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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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judges prepared to decide whether the alleged russian. should do a second set of charges that decision could further stall the extradition hopes for the got the latest in. a close call for brazil's two presidential favorites as the race to meet one of the world's fastest growing economies is forced into a runoff. also. president bush is entering its not only go beyond diplomatic sit down with indecent president but of slams the ante russia mysteria among top officials in better hopes the positive relations between the two countries will stand for. a while britain is the leading coalition party gets
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together to talk money troubles the conference for sounds the alarm over the loss of civil rights and the domineering e.u. . cool. hello good night here in moscow you're watching the r.t.e. news channel thanks for being with us son kevin zero in with the top story this hour and judges in thailand will decide on tuesday as to whether alleged russian arms dealer should answer to a second set of charges a quarterly a rejected a request to have them dropped denting american plans to have them extradited on terrorism related charges thomas has been following recent developments. the united states has been trying to get ad victor boot and have him extradited to the united states for quite some time in fact since two thousand and eight in march when he was arrested in a hotel in bangkok and in fact in august august twentieth of this year the high
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court in thailand said that it was possible for boot to be extradited and so it looked like everything was set for the united states if convicted in these states on the charges that he was indicted for who would be receiving a life imprisonment however has a back up plan because this is an international crime and international courts are where have you is kind of a political chess game as a backup plan just in case the high court did not rule in the united states favor us filed extra charges and it's those extra charges that are hampering the things at this moment in time because the high court ruled that a victor boot should be extradited to the united states asked if those second charges could then be dropped so that they could expedite the process however a court ruled that those charges cannot be dropped because they are now part of the court system in thailand right now so it's a waiting game and what we do know is that the delays the entire process victor boot is a former air force officer who claims he is a legitimate businessman but he's a long been suspected of being one of the most notorious and prolific arms dealers
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in the world in supplying arms to different conflict zones around the world in fact he's nicknamed the merchant of death by some now in two thousand and eight in march in bangkok there was a sting operation where u.s. agents posed as far as members to buy arms from him at that point he was arrested but he was arrested in thailand which started this process to have him extradited to the united states the saudis correspond with the investigative journalist down your list julian has interviewed vick to boot entirely and he says that even though further delays could work at boots favor the chances for his legal team to win are quite slim. you have ninety days from the twentieth of august for the united states government to extradite victuals and now with the new charges being put against believe this could actually delay the proceedings because even if the judges rule against the bullet and by all looks it actually they i think they will because today's developments are the core of the judges who are very much against victory
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and finally they agreed to postpone the case where again there is going to be no witnesses just the reading of the decision on the second set of charges of the united states government that said the defense team can theoretically up so that could theoretically actually take it beyond the initial ninety days i talked to my people in the state in the united states who are watching very very carefully they said that a lot of phone calls have been made this morning from the united states to thailand obviously to the prime minister's office and finally in the development which would was brought to court today he was brought of wearing a bulletproof vest and protected by thirty commandos government alleges that the russian government is actually trying to assassinate richard which is if you want to talk about conspiracy theories this one takes the cake i suppose you can goodman from trying day books he's a publisher that specializes in investigative writing he told me that to boot is stuck in a high stakes game and is unlikely to get a fair trial in the u.s. . i think the thailand tiger government is kind of stuck between a rock and
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a hard place obviously they're being played in as just pieces in an international game between russia and america. but they don't want to seem as if they were pressured by america even though they have been that's why they think they're waiting for this whole thing to play out all the way through the courts and of course it was america's own fault for adding keeping extra charges on one sleeve the original charges were deemed by the thai court to be political in nature and there wasn't even a minimal amount of evidence to convict boots on anything but america has promised thailand's fighter jets and cheap oil if the decision goes their way of course so is russia so it's an international high stakes games of international chess then unfortunately victor boot is stuck in the middle of that if victor boot is extradited to america who knows if you'll get a fair trial if he's next great to america and stands trial in america itself i think then. everything will be in public but probably what might happen is that they would like to extradite him but not have them face trial in america but be in
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a prison another country. as they have done with other people so that we don't know the american people don't really know what's going on. brazilians having trouble choosing the next leader despite a push by the outgoing president a lot of his success bill motorists fell just short of becoming the country's first female president in the first round she became favorites on the promise that she'll keep to have previous s's policies the outgoing president known as lou there is widely acclaimed for being the man who made brazil one of the world's biggest and fastest growing economies but tomorrow self will have to face opposition leader justin set to keep the legacy going off these lower list of reports tonight from sao paulo. on the streets of brazil after eight years of this like a miracle because he is. his spirit bring it close to the people people lined up to decide the next chapter of bad luck out i hope that the female candidate
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a woman will make history in my country that is summed up the loudest voice on the streets and in the polls ahead of the elections for a new head of state while many credit the outgoing one lula distilled with starting a silent revolution for the poor. head of election day was heard loud and clear they believe his handpicked successor is the one to continue fighting for and here she is doing the rousseff lula's choice for president a little known bureaucrat his chief of staff who rose up to against the dictatorship when she was young. she promises to lead the country down the same road as her mentor get them what's changed in these last years is in the poor neighborhoods for the lower class because the other governments just pretended to help it's lula brazil's president that brings all of these people into the street it's his name they're screaming but as to whether jill but his successor would be
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able to continue what he started in this country when you talk to people they believe one hundred percent that she is the one what do you want with brazil is going to continue to rise though his confidence has helped popularity some activists familiar with lula's politics past and present aren't convinced record for i think she's going to have some difficulties because dilma doesn't have the same history lula has and in a country that was long a colony and where the years until lead the rich and elite still held the power for some in that world a dilma presidency would be. terrible for me terrible without horizons very sad and black horizons the exhibition was you have to have people with academic culture and not popular culture. in upscale neighborhoods it's the leading opposition candidate who most closely fits that description and appears favored at those polls jose serra is a more conservative choice. so i use a little government has been constantly role he's aligned himself with people who
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are democratic advantage hugo chavez. but in this brazil what you don't see or hear. is the brazil that is in power a world you see now in the favelas this mom's we're looking from it but that's about it's important for you to be able to choose the future of your country once invisible to the world now and able to would not do much but they may have people who before lula had no voice may now continue writing their own songs. loren mr r t so paulo brazil. next tonight questions politicians don't like being raised on the sidelines of a conference of the u.k. coalition governments leading party the conservatives the freedoms owners anxious over the erosion of civil liberties in the country as well as what it sees as the domination of britain by the e.u. he's more emmett's in birmingham where the conference is being held. it is hard to
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imagine a better time. on the fringes of the conservative party conference say this is merely a coincidence really but these people are gathered as we see rising on rest in europe after a summer of relative calm last week we saw huge demonstrations notably in brussels where hundred thousand people gathered. of the european debt crisis island of course as well as in child closer to default as it's been revealed that. banking sector is going to cost almost fifteen billion euros that means that the irish budget deficit is one of the biggest amongst developed economies and ten times what e.u. guidelines are so it's really crunch time for ireland we see this latest round of austerity measures work always looks as if islands may have to go cap in hand to the e.u. and the i.m.f. much as greece had to deal with in such
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a humiliating way and still bit more about that i'm joined by douglas because well he's a member of parliament for the conservative party we're going to talk a little bit. situation what effect will that have on the euro as a whole would you say but i think on a draw the need demonstrates if i may say the folly of having pan-european policies . imposed uniformly across europe on interest. interest rates in the interest of the whole of europe rather than in the interest of the irish economy and the car crash that we see is the consequence the lesson we need to draw from this is that for europe to do well we should not be european policy we should be allowing member states to set policy and what should i say. a lot of good money has been trade off and i suspect. good money will be thrown off the bad and it's still not going to solve the problem i think perhaps the thing to do is to to let some of this bad debt go bad endless public. merely turned
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a private folly into a public liability with castro for consequences if he did option for countries like portugal ireland and spain to just drop out of the year is a well i personally would like to see the euro readjusted to reflect the fact that you know you cannot have i believe monetary union imposed to cross the continent of diverse economies we were told that when we created the euro in the e.u. it would bring about. unification economic unification i don't think this is half and what you've done is it's prevented member states such as portugal italy ireland running their economy in their best interest and something's got to give two plus two does not equal five that you advocate pulling out of the european union that is that really a realistic thing now i believe eventually that we will have an in out referendum on membership and i will campaign for us to withdraw from the e.u. i think the e.u.
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imposes a lot of nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's solutions on. the twenty first century it doesn't really allow us to be competitive we've had ten years of the so-called lisbon agenda it came to nothing we're losing market share we're losing economic competitiveness and the problem with europe is that basically it means that there's not democratic dynamics to have a public policy so in public policy sphere of the public policy sphere europe is not doing as well as it can and should we're losing our dynamism the best way to i think solve this is to amicably withdraw from the e.u. i can't help noticing that countries around the world that's interesting rather well and incidentally getting quite a good market share in europe quite often countries that aren't actually members of the e.u. i think eventually we will have a referendum and i believe those of us who think we would be better off outside the e.u. will win that was douglas caldwell that member of parliament talking at the freedom saying here on the fringes of the conservative party conference in birmingham. and that was laura emmett our european correspondent reporting for us. has been
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whipping up some anti russian sentiment of late so president vet is no trying to clear the air using cyberspace in an online video inventive says the better russian leader is using aggressive talk towards moscow to bolster his presidential election campaign r.t. sarah first took a closer look. and if it is a bloke we can hear president. making specific reference to the election campaign in bellary and saying that it's based almost entirely on entourage and slogans and i should say shouldn't russia's own willingness to provide support and also direct criticisms to the russian leadership itself the person misstated his use his behavior in the past often to deal with the school topics such as this and this time we've heard him using it as over stones to develop russian leadership such as ations and actions recently but his main point being that really rather than making an enemy of russia they'd be much better place to be focusing on their internal issues but if. president lukashenko is entering this not only go beyond any
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diplomatic sent downright indecent he's obviously concerned about a lot of things to our economy russian journalist talking about a russian opposition even what happens to some of our retired and some tire officials the president of the roost it seems should be looking into the interior affairs of his own country such as for instance the multiple disappearances of the russian citizens but it's russia like other countries is concerned over these people and actually this has been described as a feature of batteries in leadership this creation of an external enemy in the public consciousness that the worse in the past this is usually directed at the us on the west in general at this time it seems that russia has become the main target to another thing the person with the dresses in his book he talks about the fact that the better russian people are still considered russia's closest neighbors and that he big good. to see
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a shared culture and he also makes it very clear that despite the tensions the topic recently with things such as the gap between the sun the other russia has provided support both in the past and we. i'm deeply convinced that russia always has and will consider to be the key. his davits neighbors we are united by a known shared history culture common joys and griefs good neighborhood has been the reason we've been helping belarus ever since the fall of the soviet union twenty years ago the scope of our aid effort no matter what people might say has been huge this year alone we've made discounts on those shipments to bella roost worth approximately two billion dollars in total shipments to have been subject to committal concessions the reason we did that was because we sincerely believe that our nations were inseparable this is why i was extremely surprised to see the bill of russian authorities taken up and he russian rhetoric. in the summer thought to be one of the main problems that of course. over
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relations between brother russia and we know that what happened there was bellamy's first thing to cut off transit routes the supply of oil and gas and certain essentially that she was result but it's certainly one of the things that seem to have given rise to the sudden increase in this anti russian with tarik over the overall point the president making this book as he was saying much better rather than making an enemy of russia to be focusing on the problems internally. artie's sara first reporting from moscow and president that is full video blogs on our home page our website r t dot com if you like catch study for interested also online and i were talking about i hate a month from the arctic a massive expedition is heading for the north pole to explore the consequences of climate change there are teams on board as well take my cameras there we've got the porters there updating that blog online constantly you can catch up with it keep up to date with it at our table.
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and for the world news and brief stories now a controversial dutch m.p. known for a strong anti islamic views is going on trial for inciting hatred it stems from a speech the get veiled is made where he compared islam to naziism called for the qur'an to be banned however the court failed to move forward with the cases billed as exercised his right to silence is lawyer also accused the judge of bias and requested a substitution if convicted builders' faces up to the year in prison all of us developing news stories about a toxic waste reservoir in hungary killing two people injuring dozens more three others are missing after red sludge from an aluminum factory flooded two villages it contains high levels of poisonous metals which can cause burns to the skin or night the army has been deployed to try to help rescue people trapped on top of
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their houses. in somalia at least five civilians have been killed in crossfire between pro-government forces and islamic militants in the capital it's the third day of intensifying violence which is so far from twenty lives and left scores wounded militants have been trying to overthrow the u.n. backed government for more three decades three years rather now course it's up there. a russian fighting technique adopted by the k.g.b. has found a new following across the world so much so that the twenty ten hand to hand fight . in world cup finals being held in the night in states for the first time i was up for a challenge a feisty correspondent got into the fighting spirit. for comedian l o louie his sham hand to hand fighting is still new. he mostly does judo and teaches thai boxing but this russian born sport takes the best elements of many fighting pickney. when you think about it it's more real than anything else
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plus has an artistic aspect to it which is you don't get to spend a lot of times on the floor which is boring. and real it is the k.g.b. use this method of fighting it's now tossed to russian special forces and it's a growing sport and with this going international. a program developed by the k.g.b. to this one another try to think because of the k.g.b. guys i mean that's a real deal it's not a game unlike in mixed martial arts russian hand to hand fighting has rules and limitations which newcomers are still getting used to the xan lost the fight against an american compander think. more than enough to win but it's not so bad as long as the girls are happy the boys we like the boys and definitely when they get older i was always curious what's on the mind of the hot and sweaty guy when his on
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the mant maybe girlz meet one of today's winners russian you go out or. you don't think about anything but your next move once you get distracted in anything except the fights you're a down you should never allow the thought that you're losing if you have the slightest that is guaranteed that you will lose an idea which could be applied to any situation in life the president of the hand to hand fighting federation says it's not the kind of sport that's only for the sake of sport but. this sport teaches how to fight. right unlike mixed martial arts you just get out there and punch the other guy as hard as you can it's more about technique did i mention he sham is also a lawyer in the making it's just one day he decided he was going to stand up for himself that russian special forces knew involves gone bad for stuff like that but in this sport it's just hands and feet and it's not just fun to watch actually
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a lot of the moves are pretty useful for itself to fans who are fragile girl like me and christian is going to teach me something something really simple i'm going to be a hands on you ok so you're easier to push for my elbow. and you come with your right you see because on this i can show you how i use my left which is my weak my head and i come back. ok other than. fighting for our team in the state of pennsylvania in a close call every minute with that next leading french a story and tells us about russia's role in today's world politics while the country's so often misunderstood in the west that interview coming right up.
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everyone got out of the core structure of history and humanity is prominent secretary of the french science academy and the woman who predicted the breakup of the soviet union in seventy eight in her book laps of an empire is here with us today by super bowl sure about them called thank you very much my dumbed down course for your time. in your recent book between two walls so you talk about russia can we presume from the title that you think russia still hasn't found its place in the wall media. at the news of sims was looking east was not exactly
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what the looks as is set in russia has made this kind of decision but over the past ten years it's been pursuing two different hearts rather than one which i've been trying to explain is that after the soviet union does integrate into the russian turned to europe because europe did not offer a warm welcome since the beginning of the century russia's foreign policy has been focusing on two directions rather than one on the one hand it focuses on the west while on the other hand because of its geographical position its decided to place itself as an asian country it gives a greater pre-stage and influence in the world it's been pursuing this wallasey for more than ten years now and it's right. to success. in your introduction you raise the question of whether russia should be fear of it do you mean that the imperial russia and the soviet union which you were used to be afraid of are still alive.
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not only in europe the collapse of the soviet union it was not anticipated it happened overnight many countries primarily those who were under soviet influence based in european countries and the countries that used to be part of the soviet union but are now independent states did not understand russia and were afraid of it as eastern european countries have become e.u. members they have showed their fears and passed them on to the e.u. saying that russia used to be an empire so why should it cease being an empire and we trusted now it's in peril past has been forgotten by now people have already understood russia is pursuing its own path through so you don't believe in russia's imperial ambitions just right i don't believe it i'd rather say there is some kind of nostalgia but that's a completely different thing what a country can forget overnight that it used to be a powerful empire but still washing people and specifically those in power of common sense and they understand too well that it's over and it's russia's future
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is not to be an empire but rather to build up its reputation and influence via soft power rather than by force skokie us a little bit what are the main stereotypes russia faces today. russia has the legacy of the soviet union and it will be marked by this stigma for a long time yeltsin sat take as much independence as you can swallow and another day he sat your free get out of here many things about russia were forgotten people forgot that the soviet system was dominating and instilled fear and then got scared of the country that neither the power nor the ability to speak as poignantly with other countries. all this was forgotten and this new russia was not understood as i see it and in your country are people suspicious of russia i don't know what to say to that. your current president nicolas sarkozy said in his election campaign it's
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better to shake hands with bush than with putin who would you shake hands with but . first of all i get along comfortable talking about my president he's changed a great deal he was in love with america it was an example for him he did not know russia is of gary no engine and hungary was affected by the soviet union to a certain extent given by russia has come a long way and he chose russia and i agree with him it's in europe's interest and france's interests. and why has the course changed what is these changes related to realize that dialogue for a european countries the most important thing to build relations with russia he also realized russia was a european country which he didn't understand very well at first he also realized that europe was no longer strong it was falling out of the history of global relations it would have if it was cut from.


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