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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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guide's a close call for brazil's two presidential favorites is the race to lead one of the world's fastest growing economies is forced to run off also the. president. to go beyond diplomatic since the. president. told officials in better hopes the positive relations between the two comfortable. while britain's leading coalition party gets together money troubles a conference that sounds the alarm over a loss of civil rights and domineering. and according to tyler rejects america's call to drop charges against suspected. to boot which again
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stalls u.s. extradition proceedings. see from moscow it's just after nine pm moscow time thanks for being with us i'm kevin zero in with the top stories tonight and first brazilians are having trouble choosing their next leader despite a push by the outgoing president to line up a successor did not do so fell just short of becoming the country's first female president in the first round she now faces opposition leader in the race for the top of his lower list of reports tonight from south park. brazil is one of the only countries who has managed its way out of the financial crisis and to a growing a quick clip that other countries would envy their expected to grow seven point five per cent this year it's the largest economy in south america the largest a second largest economy in the western hemisphere and part of the bric bloc of
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brazil russia india and china there seem to symbolize the shift in global economic power from the g seven developed nations to the developing world of which all of them are newly advanced economies that are seen as holding great potential so certainly everyone is looking to this election to see what direction the leader will take if you talk to people in the political world who deal in diplomacy or trade or the economy they say before lula brazil had a self-confidence prague problem and he was really the first leader who stepped up to the international plate and said we are a player and we are going to matter and really held court diplomatically and broker trade ties but if you talk to people at home here what brazilians what average brazilians would say his crowning achievement is is helping to narrow the vast gap between the rich and poor in this country and to get a better sense of that and what they were hoping for we've been out here in brazil reporting and here's a look at what's going on. on the streets of brazil
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after eight years of this like a miracle because he. has spread pretty close to the people people lined up to decide the next chapter benteke out i hope that the female candidate a woman to make history in my country that is summed up the loudest voice on the streets and in the polls ahead of the elections for a new head of state while many credit the outgoing one lula to silva was starting a silent revolution for the poor. ahead of election day was heard loud and clear they believe his hand-picked successor is the one to continue fighting for and. she is duma rousseff lulu's choice for president a little known bureaucrat his. of staff who rose up to against the dictatorship when she was young i she promises to lead the country down the same road as her mentor get them what's changed in this last years is in the poor neighborhoods for the lower class because the other governments just pretended to help it's lula
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brazil's president that brings all of these people into the street it's his name they're screaming but as to whether jill but his successor would be able to continue what he started in this country when you talk to people they believe one hundred percent that she is the one what do you want with brazil is going to continue to rise though his confidence has helped popularity some activists familiar with lula's politics past and present aren't convinced record i think she's going to have some difficulties because dilma doesn't have the same history lula has and in a country that was long a colony and where the years until lead the rich and elite still held the power for some in that world a dilma presidency would be. terrible for me terrible without horizons very sad and black horizons than submission was you have to have people with academic culture and not popular culture in upscale neighborhoods is the leading opposition candidate who most closely fits that description and appears favored at those polls
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jose serra is a more conservative choice. you know so i use a little government has been constantly role he's aligned himself with people who are democratic. hugo chavez. but in this brazil what you don't see or hear. is the brazil that is in power a world you see now in the favelas the slums we're looking from but it's important for you to be able to choose the future of your country once invisible to the world now one able to with more to do much with a way out people who before lula had no voice may now continue writing their. lauren mr r. t. cell paulo brazil. well top stories from us live better or worse has been whipping up some anti russian sentiment of late so president medvedev is now trying to clear the air using cyberspace in an online video we've read of says the better russian
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leader is using aggressive talk towards moscow to bolster his presidential election campaign or to sarah first took a closer look. then his cloak we can hear president. making specific reference to the election campaign in batteries and saying that it's based almost entirely on entourage and slogans and i should say shouldn't russia's own willingness to provide support and also direct criticism to the russian leadership so the person motivated his use his behavior in the past often to deal with the cold topics such as this and this time we've heard him using it as over stones to russian leadership like to say chanson actions recently but his main point being that really rather than making an enemy of russia they'd be much better place to be focusing on their internal issues but if. president lukashenko is entering this not only go beyond any diplomatic sent down right indecent he's obviously concerned about a lot of things which ring in order to our economy russian journalist talking about
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a russian opposition even what happens to some of our retired and tire officials the president of the roots it seems people should be looking into the interior affairs of his own country such as for instance the multiple disappearances of the russian citizens but russia like other countries is concerned over these people and actually this is being described as a feature of batteries in leadership this creation of an external enemy in the public consciousness that the worse in the past this is easy directed at the us on the west in general at this time it seems that russia has become the main target to another thing the person with the dresses in his book he talks about the fact that the better russian people are still considered russia's closest neighbors and that he be good. to see a shared culture and he also makes it very clear that despite the tensions the topic recently with things such as augustus meeting with some other russia has
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provided support both in the past and we. i'm deeply convinced that russia always has and will consider better to be the key. of its neighbors we are united by a long shared history culture common joys and greece good neighborhood has been the reason we've been helping ever since the fall of the soviet union twenty years ago the scope of food no matter what people might say has been huge this year alone we've made discounts on all shipments to be worth approximately two billion dollars in total shipments to have been subject to commit concessions the reason we did it was because we sincerely believe that our nations were inseparable this is why i was extremely surprised to see the. taken up and he russian rhetoric. main problem. we know that what happened there was. transit routes the supply of oil and gas.
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eventually that she was. one of the things that seem to give rise to the increase in this. but the overall point the president. was making an enemy of russia on the problems internally. for video blogs on our website. dot com talking about that. climate change. blog.
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the criminal court in thailand has rejected a request by the u.s. to drop a sec. can set of charges against the alleged russian arms delivered to boot the decision dents washington's plans to have the man extradited to the u.s. to face trial on terrorism related charges and you hearings expected to begin in bangkok on october the fifth thomas has been following recent developments for us the united states has been trying to get add victor boot and have him extradited to the united states for quite some time in fact since two thousand and eight in march when he was arrested in a hotel in bangkok and in fact in august august twentieth of this year the high court in thailand said that it was possible for boot to be extradited and so it looked like everything was set for the united states if convicted in those states on the charges that he was indicted for the boot would be receiving a life imprisonment however has a back up plan because this is an international crime and international courts are
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where have you is kind of a political chess game as a backup plan just in case the high court did not rule in the united states favor us filed extra charges and it's those extra charges that are hampering of things at this moment in time because the high court ruled that victor boot should be extradited to the united states asked if those second charges could then be dropped so that they could expedite the process however a court ruled that those charges cannot be dropped because they are now part of the court system in thailand right now so it's a waiting game and what we do know is that it delays the entire process victor boot is a former air force officer who claims he is a legitimate businessman but he's a long been suspected of being one of the most notorious and prolific arms dealers in the world in supplying arms to different conflict zones around the world in fact he's nicknamed the merchant of death by some now in two thousand and eight in march in bangkok there was a sting operation where u.s. agents posed as far as members to buy arms from him at that point he was arrested but he was arrested in thailand which started this process to have him extradited
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to the united states. thomas reporting that investigative journalist journalist still in the interview dick to put it in thailand he says that even though further delays could work in boots favor the chances for his legal team to win a quite slim you have ninety days from the twentieth of august for the united states government to extradite picture would an out with a new charges being put against bald this could actually delay the proceedings because even if to morrow the judges rule against bolt and by all looks it actually they i think they will because today's developments at the core of the judges were very much against big trouble and finally they agreed to postpone the case until tomorrow where again there's going to be no witnesses just the the reading of the decision on the second set of charges of the united states government that said the defense team can theoretically appeal that so luck with the actually take it beyond the initial ninety days i talked to my people in the state department today in the
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united states who are watching very very carefully they said that a lot of phone calls have been made this morning from the united states to thailand obviously to the prime minister's office and finally in the development which would was brought to court today he was brought in wearing a bulletproof vest and protected by thirty commandos government alleges that the russian government is actually trying to assassinate richard which is if you want to talk about conspiracy theories this one takes the cake. by the way soon that our team is going to martial arts master class for you tonight. in this court it's just hands and feet and it's not just fun to watch actually a lot of the moves are pretty useful or itself to fans who are fragile girl like me and christian is going to teach me something he's going to get you can't warms up for additional russian combat technique it's a fighting spirit state's. first questions politicians don't like to answer of being raised on the sidelines of the u.k.
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coalition's leading parties conference the freedom zone is anxious over the erosion of civil liberties in the country as well as what it sees as the domination of britain by the e.u. which is the emirates in birmingham for us for the conference is being held. we did see big demonstrations across europe a europe wide day of action last week one hundred thousand people gathered in brussels alone to protest against austerity measures which are a result of the european debt crisis we also had news from ireland which is teetering on the brink of collapse if reports are to be believed the cost of rescuing arash banks is now being estimated. almost fifty billion euros that means that it's now got the biggest budget deficit among developed economies and ten times the budget deficit is the recommended by e.u. guidelines so it's really crunch time fall into the moment either these new austerity measures which they going to invent things that's all they will have to go to be you. looks forward no you know much as greece did in that
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particularly humiliating way but there are just serious skeptics about this hair if we didn't say and we've also been talking to libertarians and people who are concerned about the operation of civil liberties here in the case and to that end i'm joined by whole state is a full series an influential political. thanks very much for talking to us now you're a pussy and advocates of freedom of speech what do you think is the biggest threat to civil liberties in the u.k. not civil liberties but your freedom of speech is very high privacy goes system over here where rich people can throw money at lawyers and junk to prevent you go to the courts from telling the truth because you just don't have the financial muscle so get the truth out and in terms of public or private how do you feel well i think private individuals do have a right to privacy is no reason to go off to civilian speech we want in public life
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but if you are in public life and you take public money then the public has a right to know everything about you know particularly if involves money so for instance just recently the foreign secretaries. appointment of a very inexperienced and some young man as a special. lies of course some interest but the reason people looked at it wasn't because of their relationship or because it was public money at stake i mean what do you think that the growth of the blogs for their office the looks of people like you out there now. that new technology you think infin infringes people's freedom in any way i don't see how it infringes people free freedom to it's more accessible and more people can publish and it's democratized the media some extent whereas in the past to be a few news channels a few powerful newspapers now everyone can call bush we can see around the world in china iran all these places where people are blogging and they're in holland seeing the prospects of freedom as someone who conducts his life on the internet spends a lot of time online presumably do you think that the state strikes the right
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balance between days to protection against getting information out there. in the u.k. they have a system of data protection which basically. companies and corporations have to tell the customers what they got to do with the data and they can't share the data without permission i think as long as people are told what's happening to the data and how that's ok i don't think we need any more regulation on that front ok thank you very much that was the influential. that was laura european correspondent at r.t. world news in brief this monday evening now and in somalia at least five civilians are being killed in crossfire between pro-government forces and islamic militants in the capital is the third day of intensifying violence that so far taking twenty lives and left scores wounded militants tried to overthrow the un backed government more than three years. united states concerns over a new terror attacks are ramping up now a federal audit is calling for workers at nuclear power plants to be trained in
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spotting terrorists among employees it comes after the u.s. warned that attacks were imminent in europe advising its citizens to be vigilant and alert since been echoed by britain and japan. south korea's been showing off the security detail that it's putting in place to guard world leaders during november's g. twenty summit the anti terror measures are also designed to head off potential disruption by north korea officials are concerned that the north could encourage terror activity which has happened before in ninety seven croatians a passenger jet one hundred people proud of the stolen. russian ancient fighting technique adopted by the k.g.b. has found a new following across the world so much so in fact that the twenty ten hand to hand fighting world cup finals are being held in the u.s. for the first time i was up for a challenge our correspondent gary teacher can go into the fighting spirit for r.t. . for comedian elo louis his sham hand to hand fighting is still
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new. he mostly does judo and teaches thai boxing but this russian born sport takes the best elements of many fighting techniques. when you think about it it's more real than anything else plus an artistic aspect to it which is you don't get to spend a lot of times on the floor which is boring. and real it is the k.g.b. use this method of fighting it's now tossed to russian special forces and it's a growing sport and with this going international. program developed by the k.g.b. to this one another try to think because of the k.g.b. guys i mean that's a real game unlike in mixed martial arts russian hand clan fighting has rules and limitations which newcomers are still getting used to the xan lost the fight against an american can patter. more than enough to win but it's not so bad as
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long as the girls are happy the boys we like the boys and definitely when they get all sweaty i was always curious what's on the mind of the hot and sweaty guy when he's on the mant maybe girlz meet one of today's winners russian you go out or. if you don't think about anything but your next move once you get distracted in anything except a fight you should never allow the thought that you're losing if you have. an idea which could be applied to any situation in life the president of the hand to hand fighting federation says it's not the kind of sport that's only for the sake of sport but. this sport teaches how to fight right unlike mixed martial arts we just get out there and punch the other guy as hard as you can it's more about technique what did i mention he sean is also a lawyer. here in the making is just one day he decided he was going to stand up
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for himself the method that russian special forces use involves gone bad for stuff like that but in this sport it's just hands and feet and it's not just fun to watch actually a lot of the moves are pretty useful for some of the fans who are fragile girl like me and christian is going to teach me something something really simple i'm going to put my hands on you ok so you can to push for my elbow. and you come with your right you see what is on this i can show you how i use my left which is my weak my head and i come back with the right ok other than. fighting for our team in the state of pennsylvanian. related to we're exploring other worlds mass media is putting into taman values ahead of the real stories our special report on here in less than ten minutes time this month in our business before that just ahead. hungry for the full story we've gone to.
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the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us our technology update on our g. in indonesia zero g.'s available in hotels coming down the resort and spa. resort and spa boni. remote have been turned on sentry in the resort and spa sun your beach hotel the wisdom resort to subdue a club med bunny so if you tell some in new york about. the resort and spa the ritz
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calls and hotel grounds many of you call the hotel pool seasons hotel the sultan hotel. hello time to have a look at the world of business the fastest seders benz trucks have being assembled in russia a plan to operate to buy diamonds and come on the plan to numbers night shelvey on the google is a joint venture between the russian and german companies sages spends trucks the store can somebody four thousand five hundred people see here and other models will be introduced as soon as the market expends. and all the news from the sector of the company best known for lata has missed its sales buying more than a set so far this year after vos hasa russia said it should return to profit in twenty ten the russian call make a sold about three hundred seventy thousand cars of the period set a six percent more than the same time last year the company's benefiting from this
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. excess for cash for clunkers program in russia and subsidized loans from the government. let's have a look at the markets now in moscow the markets finished monday's session in the black energy shares made strong gains frost's nafta's up one percent gas from its slightly behind point nine percent of gains the world's clinical grows more than one percent after posting a five times in best results. russia's largest filmmaker in the little piece and less expectations for second quarter results that took its profits from general to june to five hundred ninety million dollars off to a loss in same period of two thousand and nine strong as steel prices boosted the company's performance but is warning that third quarter profits will be weaker. not turning to current system is slightly higher against the dollar but it dipped accounts to cure the strong oil price is supporting through a bull but has not driven it much higher whether that pull back hello if h.s.b.c.
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expects the russian car seat to remain stable in the near term the market was a little bit spooked by some of the trade in the balance of payments data which came out of russia and it helped push the ruble a little bit lower but that said we think it's going to trade relatively stable versus the basket at least for the next the next few months or really come to realize over the last few months is that you know the euro was excessively sold by the market particularly back in may and i think they've come to realize that that was a bit too excessive and that's been a winding and why the year was partly holding up is because by default as it's not by merit like you say there's a lot of bad things going on in the eurozone and i think we really have to say to yourself that the fed is on the cusp of doing more quantitative easing but the e.c.b. is not going to and that's again the key reason why the euro is holding up reasonably well at present. and the pharmaceutical industry is watching the world's biggest hostile takeover in six years beating french drug makers to no fee has launched an
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eighteen billion dollar bid for genocidal corp the move comes a month off to the biotech company rejected an initial offer from sun if the sanofi wants an acquisition to help replace revenues it is losing some of its best selling products face competition from generic drugs russia second largest mobile phone. is to merge its assets with a gyptian company twill acquire one hundred percent of the tel and mobile company wind along with just over fifty percent of egypt's. or skolnick groups of worse will in turn get a twenty percent stake in vimpel com along with one point eight billion dollars in cash. the world's largest producer sol is refinancing its biggest loan the indebted metals giant borrowed one to help in dollars to help pay for a twenty five percent stake in the world stage of their bond while we finance the loan that originated with russia's state development bank be despite the repayment
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will sell slightly increased its total foreign. russia's of course a world diamond producer could launch an i.p.o. as soon as next year investment bank j.p. morgan values the company at up to nine billion dollars business are to asked analysts full day view on of course as prospects. the issue with this company is that it has a very large open peat mine and it's running out of research at least mine and they would have to do an exploration and the topics for these exploration that the figure i heard it ranges between two to six billion dollars this overall topic for the cap ex required for the particular on the ground mind and i guess the sooner the company does decide to go the better demand is likely to go because this is. kind of a lock sure product and if you look at china right now this year will reduce or it . was the biggest market for luxury cars for.


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