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dad let's go home. the village of position it's part of. the church. after being exposed to an ambiguous pressure by france and great britain two of its. germany was the price paid for hitler's promise not to start a war in europe was he breached not a year later. according to many research as it was the conflict over these who doesn't and that in effect triggered to. could be division of czechoslovakia have been referred to which went on behind the scenes of these talks and was played the decisive role in the people in various countries including russia still looking for the answers documents declassified by the
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foreign intelligence down to seventeen years on are directly related to the events of those times. at an old family take lunch seriously on a day off towards noon all of the family gets together in this house in the suburbs of new unique traditional the variance sausages are served on such occasions. here the sausages. just put up their actual loss in general traditions are respected in this family they know the back is a suggestion german when he was only eight years old he and his parents were deported from czechoslovakia now that he is away from his homeland anything reminded him of his past whom is especially valuable to him. family who was among the three. meeting germans force being evicted from
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czechoslovakia by a special decision of president banish in one nine hundred forty five they lost their check system and all of their property. speaker. germans always said he and police seize it but he didn't get the answer and i tell you if czech prime minister would come to this. meeting. people would cry. plain old opec is the director of the archives at the headquarters if he suggests india spread in central munich the capital of southern germany is the only major
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city situated close to the czech border small wonder that the largest organization off suit as an germans is in munich. those day is an archivist she was one of those who may. be seeing so for a year. one interesting seeing is a huge cooking book that is written in germany. it's the same. each time she looks at the feta graphs reynaldo recalls the experience he and his family went through at the time of deportation after the.
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not. this is are based on the germans have no moral material right to lay claim to these houses it's too late in the day you know. we've lived here for a long time since we bought this house and naturally wish or belongs to us. both this house ten years ago like most of the prophecies in the region his house belonged to the germans the czechs settled down in this area in the late one nine hundred forty is to the germans were to put it on a mass scale. but it's not it's not going to give his house back to those who used to own it might take his neighbor if you miss chicks agree that these houses no longer belong to the germans. so happened historically did cherrix took
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possession of these lands just well so be the week nobody's going to give anything bad to anybody if. they fool world war two these two dozen germans were considered to be czechoslovakia is the ethnic minority but in fact the germans for the second largest ethnic group after the czechs they even outnumber the slovaks the germans living in a citizen land had their own schools universities the nice papers small wonder that the german question overs almost as soon as czechoslovakia emerged as the states are in more amenable topical with ammonia gov it conflicts flared up right after the emergence of czechoslovakia as a state. population was opposed to it. the chick historian young namecheck is absolutely sure that the citizen germans paid a price for their active role in the dismemberment of czechoslovakia the treaty on
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the secession of the siddhis region to germany was signed by a need as a former european powers seventy years on the original copy bearing the signatures of the main players in the game is on display at parks national museum. local or in the signatures later of great britain chamberlain the leader of france to lobby the leader of germany hitler a leader italy muslim and. a clip about the exhibition at the national museum has been shown on television plays no doubt about the position the czechs have concerning the munich treaty. if you month schools have sued disenchantments meeson had cooties for
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a reunion few young people ever show up here but the older generation tries not to miss it. to a consolation to public nature and history to remember the younger days of class of mine. this is how i used words as the sickest to read all. the quotation. hundreds of books explain why these two deaths and germans were each it's a leaf within germany but back the archival director has first hand information. in the german right over the front there was a development and development no i mean brought persons that post perhaps one reason that they are seeing.
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the chicken suit is the transition mutiny in d.c. doesn't usually set to the n.c. thirty eight gently used the occasion as an excuse to declare that the germans were being discriminated against in the a few days mason kid dress his phone was to call for an end to the genocide of the german people or whatever our current courier quire might happen like in your ira right through and mr campbell and ira preferred here no one really. ordinary money no bernard kerik tauriel problem in europe we want no. she does a place to make sure the fisa doesn't reach and the ceded to germany historians are still trying to understand what stood behind the events. one of them is yoga instead of ski the german.
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so. important question could. have been prevented and could have been avoided there is some reason to believe that this could have been done. with france. the world war one european countries including france and england where we read the prospect of launch still has to choose what war and france on the dillard year most of all could be done in order to breach the mutual support agreement under the same time avoid implementing it in full. in the nineteenth thirty eight the british prime minister who never changed and held several meetings with hitler in a bid to persuade him not to stall to war in central europe. this continent he was ready to do anything in his power to obtain the suggestion region. on his part
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fearful of the prospect of the speech of the french prime minister. to put pressure on czechoslovakia in order to achieve a peaceful solution france made it clear it would give new show if the czechs decided to go to be taken benish was ready to surrender the downhill skiing facility it's apparent that the chicks were. to plant their government s. just. needless to say initially the trick government was categorically against ceding the same date in the region to germany but they changed their mind following very crude pressure from their allies england and france or that sent waves of anger with the result that the people of czechoslovakia came out onto the streets to demand that the government distance itself from the agreement and retain all the territories all of that took place in front of the government buildings just near. the russian historian valentin fine was in the new nine hundred forty five he was
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employed at the soviet embassy at the time and supplied stone in a bit on the elliptical loops in fields that in signing the agreement on the division of czechoslovakia the western powers are not being guided by the fear of war in europe. news there. generally germany in the soviet union should be put on a collision course so that they would fight with each other and more than that they would bleed themselves white and when they were weak enough when we would dictate our terms to them there was a whole jungle although such top level statements with no will. receive intelligence reports from all of human.
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russian historian. with the foreign intelligence service has been working with archives in recent years to get detailed information on the cipher communications of salvias agents now. classified said school says despite france's refusal to help. to help its part now under that agreement it is
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true though that. support. troops on the western borders and some of the troops in central regions were put on full alert there were twenty frontlines of missions and also warplanes bombers fighters already to help build up until the point was when hitler addressed a crowd of fifteen thousand party faithful and. in september david forney journalist working israel has written a book about the only. one of the most important parts president spanish is a tryst on the czech radio station on the day when he decided to see thesea decimation to germany. and here i thought on all our cities and czechs and slovaks jarman's and my daughters. distinction of
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fact we all have this same. me all can make a great contribution to peace i'm not talking to political parties i'm not talking to organizations i'm talking to you. individual citizens that. try to find means of understanding try not to aggravate the situation. on september the twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred thirty eight leaders of four countries met in munich to sign the agreement ceding the su dissonant to germany. the german historian you're going so to speak slowly approaches the building where hitler presided over meetings seventy years ago the mansion house built on the owners all fittler looks especially gloomy on this cloudy day. sure a berry is situated in the street. building where the many conference or full powers were seldom the twenty ninth of september nine hundred thirty eight.
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dollars. per hour as leaders true along the streets. it was waiting for them inside this building. over there on the second floor. the roof of the national music school played witness to the participants off the munich agreement who ascended this model stake case seventy years ago then this building house the headquarters of adult hitless polity. no we are in hitler's study of it so it will go here in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. chamberlain. lenient had a meeting. where the new treaty was signed. in syria is
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just as it was then. we will leave the conference was told to in a friendly atmosphere the phrase used on such occasions both sides declared right away that they wanted a peaceful settlement to the conflict stressed that he too was against a forcible solution to the sea debt an issue the french prime minister. said he was surprised by the fact that czechoslovakia is destiny is being decided without its representatives. more know you're not that conference was a rare occasion when a country street was decided without its participation lockyear had not even been invited to. the conference last from midday until three in the morning without a break financial the text of the unique agreement was translated into four languages and prepared for publication after every detail has been agreed on.
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people stood in the other side of the road to. hear everybody real oist that's where the war would break out in europe depended on realities come of this particular conference. there were scenes of jubilation i wanted to become clear that there would be no war. in the future. when. the british prime minister neville chamberlain appeared to be satisfied with the outcome of the conference mr for everyone applauded him on his triumphant return to london the. government parliament the media applause for a man who had preserved peace in europe and yet it. would well. martin. that chamberlain had committed
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a blunder became clear the a few months later when he landed in a bomb shelter when the gas mask in anticipation of a possible german attorney. many historians regard the day when the munich agreement was signed is the start of world war two although on september the thirtieth leaders of european countries troop to be able to sign a peace memorandum. under the terms of the cream and signed by hitler. chamberlain and. the czechs words leave the citizen and within nine days to go for off the agreement said that the territory would be occupied by german troops only even the tenth when german troops and to czechoslovakia plain old bex the director of the archive. sued us in germany is just over a year old place or his mother often told him that the citizen germans hailed this days as an occasion for celebration the arrival of german troops was seen as the
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longer waited accession to the third reich. told me. they were delighted and not because of the troops but. because germans that was an oldish. eighteen. the small town of hama tof situated a hundred kilometers away from prague was populated by the germans only seventy years ago after the war as the germans were recessed told by force almost no one came back only street people attended meetings at a local branch of the pseudo. hateful kournikova a german woman by birth has lived all her life in czechoslovakia during the war years she and her family found themselves in the crossfire literally. has spent her childhood in the czech kindergarten and the chicks school. when the nazis
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came to power she had to pay the price for her friendship with czechs she and her family were thought to be suspect the wall the czechs to change their attitude to the suggestion german. german soldiers once sent v.q. was a little girl at the time along with her younger brother to a chick canteen to get some food but they never got it their former classmates pelted them with stones. so snarly. into a nine my brother came to the school. our classmates pelted us with stones. and drove us away from the school building it and. crying is high all here to. deserve the suit was returned to czechoslovakia. president banished returned from london after hiding. his first degree deported from the country
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deprives them of their citizenship and confiscated their property. and was accompanied by the so called death marches tens of thousands of students and germans died in a matter of months. back the director of the archives these suggest and return to his homeland sixty years later he returned as a tourist. finds nothing but truth. to be all incivility lost destroyed and if you go over say there you will find some traces stones from all sorts not trees after trees and this is the only thing you can recognise here was once you reach there of nearly solace and inhabitants that means i think. three hundred houses.
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they all have gone only this one is here. we know this is the region where the germans lived. and is the representative of. prague anything he can do for the time being conjure up memories of lost territories the germans would be only too happy to return but no one here expects them to. know there is a difference between an italian coming here to sell pizzas. and a german whose parents lived here works german who was born here. we feel germans must have some special conditions for their return here. or special conditions for a return to the czech republic exist nor can they exist in
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a legal context in the present european legal system. only thing that could be discussed similarities in mentality. here the love this land and the no chair collage style but this does not imply any special rights or concessions. for the czech foreign ministry the thirty five year old has if he leeson to see himself as someone of an origin he is assumed distant german in a cordon. with one family line although it is true that he is a chick in accordance with another his grandfathers were on different sides of the barricades which in no way undermines his firm pro czech position. the debate on how the munich agreement affected the course of european history in the twentieth century has shown no signs of abating as here it is
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a theoretical conference dedicated to that event in moscow both. the historian from the czech republic and. a historian from germany had the opportunity to present their views on the subject. lot of the historians changed their views but they did agree on the lessons that can be drawn from events that took place seventy years ago mr situation in nineteen thirty eight showed that if the structure of collective security is undermined. the league of nations and national leaders are guided only by national interests gives rise to a dangerous situation. if that's kind of a historian is going to publish declassified documents compiled by intelligence agents so that they can become available not only to specialists but also to anyone he was interested in world history in fact anyone who feels there's
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a lesson can be drawn from any historical situation. the main lesson to be drawn from prison to very simple formula instead of encouraging an aggressor you must be countered by a joint efforts the efforts to establish a system of collective security in nine hundred three field but the problem has a good deal of relevance to the. political ambitions of the powers that be. and the attempts to decide everything with the stroke of the pen or through violent acts only result in human casualties transit is interested lives. if this affects ordinary people in the first place. full attention seemed to find it difficult to take to heart these apparent the obvious conclusions in the twenty
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first century is wild.
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for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get
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a human voice ceased to face with the news makers. poppy crop disease cuts out damage tens of opium harvest by house but sends the value soaring argy explores how the drugs are ending up in the hands of prisoners and even police officers. pakistan hits back at nato and shuts down a major supply route in what's being seen as a retaliation for the killing of its soldiers by u.s. helicopters on cross border raids. and lots of talk but no one's listening smaller nations addressing the close of the un general assembly are met by media indifference and an empty auditorium.
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ten pm in moscow treasurer good to be with you here on r t our top story a un panel says the price of afghan opium have shot up three fold this year it's a consequence of a poppy eating virus that slashed the size of the harvest by half but demand for the drugs is remaining as strong as ever the survey also suggests that the area of opium fields remains the same and fewer than ever are being destroyed there are and producing harvest is the main source of income for taliban militants they retain a stronghold in the drug rich southern provinces of afghanistan despite a massive nato effort there and the drug issue is affecting the fight against crime and corruption according to paul a sillier many afghan police are among the addicts. he needs to put people behind bars for doing drugs now he's been put there himself as the full mommy commanded denies the charges he insists he never swayed on the right side of the rule book at the would be we saw a truck driving on the main.


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