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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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one of the most expensive real estate locations this beautiful design to shops and restaurants it's a true hidden gem inside the busy metropolis. the pond is located below god a ring road they cost i met and the central street to a sky which leads to red square on the kremlin if you can just use too many of the made her tiles the fascinating thing is if you didn't notice here it completely misses. the beginning of the seventeenth century patriarch came again chose this area for his residence the marshland was twenty three pounds for breeding fish and several churches were built one hundred fifty years later the patriarchs moved out of the location abandon the area return to a swamp only in the nineteenth century the area was revived pocket peed and one large pond was created that's been apartments and especially now in autumn you've got the sun and everything i really like yeah i think it's really cool but we were walking down the road and there's this beautiful. just liberty's down out down the
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road which is as they're going which is both of the angels and through their winter . skating. and. from exercising to feeding the birds thousands of locals and foreigners come here every day and with ducks fish and swans galore you can see how popular parts are actually pretty good local wildlife a magical way sis in the concrete capital with many buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the historic area is an island on trying quality in the heart of moscow but what about the various seasons surely that changes the area's appeal. it's a lovely place to hang out out stalls here whatever the season from ice skating on here during the cold winter months or coming here with your family and friends during the summer and having a good. the fresh air lack of noise lack of tourists. and grand architecture that
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surrounds you really could be in any european city. and from the pond let's take a look at this week's entertainment news the tradition of french is still not widely popular in russia but some of moscow's top restaurants and venues are doing their best to introduce it to the public new season of sunday brunch is opens at the ritz carlton hotel sixty mouthwatering dishes of russian asian and european cuisine midday to four pm some of the venues highlights include caviar in sour cream sushi and righty french cheese beers new dishes will be added every sunday and that's not to mention the mouth watering decides we'll throw some move into actual freezing some food. for french items and also we have some. sundays georgian and russian response which is.
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about to fall into. heaven for all those with a sweet tooth has opened in the russian capital the bubble is a brand of lollipops and shops and you can't sell barcelona and many other cities around the globe well this week's handmade you can only choose among hundreds i'm only proprieties to shop but can also place an individual order for sweets in an exposed color and shapes just don't tell the dentist. at the top of the pond stands an impressive neoclassical yellow and white brick. one chooses shelter to give up ice skates in the winter months today it boasts one of the trendiest restaurants in town the new york times once ranked it as one of the most glamour.
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in the capital. you feel. while you're in the area if you want to treat yourselves they should come here to the village and it opened in two thousand and five. as one of the city's top restaurants the food is. as expensive as you would think the interior is all sublime just take a look at the few of the. twenty meters down the road. the snow.
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down the street. i think the neighborhood mansion if you can help.
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no matter where you. think. or you can. just live here and. buy the beautiful scenery. yes but don't tell anyone because there are not a lot of tourists here so let's see. what else does the area have to. be spoiled for choice to start his. very presence with the soviets. supply the store with wonderfully creative items such as. glasses. full of. history.
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and just a few houses down the street is a completely different place to spend. of height and. the must have. only shops and cafes in the area for those who are hungry for. just a few minutes walk from the it's the first state. and twenty first century displays collections of. his as well as various tempi exhibitions of contemporary art pieces around the world. one of them. cultural
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connections with the area it's the russian writer who got cast novel master and margarita the true serviette satire the story was supposedly directed against the overpowering russian social structure of the time. it's a long way to the top floor but you can see the adulation the only thing has received. a talking to at the make sure ten years younger the fatal encounter with a tram the story is loved by millions and today bill darkhorse apartment has been turned into a living shrine. the apartment contains personal belongings photos and several exhibitions related to build our course life the museum is free to visit an open every day from one pm. first published almost thirty years after his death master and margarita has been debated they called one of the most powerful russian novels of the twentieth century and located just around the corner from the pollens offset many parts of
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the story here inside this apartment. there are quite a few published english translations of boston margarita several international stage versions have been produced even under the weather has taken an interest in turning story into a west end musical. master and margarita is not just popular here in russia. me how often is vogue for you have. this book you are not only russian but internationally because he was a writer who was ahead of his time in his books in particular in the master and margarita he writes not only about his poke but touches global philosophical questions which are important today and will still matter for centuries to come. to day there one to build a cost magical tale was set here that's exactly what the area is. a timeless century it's difficult to think and just. fifty meters away sometimes thousands of
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cars people wait on the gridlocked daughter bring. me proof that moscow is best for . as the cool sunny also dark cold winter i think there's any few places in the capital which never used their appeal and now you know well one of them is. do you read most remarkably so i'll tell you this just be careful of the trams while unfortunately my time is up that's all we have from this week's program on the pitch rest area. through i'll see you again at the same time next week from almost house adventures until then for me on the rest that same as the glorious moscow sunsets by.
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the flu. show biz the entertainment value of infiltration into presentation high production success it's graphics. all of this is a way to try to focus people's attention by using techniques that are since it wouldn't seem now during this war we had millions of military entertainment playing. mind jews are leaving england and france trying to reason with hitler.
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the. question.
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now. hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlights flying high to scarves and the top there groups in the europa league with two wins from two. dreams tear scars a new basketball coach tries to silverware in his first season in charge. and i'm clean told a friend contador protests his innocence after failing a drug test stop the football there was an eight anticipate moscow both sit pretty at the top of their groups in the europa league convincing victories for them last night to keep their hundred percent records it's a neat beating they pay after all. scoring twice against the visitors who had a man sent off just before half time it means petersburg side top. lead group
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effort after their three nil win over sparta prague. getting a brace in moscow elsewhere liverpool could only manage it goal a draw against the track but still the day group i'm anxious to. put in his side will progress they three one one the event is to go level on points with a group elite. or it will be. i. was in. the. but. there's plenty of movement at the top of ice hockey at the moment on our moscow are the new leaders after a come from behind win at home to atlanta the capital club mounting a period right back to chalk up their fifth straight win last night breathing down their neck those scars and petersburg who had the better of sparta moscow local
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might see for also in hot pursuit following their five three beating of a jazz or service style and. torpedo to one. when cycling's world governing body is refusing to comment on the suspension of toward a french champion alberto contador the u.c.i. provisionally banned him after he failed a drug test this year's race and says it can't say anything while its investigations continue a tiny amount of the stimulant clenbuterol were spending contador system he denies taking performance enhancing drugs and beliefs and failed the test after eating a steak that was contaminated during the last rest day of this year's tour de france the substance reduces body fat and increases muscle growth and is sometimes fed to animals it's thought the amount found in contador was body was too small to evade his performance but if found guilty of deliberate doping contador could be banned for two years the right to me molly is angry at how the case is being handled. i'm sorry but i have serious doubts about the system when i first found
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out about this and all of this money i felt sad and powerless in the face of the injustice of which i am a victim i've always defended the controllers tooth and nail always because i know it's good for cycling and good for me just. well on a happier note fabien can chela as pedal his way into the record books he's become the world time trial champion for a number precedented fourth time at the road cycling world championships in a straight year he was a minute faster than britain's david millar while a german tony martin with ten seconds for the back to complete the podium in melbourne however was in the race for the shocking news about contador the dominated everybody's thoughts with the cyclists backing their fellow rider. moments i think there's a lot of a lot of questions that it's beyond. one hundred percent. full benefits of the doubt because i mean you have to understand these things can be quite complicated and it's a shame that it. could be something completely innocent. see engulf
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the america ryder cup team have started the defense of their title at celtic manor the competition begins with the four ball better ball contest for matches taking place today it sees world number one tiger woods playing alongside teammate steve stricker they were paired against europe's importer ross fischer other matches include phil mickelson and dustin johnson against lee westwood a martin timer in the northern irish bring the choroid and graeme mcdowell to play stuart seeing a match up harrington and luke donald are up against us rookies bubba watson and jeff overton in the final group. there is just a couple of weeks to go until the start of the new basketball season in russia and the new coach of the defending champions t a scar has his eye on more trophies he was at the traditional team meeting with fans in moscow where supporters can get a closer look at the plays they received a gold medal winning the previous championship while the new boss on the part of
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belgrade courage to sco yes of each said he high hopes for the forthcoming year. i'm very pleased to be here and i'm very happy to become a part of the two scum family i promise i'll do my best and devote all my efforts to the team i believe in because. i agree and have already achieved a lot and i am sure we can be form well in the season and win lots of two office. meanwhile the russian sports minister vitaly move co says more than six hundred fifty sports venues have received government financing since the start of the federal program four years ago the scheme is aimed at developing physical education and sport in the country along with nurturing homegrown talent though the minister adds any new stars will be too young to take part in the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi ideally a program will have a separate program preparing our national team for the sochi olympics it will be
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found in separately and it will be transparent but don't expect any miracles like canada did. as we can only make use of those athletes that we have now at the moment there are two possible national team lineups for the olympics but in two years' time we'll see who's didn't matter you can focus our efforts on them. now a determined man at the moment is moto g.p. as your gala renzo he wants to get back to winning ways in japan this weekend to stretch his lead in the riders championship he finished a disappointing fourth in the spanish grand prix earlier this month a result which ends his run of consecutive podium finishes which stretch back to the season opener in castle but renzo hopes to win here to widen his fifty six point lead at the top of the standings chasing him there is honda's dani pedrosa in second and casey stoner who won the last round in spain can see here the renzo playing first on the monte circuit last season and as an extra incentive to take the hearting on their home patch of though he admits his bike hasn't been perfect
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in the run up to the right. i think we are very very not going for about the it's a great position known for sure. we have not been there in the best. technically no we have a little be said. for this war going on for sure here we have a new evolution our friend you know must help us but i think. we descend on this one week off. in the last three races we can make better than one million i don't know i think we're a special race. if everything is normal we can be five before for the ball you know or maybe for the. well in the world rally championship sebastian lowe could play in just seventy excessive title this weekend drivers tackle the roads and tracks of alsace in the rally of france to float comes second and the citron
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team mate sebastian finishes outside the top four though it will retain his prime but it isn't done and dusted and should either of those suffer a catastrophe. will be content with less. and that is how the sport is looking for the moment i'm back with more sport in a couple of hours' time coming up next they released. nineteen thirty eight england and france tried to reason with hitler germany demands of the land and gets its way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe isn't often war efforts to establish a system of collective security in one hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the claim the lesson has to be learned from the munich agreement on our t.v.
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culture is that so much of a muslim is really a hypocrite a lot of people a variable of the leaders in the world all arise opinions more than venezuelan president hugo chavez is denounced by critics as a dictator what does the future. live so biz that it's entertainment value is of infiltrating into least presentation type production sasuke let's graphics. all of this is a way to settle for this people's attention by using techniques that are sensitive that seem to now during this war we had. military entertainment. pledge to.
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list so. i. imagine your life a big city. the friendly. crystal clear water. organic food. living in harmony with nature. sounds impossible. some people have already chosen. a place under the sun on our team. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today.
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the headlines on the. boy sold for drugs as a young russian arrives home from the dominican republic we look at the possible reasons his adoptive parents abandoned him with no means of survival. hopefully a happy ending to this story of neglect and criminality we've got all the details coming up in just a moment. foreign forces that play in ecuador the country's rocked by an alleged coup attempt as police rise up against the president. ukraine picks the president over the parliament the constitutional court overturns the decision being his man. it is back to basics for ukraine as the country is now returning to the original constitution of nine hundred ninety six joining us for
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more details from ukraine. capital t. . live from moscow this is r.t. it's good to have you with us a russian boy whose adoptive parents allegedly sold him for drugs in the caribbean has now arrived back home twelve year old denise had been abandoned in the dominican republic by his russian guardians after several tough years in orphanages his life is now coming full circle and tom barton is reporting live for us. so tom it's been a living nightmare for this young chap tell me how is he doing now. i hear i've just over a couple of hours ago here at domodedovo airport in moscow young denise was very nervous at the.


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