mostly without makeup. on the world is remarkable for the fact that there are almost no borders between his outstanding artistic work and the knowledge and read every day long those borders are vague and time soon more just dreams and interesting creative approaches. everyone can now take an exciting journey on the most remote corners of russia. to get to the new exhibition hall in moscow russian railroads in collaboration with photographer anton long have created a project to a train window featuring hundreds of pictures of the country's nature and people.
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to me. before. and i did it's to promote russian scientists and to bring them into contact with their colleagues elsewhere in the world you know russia came from certain system that needed to be opened up and that's what we're doing and that's what we did. many countries involved in the international organization japan america kind of we have thirty nine members also from the european union but again the main strength of this organization is grassroots funding russian scientists who did work previously in different areas i'm now working to develop for example new medicine for tuberculosis and she efficiency devices and also the
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aim is to bring. to the marketplace i mean if you funded and worked on a staggering two thousand seven hundred projects is that correct yes so we have funded during those years two thousand seven hundred sixteen fifteen sixteen needed to sixteen years in many different scientific area as basic research applied to search it was also improving the individual skills of the scientist to understand what you need to do for protect the search results so intellectual property protection how to write a business plan even how to write a project or false these are very important basic skills and we bring in experts to help but before i came here today i was hands of this and i haven't a clue what it is i said if it's assuring them to spend so. you have you have to explain why this is
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a result of one of the projects it's one of innovation projects this is what you call a bio chip it's immobile instrument to diagnose. this is. becoming. take. two to three. hundred. well thank you. thank you thank you. to cater to science the state museum is the only one specializing in evolution but
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the process is shouted explained in an intelligible way museums started from probably a collection of biologist alexander quotes the beginning of the twentieth century he believed the display should not only be academic but also interesting to visit so the museum often organizes various interactive exhibitions. the founder of our museum alexander quotes paid a lot of attention to scientific research. that only people who study biology and explore nature in the wild can all men as exhibitions and explain and deliver such knowledge to the museum visitors in an easy to understand and interesting way. and to learn something about even early history of. the collection started as part of piece of the greats cabinet of curiosities in the early eighteenth century including teeth from ancient animals just play was moved to moscow and as the
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collection grew it changed locations several times and the exhibition because of the impressive and large items on display. are a museum differs from many just. vickery in around the world and is notable for having mostly genuine exhibit real roomy and not just models and casts when you see these items you realize that dinosaurs are not fiction also a product of the imagination of real creatures that lived in the past so. the memorial museum cosmonaut takes is dedicated to the history of space exploration it opened in one nine hundred eighty one to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the first human spaceflight by russian cosmonaut yuri gagarin museum showcases models of satellites and space stations it also has flight simulators as well as thousands of objects that were once in orbit. we've recently introduced a new project we invite cosmonauts not a difference to
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a museum bring something that has been in space such new additions to our connection is connected to some of the ants and episodes which occur if we describe it in such exhibits become historical artifacts. setting the best to last if you're moscow really interested in the subject of science you must come to this next venue the moscow political museum is the largest of its kind you russia and takes back to eight hundred seventy two many thing else to museum is fascinating it terms of the inventions claimed by russia. all the rooms are crammed full of interesting artifacts exhibit some from the complete is to space travel you can see how russia heavily contributed to the world of science this whole here is dedicated to the technology behind mining can see this one to ten scale model of a walking excavator as it's called from the lighting. my view how big it will be
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realized. this next wolf is to bring up a child in all of us it's hands on all the way. from laser beam musical horror. as to scientific themes games and puzzles galore exhibits leave you but amazed to. see its full details he says so that's. one of the ideas of when you sit on this chair you don't feel any pain because your weight is evenly distributed between the numerous nails simple bus and there are more than a thousand and that's just one of the. same collection contains more than one hundred sixty thousand items in sixty five holes one room in particular caught my eye to history of television in russia. because television broadcasts and wrestle with and i think that's why by the lights and fifty's people of the us a saw was great television channels on the same as this one. the us
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assault was the first country to utilize communications satellites as interpol plus splits t.v. networks for centuries scientists in russia have made groundbreaking discoveries but today help assist the lives of everyone on a planet close shop is now open for business and we can look forward to collaboration with scientists around the world and patiently wait for scientific ones is amazing inventions and future while there we have it that's all we have on this week's program on the subject of science i'll see you again at the same time next week. so for me i'm a restaurateur and upon a technical museum in a center i must start by and our.
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culture is that so much about the taxpayers' money magazine she's made a lot of people out here in freezing assets as the polar caps melt interest in exploiting this but regions of vast resources gaining pace it could be years before the arctic. her. her. her. this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the truth the soviet
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files house on the embankment. nineteen thirty eight england and france tried to reason with hitler's germany demands or that a land and gets its way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe is an adult and war efforts to establish a system of collective security in one nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda today. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on r t. close-up game has been to their hang me. for the first russian fleet was. col r.t. goes to the area which holds talk of solution in oil and gas resources. where the biggest russian salmon cammy are processing factories located. and where unique
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species of flora and fauna can be found. welcome to the cycling region. should close up on our teeth. top stories so mati to not a technical glitch a started three astronauts on board the space station the soyuz spacecraft failed to undock because of a false. american trade schools are reportedly targeting the taliban in pakistan but the concern of what will happen to me in the u.s. drones for. the russians president says the islamic republic is ready for dialogue on its nuclear program let's just move over to john's address to the u.n. general assembly which. gets to work. twenty two forty five pm moscow time about the news in full in fifteen minutes here on our team from moscow but let's talk sports now. life continues good thing for. moscow.
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russian giants of football here. they're not but it didn't look like that tonight we're not coming off. to have your company this is sports today i mean an alien vs our headlines missed opportunity spartak moscow hopes of lifting the first russian crime of the new decade it's a further blip against. the man of steel we continue our trawl across the continental hockey galaxy this time for an in-depth look at the metallic magnet of course. tied at the top there's no separating john kerry on yahoo sunderland at the halfway stage of the norgrove event a couple of fronts let's get the ball rolling with football though where spartak moscow is hopes of a fresh russian league title and nine years looks all but over the muscovites
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feeling to see often only on car in friday's so with a fixture along the ridge streamer by montenegrin star meant sorry about the fits during the whole twenty three minutes while the tunnel where he then reassert himself as the elements were an issue for the president in. the leading sixty two and a thirty seven minute. each side out a goal in the second quarter going to one up three even trying to cough fifty five minutes fillery carpenter to claw the draw irish international even mcgeady doing his part in the seventy seventh minute the most bites not full thirteen points behind leaders in eight with less than a third of the season to go. right to spain two and a half months in spain beat the netherlands to lift their first world cup in south africa tournaments the head of the local organizing committee claimed will go down as the greatest in the game's eighty year history. i've just been all over the
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world and whether i was at ten downing street or in the wide homes whether i was in the prime minister's residence in australia or with putin in russia the opening line was. this world cup was suppressed it was wonderful people and joy that it was a intense people experience world cup there's plenty of anticipation in new delhi india prefers to play host to the commonwealth games on october the third the country's slow construction efforts are a cause for concern though as the first wave of athletes begin to arrive massive clean up operation in on a run the athletes village which will be hosting around seven thousand participants from seventy one countries footbridge on part of a weightlifting venue the roof in fact have collapsed leaving the organizers with
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their hands full nine days from kickoff plenty of british competitors focusing on the nineteenth edition of the games though the men's hockey on long bowl teams they're already in top but other countries have announced their lives because of difficulties with that athletes' village. moving onto the ice now to continue our look around each and every of the twenty three kontinental hockey league clubs our man robert downey in this week and metal magnitogorsk to cast his eye over the pride of the city that is metallic. strike world are in his heart that's what this team has consistently done to be gone one of the giants of russian and european ice hockey three time domestic champions two time you're a leak winners little from you the worst one of russia's largest industrial in
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mining cities are more often than not labeled a spade words in every tournament he put a spade in meanwhile the kontinental hockey league and its major trophy the garden club remains elusive. goal of the city of others from season to season we have the same aim planes are potential and get to the finals just as simple as that the kids shell has become a much stronger competition recently so the season must be even tougher. nevertheless middle can get significant during foresman for the challenge ahead and you head coach a killer little committee for the good girl and go finals in two thousand and nine and really who was named the league's best goalie down and full he's the food of the ural mountains of course here is like a lot of experience in this team has been reading i do as you see all the blacks up in the roof so mysterious knows how to win and there's lots of experienced players
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so. of course they are like it's like a new coaching staff they have new system some new players and it's always take a while you know there everybody to get used to use of this system sam and. i think . like like every other way. there's no point looking forward to making big plans and predictions you should just work hard every day and see what happens my only aim is to help you to luke leave the guy or you come up with i'm going to the steel makers have another a c. in their pack losses in little rock sign one of the greatest russian players ever three time in the chill stanley cup winner sergei further of the four year old superstar fully aware that this move to give the board was about much more than goals in assists. i talked a few people on the management. constantly talking to some coaches team.
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give me some of the response. asking a lot of interesting. questions i mean very careful to say too much or too little i just want to. let them know what i feel what i think and sort of decide what to do next now it's time to finally be more about the mountain city which is the english form of the course it's definitely best known for its steel and iron works the serious role during world war two going to be overestimated as it supplied much of the steel for the soviet army at the same time its location near the ural mountains made relatedly see from nothing raiders by the way monkey of the worst is one of those places where different parts of the world collide i mean asia if you step forward. i'm in europe you know. every european trends are certainly more evident here in the risk especially when it
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comes to ice hockey in a welcome addition discount from west to east get the gold steel and iron works it's like a sight seeing the city can be proud of but besides this the tough still makers when the very first russian hockey club to be supported by their own chip. always there is one other very important element pounce. biggest them myself. but i never miss a single home game work if there were cameras you in hockey give up the work that's my motto now actually i'm already retired so there's nothing to stop me from supporting my favorite team. ok that brings us on to the greens now for an update on the brand new vivendi cup ryder cup while carport hartington he just about managed to make the halfway cut but there was no such difficulty for julian gurrey
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a there frenchman sets three strokes behind leaders john park sunderland after day two he'd like nothing better than to keep the in or girl title on home soil nineteen ninety nine write a cup participants on the law both of his rivals are currently struggling to retain their cards for next season but there was zero strife for the trio in paris as party joined in for a sure all the lead on thirteen under overall local tribes delighted. three under to his total he sets three strokes off the pace. over the cricket we go where pakistan has returned home from the england tour but allegations of much fixing continues to dog the squad shahid afridi who kept in the side during the recent scandal say that while his men open the door for criticism somewhat they are not guilty of throwing games. the thing is that the english media now have the opportunity to defame us this opportunity was given by no one but our boys
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themselves but they are not guilty and have not fixed any match when you're under a cloud of suspicion and then your opponents become stronger so they have now the chance to criticize us i think that there are a few people in countries who are not supporters of pakistan. and finally summer maybe fosse departing across europe at the moment but that doesn't mean the sporting silly season is done with just yet it may not be formula one but participants of the long more world championships take their motoring justice serious as the likes of a long and schumacher you have to go all the way back to one nine hundred seventy three for the first installment of the games it was a one cover three event then there's three different classes with the lawn tractor section and most competitive fields all blades are thankfully removed but you can be sure that each winter has indeed the cutting edge. and that is a up but if you're in the mood for some more why not log on to r.t.
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dot com forward slash sport for plenty of action here and abroad the weather is coming your way next year though on your twenty four hour r.t. . wealthy british style stock. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our hunger for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. a
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close up game has been to their hang me. for the first russian fleet was born. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources. where the biggest russian salmon cammy are processing factories located. and where unique species of farm fauna can be found. come to the sun clean region. should close up.
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in most go well she's available in hotels for coolest i'm going to know a little toto keep a promise it is congress photo east west nova tel moscow center. for sky drive some s.e.'s lobby and sky book in soldier's story.


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