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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2010 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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states locations this beautiful design the shops and restaurants it's a true hidden gem inside the busy metropolis. the pond is located below god a ring road they call sky metra and the central street to a sky which leads to red square on the kremlin's if you can just use too many of the made her tiles the fascinating thing is if you didn't know it was here it completely misses. the beginning of the seventeenth century patriarch game again chose this area for his residence the marshland was twenty three pounds for breeding fish and several churches were built one hundred fifty years later the patriarchs moved out of the location abandon the area returned to a swamp early in the nineteenth century the area was revived pocket and one large pond was created that's been apartments and. you've got the sun and everything i really like yeah i think it's really cool especially we were walking down the road and there's this beautiful. but just liberties down out down the road which
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was nothing going which is going to the labels and through the winter. skating. and. from exercising to feeding the birds thousands of locals and foreigners come here every day i would ducks fish and swarms galore you can see how popular parts of russia pretty good local wildlife a magical way says in the concrete capital with many buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the historic area is an island trying quality in the heart of moscow but what about the various seasons surely that's changes the area's appeal. it's a lovely place to hang out out stalls here whatever the season from ice skating on here during the cold winter months to coming here with your family and friends during the summer and having a picnic the fresh air. lack of noise lack of tourists. and grand architecture that
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surrounds you really could be an emmy european city. and from the pond let's take a look at this week's entertainment news the tradition of french is still not widely popular in russia but some of moscow's top restaurants and menus are doing their best to introduce it to the public and you season of sunday brunch is opens at the ritz carlton hotel with sixty mouthwatering dishes of russian asian and european cuisine after midday to four pm some of the venues highlights include caviar in sour cream sushi and righty french cheese beers new dishes will be added every sunday and that's not to mention the mouth watering decides we'll throw some move into actual freezing some food. for french items and also we have. some decent georgian and russian response which is.
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all. about the fall of. heaven for all those with a sweet tooth has opened in the russian capital people bubble is a brand of lollipops and shops and knocks old boss alone and many other cities around the globe will this week's handmade you can not only choose among hundreds varieties of shop but can also place an individual for the sweets in an expose color and shapes just don't tell the dentist. at the top of the pond stands an impressive neoclassical yellow and white brick of any in one chooses a shelter to give up ice skates in the cold winter months today it boasts one of the trendiest restaurants in town the new york times once ranked it as one of the most glamorous places in the sea.
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you feel. while you're in the area if you want to treat yourselves they should come here to it opened in two thousand and five. just one of the city's top restaurants the food is. as expensive as you would think the interior is. just take a look at the few of the. twenty meters down the road. this next.
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down the street. and your. neighborhood mansion if you can help.
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no matter where you. think. or you can. live here and be stranded by the beautiful scenery. yes but don't tell anyone because there are not a lot of tourists here. let's see. what else does the air you have to offer. to swanky want to be spoiled the choice to start is this exciting area where you can get various presents with the soviets touch the various designers supply the store with wonderfully creative items such as cloth. glasses for. full. story.
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and just a few houses down the street is a completely different place to spend your. bush brand of high end luxury. fashion designers. to purchase the must design on the. only shops and cafes in the area for those who are hungry for. just two minutes walk from the it's the first state. and twenty first century displays collections of outstanding having gone artists as well as various temple exhibitions of contemporary on pieces around the world. one of the main cultural connections with the. area is the russian writer who got cost model master
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and margarita a true soviet satire the story was supposedly directed against the overpowering russian social structure of the time. it's a long way to the top floor but you can see the actual ration the only thing has received. a talking to at the make sure ten years younger the fatal encounter with the tram the story is loved by millions and today bill darkhorse apartment has been turned into a living shrine. the apartment contains personal belongings photos and several exhibitions related to build our course life the museum is free to visit in the open every day from one pm. first published almost thirty years after his death master and margarita has been debated they called one of the most powerful russian novels of the twentieth century and located just around the corner from the pollens offset many parts of
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the story here inside this apartment. there are quite a few published english translations of boston margarita and several international stage versions have been produced even under nowhere but has taken an interest in turning the story into a west end musical. musser margarita is not just popular here in russia. me how often is vogue for you had. people not only in russian but internationally because he was a writer who was ahead of his time in his books in particular in the most are not greeted he wants not only about his poke but touches global philosophical questions which are important today and will still matter for centuries to come up. to date they want to build a cost much you could tell was set here that's exactly what the area is. a timeless century it's difficult to think and just fifty meters away some to. harms thousands
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of cars people wait on the gridlock it's going to bring. me proof that must go. as the cool sunny also missing two dogs cold winter i think there's any few places in the capital which never used their appeal and now you know well one of them is. do you read most remarkably so i'll tell you this just be careful of the tramps while unfortunately my time is up that's all we have for mystics program on the area. i'll see you again at the same time next week for more house adventures until then for me on the rest of the team of the glorious sunsets.
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wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report.
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human rights groups are furious that torture has been put in charge of arab affairs in jerusalem the infamous israeli interrogator has been accused of abuse cases of palestinians. crisis russia has been gripped by the party drug chemist's the web for instructions on how to cook without risking life and limb toppling prison. and billions of voting in a parliamentary election in the baltic states worst economic crisis to date in polls say the party protecting the rights of the state's russian minority could be a surprise from. the top stories this hour up next kate's here with a sports update.
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hello and welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and here are the headlines back in the fold dick advocaat recalls alexander got to call for plus two other changes in his twenty one man squad for the euro twenty twelve qualifiers and while advantage usa america hold a slim lead following a rain disrupted a one hundred thirty eight. bucks the dream is over dani pedrosa is all but a novice of the most who changed me title race after crashing in practice for the japanese girl a pretty. late start was football and alexander has finally been recalled to the russian national team as coach dick advocaat named his list of twenty one men opeth of this month's euro two thousand and twelve qualify as the senate strike that has been a conspicuous
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a mission in the lineup since the dutchman took up the reins in may but has been hazing ritual very uniform recently it's a much tougher hot treat for isn't it it's a european and semester level in the last month another play out making his return is taste feel that pavel mum i have spotted a different side i assure you as recent as last of a cool twenty one year old set off the road to cause a complete surprise to him he could now face teammates aiden mcgeady accepts russia travel to the republic of ireland next friday we're going to macedonia four days later. and in the meantime there have been some notable managerial changes in the ukrainian premier league as former severe and rail madrid coach hyundai ramos has been named coach of ukraine sides dinny press the spaniard is reported to have signed a four year deal with a little known club and is expected to hold his first press conference on saturday the fifty six year old guided survey to back to back away for a cup titles three years ago before moving on to right now. top and most recently
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has gone mosco but the spell of taste that lasted less than two months and he's been without a job for my cea. was not up for my taste at coach but let it guess i have just stepped down from coaching the ukrainian side the russian pounded in his resignation at the number of key have after sixteen months in charge the fifty six year old had steered them to a second place finish in the domestic league last year but thursday's two male you rightfully defeat at moldova inside f.c. sheriff proved enough to make him quit. gulf now defending champions america hold a slight lead after a rain delayed first day at the thirty eight ryder cup at celtic manor persistent heavy rain left many parts of the course water logged and play was called off after just two hours at the celtic manor resort in wales and europe leading in three of the four four balls matches but after a seven hour delay. and america hit back as the day with
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a slight lead europe's lee westwood and martin came out well won out over phil mickelson and dustin johnson after twelve holes rory mcilroy and graeme mcdowell were one down to stewart cink and after eleven after nine holes ian poulter and ross all square with steve stricker and tiger woods on the donald and part howling to one down u.s. rookies over what sort of jeff overton after eight. years in major g.p. downey producer has all but ruled himself out of the title race after the spaniard broke his collarbone in a crash during friday's free practice ahead of the japanese grand prix the honda rider had been on them a take the track just six minutes before a jump throttle caused his fall to dry so suffered multiple fractures to his left collarbone and his wife lisa missed the next three races there are only five more to go this season and you second in the standings could see leader jorge lorenzo considerably extend his current fifty six point cushion renzo chalked up the third
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fastest lap of the day when it was defending champion valentino rossi talks the time she it's hard to believe we've done it. i'm very very effie's a big surprise first of all for me because they expected to show for a lot a lot in this track with my shoulder but that our all three the breaking guys show when i ever do do do brake to stop the bike from a straight i feel good on the bike and at the same time move it very well on the surface. in basketball there's been a shock quarter final exit for russia at the women's world championships in the czech republic they crushed that confidence and better rooms who are taking part in the tournament for the first time final school that was seventy fifty three players chantelle it was the header when a few valorous cauterized in seventeen points and nine rebounds russia are second in the fever rankings at the moment but this match was a shadow of the side that finch won as a nucleus for
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a tournament. in cycling michael matthews and sprinted his rivals to win the under twenty three road race at the world roche cycling championships in his native australia america's ben king made the first break from the color and of course the race by himself he was eventually caught between rain or most of the front running but the one hundred fifty nine kilometer race all came down to a sprint finish one of the hundred metres to go matthews went up the right side of the road line first first goal for australia the home event the twenty year old for appointments was called take the finish off the united states. canada finish that we just heard. i stuck in that double k h l champions act past have the upper hand in an epic battle against bitter rivals you live is a serious serious threat and the sides tied at five all with ten minutes left to
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play and the when they came just three minutes to go. put the hosts in france before wrapping up the seven five scoring with a last second empty netter so a good win for act boss but it meant a leg my it's a gorgeous the top of the table after coming out three two minutes after the game list elsewhere they were a comprehensive home with a more body scan left a few make faulty memory and take on more scope they needed penalties to overcome their opposition on the right. staying with the. and it's been a week's hotel skies in the need to check out the latest highlights.
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live leg .
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leg . i live. leg . so the support for this bill isn't. so.
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the whole of.
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torturer have total impunity they can do everything they want and nothing will happen to them rage mount says an alleged torture is put in charge of policing arab affairs in jerusalem. an amphetamine craze sweeps through russia and the party drugs surges in price homegrown chemists risk the life and limb to cook it up and avoid being locked up. and latvians vote a parliamentary election with the baltic states worst economic crisis to date as a pro russian minority party could come out a winner. eleven
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am here in the russian capital this is r.t. good to have you with us today well straight to our top story now the appointment of an infamous israeli interrogator to a high ranking police post has sent shock waves among human rights groups known among inmates as captain george he's accused of numerous cases of torture and abuse of arabs that he's in charge of arab affairs many palestinians fear for their lives put to sleep reports. i was kidnapped by an israeli commando on the twenty first of may nine hundred ninety four they came to my country to my learned to my house and arrested me before the eyes of my children. most of the divine me spent the next eighteen years in a secret prison later dubbed israel's other grave and his interrogator a name that still sends chills down the spines.


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