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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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driving on the main road something made me suspicious and i checked out the cargo we found katic south carolina and some drugs but what for him claims he didn't expect to find a driver of the total photos he was involved in drug smuggling. by himself is guarded by another policeman if. he's been taking drugs since he was twelve and went for treatment only recently after the prison warden found out he's in good company according to recent us congress reports many hostile afghan police are doing drugs well. when i run to the policeman as i was doing i can't quite afford for about two years although they are the policeman here and you both have quite a few police for the drug addicts not telling anyone they're just saying i'm smoking something about politics afghanistan's biggest jail many of the five thousand prisoners here are doing time for drug smuggling and or drug use but the knocks on
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not sure safe way of keeping the drugs out. there on the move these are the different kinds of drugs we collected over the past years he lived with this is a mix of both your contacts you wouldn't want to buy them out of this is opium i want but this is the kind of tricks drugs inside a calm family members coming to visit bring the is with them we found drugs in shoes over the years prison guards have been charged with mending a hand. up the really good of you know it's true when i joined a few years ago lots of dollars were involved in smuggling drugs into the jail they are not very good educated they don't have enough so that there are a lot joining to produce to the side of the people joined the police to the south and south but the. ministry of kontum a cottage insists it's now got
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a hold on the problem before the police can become a police he get tested he will have certain tests before coming to before going through the exercise or our becoming a police sergeant this is something that has been developed and artemy level but questions remain what if some of those funds in afghanistan's drug war are actually foot soldiers for the other side and with the many challenges the country faces doesn't really have the resources to tackle the corruption within its ranks inside these four walls is a snapshot of the problems facing afghan society tell of members drug traffickers and petty criminals and the prisons are overcrowded porous here our team pretty cheeky frozen karpal. former white house drug policy spokesman robber winner says the drug problem can only be solved by eradicating the poppy crops altogether. the
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disease is not a policy this is an accident of nature and it will come right back in a year or two to be the huge amount of drugs that is routinely making afghanistan the number one supplier in the world one of the very good things that has happened is the new united nations drugs are yuri fedotov is from russia he's a very strong eradication advocate and the previous united nations drugs are mr cost we confronted him on this was against eradication thinking that it would be difficult for the economy of afghanistan and you have to make nice with the people what mr casa didn't understand what mr fedotov in the united nations now does understand is that the only way that you can cut off money from the taliban and money from al qaida because this is drugs are seventy percent of their funding is to eradicate the drugs that are the source of their money and they will go to that
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proportion disappear and so will the violence against all the countries on earth that terrorists are. disappear and be drastically reduced by that so it's a wonderful development that we now have a strong drugs are from russia but the eradication must be combined with what hillary clinton is proposing which is crop substitution you can't just throw the farmers out and say you're not allowed to live you have to give them a way to live those two policies combined eradication and crop substitution can be a solution. and nato as war effort in afghanistan is facing another obstacle pakistan has closed an important supply route for the coalition one hundred fuel tankers and trucks haven't been allowed into afghanistan it's seen as a retaliation to a nato helicopter strike into the tarea territory of pakistan in which three local soldiers were killed and three more wounded the alliance says the investigation is now being the incident is now being investigated and promised pakistan's sovereignty would be respected with recently the number of missile strikes and
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helicopter raids against suspected militants in pakistan's tribal zone have been on the rise pakistani officials say the attacks are violating international law and should be stopped political expert made correct she tells r t that the us led coalition has failed to persuade often drive women on either side of the border to join in the peace. so you need to expect that box on could go actually more further ahead and completely shut down needed supplies because there's a strong feeling that box that box down is getting to the bad side of the stick we didn't get what we really expected from this alliance with the united states with nato in afghanistan and of course folks on the interest are not being looked after or respected by our friends and have guns done and if this continues you might as well see a complete you have to understand something tribes of course are divided by this manufactured border and and in order to completely stop the push to ones from any of the tribes to really help each other during this war in afghanistan there's only
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one way to do that and that is to bring political reconciliation in afghanistan so basically what i'm saying is and what box any officials have been. telling american officials but not in a forceful way that you need to resolve the problem of isolating the push to get them out of power in kabul they are of course angry about this and what you see the resistance that you see the afghan taliban whatever they're doing in afghanistan part of that is an expression of. anger at to excluding them from power in kabul. so unless you bring them into the power circle the push tools will keep fighting and it is unfair in this situation to expect pakistan to completely clamp down on the push to tribesmen whether they are of gun or whether they are pakistani throughout the past eight years of course boxen has been coming up with suggestions in order to defuse tensions inside of gun is done box down the ideas box any suggestions box on the input were completely ignored and in eight years of course we've seen the situation go from what from bad to worse in afghanistan i don't
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think it is possible that you could do and you could achieve that kind of an end in afghanistan without having a strong box that involvement perspective from pakistani political experts made caray she. defense analyst from the independent institute a u.s. thing tying believes the strikes against militants on pakistan and to pakistani territory might be damaging for the u.s. i think they need to cut back the straits not increase and because they're there apparently of those these latest round of strikes to prevent terrorists from attacking europe and last i knew the united states was not in europe i mean we're supposed to be safeguarding our own security and i think welling away in pakistan just makes more enemies so i think for the pakistani people sake and for the united states sake and also i think for the effectiveness against al qaeda these drone strikes should be restricted to. not even the pakistani taliban and i think that
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would help a lot and it would avoid killing innocent pakistani civilians. still to come the speakers at the u.n. general assembly talk to themselves find out why they walked out and left hundreds of nations staring at empty seats coming your way a few minutes bus. feels very very strange as always very cold and also to be doing all right at the moment that thing is going to get a whole scary. therapy one foot under we explore how being buried alive feels like what's in it for those involved. turning first so to some other stories making headlines across the globe a state of emergency has been declared in ecuador as president rafael correa warns of a coup plot against him he was attacked at a rally by protesters rioting against benefit cuts hundreds of soldiers and police also seize the capital's main airport the president says it's all part of the
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opposition's attempt to overthrow his government neighboring peru has closed its border until constitutional order is restored. controversy in india over a court ruling to split control over a holy site in the ancient northern town of the main disputed section where a mosque was torn down in one thousand nine hundred two have been allocated to hindus while muslims will be in charge of other parts of town but at the heart of bloody riots that seen two thousand killed over the last two decades the muslim community already says it will appeal the verdict. plans to ban the muslim veil in the netherlands have been announced by politicians in the country's proposed new coalition government they've also pledged to tighten laws on immigration the alliance is a minority made up of the christian democrats in the liberal party policies are thought to be aimed at gauging the support of group wilders the leader of a controversial party known for its anti islamic stance. a high level united
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nations panel has started hearings on sexual violence cases in the democratic. of congo victims began sharing their experiences as part of efforts to improve treatment and support this comes after the release of a preliminary un report into the rape of hundreds of civilians including children in the north keys in the province two months ago the panel will visit troubled regions throughout the country to conduct more than one hundred hearings over the next ten days. to explosive devices the equivalent of at least ninety kilos of t.n.t. have been diffused in russia's stabber polar region and what authorities have called a terrorist attack around three thousand people were evacuated from nearby buildings as well as a school for safety reasons the first bomb in a car was supposed to have been set off by the vehicles alarm system the second was nearby and believed to have been targeted at police officers who would respond to the first explosion authorities also discovered the body of a man in the car has been identified as a local cab driver and the prosecutor's office says he was shot dead but they don't
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believe he was linked to the attempted attack. global media outlets covering this year's un general assembly have been criticized for disregarding the smaller countries most of the press left after the main speeches ended leaving the views of more than one hundred nations on heard or his marina porton i reports on why so many delegates speeches fell on deaf ears. and international circus of political power. public stress for new yorkers. reporters secret service and barricades three signs of world leaders are crammed inside one building for the annual united nations general assembly debate. this diplomatic gathering provides more than one hundred ninety countries an opportunity to promote their foreign policy agenda but generally it's always the same voices now is the time to build the trust dominating the states in identifying those responsible in the
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september eleventh attacks journalists flew in from all over the world to cover this seven day event with people who have endured. too much war but once the richest and strongest finished pledging their promises. the press prematurely concluded their coverage people don't care so it's kind of sad to hear what people say what. you know because the. mainstream media pulled the plug on this international story friday evening with more than one hundred twenty nations yet to speak abandoned by live trucks and most police presence nations like palestine congo and mongolia were left a dressing half empty auditorium by monday when cuba spoke of suffering under us and forgoes a camera outside the un along to a tourist between two thousand and twenty five hundred journalists were credited at the un for the general assembly debate and when u.s. president barack obama was here the room i'm standing in was packed when he left he
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took all the media attention with him now only a handful of journalists are left to report about all the other countries that are addressing the international body the poorest leaders took to the podium campaigning for climate change and the scene inside the u.n. media center spoke volumes less than ten reporters and garbage cans overflowing with recycled rubbish. today also reflects the. much attention. you know global governance seems to have so many challenges to address. a lot of difficulties addressing those charges the first maybe garnering respect from its host country nearly seventy percent of americans think the u.n. does a lousy job in solving global problems maybe they should move it somewhere else maybe going as ireland where nobody would be affected by you know. inconvenience
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for everyone however most of the world criticizes americans for neglecting to understand the problem. so we only know what we're we don't know exactly what's going. on the next bit of bad i mean. we should know we should we should be you know to say for everyone if not the united nations may remain a place where everyone continues to talk and neglects to listen very important r.t. . don't forget we're also online with plenty more stories for you to explore here's a look at what's online right now at our team dot com. it's amazing footage captures to see the best to narrowly avoiding getting rushed to death thanks to put thinking and even faster and. find out why moscow's gay community has been allowed to hold protests on the city's streets for the first time in its history. and if you feel like exploring the russian
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countryside check out the eco friendly hotel bar set up by a french ex-pat all this and more look away at our. people are always looking for new ways to relieve the stress and strains of everyday life in russia group of therapists has come up with an extreme way to overcome your problems by burying people all live they claim that only twenty minutes of it can change your outlook on life despite grave doubts bennett gave it a try. above ground there are a few signs of life. below the surface a man trapped with his greatest fear is pavel has just been buried alive for twenty minutes not torture but extreme therapy. the first thing you experience is
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panic once your face is covered with dirt you start tasting as i'm thinking of what the hell am i doing down here or do you want to come down to simply no more than a place like this these are the grave digging therapists modeling the burials on an ancient form of self in lighting meant practice by shamans they wanted to make the rites more accessible believing everyone can benefit. this is the most effective and powerful method overcome an internal problems person can neither see nor hear in it nor even move underground they have no other option but to be deep inside their own eyes like a burial cost you around a hundred sixty dollars attracting both men and women from students to fifty something professionals all aiming to suffocate their worries to maximum burial is fourteen minutes beyond bounds in one struggle to cope with the lack of physical function that thirty centimeters any deeper than the pressure would be too great to
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stand once under the volunteers briefly this chewed the organizes a ten year veteran of living burials and says this shouldn't be tried at home. but are we have to be able to get that person like very fast and also contact them thank you god earth must be distributed in a certain way and watch the body which later that's the key joints pressurized i mean as you can practice i realize it was like knowing about things. until now i didn't think i suffered from any cost a phobia well that could soon change because i'm going to try this for myself now me given this to breakthrough which i'm told that we monitoring at all times so when i stop and all i have to do is make a noise so here we go. well they started to fill in my grave as it were and yet this feels very very strange stories very cold and also heavy i'm doing all right at the moment but i think it's
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going to get a lot more scary and i was right five minutes after being buried alive i was very ready to see the light of day again. one of the weirdest experiences of my life i felt completely trapped and i'm definitely never doing that again other than it. moscow. for many russians the summer of two thousand and ten will be remembered for the scorching heat massive wildfires and suffocating smog in a moment r.t. interviews the country's emergencies minister sergey showing you on the lessons learned.
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thank. you just at this. hello mr shake thank you for your time this summer russia faced great forest fires and some are still raging why do you think it all happened on such a scale. up when washed up so. the key reason for all this of course is the record breaking heat we had in central russia along the volga river which caused forest fires in quite a significant scale those fires could have been prevented to a certain extent but only to an extent through time the fire alerts under such
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climatic conditions the key goal is to extinguish fires within one hour from them starting least on the same day. because the fire is not contained in six hours squall winds occur that make the situation critical the fire becomes either a running crown fire or a high acreage ground fire with winds of up to twenty to twenty five meters per second even thirty meters per second in some. regions forest fires turn into fire storms no fire service in the world has been able to deal with things like that so far the situation now on the contrary to the second part of your question about fires is far better now than at the same time last year and the previous years perhaps this is due to the fact all of our cities are mobilized and alert in the wake of the great events of late july and august speaking of lessons we can learn from all this we sure are reviewing many postulates and dogmas we used to have before we are considering changes upon the president's orders to russia's forest legislation how exactly did that forest legislation prevent the authorities from
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fighting fires. well to begin with this function has been delegated to the level of municipalities federal entities and forest department along with fire safety and fire control and forests federal entities were supposed to handle all that work tenders and choose businesses and organizations to protect forests from fires but unfortunately that work was not done well enough in some regions authorities gave contracts to businesses that had neither the equipment nor the staff nor the experience to prevent forest fires in a circle around it so what. can you say that your ministry didn't everything it could to fight the forest fires or easter something you were displeased with in fashion yes. i think we on our part used as much effort and equipment as possible i can say thank god that through all those years against all odds we kept developing new equipment new aircraft and firefighting systems that helped us a great deal in putting out the forest fires here it is perhaps the first time that
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the entire system of the federal firefighting service has been fully engaged in combat in forest fires there are zone of responsibility was in residential areas we usually work in towns and villages but this time we had to quickly learn previously unfamiliar ways to talk to high acreage fires especially crown fires and i previously i'm familiar. what i began with it's not our function. it's the function of the federal forestry agency but when the first fires broke out wasn't the president informed of that wasn't he told that perhaps your ministry should be involved in fighting the fires. when the situation became critical the president signed a decree that declared a state of emergency that means all federal forces and the ministry of emergency first of all are engaged this is why it took us just two days to establish a task force of nearly one hundred sixty thousand people and almost twenty six thousand units of equipment we also created a large aerial task force with up to fifty aircraft operating simultaneously after
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all on the third or the fourth day we had begun putting out more fires than there were new ones up to four hundred or five hundred new fires would break out every day and in addition to fighting new fires we had to keep fighting the existing ones so i think the fact that we managed to save some four thousand six hundred residential areas with a total population of more than half a million is a great achievement for our firefighters volunteers local residents and the military who are also someone to help all the people who stood up against the elements in this emergency of course we analyze all our work we exchange experience and advice with our western colleagues issues i would like everyone to realize that such disasters are not nation specific catastrophe is no no borders customs nationalities or religion this is perhaps the most important lesson we should learn from this situation or should we should learn to consolidate our efforts to join forces to give a helping hand to each other and to do our job efficiently but lobsang the problem with so few right more and more disasters touch not only one country or region but
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sometimes whole continents is there any close warning system how often do you and your foreign counterparts interact with each other more to. last for far as here in russia we didn't ask for any help but we didn't reject it when it was offered we are grateful to our foreign colleagues who came from one thousand countries to provide help and support it is essential and i point out that. once again that a disaster knows no borders or nationalities are top priority safety and human lives this is the key to us and we got from the situation not send them to sell usenet or any of the so whether it's nice with the truth but never look at it in more global terms there is an impression that natural disasters have become more frequent in russia and elsewhere around the world wildfires are followed by floods and floods are followed by a tsunami so what you would prepare for this is just going to get worse and worse. as you may know the number of natural disasters has indeed increased over the past
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twenty years and this increase is significant it's not just my outside impression and indeed this is research carried out by analysts say the number of natural disasters is not just up by turkey or fifty percent it's several times more than that everybody knows that here i'd like to warn you against two things first there's always a great desire to use the situation for political purposes this should be avoided the environmental series politicized so much in russia that it's impossible to see when it's true or when the truth is exploited for political purposes because it is a warning to opinion polls you've been the most popular minister for the past few years why do you think that is. i don't think it's right when an emergency minister is the most popular minister in the country music but i believe that artists writers culture and foreign ministers should be the most popular figures whereas in emergencies minister should largely stay unemployed thank you for this interview.
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nineteen thirty eight england and france try to reason with hitler germany demands are going to land and gets its way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe isn't dumped in war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda. the lesson was to be learned from the munich agreement on our t.v. .
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twelve thirty am in last out good to have you with us here on our t.v.'s in your headlights afghanistan's opium harvest falls by about half of the volume soars with drugs ending up in the hands of prisoners and police officers alike. that hits back at nato and shuts down a major supply route in what's being seen as a retaliation for the killing of its soldiers by u.s. helicopters on cross border raids. and lots of talk but no one seems to be listening smaller nations addressing the close of the u.n. general assembly are met by media indifference and empty chairs in the auditorium up next our special report looks back at the year one thousand nine hundred thirty
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eight when the munich pact was signed the agreement according to many historians paved the way for hitler to conquer most of europe before his eventual defeat. but it is situated two hundred kilometers from. fifty years ago which was cool to germany in. the germans. after world war two and the cheeks moved into that room shortly afterwards. and his family have lived in this german mention this in.


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