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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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and again this is all see a quick check of the headlines you are covering for me this hour on. a russian so you spacecraft has successfully undocked from the international space station with three on board making their way back to us all trying to time and a day ago was halted by a false alarm but close with two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut is due to land in kazakhstan in iran three and the home. reports of thousands of cia trained are going to substance operating in pakistan raised concerns over what's to happen after the u.s. was out of the region and who controlled the elite will be leaving behind.
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a war of words between the americans and it worried him president optimax made my day job tells the u.n. general assembly that most people in the world believe the united states will behind nine eleven a times but despite their rounding regen president says his country is open to negotiations on its nuclear program as early as next month. so those are the headlines and let's go now back to the iowa. angry. we've got to. the biggest issues get the voice seems to say he's with the news makers. it's time for tonight's tool time award while it might be a little bit harsh we are in fact going to kick a man while he's down if we were above that we wouldn't even have a tool time segment so here's the story c.n.n. is president jon klein was finally shown the door today after six years of falling
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ratings see klein's time at c.n.n. has been pretty rough to say the least while his network at times has seen record numbers of people tuning in for breaking news or elections the overall ratings have dived under his watch for years the network has trailed behind fox and within the last year even m s n b c regularly started beating c.n.n. now klein has widely been criticized for his refusal to jump into the whole opinionated trend that's riving cable news these days so in or notis staff today klein said that he leaves the network both in a stronger and stronger both in editorial and financial position the when he first took the helm he said quote that it is a tribute to your passion for telling stories that matter your talent for uncovering the truth without layering on destructive bluster or partisan spin and your willingness to indulge my appetite for innovation and change. wait a minute john i was sorry i had to call you out there what innovation or change are
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you talking about the whole failed holograph experiment fan and is nothing more than a bunch of old white guys talking about today's stories and being polite to each other it's boring t.v. and let's take a look at the c.n.n. the client leaving behind in his e-mail he touted the situation room he said that over the last six years we witnessed the birth of the situation room as a vibrant new way to relate the day's events as well as the rise of the best political team on television led by wolf blitzer. i'm sorry but how can anybody call wolf and his show vibrant he talks in the same monotone voice for two hours that's just a great cure for insomnia if you ask me that when it comes to prime time starting next month at eight pm spitzer and parker are due to take the airwaves now putting a disgraced career politician with a mainstream conservative pundit just doesn't seem very original if you ask me and then coming in january piers morgan roll place the aging larry king i mean this guy has lost more than half of his audience in the last year so klein decided to hire
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piers morgan a british reality t.v. judge to take over the spot sounds like must see t.v. to me and of course at ten pm you always have anderson cooper the man the network is pumped millions of dollars into promoting a most nights he still gets beat by repeats of m s n b c's countdown with keith olbermann now besides looking pretty cute in tight t. shirts cooper's show just is not something that people rush home for he's great out in the field and breaking news or waiting in the mud rescuing orphans from the rubble but in the studio sorry not so much so jon klein that is your legacy at c.n.n. of asian and change and that's why you were fired today and that's why you've become tonight's tool time winner. now many people from india left their native country in pursuit of the american dream when that rain starts to fade due in part to the weak economy many have decided to go back to india are to correspondent
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reassuring their introduces us to a family who has found happiness at home as part of the american dream brain drain . ten years ago k.j. saying would have never imagined that he'd be back in india going overseas for higher education was something that the guys who did well in academics that was the first preference there weren't too many jobs in india. in the private sector and so i followed the trend this trend led singh to a ph d. a job at a prestigious research institute and ultimately the skills to start his own company but living the american dream wasn't enough the attraction for that it is only when you're sort of doing news and you're sort of pushing to be on the open whatever you're doing and that really is synonymous with gort if you're looking to sort of grow to sort of learn new things this is the right place to be and this place is
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bangalore india. the city of six million exports more than thirty billion dollars of i.t. products every year amidst the hustle and bustle of can just get roads and street markets is the sober jazz mean a tranquil gated community tucked in the corner of india's silicon valley many immigrants who have left the united states and come back to india have settled in gated community it's like this one the residents here say that almost seventy percent of the people who live here came from abroad but one thing they can all agree on is that you definitely get more bang for your buck here in india in singh's gated community residents can enjoy the olympic sized pool state of the art tennis courts and a playground where there are just as many maids as children to supervise. the kids while their parents exercise with the perks of india's affordability and the style and cleanliness they remember from the united states residents have designed their own dreamworld everybody's
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a more friendly in that sense it's more. of a close knit community i can pick up the phone in the middle of the night and call people for help so those are the you know positives it's a far cry from the lives these immigrants were leading in america other data databases a lot of the things taken care of. the sweepings well being. in two places . so between four or five people who help us out it certainly makes a lot of certainly gives us a lot more time to spend and while most cite india's growing economy as a reason for moving back they won't discount the quality of life as a perk to just ask bhattacharya she worked as an i.t. professional in the u.s. in a double income house but now says her life is better than ever as an indian homemaker i see definitely. you know up to the standard of living in the sense that you have
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a household. affordability is much better. it's good the morning is good here it's comfortable it's your own country that tops it all and while the crew at the sober jobs mean are living it up they can't help but wonder if their presence in the united states is missed the united states has enough people to support it so it should have been an employment situation for the indians come back to while many americans may view immigrants as taking jobs the reality is that indian and chinese immigrants created fifteen percent of the jobs in places of power like silicon valley but now that entrepreneurial spirit is being brought back to the place they started from the economy is definitely booming. there's a lot far more opportunities far more it is that they're going to work and the younger generation has a lot more things going on for them and this is good for them this is good for the
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country a country that gave them the wings to leave but ultimately the roots that drew them back preassure either r t being lore india. and finding three cities could you guess which one has the highest rates of aids and hiv just think port au prince haiti because senegal and washington d.c. usa well the answer is washington d.c. has the highest rate that's right the u.s. capital now the numbers are far beyond what you could even consider an epidemic and yet first some reason nobody wants to talk about it but now a new documentary called the other city is highlighting the fact that there are two washington d.c. s there is the one you might see on t.v. shiny and white adorned with monuments and then there's the other d.c. filled with crime poverty and a public health epidemic well joining me from our l.a. studio to discuss this film the other city is the producer of the film and the co-founder sheila johnson sheila thanks so much for joining me now i actually took
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that example of the three cities from from the film itself that was you know shown at the very beginning and i think that that's very important because you think of washington d.c. it's not supposed to be a perfect city but that is the symbol of america this is the nation's capital and i bet that nobody would have guessed that that was the correct answer i mean why do you think that is why does no one know that the rates here are so staggering. because we're not talking about it anymore while we were making this film i was meeting with lots of people in destroying this issue out there and they said oh no aids has disappeared i said oh millet has it and i said would you believe that washington d.c. has the highest rate of aids anywhere across this country and they said no we can't believe that we can't believe it so in the meantime the washington post has a vargas the writer was really covering these stories you know whether people
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reading them or not i still think that they really believed that this was going on so that's why we decided to make this documentary to really bring it home now i want to talk about attitudes and you know you speak about that reporter and at the end of the film you know he says a quote where you know. there were somehow like the hiv and aids are now the that's the worst thing that happened to humanity it's the worst example of humanity because what happens is people look at being aids as a disease that when you have to do something wrong to get it you either had unprotected sex or you're an intravenous drug user so there's this notion of shame and that's why a lot of people simply choose to turn a blind eye and not to care you know i mean how do you how do you battle some thing like that. well i think that we need to really start talking about it i mean one of the reasons i would say another reason why i made this this film was to really
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embrace the stigma we have to start opening up our hearts and minds and start educating people about this disease it's not so much that you know people have done things wrong i think that if we are able to let them know what they are doing to themselves and the consequences of behaviors. then we can really reduce the rate of this disease i mean and it's just so unfortunate. because some of the victims that are that are really suffering from this or a women and these are women that are married and the disease been put on put on them by their partner and i just think it's just something that we openly need to talk about and we're also seeing an increase of women fifty and over that are going back out on the dating force so i think that this film is really going to highlight this issue and i think many people are going to start talking about it we're trying to wreak night's debate we want to start making this issue as
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transparent as possible so that we can erase that stigma and make it all work you know and how do you think about you're just saying that you know i mean the biggest victims here are american women ages i think twenty five to thirty four and in many ways that's because like you said their husbands are partners or boyfriends are going out there but that's also part of of culture perhaps where not only do men think that they can go out and sleep around but also it's part of black culture where it's very shameful to be considered homosexuals so there's a lot of guys going out there and you know doing what they need to do on the d.l. on the side and then they don't tell women about it so how do you go about changing that cultural. well. i think yes it is in the african-american culture i think it really goes along all cultures i think that people are not being honest with their partners i think they again i'm going to go back to education i
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think that we need to talk about it if we need to educate women first so that they can understand that they need to ask those hard questions of their partners whether they tell them the truth or not is another story but at least they can try and take responsibility and take control of their lives so that they do not contract this disease so many of these women you know are infected when they're infected early they don't know they have no side effects of this disease and till they start getting very very ill and then it's full blown aids women are the nurturers the caregivers and they feel as though the first things they have to do in life is not take care of themselves but take care of their families and that's where they put them they they put their kids and their families on the front burner until their health starts to tyranny and you're right by that and the reason i you know specifically pointed to the african-american communities because well they're the predominant majority here in d.c. and they are predominantly the ones in fact id but i want to ask you another
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question there's there are bus ads that i passed today in washington d.c. that have a scale and they show the amount of money that we spend on the war in afghanistan and the scale is just completely tipped over compared to the amount of money that this country spends on hiv and aids and prevention and education and medicine and you know i mean what does that tell you about this country's priorities i mean it seems like we probably have the money to completely wipe this out if only we decided to dedicate it. well i think you're so right in you know unfortunately you know i but i was a global ambassador for care for the past five years and i did a lot of work for care it's a humanitarian organization. why when they're over and i saw you know the problem of the women the most victimized of all people and they had very little to protect themselves and as i was working over there and then i would come home and i realize
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we have these problems right here in our own backyard and the issue is is the u.s. sends over a lot of money a lot of money for aids programs abroad and i'm not saying that we should or should not do that but i think for some reason people with with n.g.o.s people within the government they didn't really want to acknowledge that we have a real growing aids problem right here in this country and we need to. really get our priorities straight and start you know figuring out how we can start putting funds into h i v programs right here in this country we have got to start helping ourselves so that we can help others and i completely agree with you there like i said we spend so much money on fighting war but why can't we fight the health issues that we have right here at home she like thank you so much for joining us it really is a great film like i was telling i watched it last night i was crying myself to
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sleep because it's so hard but it's it's the truth and i know that it's premiering right there in los angeles tonight the things. yes and we'll be in san francisco also so after we leave here will be at the roxy theater in san francisco so if we can get everybody to come out really support this film either appreciated i think people will learn a lot and we can start this dialogue right thank you. all right still to come tonight we have our friday fireside chats and comedian stephen smith stops by to discuss the week's outrageous new stories things like elmo and katy perry causing an uproar on the web and the fact that in just ten years seventy five percent of all americans could be obese so stick around for some fun.
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the explosives were struggling.
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to tonight's fireside friday's with your. this friday i would like to for a moment set our sights on two brit one of the highest deficits in europe at the moment they just like everyone else are looking for ways to cut down but unlike here in washington where defense spending is just completely untouchable well the bread's actually have the guts to put it on the chopping block there won't be an official review until late october but the cuts aren't looking outlandish some are expecting maybe a ten to twenty percent reduction something that seems reasonable in a world where everyone is reeling from one global financial crisis but washington
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meaning the obama administration military officials and advisers hold they are just in shock cut defense by ten to twenty percent are you crazy how are we going to depend on you as an ally even though we the u.s. already spend more money on the military than the rest of the world combined well i have news for you why don't you wake up washington maybe we should actually look to the brits our partner in a special relationship as an example you know the fact that republicans released a pledge to america yesterday focused on reducing the size of government and the deficit and they didn't even touch the pentagon well that's just sickening the fact that robert gates our defense secretary came up with a plan to make our defense spending grow by just one percent as sort of seven every year i looked at that growth as an achievement that's just pathetic for once can we take our heads out of our asses for long enough to see that our policies don't make
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sense and that for once maybe someone else has a better plan. well it's friday so let's try to go out on a happier note after this rather heavy week now that these stories should necessarily make you happy that according to a new report of leading economies by two thousand and twenty seventy five percent of americans are supposed to be obese that mexico's jobless rate is half of ours i mean how is that even possible i don't ask me and every little girl who's ever dreamed of being a journalist is about to get those dreams crushed by a new barbie but maybe our friend comedian stephen smith can give us his two cents and find something funny vassal thanks for being here as though it is. let's start with something that i really just don't understand why it was so controversial yesterday we were talking about it katy perry appeared on sesame street played with
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elmo and everyone got all i've been to you know about it you know what i really wanted to get like when i heard about this i was angry i wanted to get here is the outfit in question by the way that we were i was when i saw it i was like no i'm angry parents are being so stiff then i played the video and i play the video do we have the video please let's play it over and over again. what made this video and made me want to dance like i want it was a great video this is a great great dress and listen listen at first i was like this is bad we should we should be censoring sesame street kind of world we live in then i got a visual shot of her titties now listen this was amazing they showed her to be. running they had her ducking they had her baby over their head or what they did they didn't say oh why did me notice was better the production because everybody
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was trying to figure out how many ways you can shoot her t.v. in a good way this was amazing all right they were still got the producers they don't care if it was going. air or not they are just getting their personal pleasure right there i so soon as i saw this i downloaded i know it was pretty it was petty and now i'm a fan of k. perry k. perry because this is an amazing day because i am simple but i feel bad for god that's a protest ok so katy perry this is on a kid's program right now let's talk about the kids job let's talk about a new barbie doll that's coming out and this is supposed to be news anchor barbie and to us we thought she looked just like megan kelly on fox news but i mean how is barbie any worse for girls to play with anything and dress than who make it all the time that you know there's a visual list of barbie is just how grover similar there are with. kids and if i relate around everywhere i go oh it's just how does every year you show your but why can't we just leave like blonde white women alone they're just so oppressed in this country right now we always just got to figure out
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a way to make fun of them why can't we just love them for who they are just beautiful beautiful people i love them i have no problem with that you know probably they're making like a babysitter barbie i hope she's wearing this or something less in this or hey make you make a baby sitter let's just do it let's just go there for everybody to see my favorites or trailer trash barbie with the belly you know sure i thought waitress barbie was so much funnier. had to be like what it was for sure that it's all the girls that in order to be a journalist you have to look exactly like this why why would the girls using barbie as a standard they are not using barbie is fair that's just like saying american g.i. joe as i did not make oh man i'm going to kill a bunch of people no i don't think that no they don't think that either ok fine you were in a little girl once now according to a new report this kid's out of a couple dozen or so leading economies in the world. carrying news we're fed people on t.v. they always are so but they can't show their faces his face is not good enough or you know they say this guy twenty two should really really want it is this is this
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newsletter ok i'm sorry go and. they're just a bit behind two hundred twenty. seventy five per cent of americans are going to be obese seventy five percent that hurts me only because i already get made fun of for being skinny everybody else i just know i'm a press not really the more press you know yesterday i was walking by this group of like you know kind of black women and i thought oh they probably think i'm a good cool hipster they think i'm cute you know they say breast is fifty pounds a man right there. in our current society of fat people are the dominant in academia people are now going to be the one yeah. yeah i do it is to get the skinny ok lastly before we go there is a dale peterson ad we just love this guy and he has a new one for is let's play it. to again roy back home to his castle where you can do georgie any more harm and if anybody ask you why don't you tell a big peterson see if he really doesn't give
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a real people in georgia that's why. would you vote for dale we do you love this guy you know what hurts me about this why i keep cowboy way rednecks get of the time like black people can not have this equivalent like a black person being a cowboy would just be hilarious and i would sue but you can get on t.v. like i'm saying we don't knock your body out of the washroom same stuff and spend smack smack somebody right now to my face mr president how what you can do to give me a thug is unpatriotic and yet i don't know being a redneck and having a shotgun and a pile of papers on reason is ok genocide alone i didn't know where you stood i mean i thought you were my staff or i going to take a look or maybe make an ad and we'll see if the people of. this ok that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make you guys come back on monday in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's or any other nights you can always catch it on the you tube dot com slash
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the longer show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with bill a. yes headlines from the u.s. and around the world. nineteen thirty eight thing when in france tried to reason with hitler germany demands a dozen land and gets its way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe is an gulf war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on r t.
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