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you're watching our t.v. time now and have a look at our top stories for this hour two cosmonauts and astronauts return to earth safely beating technical problems that endangered their undocking from the international space station on friday. economic experts predict the collapse of the euro as they gather in berlin saying the currency has been long from the moment it was introduced. and brainpower flows back to india as the troubled us economy pushes many migrants to return to their homes for the promise of a brighter future. and next march in andrews and gauges in some intellectual
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activity visiting moscow's academy of science and the biggest polytechnic museum in russia this and more coming up in moscow out. on the subject of science that's the theme of this week's moscow oust him from the great space race to medical advances ever since the times of peace the great this
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country is. obsessed with technological and biological developments for the day and also here at the russian academy of sciences. the economy was stuck in seventeen twenty full time many in the bush but it's illogical and. as time progressed scientific research battled against censorship control. in eight hundred forty eight for example the government made it illegal to attend western universities in search of scientific training should government to in one hundred seventeen introduce censorship. not sorest iraq and throughout the soviet times from close to seventy cities to the space race salto among the world leaders in scientific discovery in the cold war everything checked research has kept top secret. over the centuries the periodic table of elements the monorail and the for
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example have been invented by russian scientists the closed world it once was now russia is working with dozens of countries around the world on the. scientific projects which brings us back to the cademy of sciences there are several. of this building here on the risky prospect of various presidents and scientific debate. this. is the state of the art with solar powered energy and it always amazes me that you never really know. i didn't even know this and this place is called the golden hall and it has enough seats for one thousand two hundred eager and excited scientists. and while i travel to my next scientific location let's take a look at this week's entertainment news. moscow house of photography has organized
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a display case of one of russia's most famous before slaughter pollution. pollution is a clown who shows especially the production called slow show proving it's around the world the exhibition features dozens of photographs showing the red nosed entertainer not only on stage but mostly without makeup. world is remarkable for the fact that there are almost no borders between his outstanding artistic work the knowledge and read every day long those borders are vague and time soon and more just right and the dreams of an interesting creative producers. everyone can now take an exciting journey on the most remote corners of russia. to get to the new exhibition hall in moscow russian railroads in collaboration with photographer anton long have created a project to retrain windows to treat hundreds of pitches of the country's nature
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and people. for. and i did use to promote russian scientists and to bring them into contact with their colleagues elsewhere in the world you know russia came from certain system that needed to be opened up and that's what we're doing and that's what we did. many countries involved in the international organization japan america kind of the thirty nine members also from the european union but again the main strength of this organization is grassroots funding russian scientists who did work previously in different areas i'm now working to develop for example a new medicine for tuberculosis and it's he efficiency devices and also the
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aim is to bring those to the marketplace i mean if you funded and worked on a staggering two thousand seven hundred projects is that correct yes so we have funded during those years two thousand seven hundred sixteen fifteen sixteen years to sixteen years in many different scientific areas basic research apply to search but also improving the individual skills of the scientist to understand what you need to do for protect the search results so intellectual property protection how to write a business plan even how to write a project or false these are very important basic skills and we bring in experts to help before i came here today i was homesick. and i haven't a clue what it is i said if it's assuring them to spend so. you have you have to explain forward this is a result of one of our projects it's one of innovation projects this is what you
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call a bio chip it's immobile instrument to diagnose. this is. becoming. well thank you. thank you thank you. to cater to science the state is the only one specializing in evolution but
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a process to show you explained in an intelligible way the museum started from probably a collection of alexander quotes the beginning of the twentieth century he believed the display should not only be academic but also interesting to visit. various interactive exhibitions. the founder of our museum alexander quotes paid a lot of attention to scientific research. people who study biology and explore nature and wild exhibitions and explain and deliver such knowledge to the museum visitors in an easy to understand and interesting way. and to learn something about even early history of. the collection started as part of peter the greats cabinet of curiosities in the early eighteenth century. teeth from ancient animals just play was moved to moscow and as the collection grew it changed locations several
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times children and adults love the exhibition because of the impressive and large items on display. are a museum differs from many of the. vickery enduring the worlds and is notable for having mostly genuine exhibit real roomy and not just models and casts when you see these items you realize that dinosaurs are not fiction also a product of the imagination of real creatures that lived in the past so. the memorial museum cosmonaut six is dedicated to the history of space exploration it opened in one nine hundred eighty one to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the first human spaceflight by russian cosmonaut yuri gagarin museum showcases models of satellites and space stations it also has flight simulators as well as thousands of objects that were once in orbit. we've recently introduced a new project we invite cosmonauts onto difference to our museum bring something
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that has been in space such new additions to our connection is connected to some of the ants and episodes which occur if we describe it in such exhibits become historical artifacts. saving the best to last if you're mosconi interest in the subject of science you must come to this next venue political museum is the largest of its kind of russia and takes back to eight hundred seventy two. anything else the museum is fascinating in terms of the inventions claimed by russia. all the rooms are crammed full of interesting artifacts exhibits some from the complete is to space travel you can see how russia heavily contributed to the world of science but this hole here is dedicated to the technology behind mining and who can see this one to ten scale model of a walking excavator as it's called from the lighting. my view how big it will be
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realized. this next wolf is to bring up a child in all of us it's hands on all the way. from laser beam musical form. as to scientific themes games and puzzles galore exhibits leave you but fold and amazed. seat of details then you see this. sort of the idea that when you sit on this chair you don't feel any pain because your weight is evenly distributed between the numerous nails of a bus and there are more than a thousand and that's just one of the. museum collections contains more than one hundred sixty thousand items in sixty five holes one room in particular caught my eye the history of television in russia. because television broadcasts and wrestle with and i think that's why by the lights in the fifty's people of the u.s.s.r. was great television travels on the scene with this one. the u.s.s.r.
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was the first country to utilize communications satellites as internet plus its t.v. networks for centuries scientists in russia have made groundbreaking discoveries that today help assist the lives of everyone on a planet close shop is now open for business and we can look forward to collaboration with scientists around the world and patiently wait for scientific ones is amazing inventions and future while there we have it that's all we have on this week's program on the subject of science i'll see you again at the same time next week. so for me i'm a restaurateur a part a technical museum and a center i must guard guard down.
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i. i. just. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all day.
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two cosmonauts and astronauts return to earth safely meeting technical problems that endanger their own docking from the international space station on friday. economic experts predict the collapse of the euro as they gather in berlin saying the currency has been flawed from the moment it was introduced. and brain power flows back to india as a troubled us economy pushes many migrants to return to their homeland with the promise of a brighter future. more news in fifteen minutes time with coming up next is the sports news with that's all you.
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hello and welcome to what you are today's sports news thanks for joining us and let's begin with i'm having lines. missed opportunities far thought failed to be the car in the premier league the muscovites held to a draw in friday's on the fixture and. up to nine seasons were you the jazz andre curie and always all like trading block with the new jersey in that same ng to snatch carmelo anthony. and also live donald and jamie eric shanteau they did the tour championship but this man could still finish the weight as well number one. russian football fest was part of moscow's hopes of a fast russian they title in nine years looks old but over the muscovites failing to see off lowly car in friday's so again a long range scream i by montenegrin stop me thought in the back of it stunning the hosts in the twenty minutes. well it's and how about them reasserted himself as
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they do moments more in russian for both the brazilian heavy khomeini leading sixteen field and thirty seventh making it one on each side then out of the go in the second half empty are going to own up to chico form fifty five minutes while body carbons man equalized again this time through irish international aiden mcgeady in the seventy seventh spartak now a full thirteen points behind me the same week with less than a third of the season left foot. moving to the hardwood now in moscow regionals him care each the second qualifying round of the euro league by downing pepsi eighty five sixty six and game two of that to wait series the news you signing big man benjamin aims was extremely effective finishing with a team high fourteen points on a perfect six of six shooting was a pretty one sided game as he got one step closer to the second straight season in the early meanwhile we'll keep playing continental basketball for the first time
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since nine hundred ninety three in the euro cup. meanwhile andre kerri-anne goes days with you to jazz may soon be over russia's best bull is reputed to be involved in a developing multiplayer trade eighty seven spent nine seasons with the jazz making the all-star team in two thousand and four but in the last few seasons ainge yuri's limited his production on the floor ironically enough kirilenko has a chance to contribute to the future success of the russian owned new jersey nets because the centerpiece of the deal is the denver nuggets super stopper mel anthony frustrated with the organizations failing to build a championship roster around him if the deal goes through it would sound anthony to the nets with them are getting very favors along with him and go in future draft picks another piece is shallow and francois with brees do you all would go to the jazz in exchange for the nets point guard david harris. and stay with basketball's russia clench their second straight wait out the women's world championships in the
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czech republic edging the hosts on friday and i get more than that one with twenty one points but that wasn't a mouthful that checks the way and russia determinates in the final moments of the game to secure a fifty five to fifty two win and move top of the group d. standings they take on in their last group. and let's move on to formula one now red bull dominated the practice for the singapore grand prix setting the two. faustus times ahead of saturday's qualification stand the tell was six staffs of a second player a teammate mark webber at a full second faster than well champ and jenson button of mcclaren there are is for now the almost always fourth weakest while he was hamilton came fast with ribbons for a callus six four williams. to make gymnastics now as the world championships continue here in moscow and on friday world and olympic champion grab d.s.
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now the gold medal for russia and the individual all around finals. of reports from the area. the fans could pick their own piece karina got what they were really waiting for and friday the world's number one an olympic champion you begin your timeline with showing why she's simply the best in full breathtaking routines the twenty year old stole the show up to four months was all the more remarkable of to disappointment on thursday when sensationally she failed to make the final of the ribbon of and she said she bounced back not by thinking of her bones but by concentrating on her own display yes i might just get yeah i don't follow the routines of my rivals as i'm in my biggest opponent i try to phone for the audience and the judge is a spectator as to when he greets something with a lame and a positive attitude everyone likes it provably when i'm on a good run i've been fond of the spectators first of all and it comes from my heart
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deliberate champion demonstrated the field and even her newest rival second place daddy can come close enough to war we can learn which is here at this very very happy i'm glad i didn't let my kids down but always the poets and encourages me i would like to thank my friends and everyone who works with me because of it though damn i wouldn't it cheve this model russians do it in little rows kids who came away with gold in sewer confirming supreme a c. in the. sticks. here in the spirit in the country fields more than. everyone was afraid to come i have a good feeling the world championships but she didn't she's very kind and intelligent and then happy she's become world champion because she flew deserves it . at the championships commercials ground. for the second consecutive tonight to the delight of the homegrown. orci let's move to the greens
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now for an update on the p.g.a. championship in atlanta georgia where luke donald and jim furyk shall delayed after the second day donald showing great full maiming for is fast b.j. title in twenty sam the englishman shooting a four on the par round to join at the top the american meanwhile has won twice on the u.s. two of this year and sits comfortably at the top of the carving a five on the sixty five this pretty products at the eleventh just one of the highlights of his gluten free performance on the back nine elsewhere phil mickelson dropped to join thirteenth with a seventy two but the left again still overtake tiger woods at the top of the rankings even with a runner up finish in atlanta. over the brand new vivendi cup in shambles see freshman julian get here say it's three strokes behind leaders john kerry and john will saddle and after day two nine hundred ninety nine writer cup participant sandlin and both of his rivals are going to be struggling to retain their two cars for next season but there was zero strive for the trio in francaise
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perry joined them for a share of the lead on thirteen on the overall local crowd's delighted as yeah i added three on that to his total and he's say it's three strokes off the pace. over to cricket where pockets start have returned home from there to about allegations of match fixing continued to dog the schooled shahid afridi who kept on the side during the recent scandals as that while his man opened the door for criticism they . i'm not guilty of throwing games but the. english media now have the opportunity to defame us this opportunity was given by no one but our boys themselves but they're not guilty and not. when you're under a cloud of suspicion and then your opponents become stronger so they have now the chance to criticize i think there are a few people in countries who are not supporters of pakistan. on to other news now
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planted anticipation in new delhi as india prepares to play host to the commonwealth games on october the said the counter is slow construction as far as are cause for concern though as the first wave of athletes begin to arrive a massive cleanup operation in and around the outlets village which will be has doing some seven thousand participants from seventy one countries as the bridge and a part of a weight lifting venue have also collapsed leaving the organizers with that hands full nine days from the kickoff plenty of british competitors focusing on the nineteen games though the man's hockey and mon both teams are already in town but all the countries have announced delays because of difficulties with that athletes' village. and finally someone maybe fosse departing across europe but that doesn't mean the sporting ceiling. would just yes it may not be full of want but the discipline staff the world championships take this ball just a serious as the likes of alone. you have to go all the way back to nine hundred
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seventy three for the first installment of the games one category found them now there is three different klosters with the one track the section the most competitive failed old plays out thankfully removed but you can be sure that each winter has indeed the cutting edge. that spoke for the moment thanks to the weather stay with us.
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if. motion would be soon which brightened if you knew about sound from finest impressions. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. mind jews are leaving england and france trying to reason with hitler germany demands are going to land and gets its way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe is and dolphin war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda and. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on r t.
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they faced this is not a provocation but warned. before it should step before you shoot a supreme victory speech that they have no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted to says it all to the east and bring in the army the life of the
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usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victories nineteen forty five dollars on t.v. dot com. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us acknowledging update on our g.


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