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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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invading the drug is still the same with the countries remaining the world's largest opium producer the narcotics pulling apart an already fragile nation for hundreds of thousands living in poverty and insecurity opium can be the only solace police who are fighting afghanistan's drug war at home have their own b. minutes to contend with as artie's pulled a sliver reports. abdulrahim used to put people behind bars for doing drugs now he's been put there himself because the former army commander denies the charges he insists he never swayed from the white side of the law because. we saw a truck driving on the main road something made me suspicious and i checked out the cargo we found narcotics heroin in some drugs but what for him claims he didn't expect to find a driver who told authorities he was involved in drug smuggling. by himself is guarded by another policeman if. he's been taking drugs since he was
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twelve and went for treatment only recently after the prison warden found out he's in good company according to a recent u.s. congress report nearly half of the afghan police are doing drugs well. when i graduated as a policeman i was doing i kept quiet about for about two years all the other policemen he knew about it quite a few police who were drug addicts not telling anyone they're just saying i'm smoking something. paula talking afghanistan's biggest jail many of the five thousand prisoners here are doing time for drug smuggling and drug use but their knocks are not a sure safe way of keeping the drugs out. these are the different kinds of drugs we collected over the past years. this is a mix of all your contacts. but then all of this is opium and. this. is
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the kind of tricks drugs and side of calm family members coming to visit bring these with them we've found drugs in shoes over the years prison guards have been charged with mending a hand. up the really good of you know it's true when i joined a few years ago lots of dollars were involved in smuggling drugs into the jail they are not very good. enough so there are a lot joining the produce truth out of the people join the police to solve themselves but the ministry of cantona katic insists it's now got a hold on the problem before the police can become a police he get tested he will have certain tests before coming to before going through the exercise part of our becoming a police sergeant. this is something that has been developed an army level but
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questions remain what if some of those fighting afghanistan's drug war are actually foot soldiers for the other side and with the many challenges the country faces doesn't really have the resources to tackle the corruption within its ranks inside these four walls is a snapshot of the problems facing afghan society telep members drug traffickers and petty criminals and the prisons over crowded forests here are teen party chief was in kabul. now you heard in that report from zalmay of zali he's a spokesman for the afghan counter narcotics ministry and he now joins me live from kabul and gets more you this issue now and hello to you sir so today's u.n. report claims that afghanistan's opium production has heart of this year but the drop was due to disease affecting crops and bad weather and not because of the eradication of poppy fields so we kind of sounds more like the positive news is more like good luck not rather than the government's efforts to tackle the problem
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what do you say about that. thank you i would say the news is positive poppy production has been slashed for forty eight percent as compared to the previous year we had. we have sixty three thousand six hundred metric tons in two thousand and nine we had the comparison of six times. near to six thousand something this year is three thousand six hundred but. the positive news is that i don't agree with some of the u.n. . claim that it was a because of the bad weather or so. it could have been the case in some provinces and poland is like a. post like all those gone problems like. kandahar but the positive thing was that the government was very much successful to the public awareness campaign and we sent
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a positive message and the people of afghanistan know that the poppy cultivation is a bad figure on them and it's something that they are currently confrontation about so on the other hand we have a good education this year and some of the provinces but unfortunately in the south in influences there were some security concerns some security situation which we were not able to do the education and i with education forces came under attack by . problems like problems like become under. attack stop insurgents the only problem was. it was a kandahar province in which there was some problems of insecurity and due to which we want our neighbor to carioca dedication but i wouldn't say that the weather and disease did not play any positive role it was all good and. your disease affected some areas but the other hand. it's the same amount of land is being used
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production is down now the survey found that the price of opium has nearly tripled due to the decline in production tell me this. how do likely could it be to. especially those who stop growing poppy to change course. while this is the i would agree with you that this is a challenge on one side poppy cultivation and production is going down but on the other side to another part of the war there is a huge demand for that and when that something is you have when they go meant to try to stop that when the borders are seated when the government. law enforcement agencies are at a success rate on the other hand we have the other side of the international community for example in the demand that exists in european countries that demanded exist and russia for example that is something that really weight the prices on a high level so there is that we always called for regional and international cooperation so far the people and the donor countries that have helped us are the only the u.s. and the u.k. and the united nations office of drug and crime would technically help us in many
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cases but unfortunately countries like russia and the. republic the seizure rate there is only five to four percent if you see afghanistan we have a more seizure rate we have a more prosecutions i would say that this issue is internationally should this is not a regional issue this is an international issue is. involved making an effort to come down on some of those drug trafficking corridors but tell me this the drug situation deteriorated when u.s. troops came to the region i mean will improve will improve when the american soldiers pull out. there. the improvement is very much at the high scale now we have twenty provinces popping three although i can predict we had say that twenty three to twenty four provinces will be popping three but the main cases here that there are twenty four provinces poppy three another case but there is only one hundred to two hundred hectares left in four to five provinces which is. by the
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head out and covered province we could announce them property but due to some international rules and regulations we have to see because there are some one hundred to two hundred acres on the other side and our different campaigns such as education the government dedication run by the governors all. by the governor of the provinces that was supported by the united states government on the other side the law enforce agencies such as the counter-narcotics police of afghanistan are ready to support supporting who are the capacity building to the. us the drug enforcement administration and the us put a great deal of effort into that but we have. to combat this drug production problem here but as long as there is demand as long as there are demand there will always be farmers to cultivate this crop. but with as a demand as the demand is the only four to seven or eight percent maybe going to the u.s. but the u.s. is still here to help that is the same concern that we have that he said it in the moscow conference about two months ago when
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a son is blamed for something that is not ever created by yes that's been brought by outside if you see the level of the seizure in russia is only four percent so therefore but they blame us. many areas which i don't think so is the right position to take i think a better way to assess the afghan government will be to come and help us and other parts of the national drug control strategy is not important that you can play an important significant role in the line for spending there are other pillars of the national record of which the russians can help us if you see the government of afghanistan has prosecuting about four hundred to seven hundred cases but even and we see that there is. a lot of good success going on but on the other side of the central asian republic especially in russia the amount of secret is very low i mean not a single time that i heard that a chemical precursors such as a car drives how to sort through to get said has been has been seized on the other hand one thing i want to clarify is that i'm this the demand exists and i agree
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with you with what you said unless the demand exist and countries like russia and countries that stand relation to public and some other european countries i can get into you after the afghanistan is affected by problem to morrow this this war narcotic program is. transitional so it's go from one point to the other countries so i wouldn't say. it's going to go you can go together you requiring the help of many of the international partners in this fight against drugs here zalmay spokesman for the afghan counter of narcotics ministry life for us there thank you very much. well security is being tightened across the north of india as with ortiz fear a legal judgment on a religious site will spark massive unrest the high court has to rule whether the land in the engine. belongs to muslims or hindus its historic dispute that has already taken thousands of lives karan singh reports. an uneasy rests on the
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streets of new york here the battleground for an interfaith legal showdown in those considered a two week a plot of land the sacred birthplace of lord a hindu god but previously it was an islamic mosque that stood here until in one thousand nine hundred two a hindu mob destroyed it that and the anti muslim riots that followed remain a blot on india's image as a secular country since then the government has resisted attempts to build a temple or a mosque on the disputed site and now there are fears that riots will follow but that the court supports the claims of hindus or muslims and that angers or york has residents of all faiths because they feel trouble is usually for maintained by outsiders and that. the entire muslim community here wants peace whatever the verdict is whoever the land goes to we are ready to make sceptics for some money years political parties have used the religious sentiments of people to
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create trouble and gain votes we will not let them succeed this time. there's a real desire for a quick decision to allow people to get on with their lives shopkeeper. says his sales are down because pilgrims are staying away. the impact to samantha's this is a temple town and if people don't visit because of trouble or increased security i can sell them my goods how can a survive like this. many analysts insist the india of two thousand and ten is different from the india of nine hundred ninety two and both people in political parties will show restraint most indians have moved on from the divisive politics of religion to the more pressing issues of jobs and livelihoods. the government should let the verdict come out whoever it may be if it favors the hindus that our muslim brothers should not mind it they should accept it peacefully as a decision of the court and if it favors the muslims and then my hindu brother should
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also accept it gracefully. whatever the verdict this will not be the end of the judicial process as the losing side is certain to appeal to india's supreme court nevertheless this is an opportunity for the people to showcase and includes of india of the twenty first century where the rule of law is followed and where religious bigotry has no place got unseeing r.t. new delhi. is now a quarter past the hour here in moscow and still ahead for you in our program a grave decision being buried alive can make you mentally stronger yes it's unusual but one group of therapists will explain why shortly. major media outlets at the u.n. general assembly gathered to cover speeches from world leaders last week but when the biggest countries left the show so did the media leaving other nations to talk to an empty room. and just who is listening.
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an international circus of political power. public stress for new yorkers. reporters secret service and barricades three signs of world leaders are crammed inside one building for the annual united nations general assembly debate. this diplomatic gathering provides more than one hundred ninety countries an opportunity to promote their foreign policy agenda but generally it's always the same voices now is the time to build the trust dominating the states and identifying those responsible in the september eleventh attacks journalists flew in from all over the world to cover this seven day event. to much more but once the richest and strongest finished pledging their promises. the press prematurely concluded their coverage. of the i think your book or. anyone. you know the. mainstream media pulled the plug on this international story friday
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evening with more than one hundred and twenty nations yet to speak abandoned by live trucks that most police presence nations like palestine congo and mongolia were left addressing half empty are torrijos by monday when cuba spoke of suffering under us and forgoes camera outside the un along to a tourist between two thousand and twenty five hundred journalists were accredited at the un for the general assembly debates and when u.s. president barack obama was here the room i'm standing in was packed when he laughed he took all the media attention with him now only a handful of journalists are left to report about all the other countries that are addressing the international body the poorest leaders took to the podium campaigning for climate change and the scene inside the un media center spoke volumes less than ten reporters. and garbage cans overflowing with recycled rubbish
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. today also reflects that the un suddenly doesn't draw much attention. you know global governance seems to have so many challenges to address. to some extent this a lot of difficulties addressed in those challenges the first maybe garnering respect from its host country nearly seventy percent of americans think the un does a lousy job in solving global problems maybe they should move it somewhere else maybe going as ireland where nobody would be affected by it you know it's definitely inconvenient for everyone however most of the world criticizes americans for neglecting to understand local problems we only know what we hear we don't know exactly what's going. on and that's good or bad i mean. we should know we surely should be you know the same for everyone if not the united nations may remain a place where everyone continues to talk and neglects to listen arena porton i am
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party new york. now you can always head over to r.t. dot com for more stories who are online few twenty four hours a day and here's a taste of what you'll find there right now america's infrastructure is succumbing to the laws of gravity find out why thirty five bridges have collapsed in the state of minnesota alone. moscow's mayor. rushes the gay community is allowed to stage of protests on the capital streets for the first time for more on that and the other stuff just over to r.t. dot com. well one group in russia has come up with an unusual method to fight stress and beat depression they're burying people alive the organizers of this extreme treatment claim twenty minutes in a fresh grave might change your mind on many things in life i bennett went to try to remedy. the above ground there are
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a few signs of life. below the surface a man trapped with his greatest fear is pavel has just been buried alive for twenty minutes not torture but extreme therapy. oh fantastic it feels much better on the song than on the ground. the first time pavel's anxiety got the better of him now he says he can handle the pressure. as the first thing you experience is panic once your face is covered with dirt you start tasting as i'm thinking of what the hell am i doing down here or you want to come down to simply know all the place like this these are the grave digging therapists modeling the burials on an ancient form of self in light and meant practice by shamans they wanted to make the rights more accessible believing everyone can benefit. because the most effective and powerful method overcome an internal problems person can neither see nor hear anything nor even move underground they have no other option
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but to delve deep inside their minds. a burial costs you around one hundred sixty dollars attracting both men and women from students to fifty something professionals all aiming to suffocate their worries a full day's psychological training claims to prepare them for the fears they will face on each word that he must panic conditions can be subconscious uncontrollable there are different ways to overcome them working with mental images rhythm breathing there isn't a ray of means for a person to subdue their fear but we teach them that that control of. the maximum burial is forty minutes beyond that the mind struggles to cope with the lack of physical function that it thirty centimeters any deeper and the pressure would be too great to stand once under the volunteers briefly this chewed the organizes a ten year veteran of living burials and says this shouldn't be tried at home. but
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are we have to be able to get the personal very fast and also contact them earth for us to be distributed in a certain way across the body so that the key joints or pressurized you can't practice burials without knowing about things things that until now i didn't think i suffered from any cost a phobia and that could soon change because i'm going to try this for myself now and given this to breakthrough which i'm told that we monitoring at all times so when i stop and all i have to do is make a noise so here we go. well they started to fill in my graves they were here this feels very very strange the soil is very cold and also heavy i'm doing all right at the moment but i think it's going to get a lot more scary and i was right five minutes after being buried alive i was very ready to see the light of day again. thanks
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was one of the weirdest experiences of my life i felt completely trapped and i'm definitely never doing that again i live in an artsy. time now for the business news with corinne. hello and welcome to business as we go straight to our top story this hour investors are once again focusing on the poor state of the european banks the government of arlon has revealed that the price tag for bailing out its failing banks will be more than fifty billion dollars it will raise its deficit to thirty two percent of g.d.p. in two thousand and ten meanwhile moody's investor service has lowered spain's top credit rating by one notch this puts additional pressure on the country's government as it prepares to pass the most austere budget in three decades this comes of the belt tightening measures imposed by the european governments provoked
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massive protests across europe the e.u. commission is proposing new penalties on countries that let their budgets out of control the measures are in it and are an effort to restore investor confidence to prevent another crisis of the one that greece to bankruptcy. now while europe is facing a multi-year slog out of the economic crisis emerging markets are attracting more attention from investors but will they be able to grow in the event of a sharp slowdown in the developed economies that have a lot of. in the months leading up to the summer holiday season europe was gripped by fear that it would be overwhelmed by do that there was much talk of greece rial and reve in spain defaulting on their bonds this opened up the bleak scenario of the euro zone collapsing and dragging down the world economy just as it was recovering from recession but a bailout package later and i'm first started to focus their attention on the other big problem the precarious state of the u.s.
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economy over the summer what happened was that the markets felt focus very much on the concerns of a double digit in the u.s. and the fact that actually german growth was coming through very strongly and actually they were quite slow to realize that the sovereign crisis in the yours had never actually gone away spreads were actually rising over the summer particularly in august when we had all the concerns coming through about the cost of resolving the financial sector crisis it all and and i think now we're in a situation where the markets realize this isn't a one year problem it's a multi-year problem while europe is busy cutting its way out of crisis much to the displeasure of public sector workers and the data from the u.s. is anything but comforting investors are looking for the next growth areas top of that list appears to be the bric countries brazil russia india and china but other strong enough to perform well if the developed nations start going into reverse again at least one analyst thinks not if indeed there is
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a second wave the second in the u.s. so europe markets will not be able to sustain that growth why do was say that is that because of a large share of trade and capital flows still a lengths to the u.s. and europe and therefore you know that into regional trade in the merger markets is still very small and therefore if the demand in the u.s. or europe tanks completely then the emerging markets will no longer be able to export their big chunk of their goods will see a freeze up on the in the trade exchange and therefore slow down and grows. in short the emerging economies do not have the consumer to decouple they will not make it alone but given the moon mordor and outlook whether you are certain europe can sustain some growth in the emerging markets. this is clearly what many investors are expecting and is likely to be reflected by money flowing towards the new markets. global business salty. and let's have
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a look at how the markets are doing stocks are mostly lower and asia at the nec you finished down nearly two percent lower after the news that japan's industrial production fell for the third straight month in august hong kong's hang seng also traded point three percent lower european shares down for a fourth straight day amid concerns that the coast the cost of bailing out the region's banks is rising as a result the national stocks among the top losers barclays bank and their allied irish banks down three point nine and eight and a half percent here in russia markets are mixed in the afternoon trading with the r.t.s. sliding to negative ross net and look all of the most up over a percent on both of course is bucking the trend are ross telecom one roof hydro currently trading in the red. fitch ratings agency has placed the bank of moscow russia's largest bank on negative watch follows this week's dismissal of moscow's mare you were called by president meets with the agency says the appointment of a new era could cause a deterioration in the relationship between the bank and the city bank of moscow
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had close ties to the outgoing administration. that's all from me in the business team here but you can always find a more stories on our website r.t. dot com or join us at twenty past the hour for.
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to get every month we give you the future we hope you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us for technology update on our jeep. line. would be soon which brightened if you knew about song from phones to impression these. stunts on t.v.
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. now half past two in the afternoon here in moscow with the headlines afghanistan's opium production has this year due to disease affecting poppy crops this according to the united nations. but the about of land used to be in the drug has still remained the same. india awaits a court decision on whether a religious site belongs to hindus or muslims security is tight across the northern part of the country as the historic dispute has already taken thousands of lives. and the media has left the un general assembly delegates from over one hundred nations empty seats to address as journalists we're only interested in the keynote
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speakers. but many russians will remember the summer of two thousand and ten as one afflicted by scorching heat raging wildfires and choking small next to the country's emergencies minister. tells r.t. what lessons were learned from this bitter experience. the best at this. hello mr sze good thank you for your time this summer russia faced great forest fires and some are still raging why do you think it all happened on such a scale. when washed up so. the miners are the key reason for all this.


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