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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2010 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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it's one of my favorite places in the russian capital is pretty named after the palm that's the perfect place to sit and watch the world possible if i just saw through one of the most expensive real estate locations this beautiful design a shops and dazzling restaurants it's a true hidden gem inside the busy but less. the pond is located near the god of ring road they call sky met church and central street through a scarf which leads to red square on the kremlin if you can just use too many of the made her tiles the fascinating thing is if you didn't notice here it completely misses. the beginning of the seventeenth century patriarch game again chose this area for his residence to marshland was twenty three pounds for breeding fish and several churches were built one hundred fifty years later the patriarchs moved out of the location abandon the area return to a swamp early in the nineteenth century the area was revived pocket peed on one large pond was created that's been apartments and especially now in autumn you've
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got the sun and everything i really like yeah i think it's really cool that we were walking on the road and there's this beautiful. just liberty's down out down the road which is nice for going because those are the ones who think through their winter. skating. and. from exercise into feeding the birds thousands of locals and foreigners come here every day and with ducks fish and swarms galore you can see how popular parts are actually pretty good local wildlife a magical way sis in the concrete capital with many buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the historic area is an island on trying quality in the heart of moscow but what about the various seasons surely that changes the area's appeal. it's a lovely. place to hang out out stalls here whatever the season from ice skating on
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here during the cold winter months or coming here with your family and friends during the summer and having a picnic the fresh air lack of noise lack of tourists. and grand architecture that surround so you really could be in any european city. and from the pond let's take a look at this week's news the tradition of french is still not widely popular in russia but some of moscow's top restaurants and venues are doing their best to introduce it to the public a new season of sunday brunch is opens at the ritz carlton hotel and sixty mouthwatering dishes of russian asian and european cuisine day two four pm some of the venues highlights include caviar in sour cream sushi and right french cheese. dishes will be added every sunday and that's not to mention the mouth watering decides we'll throw some move into actual freezing some food.
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for french items and also. some. georgian and russian tourists and which is. heaven for all those with a sweet tooth has opened in the russian capital of the bubble is a brand of lollipops the shops in munich sell barcelona and many other cities around the globe. to handmade and you can choose among hundreds among the top varieties of the shop but can also place an individual for the streets in an exposed color and shapes just don't tell the dentist. that's the top of the pond stands an impressive neoclassical yellow and white brick . one chooses the. one of the trendiest.
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the new york times. has one of the most. stylish. capitals. in france. make the venue feel like you. and while you're in the area if you want to treat yourselves they should come here to the billion it opened in two thousand and five . as one of the city's top restaurants the food is delightful and not as expensive as you would think the interior is all sublime just take a look at the view of the palms here. twenty meters down the road. this next.
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as we meet this week. down the street there. are. neighborhood. imagine if you can help.
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them no matter where you. think. or you can. live here and. beautiful scenery. but don't tell anyone because there are not a lot of tourists here it's. just the air you have to. be spoiled for choice to start his.
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presence with. a. wonderfully creative. history. and just a few houses down the street is a completely different place to spend your. high and. only shops and cafes and to those who are hungry for. just two minutes walk from the it's the first state. on twenty first century displays collection. of us down english and god artists as well as various
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tempi exhibitions of contemporary art pieces around the world. one of the main cultural connections with the area is the russian writer who got cost model master and margarita the true soviet satire the story was supposedly directed against the overpowering russian social structure of the time. it's a long way to the top floor but you can see the adjuration really fast receive. the talking at the make sure ten years younger left fatal encounter with the tram the story is loved by millions and today bill darkhorse apartment has been turned into a living shrive. the apartment contains personal belongings photos and several exhibitions related to bill dark horse life the museum is free to visit the open every day from one pm.
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first published almost thirty years after his death master and margarita has been debated they called one of the most powerful russian novels of the twentieth century and located just around the corner from the pollens offset many parts of the story here inside this apartment. there are quite a few published english translations of boston margarita several international stage versions have been produced even andrew lloyd webber has taken interest in turning story into a west end musical. master and margarita is not just popular here in russia. me how often this will go for you had. this book you were not alone in russia but internationally because he was a writer who was ahead of his time in his books in particular in the master and margarita he writes not only about his poke but touches global philosophical questions which are important today and will still matter for centrist to. play date. there was
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a coast much you could tell was set yeah that's exactly what the area is. a timeless century it's difficult to think of just fifty meters away sometimes thousands of cars people wait on the gridlocked daughter bring. me proof that moscow is best for. as the cool sunny also moves into dark cold winter i think there's any a few places in the capital which never used their appeal and now you know well one of them is. do you read most remarkably so i'll tell you this just be careful of the trams while unfortunately my time is up that's all we have some mystics program on the picturesque area of parts of the us and through i'll see you again at the same time next week from almost house adventures until then for me and the rest the same as the glorious moscow sunsets.
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showbiz the entertainment value of infiltrate into the presentation high production success it's graphics. all of this is a way to try to focus people's attention by using techniques that are associated with a team and now during this war we had nearly the same military entertainment. culture
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is that so much of it is going to make it a lot of people a variant of blood the leaders in the world polarized opinions more than venezuelan president hugo chavez is denounced by critics as a dictator what does the future. of a failed state this is not a provocation but a warning that. may force it and we should use steppers are you sure disapprove retraced because they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one it's business as it is all of them too nuisance for any army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. the true one nine
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hundred forty five dollars on t.v. dot com. headlines on either russian boy comes back to moscow often being abandoned by his adoptive parents in the dominican republic it's alleged the twelve year old was sold for drugs and then turned over to several orphanage was finally returned home after his guardians were arrested for cocaine trafficking. ukraine returns more powers to the president as the high court ruled the parliamentary shift four years ago was illegal it means big deal to get local which will now be able to choose his own government. had a russian in for valves to offer all the luxuries of a hotel but in all big as it sets out to build the world's first commercial space station it could also serve as a refuge for cosmonauts in emergency situations. or at all those stories to come
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plus the rest of the news the top of the hour but first let's cross over to kate now on the fourth that's. just been a rather disappointing day for the gulf war yes the first day of the ryder cup has been a bit of a damp squib literally as rain stopped play after just two hours at the celtic manor result in wales where the lifestyle that's on the rest of the force coming up next. hello welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and here are the top stories back in the fold in the dick advocaat records alexander cocksure cough plus two other changes in his twenty one man squad for the euro twenty twelve qualifiers . wall rain rain go away and bad weather conditions halt play on day one of the thirty eight ryder cup celtic manor in wales. who hopes to taste as new possible coach strives for silverware in his first season in charge. at the
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start was football and alexander cocksure golf is finally being recalled to the russian national team as coach to get the car named his list of twenty one men who prepare for this month's euro twenty two off qualify as the senate striker has been that conspicuous a mission in the lineup since the dutchman took up the reins in may but cough has been getting a rich vein of form recently as much to perhaps fix as if it was a european them domestic level in the last month another player making his return is taste got midfielder have. to defend such a great view has received his first ever call up the twenty one year old said afterwards ok as a complete surprise to him he could now face teammate aiden mcgeady since russia travel to the republic of ireland next friday to sedona four days later. staying with football as an instant petersburg and moscow opposed top of their groups in the europa league after convincing victories on thursday night help to
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maintain their one hundred percent records so ten months after his fortuitous in petersburg. scored twice against the visitors who had a man sent off just before half time victory means the russian premier league leaders also top group she got the lead group left after that three male win i just want to prague. so you do do maria netted a late second half price here in moscow elsewhere liverpool could only manage to go on a strong against utrecht it still leaves group k. match to city manager roberto mancini is confident his side will progress after they drew one one with eventis to level on points with group by leaders like pas now. i'm confident. or don't believe. i know what the point is if you go it will be because it was minor but that is if you dream you enter the game. i did it would be difficult but in that way you can get your
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goals now and the ryder cup is facing the prospect of finishing on a monday for the first time in its history as the opening day's play was suspended after only two hours persistent heavy rain left many parts of the course water logged and play was called off at celtic manor in wales we hear it leading in three of the four four balls matches while number one tiger woods is set to play alongside teammate steve stricker and their ad against europe's in cold and less official other matches include phil mickelson and dustin johnson against in westwood and martin kaymer northern irish rory mcilroy and graeme mcdowell play stewart cink in the crucial part carrington and luke donald are up against us rookies bubble watson and jeff overton in the final group of tennis now. has reached her fourth final of the year after beating french open champion francesca schiavone in straight sets in tokyo and the russian will next face top seed caroline wozniacki who has more than just the title to play for the day and toiled her way into the decider prospect toria as a rank
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a rebel aris does not scale looked on course for an easy win after taking the first set six two but she lost her cool in the second to tennis balls smashing racquets and eventually lost it on time break she sent the ball long at crucial moment however as a rank i committed the same mistake in the. set versus the at ski had three match points so the day moves a step closer to destroying serena williams as the world number one she now needs to beat dementia and reach the quarterfinals in beijing next week. emerge a g.p. danny pedrosa has all but ruled himself out of the title race after the spaniard broke his collarbone in a crash during friday's free practice ahead of the japanese grand prix the honda ride i have been on them or take the track just six minutes before throttle calls to produce a suffered multiple fractures to his left collarbone and is likely to miss the next three races there are only five more to go this season and who second in the
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standings could see leader jorge lorenzo considerably extend his current fifty six point cushion renzo chalked up the third fastest lap of the day while he was defending champion valentino rossi took the time sheet could hardly believe he done it. i am very very happy as a big surprise first of all for me because they expect to do a lot a lot in this track with my shoulder but that all three of the braking i saw when i ever do do do break to stop the bike from a straight i feel good on the bike and at the same time move very well on the set feel. and in the world rally championship sebastian love could clinch a seventh successive title this weekend as the drivers tackled the road tracks of alsace in the valley of france if love comes second and his citron teammate sebastian o'shea finishes outside the top four unloveable retain his crown however the title chase isn't all over yet and should either of those two suffer
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a catastrophe then finn and laurie matty lawler could be a contender three rallies remaining. and sightings world governing body is refusing to comment on the suspension of tour de france champion alberto contador the u.c.i. provisionally bans the spaniard after he failed a drug test this year's race and say they convoys any opinions while their investigations are continuing a tiny amount of the stimulant plan to roll this fandom contador system but he denies taking performance enhancing drugs he believes he fell the day test after eating a steak that was contaminated during the last rest day of this year's tour de france clenbuterol would use his body fat and increase his muscle growth and he sometimes fed to animals it's the amount contador body was too small to evade it was performance but if found guilty of deliberate doping contador could be banned for two years meanwhile the rider is angry at how the case is being handled. with government i'm sorry but i have serious doubts about the system when i first found
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out about this and all of this month i felt sad and powerless in the face of the injustice of which i am a victim i've always defended the controllers tooth and nail always because i know it was good for cycling and good for me. meanwhile michael matthews at sprint his rivals to win the under twenty three road race at the world road cycling championships in his native australia america's ben king made the first break from the palace and spent half the race by himself he was eventually caught and it is marina moser took up the front running but the one hundred fifty nine kilometer race all came down to a sprint finish and a hundred metres to go into the right side of the road to cross the line first place the first goal for squarely at their home event the twenty year old winning by four bike lengths germany's john dating called tail if any of the united states and gear of canada finished in a dead heat. now there's less than two weeks to go until the new basketball season
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starts in russia and the new coach of defending champions taste has his eyes set on war trophies he was at the traditional pre-season team meeting with fans of moscow where supporters have the chance to get a closer look at the players receive a gold medals following the previous championship while the new boss for my part is an belgrade coach disko. said he had high hopes for the forthcoming year. i'm very pleased to be here and i'm very happy to become a part of the family i promise i'll do my best and they would all my efforts to the team i believe in the car. are agreed and i have already to do a lot and i am sure we can perform well in the season and win lots of trophies. finally russia sports minister vitaly mccall says more than six hundred fifty sports venues have received government financing since the start of the federal program four years ago the scheme is aimed at developing physical education and
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sport in the country along with nurturing homegrown talent though the minister adds any new stars will be too young to take part in the twenty fourteen winter olympics . ideally a programmer will have a separate program preparing our national team for the sochi olympics it will be financed separately and it will be transparent but don't expect any miracles like candidates at their own game as we can only make use of those athletes that we have now at the moment there are two possible national team lineups for their lympics but in two years' time we'll see who's doing better and focus our efforts on them. and that's all sport fanatic they'll be another update in a couple of. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. culture is that so much on the
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good news or like it needed a lot of people a variant of the look the leaders in the world all arise opinions more than venezuelan president hugo chavez is denounced by critics as a dictator what does the future. 1930's england and france try to reason with hitler germany demands are going to land and gets its way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe is and dolphin war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda. the lesson is to be learned from the munich agreement on our key. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g.
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in vietnam she's available in international her tone. for some photos don't include the intercontinental hanoi westlake otoh short in hanoi who turns oprah summer said grant toying sedona sweet. book royal saigon hotel and tour of sheraton so i go and hotel in times hotel so i go in the leaves available in the lot and resort and spa. would be soon which brighton if you move out someone from phones to impressions.
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stunts on t.v. don't come. here and all the years of abuse and neglect for a russian boy whose parents allegedly sold him for drugs. plus ukraine's leader gains ultimate control after the high court rules that our power shipped to parliament was unconstitutional. drains politics as the country is now returning to the original constitution of nine hundred ninety six joining us for more details from ukraine's capital kiev. the race is on for a rocket powered dream serve as russia vows to be the first nation to call in operate a hotel in outer space details. live
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from the heart of moscow this is r.t. welcome to the program russian boy whose adoptive parents allegedly sold him for drugs in the caribbean has returned to his home country twelve year old denise endured years of abuse and neglect after being abandoned in the dominican republic by his russian guardians tom barton is following developments fati the arrive with us star of the russian. for the protection of children and throughout the short press conference given there at domodedovo airport he stood behind mr starr called while mr stark of took the questions so obviously a bit of a daunting experience for a twelve year old boy to be stood in front of a load of media although really the last in a long line of difficult traumas and much the least of them started the switch started many years ago on popular start twitter page he put a note which said that marks.


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