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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 8:00am-8:29am EDT

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wealthy british scientists are also that's not on the title of. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our. first. first. a close call for brazil's two presidential pay for it as the race to lead one of the world's fastest growing economies is forced into
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a runoff also. president. will be go beyond to get me to. sit down with. president medvedev slams the anti russian hysteria among top officials in the roots but hopes the positive relations between the two countries will stand firm. accord in thailand rejects america's call to drop new charges against suspected russian arms dealer victor boot which again stalls he wants extradition proceedings. and while britain's leading coalition party gets together to talk money troubles the conference french sounds the alarm over a long term civil rights and a domineering e.u. . and business the first to say dispense trucks are being assembled in russia to plunge old freighted by don and russian come us more in twenty minutes.
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live from our headquarters in central moscow you're watching our team with me and you see now way it's four pm here in the russian capital our top story this hour brazilians are having trouble choosing their next leader despite a push by the outgoing president to line up a successor dumas who said fell short of becoming the country's first female president in the first round she now faces opposition leader joseph cetera in the race to the top floor a list of reports from sao paulo. brazil is one of the only countries who has managed its way out of the financial crisis and to a growing a quick clip that other countries would envy their expected to grow seven point five per cent this year it's the largest economy in south america the largest a second largest economy in the western hemisphere and part of the bric bloc of brazil russia india and china there seem to civilize the shift in global economic
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power from the g seven developed nations to the developing world of which all of them are newly advanced economies that are seen as holding great potential so certainly everyone is looking to this election to see what direction the leader will take the economy people will have to wait and see because it will go to a run on he run off to dilma rousseff who was expected to carry out lula da silva is policies she is his anointed successor she was expected to win and i did not happen she did not lock down the votes so she'll go to a runoff with jose serra the opposition candidate and they have really different attitudes towards both the economy and foreign policy so what will happen on october thirty first in that run off will make a difference if you talk to people in the political world who deal in diplomacy or trade or the economy they say before lula brazil had a self-confidence program problem and he was really the first leader who stepped up to the international plate and said we are a player and we are going to matter and really held court diplomatically and broker
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trade ties but if you talk to people at home here what brazilians what average brazilians would say his crowning achievement is is helping to narrow the vast gap between the rich and poor in this country and to get a better sense of that and what they were hoping for and still much his hope to be successor we've been out here in brazil reporting and here's a look at what's going on. on the streets of brazil after eight years of this good work a miracle because he's. her spirit pretty close to the people people lined up to decide the next chapter of carol carol hope that the female candidate a woman will make history in my country. that is summed up the loudest voice on the streets and in the polls ahead of the elections for a new head of state while many credit the outgoing one. was starting a silent revolution for the poor. head of election day was heard loud and clear they believe his hand-picked successor is the one to continue fighting for and feel
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she is doing the rousseff lula's choice for president a little known bureaucrat his chief of staff who rose up to against the dictatorship when she was young. she promises to lead the country down the same road as her mentor. what's changed in this last years is in the poor neighborhoods for the lower class because the other governments just pretended to help its lula brazil's president that brings all of these people into the street in his name there screaming but as to whether jill but his successor would be able to continue what he started in this country when you talk to people they believe one hundred percent that she is the one that the up with brazil is going to continue to rise though his confidence has helped popularity some activists familiar with lula's politics past and present aren't convinced. i think she's going to have some difficulties because dilma doesn't have the same history lula has and in a country that was long
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a colony and where the years until lead the rich and elite still held the power for some in that world a dilma presidency would be. terrible for me terrible without horizons very sad and black horizons you have to have people with academic culture and not popular culture in upscale neighborhoods is the leading opposition candidate who most closely fits that description and appears favored at those pools jose serra is a more conservative choice. so i use a little government has been constantly role is aligned himself with people who are democratic. hugo chavez. but in the. brazil what you don't see or hear. is the brazil that is in power a world you see now and the bellows this moment we're looking from but that's the it's important for you to be able to choose the future of your country once invisible to the world now one can go to more duma with
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a way of people who before lula had no voice may now continue writing their own songs. lauren lyster r.t. paulo brazil. for this but the roof has been whipping up some anti russian sentiment of late so president medvedev is now trying to clear the air using cyberspace and an online video method of says the bell the russian leader is using aggressive talk towards moscow to bolster his presidential election campaign or to sour for take a closer look. that is a bloke we can hear president. making specific reference to the election campaign in batteries and saying that is based almost entirely on entourage and slogans and i should say shouldn't russia's own willingness to provide support and also direct criticism to the russian leadership itself the person i'm afraid of his use his behavior in the past to deal with the school topics such as this and this time
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we've heard him using it as over stones to leadership like his ations and actions are his main point being that really rather than making an enemy of russia they'd be much better place to be thinking on their internal issues but if you're. president lukashenko is entering this not only go beyond any diplomatic sent down right and he's obviously concerned about a lot of things to our economy russian journalist talking about a russian opposition even what happens to some of our retired and satire officials the president. should be looking into the interior affairs of his own country such as for instance the multiple disappearances of going to russian citizens but it's russia like other countries is concerned over these people and actually this is being described as a feature of batteries in leadership this creation of an external enemy in the public consciousness that the worse in the past this is the directed at the u.s.
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on the west in general at this time it seems that russia has become the main target another thing the president would address in his book he talks about the fact that the better russian people are still considered russia's closest neighbors and that he big good shared history is shared culture and he also makes it very clear that the spy the tensions at the top of. things such as the gas the speech mother russia has provided support base in the past and we. i'm deeply convinced that russia always has and will consider to be the key. his davits neighbors we are united by a long shared history culture common joys and grief a good neighborhood has been the reason we've been helping ever since the fall of the soviet union twenty years ago the scope of our aid effort no matter what people might say has been huge this year alone we've made discounts on those shipments to buy the roost worth approximately two billion dollars in total shipments to baton rouge have been subject to committal concessions the reason we did that was because
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we sincerely believe that our nations were inseparable this is why i was extremely surprised to see the truth is taken up until russian rhetoric. in the summer thought to be one of the main problems that have caused the sudden suddenly over relations between the other eastern russia and we know that what happened there was that every thing to cut off transit routes for the supply of oil and gas and eventually that she was result but it's certainly one of the things that seem to have given rise to the sudden increase in this and to russia with the overall point the president making his focus was so much better rather than making an enemy of russia to be focusing on the problems internally. artists are further reporting from moscow they're my president just for video blog is available on our website right now that r.t. dot com it's also on our you tube channel. now
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a criminal court in thailand has rejected a request by the u.s. to drop a second set of charges against alleged russian arms dealer viktor boot the decision dance washington's plans to have the man extradited to the u.s. to face trial on terrorism related charges and hearing is expected to begin in bangkok on october the fifth artesian thomas has been following the recent development. the united states has been trying to get adventure boot and have him extradited to the united states for quite some time in fact since two thousand and eight in march when he was arrested in a hotel in bangkok and in fact in august august twentieth of this year the high court in thailand said that it was possible for booth to be extradited and so it looked like everything was set for the united states if convicted in those states on the charges that he was indicted for the boot would be receiving or life imprisonment however has a backup plan because this is an international crime an international courts are
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where have you is kind of a political chess game as a backup plan just in case the high court did not rule in the united states favor us filed extra charges and it's those extra charges that are hampering the things at this moment in time because of the high court ruled that victor boot should be extradited to the united states asked if those second charges could then be dropped so that they could expedite the process however a court ruled that those charges cannot be dropped because they are now part of the court system in thailand right now so it's a waiting game what we do know is that could be the delays the entire process victor boot is a former air force officer who claims he is a legitimate businessman but he's a long been suspected of being one of the most notorious and prolific arms dealers in the world in supplying arms to different conflict zones around the world in fact he's nicknamed the merchant of death by some now in two thousand and eight in march in bangkok there was a sting operation where u.s. agents posed as far as members to buy arms from him at that point he was arrested
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but he was arrested in thailand which started this process to have him extradited to the united states. well let's get more analysis on this case and the recent decision of the time criminal court from investigative journalist and author daniel is still in who joins us now live from madrid he also extensively has interviewed mr brut in the past mr stillman in your previous interview with us here in our to you mentioned that boot extradition to the u.s. was a done deal between bangkok and washington meaning that would of course have absolutely no chance of winning this case what do you predict will happen next. well you know this court and the way things stand right now it's a case of delicious irony on the one hand you have victor bootle initially hired. a lawyer who actually worked directly for the d.a. and then the united states government just as they were about to win the case extraordinarily of the twentieth of august one hour before the final ruling by the judge was literally snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory when they present
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a new charges against the trouble which actually delayed the entire process that said to morrow to apply time to justice abuse to be reading the verdict without the prosecution with this is all he has this is which is again another heard of development and that's development directly relates to the to the second set of charges which the united states government brought against her to boot on the twentieth of august now after a thai court announced that decision on the twentieth to action dight booth the u.s. had only three months to complete the procedure otherwise bute could be released do you think further delays could perhaps work in don't favor well you know and that's one of the extraordinary things about this case no one really knows these are uncharted waters never before in history over all of justice in thailand or anywhere else in the world something of this magnitude as ever happened the entire world is watching you have ninety days from the twentieth of august for the united states government to extradite big trouble and now with the new charges being put
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in gainesville this could actually delay the proceedings because even if the moral of the judges rule against both and by all looks it actually they i think they will because today's developments at the core of the judges were very much against. and you could tell from up in their attitude one one mr wood asked for a russian translator they they denied his request they gave him an english translator who didn't speak any english and five any degree to postpone the case until to morrow where again there's going to be no witnesses just the reading of the of the decision on the second set of charges will the united states government . that said the defense team can theoretically appeal so that would you feel he could actually take it beyond the initial ninety days so again these are uncharted waters normally you know as i talk to my people in the state department today in the united states watching very very carefully they said that a lot of phone calls have been made this morning from the united states to thailand obviously to the prime minister's office and this is another part of the dis
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delicious irony the thai prime minister will be americans are saying is actually working for the doctor who is actually working for the americans because he's not only he's a british born but he also holds british passport which means he's obviously subservient to the british american interest but not to the russian because the finally in the developing world which would was brought to court today he was brought in wearing a bulletproof vest protected by thirty commandos government alleges that the russian government is actually trying to assassinate richard if you want to talk about conspiracy theories this one takes the cake well then at the last time i spoke to you seemed very confident that one way or another boot was going to be extradited but that said if boot and his legal team failed to stop his action titian what are the chances that thailand's prime minister could intervene the case and overturn a ruling you mentioned it a little bit because you give us more details about how you think that might turn out i think the chances are slim at best a non at worst because again. the thailand lives literally
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it's an american protectorate the country produces nothing of value the only thing it does is literally lives off what the united states government pays the. government in in many. in natural resources and in the things they buy from or from thailand so to think that type prime minister who are again i said is is a british subject who holds a british passport and obviously represents british american interests could actually vote for victory against the united states is simply conceivable it might happen but then again why get santa claus coming and we actually make physically meet him but i think the chances. of this happening are very very very. all right well we'll be keeping a close eye on this story here in r t thanks very much daniel as still an author and investigative journalist live from madrid. now questions politicians don't like to answer being raised on the sidelines of the u.k.'s leading coalition parties conference but freedom zone is anxious over the erosion of civil liberties in the country as well as what it sees as the domination of britain by the e.u.
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it's been hearing from those at the meeting. it's hard to think of a more time for a. gathering here of the freedoms these days to gather in fads we. call but then last week we saw an uprising again in the rest come as a result of the austerity measures that certain european countries threatening will have already introduced as a response to the european debt crisis in brussels a one hundred thousand people gathered last week to protest the measures and islands of course is a place that to devote to folks it's been announced that the cost of rescuing arash banks will amount to almost fifty billion you raise and that's caused a lot of consternation and it's crunch time. this next round of austerity measures or you know like you know we'll have to go cap in hand to the e.u. and the i.m.f. much like greece had to do in such
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a humiliating way all these things of course are a threat to the euro zone and some of the freedoms and think that's a good thing that the e.u. has got involved in individual countries silver and. personal liberties now for more on that i'm joined by alex deane he's one of the directors of big brother watch very much for talking to us now big brother watch deals with the erosion of privacy and the liberty of individual citizens do you think that the e.u. plays a part in. and i think that the european arrest warrant. represents one of the most significant threats to british freedom and british privacy for that matter some thirteen hundred people were sent to europe but even extradited there's no judicial process sent to europe to face charges in europe without a british judge looking at it under the european arrest warrant and i think that's wrong and in fact many countries in the european union ought to dowse if that in the u.k. . could only apply for certain specified time. she wants to make. a
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water of a political color never seems to want to make a fuss in europe even they were. in fact william hague the new foreign secretary he specifically said that he would stop the transfer of power or opinion and yet he's opted further into the european investigation order i would urge the coalition government to really look very hard at the european arrest warrant which so far they've failed to do it seems to me this is one of the most important issues on their agenda and everyone expected them to do so so really i think they have to act and let's talk about c.c.t.v. cameras as well which is one of your main bad bad person is all of the most watched people in the world more c.c.t.v. cameras than anywhere else do you don't think that that makes us more secure as a nation that's not what the evidence suggests the campbell collaboration did a review peer reviewed study of all reports into c.c.t.v. that were done to any academic standards and none of them suggested that it made us any safer except for a marginal increase in safety in car parks and for that marginal increase enormous
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amounts of money and a great deal of privacy to that extent from big brother watch i'll be here all day talking to various people here at the freedom to say i'm bringing you more threatening civil liberties in today. looking around the world now at some other of today's news stories severe floods in central vietnam the claimed at least three lives that were triggered by heavy rains with over sixty centimeters falling at the weekend nearly fourteen thousand villagers throughout the country have been evacuated from their delusion home rescuers are still searching for three people who are missing. a controversial dutch known for his strong anti islamic views has gone on trial for inciting hatred it stems from a speech wilderness made where he compared islam to naziism and called the wrong to be bad and his remarks to protest function and rights activists builders argues he's protected under free speech laws but if convicted he faces up to a year in prison. and the ballots are counted for bosnia's general election and
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early results indicate that old ethnic divisions are likely to persist fifteen years after war torn the country apart challenging for the croats and bosniaks they are candidates for june ninth unified rather bosnia while the serbs see front runner in advocating separation of mine a result will be a major determining factor for bosnia's integration into the european union and nato. is no time in its time a leading french historian tells r t why europe needs global help if it wants to stay in the game but first has the business update. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get the human voice ceased to face with the news makers.
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hello time now to have a look at the world of business the first benz trucks are being assembled in russia to plan to operate a bike and come us the plunge in chilled me on the volga is a joint venture between the russian and german companies mesut benz trucks the store can assemble four thousand five hundred vehicles a here and other models will be introduced as soon as the market expands. while the company best known for larger has lifted sales by more than a third so far this year after the us has already said it should return to profit in twenty ten the russian carmakers sold about three have three thousand seventy thousand cars three hundred seventy thousand cars rather in the period that's more
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than sixteen percent more than the same period last year the company's benefiting from the successful cash for clunkers program and russia and subsidized loans from the government. russia's second largest mobile phone operator vimpel call maybe merge its assets with an egyptian company and it's close to a seven billion dollars deal with groups where it's the deal is estimated at six billion dollars as well as fifty one percent of egypt's telecom the deal would include italian or proto wind in return so we're is would take twenty percent stake and. now one of europe's all just male operators is thriving which posed to chelles says online shopping is boosting its business around the world c.e.o. frank appel spoke to business r.t. about the company's transition from male coach to the digital age. we think there is a future for the classical man business you know it's declining by volume but it's
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in a very important infrastructure for a forum for the german country and i have no doubt that it will be successful but what we're doing this week at a new services in two ways one is the possible because there's a mail order boom we have in the western world which is starting now taking place as well in russia but people are wanting in from a distance the goods because they can't get access to that and that's an interesting development possibility and russia and the second is that we transfer the quality of all product in the real world which is a confidential security letter into the internet you know at the moment you can call me kate confidentially we have a party because you know in the whole internet world you know everybody can catch your email and read it and we will provide a service but nobody can catch me email and it's just a provider you know just a sender an incipient you can read the e-mail of the whole way it's encrypt how do you see the post operating in say twenty fifty is definitely the post will be
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different but the fundamental will still remain you know our product the letter has survived five hundred years i have no doubt that it will survive at least the next hundred years or maybe two hundred years because there will always be a need for paper communication even in the future you know i can imagine any situation that everything will be virtual you know that still you know there will be still paper on the world a sizable scale so therefore there will be still the the old classical part of physical mail delivery but it will be added by a lot more volume and possibles and i can imagine that good skin be your log in the you know you know enterprise or call that you know be space enterprise or space ship enterprise you know that will not happen. in at least in our in our lifetime that people are able to send goods be internet so therefore there will be huge in. cruisin wall you. time to see how the markets stop moving
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now and european stocks are continuing to slide despite strong results in the u.s. so the weekend can make a dime and b.m.w. both fell sharply down one point nine percent and three point two percent respectively with b.m.w. still reeling from a car recall an announced on friday. and here in moscow the markets are hovering in the black the solid shares a mixed among the main players with investors not making any big moves so far and as you shares are making strong gains for us next it's up almost two percent gazprom is slightly behind with one point three percent against. russia's third largest still make a level of its feet analysts expect ations for second quarter results that's took its profits from general to june to five hundred nineteen million dollars after a loss in the same period of two thousand and nine stronger still prices boosted the company's performance but it is warning that third quarter profits will be weaker. the world's largest aluminum producer to sell its refinancing is biggest
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loan the indebted metals giant borrowed four point five percent billion dollars to help four point five billion dollars to help pay for twenty five percent stake in rural nickel so bank will refinance the loan originated with russia stayed development bank. despite the repayment results life increased its total. well and their world's biggest diamond producer may hold an i.p.o. next year but the government of equal to region must change the law so that also can restructure itself as a public company it will sell up to a quarter of its shares or as much as two point three billion dollars the money will be spent to update it and expand its mines j.p. morgan has value the company at up to nine billion dollars that's a fracture.


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