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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2010 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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hello again. today my guest in the studio. is famous for. now their counterparts from all over the world will gather in the russian capital to discuss the challenges facing what. to talk about it is the director. department. created twenty years ago to deal with emergency situations worldwide the new body approved its efficiency very quickly one of its first operations was so difficult
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it's made it into the guinness book of records since then has been improving its reputation in russia and abroad working in different locations it has accumulated unique know how that it's now ready to share. says the forum rescues and fire fighters is also a great opportunity to gain valuable experience from their foreign colleagues. thank you for. the first time that russia is hosting an international forum. representing fifty seven countries the gathering is taking place in moscow can be regarded as a sign of international recognition of russia's achievements in rescue work and fire fighting. convening in moscow for the first time and the fact that it's being held in moscow certainly sort of a recognition of russia's air. it's over the past twenty years during which russia
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has fought natural disasters jointly with the international community so it's a great honor for us to hold such a forum and yes of course and we hope that a second and third forum will follow while they be held in moscow to know you know these are international gatherings or rescuers and firefighters it's like international youth last waltz which we used to have in the past well they be meeting every year which is the way it's not necessarily maybe every year or every two years but it will be held regularly so there's going to be regular exercises will be held at the emergency ministry training grounds in leggins on the sidelines of the forum to demonstrate our skills and abilities what russian technologies are you going to demonstrate and how exactly are you going to surprise your foreign colleagues first of all will demonstrate high emergency to colleges which we use when it's not serious to rescue people and extinguish wires this is russian aviation complexes our robots and mine clear who participate in relief operations.
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so it's everything that can save human lives in this way or another. but which was it necessary to demonstrate these technologies to foreign colleagues is that they don't have similar technologies need or do you just want to show them that russia also has advanced. no certainly not will very well what kind of technologies and it will come to our colleagues abroad have one on one hand this demonstration is a chance to share experience and on the other hand this is a possibility for us to advance our innovations on the world market and we've learned from our own experience that this is necessary for rescue operations but. tell me mr grossman when you talk about innovations do you mean some specific piece of equipment such as a vehicle a saw or radar or is it a technology an organizational aspects. of these or that you cannot. because
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a good song in itself will be just an ordinary tool without a person cooperate so that's why we are going to focus on technology we're not going to just demonstrate a helicopter or such will demonstrated in combination with an eel some of the six aircraft you give there and they create the global radius technology new aircraft airlift a helicopter to any part of the world where the helicopter will then carry out rescue reconnaissance or other operations but this is our technology. as far as i know the russian emergencies ministry is a member of the international civil defense organization it's an advisory body but i've talked to your colleagues including the minister many times security there's an opinion that a supranational emergency situations reaction center a kind of international emergencies ministry should be set up are you going to discuss this question is in moscow for him. do you think this idea will be implemented in the near future or not. well naturally the
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forum is ready to hold a freely use caution on any subject the most urgent theme in a source of universal concern which i use hard to make our world safe for him in terms of catastrophes in natural calamities that are striking. some of our international partners have even refused to attend a forum they say that about to me when people in india are being stranded in the flood stricken areas of the world this is what maurice. but practical interest will certainly promote good discussion of we should unite our efforts or to fill in the they can mean sphere is where the work of rescuers and firefighters has been insufficient if you need to get united this is what the forum is going to discuss what do you mean by uniting efforts that is it new choices can switch over it existed the moment or. that the creation of
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a supra national body like the world government a center that's going to monitor the global situation. with the you know we are totally void of such a great commissioners because there is the united nations the european union in europe korea the shanghai cooperation organization for example that there are plenty of such platforms which cover the entire world but we are talking about idol and details that make a rescue operation more energetic and effective and help avoid intermissions in our rescue work this is what we have learned from our prop tickle experience if you are finding a fire you cannot make it a fifteen minute commercial break this work should never interrupt this soon or it starts the better with you people is exactly the same we all know the parameters of saving people after earthquakes there is a chance to find survivors only in the first two hours after an earthquake and after that the only thing rescuers can do is to clear away the rubble that is why
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we are not going to discuss this issues in bureaucratic terms will think of how to complete international mechanisms with a more efficient actions to college well more persistent information sharing which may result in some large scale managerial solutions in again i would not use the word global name maybe or regional for example it is still usually you just said that you are avoid the bureaucratic and vicious but for professional and vicious the russian emergencies ministry has plenty and i know that your colleagues are proud of being merely the best service in the world but still is there anything which the russian ministry of emergency situations can still learn from foreign colleagues use the use of course the results can you tell us about it in more detail. well first of all we have a program for preparing our central. a rescue team which will take
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a special pride in and to undergo an international test we want this team to be all recognized is the most efficient unit have a rescue team it should be out on the international list of top priority teams. we are learning from other teams of such status and i believe our team will pass this test too with the owners clash a little on. all right what about the vice versa process does the russian emergency ministry teach professionalism for the countries in your sleep of course it does and they know very well what they can learn from us. and they dress us persistently asking us to teach of their people and so we do. for instance so we have classes for a vietnamese rescue or skin against you also we train rescuers you know higher and
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secondary educational institutions and in different centers for fire fighters or rescuers and so on which if the if the we teach her colleagues you know other countries as well and the for instance we are opening intense classes in serbia for all balkan states i can mention a driving school in rwanda even though it was in the heart of africa on september the first that there was a long line of young man who wanted to lay down their guns and learn to do it peaceful job mode rescuers. were training is a mutual proceso sometimes we'll learn and take tests and sometimes we teach others or take fire fighters for instance which is the most far fighter is sold the c.e.o.'s and other nearby countries such as the pole dick states in eastern europe had to learn far fighting tactics in the soviet union. and today they were saying
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to those step to really worry about the. foreign colleagues receive any practical training and the emergency ministry teams in russia. would come home and find. extinguishing a fire place. well first of all it's not that scary i have to say companies that are. i know it isn't but people may get surprised. and secondly. born in exercises together moreover we participate together in search and rescue and fire extinguishing humanitarian operations and we're always happy to meet our graduates there as we know there are. workers to learn from their us or our chinese colleagues. and we certainly to all countries mainly. we are mostly interested in the experience of the g eight countries
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also we like original classes for instance seem to poorest has a good training base who are her colleagues from asian states who get together to learn we don't just learn their standards we also learn working in particular conditions which our colleagues demonstrate to us. says he directs the international department at the russian ministry spotlight will be back shortly a break so we'll continue this interview in less than a minute. more
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news today says once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a shelter all day. welcome back to spotlight now we know of and just in the mind of that my guest in the studio today is he would direct to all the international department had the russian
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ministry. said some states wouldn't be able to participate in this forum in moscow due to emergencies in their countries. you mentioned india. what other countries are having emergencies. i mean at the port just thinking back you stand that china were expecting rescuers from china but today said they were having a rough time with the landslides but they will send some more presented gives anyway you could go also some african states didn't send their workers but even if it didn't they have some terrible floods in europe how did they cope cope with them all right for instance friday we signed a corporation agreement with croatia. and we invited them to the forum so we left croatia on friday and the next day began. was filled with water because
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it was there for a colleague says thank you but we cannot come now. is the russian emergency ministry working in any other countries at the moment because it certainly is can you tell us where those in china india and pakistan know nocturnally we are participating in three largest humanitarian operations presently as for pakistan we have already sent emergency help there now we are beginning the deployment all for the second stage of the operation but of the world will continue sending chancer medicines and other supplies and we'll do it in cooperation with our. professional partner with the international civil defense organization that your mantra but also we participated in new york call to help we support the world health organization and the united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs these are our partners oversee the entire international
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response framework. the third stage of the operation starts today in serbia our minds have just finished working through our rescue workers are ready to respond we have current projects for supplying food for instance we're being sending flour oil and other supplies into armenia as well as through g q stan and afghanistan. as the director of the international department can you give us a number of countries that the emergency ministry has helped over the past year is it not so fifteen countries do you mean in two thousand and nine or in two thousand and ten i mean in two thousand and ten. so you helped fifteen countries already
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yes we have and we are marking our twentieth anniversary now well let's take a look at the history of the russian and the agency's ministry in a report by spotlights to me that. fifty thousand lives were lost in armenia in this big talk earthquake more than twenty years ago cd was destroyed the rescue operation was chaotic so they did fishel one treaty for disaster on the scale us and was learned the decision was made to create a special rescue workers now which is considered to be one of the best in europe if there's an emergency situation in any part of the world max perutz for assistance. christmas two thousand and four tsunami is here to live in countries even more than two hundred twenty five thousand people a russian rescue helicopter helped search for survivors and planes brought more than one hundred fifty tons of humanitarian aid to the devastated region a year when new orleans was hit by hurricane katrina was there to help in the
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aftermath of one of the west natural disasters in america's history russian risk is delivered more than sixty tons of humanitarian aid to the hurricane victims. the russian rescue team also to coordinate operations in myanmar two years ago when the country was heed by tropical cyclon which killed at least seventy eight thousand people and left thousands more homeless this year the russian hospital was sent to haiti to help victims of the earthquake the doctors there performed around fifty operations russian psychologists also helped survivors cope with the shock of the work of the russian rescue organizations humanitarian missions covers the world each year and more than one hundred thousand people that's the equivalent of the russian teams saving twelve people in our. lives.
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looking back over the history of the ministry was there a particular rescue operation which are people still remembered as the most difficult legendary something or do you consider every new operation that's ahead of you had to be the hardest one. of course every emergency situation is unique in its own way and the same applies to you operations. during the past twenty years there for more than three hundred twenty operations in other countries which included humanitarian operations school search and rescue operations medical health and of actually nation in fire extinguishing fluid work that of course. we specially remember our first operations in the early one nine hundred ninety s. immediately after our agency was established we became involved in the ancient national response system. in actually we surprised everyone when we beat many european countries and showed up in syria in response to the un call for
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help if the well ahead of many other countries that were involved in the operation used to cato's the story that if you go in one thousand nine hundred ninety three we signed an agreement with the office of the united nations high commissioner for refugees. we learned from experience self swedish and german crews. we saw that things were going bad in yugoslavia where they had the war ahead the battle in vancouver. cheese and of course russia couldn't stay away from it wouldn't just send supplies here we said we would have to fully participate in the humanitarian operation. and we made our decision in december the government approved it in january and in early february or in the crew when we departed from the ganske and. of course we selected professionals who knew how to drive in the
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mountains they arrived in belgrade loaded their trucks immediately and two days later they were unloading them in syria of a book aided city that really needed humanitarian aid food in the made a sense to literally save people from perishing you know our current drove through the mountains in the cold of winter and along the way they helped this swedish team and there were vehicles that were stuck because we had come us six by six trucks with a great drivers so on the one hand. this is how you establish close ties with colleagues from other countries and on the other hand the un declared immediately that they couldn't do without the russian crew any more and indeed for the next afford to seventy years we were doing un tasks all the time but we were delivering aid to the
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most difficult areas of the closed and claws were battles were reaching across the front lines and so on representing the us such was our first experience that began in one thousand nine hundred three so this is headlines does the russian emergency ministry rescues twelve people an hour that makes for one person in every five minutes or over three hundred people a day that's true and i believe it is does that mean russia is such an unsafe country. all countries are according to the international statistics our country doesn't stand out in comparison pakistan for example has twenty million people in the flood risk zone that's a big number. and russia fires were the main threat last summer for the forest fires the bog fires there was the smog this proved that prevention is
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probably more crucial than rescue. the emergency ministry is an extremely efficient structure. why won't it take the job of preventing such catastrophes or is it whether to do so. but if we are ready to do so prevention is one of our key tasks actually along with eliminating the consequences of disasters and much there are other sectors in american isms that should be functioning along with the prevention system of the russian emergency ministry indeed in those four years demonstrated the need for it to come prehensile approach both at the national and international levels. and we did receive significant assistance from other countries during this period it was naturally more entitle to speak about international aspects and studios were helped by those advanced technologies that
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you mentioned to you and the we gratefully received assistance from the air forces of many other countries and we look at them russia's launch territory and requires more bile equipment than the aircraft that can be here today and somewhere else tomorrow helping to stop fires as they approach c.d.'s and other important infrastructure rob ships them so the international community in our case saw that it is very efficient to invite a specific aide put it because you know we'll take toonami for instance with you they were asking for any kind of help anyone as they objectively needed it there but here in the european part of russia we were grateful for advanced technologies and indeed they sent us a very experienced crew is that we're just side by side with our foreign men but if
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they sent aircraft and helicopters that were working in food coronation with already or forces thank you thank you very much for being with us and just to remind that my guest in this thing here today was that actually come directly on the end of the us. the department of the russian and the agency's ministry and that's it for the hour from all of us here if you want to have your say and spotlight quiet someone more into you think i speak through next time to drop me a line and i'll do enough as. are you and let's keep spotlight interactive movie back with more profound comments on the what's going on in and outside russia until then stay in our teeth and take care of those who.
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culture is that so much i'm going to need to get a lot of people are going to look the leaders in the world polarized opinions more
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while the poppy crop disease cuts afghanistan's opium harvest by half sending prices rocketing threefold reports from the country on the devastating impact of drugs across all levels of society there. pakistan has walked a vital supply route for u.s. led coalition forces into afghanistan after across the border nato air strike is blamed for the deaths of three pakistani soldiers. state of emergency in ecuador a violent protest by police and soldiers over budget cuts plunged the country into chaos and leave the president. after he's attacked with
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a demonstration. broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is certainly glad to have you with us a u.n. panel says that farmgate opium prices in afghanistan have shot up almost three fold this year the soaring of value has been caused by a poppy eating virus which has slashed the size of the harvest by half while demand for opiate drugs remains as strong as ever the survey also suggests that despite the nato invasion the area covered by opium fields remains the same the heroin producing harvest is the main source of income for taliban militants they retain a stronghold in the drug rich southern provinces of afghanistan and. drugs are seriously impeding the fight against crime and corruption.


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