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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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really very poor. it's pretty discouraging in place the big change is the people now the people are so energetic. and so excited about china and what's happening what's happening in their own lives and that is a huge huge change the people are obviously the people who are in politics or who are in government and who are in businesses and so on and so every level whatever they're doing there's the you know with more excitement more energy and of course physically. the appearance of china is just gone from that primitive third world look to the most modern country in the world. the country with the most modern cities in the world having said that now thirty years ago china was right one hundred thirty seventh in terms of g.d.p. and today they are now in the second position so what do you think from your first
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outsider's perspective what are they doing right now they're doing a lot of things right obviously in the in bringing the economy the constancy of the government of course allows a more long term thinking then you could have in a western democracy so this long term strategic thinking and now trial and error and as we see as china goes along and some things fail but most of the things that they tried out work and then they apply it on a bigger scale you know we say china is number two rich country but its g.d.p. . is five trillion dollars or more that's five trillion dollars the u.s. g.d.p. is fifteen trillion dollars so it would be a long time before we get that gap is closed number two is it is it will continue to be number two for a long time before it ever comes close to passing but it will can. repair those.
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extend the gap between china and germany and china and japan it would be a richer if your version is. that it's a long way from the us if i may add on the practical side when you said is it an opportunity or us fret well take for example chairman e and the us chairman is auto industry very early on went into the chinese market and they are very very well positioned one third of the term an automobile or production goes into china versus how many chrysler still you see in china how many i don't know catalogs or whatever we take so it is up to a company a country whether you see china as a straight or an opportunity and it very much depends on the person and the country . how much it supports dealing with china and trading with china you seem to be
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very positive about china coming from europe you're coming from europe you're coming from the u.s. do you think china is misrepresented in the world yes or no you know there are things in china that are not good at all and that absolutely need to be changed and will change over time especially with the new generation coming up that has a much lower tolerance on. strict surratt authorities but what needs to be done is to also report the good things about china the many things where china really has made enormous progress and that not only in economics but also it is on the way through change its in its political structure in its social economic system i think i think good biggest problem with reporting in the western press about china is that there's mines. about communist china and
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peoples they always say in the western press the communist government of china. well the communist government of china china isn't what it used to be but there's this mindset about what it probably is and that shapes everything about china and it gives a very distorted picture this is a very modern society where there's a lot of participation and. the people obviously the point is there's a there's a social and personal freedom in china that there's never been before in the history of china and that's freedom as allowed people to contribute to the whole and to create. an ever greater and more prosperous society china is not one monolith china is probably the most the centralized country in the whole world the problem is one problem is the other
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a very very different and they have different levels and energies of initiative and creating social mechanisms and so forth and some of those local social mechanisms. the bubble up and become national policy because all those things that were in the special economic zones were raised by the whole country and things that all work or drop and that was done stopping it's great great thing and speaking of prosperous they are in t.v. getting very prosperous the states and in fact the government the chinese government has been trying to cool the economy because of. overheating supposedly overheating do you think there is an overheating of the stock market and the property market and you think it's going to person possibly be another us incident well i think we're i think the whole world is a little too focused on the crisis of the cooling of the healing and. are we going
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to have a double dip or not store it in a number of years i think this will be seen as an event rather than a few oval shifts this is an event this is a bump in the road this bump of the road is part of something it's already very much in progress and that is the very slow slow decline of the west and the pretty fast rise of the east that same place those are huge shifts there will not change it's a real difference of thinking if you're different mindset. in the west a detailed thinking in china in context you know what is the context because the context and changing all the time in the larger context when that changes you've got to shift been the western mindset is you got to keep track of every single detail you know and that's where you get all these long contracts and it's over and they keep her and the chinese mentality is to really stay loose
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and who are adept at it just to the changing larger context you know what you're trying to do china is much more it's not a universalistic view that china has. and china is also much more a group oriented society. it the individual sometimes has to drop an interest for the benefit of the many and the west this is sometimes standing in the way of progress that the individual right is stronger than the right of the many or the benefit of them you mention china is a rich country that is correct but you know lately more and more what comes up is the difference between china being a rich country and having a huge population which is not rich which has not yet gained its share on riches and to give you a. example how why that is so the property rights private property is
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has not existed in china so when the urbanization of the country was beginning. private property and the prophecy belong to the community they were sold to develop at that moment the value of roast dramatically but to follow must who were relocated did not gain that. did not get that gain but only the low price and then you know the property rolls and rolls so what is now going on and we are now investigating and researching that in a chinese province of sichuan in chengdu is to give the farm us the people who know it all will own the land before the property the private property rights to sale that land to a much better price to have a share off that creation and if you think that in china still fifty percent of the
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population are farm us then there is a lot of wealth that can be created to the people and that's a development that can contribute very much to the sustainability of the economic progress of china.
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just. the same i. think. undocumented immigrants illegal aliens
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a label that ok or partners as an immigration. safety net or themselves. the whole of the. security in one thousand nine hundred. and it still. remains happening to the global economy. for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. russia would be soon which brightened if you knew about zoom from finest impressions and saw. the start on t.v. dot com.
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the headline. the flow of russian oil to china will triple by next year the leaders of the two countries meet and open up. a new pipeline. with a humanitarian mission. attacked by israeli forces back. on the side pirates of russia attempt to go official setting up a political party to campaign for the legalization of free. time now for the sports with.
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hello and welcome to the sports update on our t.v. thanks for joining us the sound of the headlines keeping in contention says. absolute time to consolidate third place in the premier league with the season now into its final third. here fernando alonso produces a textbook race from pole to win the singapore grand prix and move up to second in the driver's standings. and ten million dollars american jim furyk captures the tour championship and the fed ex cup in atlanta grabbing golf's biggest bonus in the pros. and it's in pittsburgh may be overwhelming favorites to be crowned russian football champions this year but says certainly haven't given up the chase the imam easing to a three mail win
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a way to sit on sunday no waiting around for say scott in this one with less than the minutes on the clock wagner has the ball in that with the strike. and the man with the blue have played a big part in the number two as well loved taking the defendant out of the way should be fourteen up save. for two meals and forty eight minutes. the second half was one sided but did have the ball cross the time line again until the death toll mush that said the players sweeping of their eminence for email the final sports thirty eight points behind me that's a meet with exactly the season left to play. now it says arrivals do not have the exact opposite lock on the day going down three mail at home to spark technology. did doom got the ball rolling just after the how fall mark. and massengill than made it to kneel at the beginning of the second half and
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it was the same man to do and again in the right place. and he claimed his hatrick collates on the twenty two year old probing the pain of the six yard box but really we denominate fans must take the lion's share of blame for that one free email the final score in the capital mall chick remain fourth and well in contention for european football next season. a surprise victory for minnows syberia in the day's final match of the rock bottom side getting back to winning ways after three straight defeats the man from overseas. placed a stalwart helm thing story thirty eight minute had a front polish international bottle mia good luck to be remain last but their fourth win over the year should at least restore some confidence and also on sunday looking mighty big terry to one ranging only their second july. talking english football now and it hasn't been the best of days for manchester united alex ferguson's man i'm able to take full advantage of chelsea is slip up early in the
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week and united needing to come from behind twice to salvage a point against bolton and win would have seen the rads move to within a point of chelsea who themselves dropped the first points of the season against man city on saturday elsewhere l.a.'s without from animal house came moved aston villa up to fifth in a two one victory over wolves while james perches own goal and it still all the three points. now let's move to american football and a week three all of the new n.f.l. season is almost gone and the indianapolis colts now have a winning record off the top in the downpour broncos after a couple of older field goals the colts got the best early in the second manning finding austin calling forty five yards more however the broncos gave into iran for the way the first language third kyle orton fires it up failed and finds brandon lloyd for a forty eight yard touchdown in the final quarter the hosts with
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a chance to tie but aren't on the table to make. why on the fourth and short while back the other way the calls sealed the deal on the following dr manning once again connecting with polly twelve crosses one hundred seventy one yards twenty seven to thirteen calls the final score in this one. and moving to jacksonville now michael vick starting the game for the visiting philadelphia there and coach andy reid didn't regret his decision midway through the first big ones the eagles on top of a sixty one yard touchdown pass to dish on jackson the catch and the downs and in case you forgot he was still able to do this wrong with the ball like no other can with a back in the n.f.l. free touchdown passes takes this one in by himself and all feely in this one twenty eight to three the finals for. some of those where the schools the dallas cowboys finally got their first victory of the season in the texas dobby in houston so did the minnesota vikings to be detroit held while super bowl champions new orleans
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saints went down to visiting atlanta in overtime but. let's move to tennis now and russia as an associate of ways into the second round of the two open beating them and he gets a book about in straight sets on the opening day there all powell of the nineteen year old just too much towards both of the sixteen seed will now face ukrainian. and fellow russian or ukrainian people so if you even though we took her three sets to beat substitute latinos sunshine is. now a dramatic night on the formula one track with fernando loans of holding off to boston with celtic when she is fourth window of the year in singapore its wise former champion now just eleven points behind me the mark webber in the overall scheme of things the spaniard making the most out of these cool position on the night street circuits red bulls a boston battell first in the whole way with teammate mark webber managing to
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survive a collision which knocked them out of the race. seven time champion michael schumacher also playing a.k.o. field in a spin on the marina bay circuit things heating up for hiking coble lining the fans lotus clearly in need of a cool down at the end of it although it was alone so much edge to tell by just two towns so we sat on the labyrinth there and four aces remain this season. because we means a lot obviously coming from on so we know the unique layout so we want to do confer on me now you know normal truck even if you singapore distiller how very special they are those well but with more downforce that the crowd is performing well we did it so this we you know a lot to keep in the fight in the championship and we know that the state forest is the world but the he seems so we can be gone by that if he knew in any tracks all things to him but i don't buy the fact that a great job in the truck as well getting hundred percent of i would put in several all the time so it is seen in the remaining races on force of about. to go through
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now well phil mickelson missed another chance to overtake tiger woods as number one while jim fury grabbed the sport's biggest bonus for winning the tour championship and the fed ex cup the overnight lead the shooting and even par seventy on the final day to be donald by a single shot over all while another man chasing the jackpot retief goosen finished alone in third as through the back here and here at the final hole one up against donald he almost told his bunker shot and then knocked the for his sixteenth area title and a cool town millions on bonus for claiming a serious product scalp that would also programming him up to fifth in the rankings . i really worked hard last week made a couple equipment changes even and. worked really hard on my game and came in. under so it's a special moment. what a special year i've never had a three win season this is the first to be the fourth fed ex cup trophy in my hands
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right now it's just a great icing on the cake and over in paris ricky john perry left the inaugural vivendi cup title for his maiden european tour victory the twenty three year old englishman following up a birdie on the seventh with another one on the towns and pubs football was enough to clinch the title on the eighteenth with carry finishing on seventeen. and you had an ad for us that was the lone swayed in the second place while his compadre down half way stage the chair more soundly and was in a five way tie for third. now let's finish by heading on to the mat west sunday saw the finale of a well their ethnic gymnastics championships how here in moscow reports. it's the first time russia has hosted the biggest event in richmond jimmy sticks so the pressure was high as the country is the clear trend setter in the sport but you know what is being done to make this even more popular here we don't need to
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rethink genetics around the world it's easy to work with a ration a real pleasure many of coaches work abroad to increase the level to netflix worldwide nevertheless we should continue the progress was poor and have a project for development. but pressure not the house swept all around them the proverbial nerves of steel very much in evidence with a tally of eight gold five c. and one bronze medal russia absolutely dominated the thirty eighth world championships the russians have always set the bar high for their challengers and on this occasion no nation came close to emulate them again you're going to have approved when she's simply the best overshadowing to field with her flawless routines the twenty year old gymnast getting three gold and a silver to have medal cabinet however the olympic champion can be fully satisfied with the result as last year when i won five gold medals and sensationally the stadium in one thousand didn't reach the final of the ribbon event that on i went
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to dotted me three or long with the to conduct polish more than ready to challenge any of gaya for a series of very boyish. competition is thus rife for a place in the national team and that can only be good ahead of their own big games in london in two years' time russia climbed atop the podium in all but a single group final losing to reigning champions italy in one of the three deciders. we are very very pleased with their performance there is alt i don't think we could even dream of getting a higher score it's extremely hard to compete with the russian team so i think we did very well. looking back over the six days of the world championships the inaugural games held in russia were an obvious success for the host it all bytes well for record holder at london two thousand and twelve consigning but out of archie. the spot for the moment let's have a check on the well the next stay with us.
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they faced it this is not a promotion but warns of the. very fortunate and we shall see several already issued a supreme victory speech they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it is this is it is awful to newstand for in the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victories nineteen forty five dollars r.t. dot com.
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in indonesia she's available in hotels. resort and spa. remote have been turned bone. up on sunday
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a beach hotel the western resort you said. the resort and spa the. ground many as you call it a full seasons hotel the sultan who turns. the flow of russian oil to china will triple by next year but leaders of the two countries meet and open up part of a new pipeline. as jewish activists sail for blockaded gaza with a humanitarian mission. brutally attacked by israeli forces back in may. and pirates of russia attempt to go official setting up a political party to campaign for the legalisation of freefall sharon.
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global news twenty four seven this is r.t. live from moscow a very warm welcome to. well russian oil will be pumped directly into china by next year tripling supplies it will travel along a pipeline which has been opened during president dmitri medvedev said three day visit to the country and talks with the chinese leader have also seen the signing of agreements to boost security in the region artie's office on a boy is in beijing for us china towns have long become a permanent fixture of many metropolises but here in china you would normally find a russian district in their place sprawling all across the country their thousands of vendors on a hunt for knockoffs this is the furniture worth of the engine when there was the city here it used to be an open market with rows of counters only recently they
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