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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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canada. operation. hello this is our team from moscow i'm kevin now in with the top stories two cosmonauts and astronauts return to earth safely beating technical problems but in danger of their own docking from the international space station the. economic experts predict the collapse of the euro as they gather in berlin saying the currency has been flawed from the moment it was introduced. brain power flows back to india as the troubled us economy pushes many migrants to return to their home with the promise of a brighter future. full of stories updated twenty four seven at r.t. dot com next night modern gauges in some intellectual activity visiting moscow
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academy of science and the biggest polytechnic museum in russia and much more coming right up. on the subject of science that's the theme of this week's moscow oust him from the great space race to medical advances ever since the times of peace the great this country is. obsessed with technological and biological development critique and
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also here at the russian academy of sciences. the economy was in seven hundred twenty full time many in the russian elite. and logical and. as time progressed scientific research battle against censorship control. in eight hundred forty eight for example the government made it illegal. to universities and search scientific training to bolshevik government to seventeen introduced censorship. not sorry iraq and throughout the soviet times from closed cities to the space race or salto among the world leaders in scientific discovery. everything regarding subject of research has kept top secret. over the centuries the periodic table of elements the monorail and the for example have been invented
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by russian scientists the closed world it once was now russia is working with dozens of countries around the world on the. scientific projects which brings us back to the cademy of sciences there are several conference calls in some of this building here on the ski prospect for various presidents and scientific debate. this. is the state of the art with solar powered energy and it always amazes me that you never really know. i didn't even know this and this place is called the golden hall and it has enough seats for one thousand two hundred eager and excited scientists. and while i travel to my next scientific location let's take a look at this week's entertainment news. moscow house of photography has organized a display dedicated to one of russia's most famous before slaughter pollution.
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pollution is a clown who shows especially the production called slow show proving it's around the world the exhibition features dozens of photographs showing the red nosed entertainer not only on stage but mostly without makeup. on the world is remarkable for the fact that there are almost no borders between his outstanding artistic worse than ordinary everyday life those borders are vague and time soon more. interesting creative approaches. everyone can now take an exciting journey on the most remote corners of russia. to get to the new exhibition hall in moscow russian railroads in collaboration with photographer anton long have created a project to a train window featuring hundreds of pictures of the country's nature and people.
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to me. before. and i did is to promote russian scientists and to bring them into contact with their colleagues elsewhere in the world you know russia came from certain system that needed to be opened up and that's what we're doing and that's what we did. many countries involved in the international organization japan america kind of the we have thirty nine members also from the european union but again the main strength of this organization is grassroots funding russian scientists who did work previously in different areas i'm now working to develop for example a new medicine for tuberculosis and she efficiency devices and also the aim is to bring. to the marketplace i mean if you funded and worked on
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a staggering two thousand seven hundred projects is that correct yes so we have funded during those years two thousand seven hundred sixteen fifteen sixteen needed to sixteen years in many different scientific areas basic research applied to search was also improving the individual skills of the scientist to understand what you need to do for protect the search results so intellectual property protection how to write a business plan even how to write a project or false these are very important basic skills and we bring in experts to help but before i came here today i was homesick. and i haven't a clue what it is i said if it's assuring them to spend so. you have you have to explain why this is a result of one of the projects it's one of innovation projects this is what you
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call a bio chip it's immobile instrument to diagnose. this is. becoming. well thank you. thank you thank you. to cater to science the state is the only one specializing in evolution but a process to show you explained in an intelligible way museums started from
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probably a collection of biologist alexander quotes the beginning of the twentieth century he believed the display should not only be academic but also interesting to visit so the museum often organizes various interactive exhibitions. the founder of our museum alexander quotes paid a lot of attention to scientific research. that people who study biology and explore nature and wild exhibitions and explain and deliver such knowledge to the museum visitors in an easy to understand and interesting way. to learn something about even early history has. become part of peter the greats cabinet of curiosities in the early eighteenth century including teeth from ancient animals just play was moved to moscow and as the collection grew it changed locations several times children and adults love the exhibition because of the
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impressive and large items on display. are a museum differs from many just. vickery enduring the worlds and is notable for having mostly genuine exhibit real roomy and not just models and casts when you see these items you realize that dinosaurs are not fiction also a product of the imagination of real creatures that lived in the past so. the memorial museum cosmonaut takes is dedicated to the history of space exploration it opened in one nine hundred eighty one to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the first human spaceflight by russian cosmonaut yuri gagarin museum showcases models of satellites and space stations it also has flight simulators as well as thousands of objects that were once in orbit. we've recently introduced a new project we invite cosmonauts not a difference to a museum bring something that has been in space such new additions to our
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connection is connected to some of the ants and episodes which occur if we describe it in such exhibits become historical artifacts. setting the best to last if you're mosconi interest in the subject of science you must come to this next venue political museum is the largest of its kind you russia and takes back to eight hundred seventy two. men against the museum is fascinating in terms of the inventions claimed by russia. all the rooms are crammed full of interesting artifacts exhibit some from the pieces to space travel you can see how russia heavily contributed to the world of science but this hole here is dedicated to the technology behind mining and who can see this one to ten scale level of excavator as it's called the lighting. my view how big it will be realized.
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this next wolf is to bring up a child in all of us it's hands on all the way. from laser beam musical horror. to scientific theme games and puzzles galore exhibits leave you. amazed. seat of details he says relates. to one of the ideas of when you sit on this chair you don't feel any pain because your wages evenly distributed between the numerous nails of a bus and there are more than a thousand and that's just one of the. same collection contains more than one hundred sixty thousand items in sixty five holes one room in particular caught my eye history of television in russia. customers in broadcast and wrestle with a knife in facts and one by the likes of fifty's people in the u.s.s.r. was great television channels on the same as this one. the u.s.s.r.
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was the first country to utilize communications satellites as interval plus splits t.v. networks for centuries scientists in russia have made groundbreaking discoveries that today help assist the lives of everyone on a planet close shop is now open for business and we can look forward to collaboration with scientists around the world and patiently wait for scientific ones is amazing inventions and future while there we have it that's all we have on this week's program on the subject of science i'll see you again at the same time next week. so for me i'm a restaurateur a political museum and a center i must start by.
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our. lab or rally will sell lots of beer will. say it will wear uniforms that will damage is in the black and them anything but very little damming the white. and they are the key to our problem are already. here. 1930's england and france tried to reason with hitler's germany demands are going to land and gets its way they also have been trading a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe is involved in
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war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda today. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on our.
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top stories tonight two cosmonauts and astronauts return to earth safely thanks to technical problems of the danger zone jumping from the international space station on friday. economic experts predict the collapse of the euro as they gather in berlin saying the currency unfolds from the moment it was introduced. and brainpower flows back to india as the troubled us economy pushes many migrants to return to their home for the promise of a bright future. of some of britain's have ever. sport. unit after those goes no change at the top of the premier league the no no change for weeks it is still the team to catch and not
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a single loss of the name yet this season either it's a pretty good record kevin it's twenty games so far no loss as whatsoever will have a look at their latest victory in just a moment. great to have your company this is sports today i'm you know these are some of the stories we're covering this hour it first six russian league leaders in each show little mercy against a turn in sunday's. trade talk after nine seasons with the you just could. be on his way to denver in the midst of a multiplayer swap. unfold ahead of the commonwealth games states all seventy one countries will take part in next month's event but swift action is required to get to spain. to march to their second russian or premier league crime in four
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years of trying hit a new high on sunday the same petersburg side knocking off their biggest win of the season at the expense. is a nice receiving just reward for employing on all our talk policy twenty five minutes in the on fire alexander heading home an expert fashion of their second came from the spot last of which believed he was abandoned in the penalty area soon with the referee portuguese international and danny doing the rest thirty three minutes in just moments later to became three doing the hard part of each with the top and. knows need to have been forgiven for getting a little casual at this stage but they paid temporary price slack defending from the beach on a line to be to create shank it to poke into the net for three one no order was restored after the break claiming his second after this from their best straw off
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the double awkward finish. the trick here surely now is down enough to warrant a start for russia against ireland in. next month's world cup qualifier in dublin. this is the icing on the cake. six one the final score. being kept up the chase later in the day the. aging struggling. to put points between themselves but the leaders do hold a crucial games and. a charity. for some twenty million dollars netting. being one. early kick off probably the most disappointing team of the year to date.
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particularly. much better against. the. points of the season. winning the battle of the big spenders. making. the city. to. three to win the. whole thing. keeping them in the bottom of the table. london with. the goal inside of craven cottage.
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in the. in the driving seat as he. named his second. singapore grand prix the twenty nine year old achieving a remarkable turnaround after a slow start on the street circuit engine problems done on to list. a blistering final run red bull sebastian vettel will start of on the grid with. the third. momentums with two time world champion along so though he put in a position to follow up his wind and it's a fortnight ago with another one on the singapore. moving to the hardwood where the must. reach the second qualifying round of the euro league dining. eighty
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five sixty six in game two of their two match series lose. big benjamin. stream effect of finishing with a perfect six from six. pretty one sided game all in all but it's empty who moved one step closer to their second straight season. let's stay with. their second straight win at the women's world championships edging the hosts the czech republic and work over the top scoring this one with twenty one points but it wasn't enough for the czechs dominating the final moments of the game to secure a fifty five fifty to win top of the group. they take on argentina in their final group fixture. his days with the youth may soon be over the man regarded as russia's best ball are reported to be involved in a developing multiplayer trade a k forty seven has spent nine seasons with the
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johns making the all star team in two thousand. but in the last few seasons injuries have limited action on the floor. have the opportunity to confirm. to the future success of the russian owned new jersey nets he's not going there though he's being geared up for a move to denver nuggets superstar from melo anthony then in the frame for a move to new jersey if the mega money deal goes through it would see denver also getting derrick favors on future prospects. from new delhi now roughly from across the sports spectrum are continuing to arrive for the twenty ten commonwealth games but the venue can't welcome the visitors with open arms just yet preparation problems mind with just over a week on till kickoff participants forced to fill up at local hotels due to months of cleanup efforts ongoing in the village host of a street in swimmers though they are many who are tipped for gold they are already
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in time though for the members of the squad will first head to new laser for a training camp in the hope that the issues are sorted upon their touchdown and in . officials earlier stated the country should not have won the event games president michael fennell admitted there is much to work on but he added he's also seen considerable improvement. a lot of damage has been done to india as a country as a whole country. question should we have come to india and yes we have to. just comes contrie with a population of the region of one point two billion. shortly this is something that we need to do to encourage the whole they can improve on host of events as world so this is a part of developing or authorities and i would hope that at the end of all of this that india would have learned a great lesson and we ourselves would have learned
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a great lesson working with the contradiction do. classic rivalry meanwhile stateside on the baseball diamond with the red sox defeating their biggest rivals in new york ten eight rue. when made even sweeter for boston with the yankees now out of first place in the atlantic league east following the loss new york pitcher andy pettitte still showing plenty of rust though in his second start after coming back from the dizzy of a list laurie taking full advantage to hit a three run homer making it three zero to the sox early on baseball's a game where records are especially cover this alex rodriguez has gotten a historic home run number six hundred ten the process slamming sammy sosa for six two overall a rhodes commendable effort however negated by a locked luster arriving from the rest of the team red sox ticket ten eight. finally russia continue to dominate the rift make gymnastics world championships held right here in moscow their streets ahead in the medals table meaning almost
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every gold on offer so far has been won by them richard bump or fleet takes a look at the don't ask facing other nation seeking to brick the russian stranglehold. these world championships in moscow able to give the gymnasts a perfect barometer to see just how much may have to improve with the london olympics drawing ever closer however with the russians sweeping up almost every single goal available the future looks almost for their rivals that rhythmic gymnastics has a long tradition in the country has a number of brilliant coaches while there is a lot of funding perhaps most importantly there are a number of girls who are much evaded and want to compete however there may be some chinks developing in the host nations arma they could only finishing third in saturday's team all round event the first time they failed to win a gold so far as battalions took first place such as the fees is rare for the russians have won every olympic rhythmic gymnastics gold since one thousand nine
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hundred six by russia's dominance of the sport despite saturday's hit cup is largely down to having the world's best coaches and a large pool of talent from which to pick from. such. a good. idea. to. try to. get a. russia in the former soviet union remember powerhouses of rhythmic gymnastics with the rest of the world playing catch up how the more and more coaches from a former u.s.s.r. and i working abroad to help countries have had little success in the past improve how with italy managing to be the old conquering russians in the team or on competition there is hope for a number of nations with the london olympics less than two years away richmond boldly darty moscow. and that wraps up your sports your world weather though it's
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coming up in just a tick. mine
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. would be so much brighter if you knew about someone from funds to impressions. start on t.v. don't come.


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