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about eleven pm customers start to come in and shop fill their grocery basket with basic items baby formula milk bread eggs and continue to shop and mill about the store until midnight when government electronic benefits cards get activated and then the checkout starts and our sales for those first few hours on the first of the month are substantially and significantly higher. so yeah wal-mart of course is america's company's store like they used to have plantations of old and the company's store wal-mart of course is done more to destroy the economy in america than any corporation the employ more people in america than any corporation they under paid these people and now they're being pushed on to reservations like the indians from one hundred fifty years ago these are the new they shouldn't create a tribe of indians in america called the wal mart a coil well also this is the showing the extent of the poverty everybody asked like if this is a as bad as the great depression where are the bread lines now these are people
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receiving electronic benefits cards which are food stamps given in a credit card like thing and these are people waiting to feed their babies is baby formula i mean this is ongoing sort of catastrophe but to give the. indians to carry their baby in to get the baby feeding at the midnight stroke well according to charlie monger oh no not charlie monger that two hundred thirty eighth richest man in america partners to warren buffett the richest man in america monger says thank god bailouts came before handouts yes this is charlie munger who is eighty six year old partner to warren buffett and he was speaking at the university of michigan on september fourteenth i think close by a welsh absolutely record. if you talk about but welsh rarebit wields. there comes a play. if you just start bailing out all the individuals to know when to adapt. to
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people suck up to cope so i'm going to cope oh a lot of people and them are charlie munger before and they don't know the story when warren buffett first got to omaha and to set up berkshire hathaway he saw a bum sleeping on a bench across the street and he gave a job sleeping the floor at berkshire hathaway and in payment cash you paid him in stock so charlie munger is now the richest floor sweeper in america so he's telling these people that this they should just suck it up and this is great for them but in regards to the issue of bailing out bankers such as himself i remember berkshire hathaway is one of the largest shareholders of wealth fargo and which bought well kovi have merged with what cobia and these received massive taxpayer subsidies far more than those people lining up at wal-mart at midnight to buy baby formula so here is a man who says following up on that whether or not we should have bailed out the bankers if the economy with a lot of misery disruption destroyed the currency. knows what happens so i think
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when you've got troubles like this you shouldn't be bitching about a little below. you should go home so i can show them better he suggesting that there could have been another hitler if you didn't bail out us remember you are as you mentioned like tovia. by wells fargo biggest shareholders warren buffett and charlie munger they recently paid a multi hundred million dollars fine for money laundering for mexican drug cartels so there is charlie munger. has been found by extension to be money laundering for mexican drug cartels and that's his only source of income least the richest floor sweeper in america these were buffets special friend down there at omaha nebraska and he's lecturing folks on why oh they should suck it up and get a job hey charlie i got news for you buddy why don't you take that pipe out of your mouth and start working for a living yourself you degenerate slob well of course he also warned that if you don't help out bankers we could have a situation like the one nine hundred thirty s.
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in the rise of a hitler who supported hitler in the thirty's i.b.m. coca-cola j.p. morgan and the people i call the monger i want buffett get a real job joly longer well to his benefit ok let's look at the mitigating factor here he is eighty six and this takes me to my next headline dimentia cost to top one percent of g.d.p. so this is the world out from a report and they say that the costs associated with dementia will amount to more than one percent of the world's gross domestic product this year at six hundred four billion dollars that's right there six hundred billion number could be cut in half by just simply retiring charlie munger and warren buffett you'd save three hundred billion a year in dementia related costs and the other thing is he said god was to thank for the bailout oh sorry i mean osama bin ladin sure of that trait of course it was a financial terrorist weapons of mass to financial destruction as buffett himself copped to a lot of bankers seem to be appealing to god as their sort of. excuse for their
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acts lloyd blankfein from goldman sachs also did the same but here's another headline the vatican bank facing money laundering probe just when the catholic church didn't need another scandal tahlia authorities have seized twenty three million euros in the case alleging that their senior officials have been money laundering yeah and was that a shock pun well i don't know the vatican get so rich i mean they haven't performed a legitimate miracle in two thousand years so all that pomp and circumstance and gilded gold leaf surrounding that massive real estate ponzi scheme has got to come from somewhere well the vatican said that it was perplexed and surprised by the investigation which is a classic that's like hank paulson as the markets collapse he who engineered much of the c.d.o. collapse and subprime mortgage fraud saying he was perplexed and surprised and had no idea what was going on lloyd blankfein the pope monger and buffett should start a new had fun and call dimentia incorporated and they only invest in companies to
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benefit from this rise in dimension which would include of course wal-mart the leaders of which believe that by having people lined up a midnight for baby formula and some new reservation constructed prison casino golaghat is a worthwhile business model as buffett who's an authority is money laundering drug traffic supporter monger who is the richest floor sweeper in american history and lloyd blankfein who hears voices down there goldman sachs is doing god's work doing the work of schmucks so we have this building of this sort of. monarchy in america where these people are just openly taunting the peasant population saying let them eat cake we deserve all of this divine bounty because we are divine ourselves god is the one giving us these bailouts whether it's lloyd blankfein or charlie munger stating this so it takes me to this headline a new chance for new work. failing school system to get one hundred million dollars
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from facebook founders dr berg so the state is collapsing there is no taxpayer is only there for the divine rights of these wall street oligarchs and the c.e.o. titans and here they have to rely on the randomness of one of these all the upon them some funds for their own education well i mean facebook google all they exist because of the people subsidize their existence through the creation of darpa now one of the people got back from that fortune the facebook fortune the google fortune the apple fortune all the digital rights management technology that steve jobs stows upon the public domain in a draconian method of bleeding and bleaching the intellectual integrity out of that society for a quick buck what are they giving back cash wise the big goose egg the big zero burgers just another the next generation of plutocrat wanna be aristocratic mino
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feudal. schmucks well use this term again because it sounds so good chicago's and you know if it weren't for the taxpayer subsidizing their existence they would not exist so this is a farce that the only way that these school systems can get money to survive is these large us of these potentates that recreated completely by fear due to political collections market manipulation insider trading and it is down to brass at omaha nebraska to feed and prey on the poor helpless society by draining them of all their financial integrity with weapons of mass financial destruction so it needed but i might also add that bill gates is also heavily invested in education and therefore warren buffett who is now given billions of dollars to bill gates to disperse so there is this all of darkie creating their own class of peasants they're providing the education for their own pool of people who support these
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particular loreal who just remember bill gates as the entire force and he's the richest man in america fifty four billion dollars according to forbes that's tired entirely created through abuse of the copyright system where they keep extending coppery every twenty years disney and microsoft in a way that's given the america a collective intellectual a bottom e. no wonder the average i.q. in america is plummeting and or they can't come with any new ideas to solve the problems and one of the elect a dunderhead like manchurian candidate obama to be president because all the good ideas are locked up on corporate balance sheets over there at microsoft and disney and apple and meanwhile the bad idea is like hey i think i'll go rob somebody those ideas are allowed to roam free so i've got this cup talk or see a cockroach see attack a stock or city led by weapons of mass financial destruction willing psychopaths and sociopaths like charlie frick and floor sweeper do nothing monger and his best friend his good friend warren buffett and then finally let's move on to the other
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monarchy from which these all bloom and that is the british my. monarchy revealed the secret deal that changed the monarchy so the sovereigns debt crisis sparked two thousand and six agreement surrendering ultimate financial autonomy so this is the sovereign the queen of england having her own private debt crisis where she needed to borrow two million pounds from the government and this has given them the authority to basically dictate what she spends her money on but there was a one quote in this article that really makes me think of charlie monger ever since charles the first paid with his head for his attempt to impose on a fearful parliament the notion that a king's power came direct from god the english monarchy has fought a losing battle for control of the nation and its own finances you sleep with osama you die like osama think about it joy monger all right thanks so much stacey member for being on the kaiser report can max say don't go away much more right after this
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back to the kaiser report all right let's go to washington d.c. so what sports writer dave zirin author of bad sports how owners are ruining the games we love a book that exposes the multi billion dollar sports and dust real complex racket dave welcome to the kaiser report great to be here thank you all right first i got to ask you this george steinbrenner recently passed away and they on bail the monument and yankee stadium twice as big as the monument to babe ruth what's that all about that's about george steinbrenner being able to push through a one point five billion dollar new stadium that is largely funded with public dollars and so it's their tribute to george steinbrenner to supplying roughly eight hundred fifty million dollars in public funds and public money to be able to build that stadium steinbrenner is a bridge between the old era of paternalistic owners who cared about their cities
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and this new era that keeps score on the basis of how much money can you get for municipality how many political favors can you cash in and also acting like you know more than everybody else in the room because you're the person with the biggest check it's not that owners way back when were somehow nicer people and they visited kids in hospitals and gave wily pops to street urchins or anything like that but back then owners were accountable to the question of how many tickets do you sell that's how you determined whether or not. your franchise was financially viable if you sold one million or two million tickets that determine your profit margin today fans are not just secondary or tertiary they're they're at the bottom of the list when a team assesses whether or not it's making serious serious money i mean what's made sports a license to print money basically or owning a sports franchise is how much public dollars you get from the local municipality whether or not you have a sweetheart cable deal and how many luxury boxes or p.s.
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sells or personalize seat licenses your stadium can hold that's what determines how many millions of dollars or billions of dollars you have in the bank and the fan has been forgotten right so this is a very analogous to what's going on in other parts of the economy as well so on wall street for example the people who are actually paying taxes and doing the hard work that are no longer important to the economy because the fund managers of the banks on wall street can borrow in the wholesale markets and they could engage in derivatives transactions and create markets out of thin air so the actual hard working saving person of supplying the capital is now no longer important to the economy they're being abandoned the difference with sports also is that i think we feel a tremendous sense of ownership over our teams i mean we view our sports teams as family heirlooms that we want to pass down to our kids and hopefully our kids will pass it down to their kids which is a little different from how we view wall street but the wall street analogy also works and that so much of the wall street mentality now is about short term profit
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over a long term stability and in sports yes they're making money hand over fist with sweetheart cable deals public money and all the rest of it but they are sacrificing the long term health of their product right and the statistics you know a vital part of baseball are totally skewed because of steroid use so the homerun king is using steroids just like. acts on wall street are using these subsidies from the government to goose earnings again there's a comparison there are completely artificial see the interesting thing about steroids too is i have a whole chapter about steroids in the book is that owners were either been minute malignantly processing the period when steroids got no locker rooms or at best they've been nightly neglected as players started to resemble professional wrestlers and there was an incentive to do both to either ignore the problem or
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facilitate it because of a very simple reason and it's it was cable money i mean when a home run started to go out of the park the ratings went up on basic cable and cable services and you look at the statistics it's unbelievable like baseball went from having a t.v. contract that ran roughly five hundred sixty million dollars to after the big home run chases in the late ninety's they were selling the playoff rights alone for two point four billion dollars you know just the playoffs not even the whole package so there was a massive financial incentive to say the heck with the record books the heck with the numbers the heck with the hallowed statistics we want to see dinner's we want to see the long ball and this is gone global dave zirin let's talk a little bit about the crisis of the commonwealth games in new delhi india did the context that you put out to the sports industrial complex talk on this
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a little bit what's interesting about this is that you're seeing a trend right now in a lot of these international sporting events going to the so-called bric countries that means brazil russia india china because it's felt that these countries are willing to spend billions of dollars for the prestige and also willing to suppress the local populace to a degree that europe or the united states just simply will not do but what you're seeing in india is that even with their willingness to spend two point four billy. in dollars and capital expenditures to actually get the games off the ground and that's just for athletic facilities what you're seeing also is the attendant danger as they're cutting corners to be able to make the deadline to actually do the commonwealth games couple of the recent mega sporting events the vancouver winter olympics of the world cup in south africa any news about how much debt the population has been left with oh absolutely i mean the hangover in south africa is so extreme that you're seeing public sector strikes that involve over one million
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workers across the country because basically they did debt and deficit spending to pay for what are known in south africa as the white elephants billions and built we're talking billions of dollars i mean the estimates range wildly but as many as eleven billion dollars which is a lot of money in south africa on stadiums and on infrastructure and it's now have to be paid for by the people themselves through austerity measures and south africa which has the highest capital of protests in the world they're just not putting up with it and i was in vancouver before the olympics and i was in south africa before the world cup and it was fascinating because you can't imagine two more different cities than been coover in johannesburg and yet the complaints were exactly the same suppression of civil liberties the pledge but budget busting deficit spending and and all the rest of it i mean it was a absolute horror show in both places and it says something about to me what it
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means to do these kinds of sporting events in periods of economic recession you get a hell of a collision that takes place between the desire of the government to look amazing for an international audience and try to build its tourists dollar and the people themselves in the country whose lives are disrupted at a massive scale well they put on these massive multi-billion dollar shows because they get the fees and the fees are tied to the budgets of these shoes events and they sacrifice the sands of can't. to see the events the awful way the athletes are endangered but it doesn't matter because the only thing that matters are the fees same thing on wall street they push mega huge multi-billion dollar debt onto the population for the fees even though it's crushing the economy and putting people out of work and what's fascinating about the commonwealth games is that for all the injustice that took place in south africa in vancouver and it was manifest the international media largely ignored it because they made the trains run on time so
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to speak you know the games happened without incident to the spectacle and therefore the injustice was largely ignored the commonwealth games are different because the games themselves are in jeopardy by a lot of the same deficit spending rushed construction job projects that have taken place historically at many a recent olympics but nobody cared for example when immigrant workers in athens died during the construction projects there no one cared in china when almost two million people were displaced in the larger beijing area to make way for the olympics because the games themselves ran largely without incident commonwealth games for getting a different kind of spotlight because the trains are not running on time there's only recently blogged about baseball's corporate crime wave tell us about the leaked financial statements of major league baseball first thing i understand is that baseball is allowed because of various antitrust laws and its stature as a private business to keep its business holdings private to keep its profit margins
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private even though they get millions and millions of dollars in public subsidies they're allowed to keep private their bottom line yet their records for several teams were leaked onto the internet and now we know things that before we just suspected like the florida moral and marlins for example who had demanded tens of millions of dollars to help build actually hundreds of millions to build a new stadium we now. i know that they're actually they were claiming bankruptcy and that they were losing money no actually they were making about forty million dollars a year and straight profit the pittsburgh pirates which haven't had a winning team in eighteen years and have the lowest payroll in major league baseball they've put their payroll is less than alex rodriguez the third baseman for the yankees makes in a year for their entire team they've always played poverty you know and fact they're making money hand over fist and what it's done is that shown a lot of the local politicians in cities like florida and pittsburgh to either be
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incredibly stupid or incredibly criminal because for years critics have been saying well wait a minute based on some various assessments this is what we think these teams are making and the teams themselves have been saying oh what is forbes magazine no they're completely wrong we're actually making nothing or we're losing money every single game we really don't want to move the team and by the way that's another steinbrenner and tactic to threaten to move the team to say we don't want to move the team but we will if we don't get more public money and in each case they've gotten that money yeah it's amazing if i take some of your stories and i put them on top of stories of let's say matt taibbi over there drawing stone who talks about virtually identical type of tactics being used by municipalities and states all over the country to load up in this apologies with all this debt using crime stupidity and fraudulent accounting in much the same way so again there's a huge crossover between the banks banking industries it has infiltrated every
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little nook and cranny of the economy finally speaking of baseball whatever happened to the boycott of arizona was there some campaign to get the major league withdraw there from two thousand and eleven yeah it's still ongoing i mean there have been protests over the summer at seventeen different cities and seven seventeen different ballparks in seventeen different cities wherever the arizona diamondbacks have gone to play they've become the traveling road show of some of arizona's immigration laws which are the harshest in the country and which codify racial. the filing in a way that many people in the united states find absolutely abhorrence now the rhetoric around immigration in the u.s. has shifted dramatically to the right at the at the top level of politics and i think it's a remarkable thing and in a lot of ways it shows the power of sports that the one place where you've seen a consistent public voice against anti immigrant scapegoating has been in front of the ballpark and it's been echoed inside the ballpark too i mean thirty different players have spoken out against arizona laws fans have dropped banners fans have
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storm the field and we're forcing bud seelig to have to actually say something about this because the idea that the two thousand and eleven all-star game the midsummer classic would be played in a city phoenix where a lot of the players families would be at risk for being pulled over in their cars i mean this is something that i don't think major league baseball can let stand now when it depends so heavily on latin american talent right and of course the response of the administration in d.c. is not to address some of the inequality that we're seeing here in the immigration policy but to criminalize boycotting i used to teach in d.c. public schools before i was a sportswriter and i would talk to these families from el salvador and they they they were the reason why they would come to the united states was because of no jobs and poverty in their home country it wasn't because they had some desire to steal jobs or health care from people in the u.s. so if the u.s. would do something about their trade policy that's how you address immigration not
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by criminalizing immigrants that's all well then the number one contributor to this immigration problem is not ok if nafta didn't go through then you wouldn't have had u.s. corporations bankrupting farmers in mexico forcing people to have to go north of the border to get the money that they were stolen from them from the american agricultural companies and meat packers so thank you bill clinton i don't see how you argue with that i don't see how you argue with that i mean what you just said is statistically absolutely true people who argue against that like everybody from the clip. administration to the republican party i mean that's like arguing that the sky isn't blue they have sarah thanks for being on the kaiser report oh my privilege thank you all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i want to thank my guest dave zirin if you'd like to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot ru and so next time this is max guys are saying bio.
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the mayor of moscow is up to eight years in power the president says he acted because you no longer have confidence in his capitals it's. a group of international activists on a jewish organized aid mission to blockaded gaza is forced to end its journey by israeli warships. the russian president ends a trip to china the man widely predicted to be the next leader of the people's republic. a very warm welcome she this is the line from moscow with me i always have but also
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and always two decade reign as the mayor of moscow u.t. luzhkov has been signed spy the president the decision comes as the capital controversial top official refused to resign as demanded by the kremlin. is following the story. right now there has been no reaction from. himself and he also said that he's not planning on giving any press conferences at least anytime soon now the latest development in this story is that he is leaving the united russia ruling party now this is of course on top of the fact that he has been fired by the president so we can see that these are really major blows through his a political career and we also know that before this is happening there's already been a lot of controversy and talk about the possibility of this very thing happening and prior to today has met with some little fish bowls and where he was given a grant.


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