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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the protests and go your people in the us seem to be taking their hardships less seriously. alleged russian fit to boot is facing charges of fraud and money laundering in a thai court hearing could determine whether he'll be extradited to the us. garbage good or landfills are turning into mountains of trash and city authorities recycling the russian capital.
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and you're watching all the happiness today protests have raged across europe over government austerity measures with populations that they're having to pay for others' mistakes meanwhile americans facing similar struggles have shown very little passion compared to the few who displayed overseas tanks and the europeans are doing better trying to protect their pockets. it's october two thousand and ten and while things aren't looking too good americans and europeans have reacted to the tough times very differently about this story unfortunately you can't tell from this but only with mass struggle can there be a positive development for the benefit of foreigners or for us to try and make sure country maintains their liberty in the freedom that it had in the past. countries across the globe are facing one of the worst economic disasters in recent history fourteen million americans are unemployed one in five people in the united kingdom is living in poverty and more than twenty percent of spain's population can't find
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work more unequal your society gets the more unequal it usually continues to get because when inequality reaches anything like the levels we see in american male the sheer amount of wealth and income in the hands of the very wealthy mean they can begin to buy political parties they can buy whole segments of the house and senate so now world leaders have to decide what to cut and what to keep we've identified substantial savings and in the days and weeks ahead we will continue going through the budget line by line and will identify more than one hundred programs that will be cut or eliminated but it looks like our friends in europe might be one step ahead of us tens of thousands of europeans stormed brussels the location of the headquarters of the european union in response to news participating governments would be fined if they ran up deficits because if they do . especially for countries with debts it would be even more pressure on budget cuts and this means cuts in social area and the public infrastructure and the crisis will end up being paid for by the workers the news that more jobs will be cut
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pensions frozen and wages lowered fired up the masses there are austerity measures going on in europe and the europeans are pushing back really hard the consequence of those is going to be to reduce the european lifestyle but they're they're coming no nowhere close to the absolute destruction of middle class that we're seeing in the united states. so why haven't americans taken to the streets over this country's unsettling economic statistics yes we have the tea partiers and the new wave of progressives who have been rallying in response to the tea partiers but many say these americans seem more concerned with getting their theoretical freedoms back rather than specific benefits like wages and retirement funds like what's happening over in europe so i think americans and europeans are in the street what's kind of very odd is americans are in the street asking for less government help because they've given up on the government and the europeans are in the street asking for more government help because they still believe their situation can be made better by social spending. so what's the solution while many
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say the united states should look at our good friend the united kingdom that's proposed to cut its military spending by one fifth while some americans believe now is not a good time to decrease funding for social programs some say the u.s. is an enormous military budget of five hundred thirty three billion dollars is the only logical place to make a cut but others say even though it might be a good idea it's not going to happen any time soon the problem is that because our politics are corporate owned in the united states going to the defense budget which is mostly outsourced to defense contractors and saying we're going to cut into this is going to happen preassure either our t. washington d.c. american economist richard wolfe says it's the historical decline of left wing movements in the us that means struggling and are left without a voice. it's the decision of the europeans to overcome all of their differences
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their different cultures and languages in a common struggle against these austerity programs i think in europe for the last thirty years you've had a pretty vibrant trade union movement compared to what we have in this country you have active socialist communist and other radical organizations that analyze what's going on in an ongoing way with daily newspapers and daily a media outlets you have an educated population that can see these issues i think american cv issues but have no organized the basis after the long term decline of our labor movement and our left organizations so it's taking longer in the united states to mobilize could we have to organize from scratch these kinds of groupings and unities the europeans could rely on their tradition and put them into play much more quickly the europeans are ahead of us they have a clear vision and they have the organizations that clearly can mobilize millions
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of people in strikes general strikes and manifestations that force the change to put the cost of this crisis on b. capitalist enterprises who are most responsible for producing it for social unrest in europe means it's now decision time for some countries of the euro zone that's according to john redwood the british m.p. and you skeptic gave an interview to arts here with a few version coming your way in the next hour but has a pretty. i think it's up to the current member states of the euro to come to political conclusions democratic conclusions about how much pain individual countries are prepared to put up with to stay in it and whether they can reach a better global settlement within the euro zone which perhaps releases a bit of the tension and pressure on spain and portugal and greece and ireland without completely upset in germany. moscow is the biggest city in continental europe and hence faces huge daily
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challenges over five and a half million tons of waste is produced annually in the capital but only a small portion of it is recycled as artie's reports it's a problem that's not so easy to bury. when alexander and his family moved to their flat ten years ago that you from the thirteenth floor it was so impressive the whole city before them but soon this hump turned into a hill blocking the view of a whole district it became so big they thought it was a new ski resort but instead it turned out to be a mountain of waste but afterward i was shocked i have children someday they'll have cancer as well i will they be able to live here if these mind terms continue growing if nothing is done to nothing or city will be surrounded by them this is how it works first a giant pit is dug in the ground the waste is distributed in isolated layers eventually creating on the surface dock sick water is drained away from hugo and
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gases are taken away by specially designed wipes authorities insist the technology is eco friendly but let's face it it leaves a stinky present for future generations. i've actually walking on top of around thirteen million tons of trash interestingly at the moment the so-called seasonal so well here is off watermelons which people for all weigh them off this time of year trucks come and go every minute while monster bulldozers flattening the waste into where and at the end all of this is going to walk like an ordinary hill just like that green area over there. moscow ennui produces at least five and a half million tons of waste waste which has to be collected and either destroyed recycled or disposed off the street company responsible for that owns two huge pits wheezed burning factories and sorting stations but still it's only able to recycle
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fifteen percent of the waste it collects most of the trash which could be recycled is rude during the transportation to sorting stations garbage trucks press waste to collect more so everything is really mixed together that's why we recycle so little in the end. to prevent two ways to be mixed up in meat and recycle last year the city distributed separate bins illegal in moscow as to sort their garbage as they threw it away but the economic crisis hit and there wasn't enough money to send separate trucks dedicated to picking up just glass blasted or people which were all mixed up anyway so the experiment was trashed this is money which is being thrown away most of the waste which could be reused as lost the whole system needs to be changed or the consequences could be devastating so until the russian capital gets its recycling act together millions of tons of waste will continue to be hidden from sight to be for future generations to deal with tomorrow you've got this kind
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of moscow. still to come this hour and a scape from the vices of life not even a remote schooling craze crimea that's helping hundreds of young people fight drug addiction by taking them back to nature. a thai court to set to consider a second set of charges against alleged russian arms dealer to boot the court earlier rejected their request to have them dropped today his extradition to the u.s. where he's wanted on terrorism related charges any better head of the news agency here in bangkok takes us through the case. america's attempts to get its hands on an alleged russian arms dealer victor boot stalled again on monday criminal courts rejected a request to draw up and second set of charges against the jailed businessman prisoner waiting extradition to the united states monday's hearing was hampered by security related changes in the schedule long closed door meetings of the panel of
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judges and the absence of the russian interpreter whom the courts administered to office simply forgot to invite on tuesday liberal judges will decide on the second extradition request a reasonable stance based on charges of money laundering and fraud without hearing any witnesses from either side but they say without the witness testimony it is not going to be a lengthy second trial return was arrested in thailand in bangkok in march two thousand and eight in a us news on this sting operation problems criminal court initially cleared all charges but enormous this year the appeal court reversed of the ruling paving the way for bhutto to be extradited to the united states but washington is a precautionary gamble filing new charges in case they lost the appeal now stands in the way of the businessman himself who repeatedly denies any wrongdoing and says that the charges against him are politically motivated meanwhile moscow is calling
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for justice and fair trial of a russian citizen on the thai soil. well the wife of victim bhutto believes the u.s. is preparing to force a husband to get the testimony they need it comes as a u.s. aircraft carrier arriving in bangkok for the first time ever he says it's no coincidence oh he was mortally wounded and still moved to that it's quite possible there likes to dine him and just look him up on some craft carrier and force him to give whatever testimony the u.s. wants him to give i think he'll go as hard as it takes to get it and i'm sure everyone understands their plane to fly to do these days starting with chemical sense psychological pressure. goodman he's a publisher specializing in investigative writing he believes vick to boot is stuck in a high stakes game and is unlikely to get a fair trial in the u.s. i think the thailand tiger government is kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place obviously they're being played in as just pieces in an international
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game between russia and america. but they don't want to seem as if they were pressured by america even though they have been that's why i think they're waiting for this whole thing to play out all the way through the courts and of course it was america's own fault for adding keeping extra charges on one sleeve the original charges were deemed by the type word to be political in nature and there wasn't even a minimal amount of evidence to convict them to anything but america has promised thailand's fighter jets and cheap oil if the decision goes their way if he's straight to america and stands trial in america itself i think then. everything will be in public but probably what might happen is that they would like to extradite him but not have a face trial in america but being in a prison another country as they have done with other people so that we don't know the american people don't really know what's going on. meanwhile investigative journalist daniel
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a student has interviewed but to build it in his cell he says thailand serves american interests these are unchartered waters and no one really knows i talk to my people in the state department today in the united states who are watching very very carefully they said that a lot of phone calls have been made from the united states to thailand obviously the prime minister's office and this is another part of the dis delicious irony the thai prime minister will be americans are saying is actually working for the doctor who is actually working for the americans because he's not only is a british born but he also holds british passport which means he's obviously subservient to the british or american interests. but i have a look now at some other news making headlines around the world this hour. chile's president claims that the fifty three miners trapped underground for two months rescue less than nine experts from around the world have been helping to dig escape charge through them all of them had actually. been to christmas meanwhile members of the mining nubian held a protest in the region demanding to be paid as work at the site since the mines
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perhaps again. we in vatican has criticised the awarding of the nobel prize for medicine to british test tube baby prime then robert edwards a spokesman said the decision to ignore the ethical questions of the treatment was well controversial religious groups procedure has helped millions of infertile couples have children every year around three hundred thousand babies are born worldwide to help a party. and waves of red sludge swept through western hundred killing two and injuring dozens more towns were hit by the toxic reservoir the million. story deadly swallowed this kid plays. what has been described as healing for both body and mind a school in ukraine's crimea has found the recipe for helping troubled youths kick
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drug addiction and get their lives back on track. report. a look see from ukraine's crimea enjoys his new life gathering honey is one of his favorite hobbies this man now finds it hard to believe but less than a year ago she was barely alive alexy was a drug addict until france told him of a special school tucked away deep in the crimean mountains. the first to feed for my health if you stop taking drugs people are to school to be good. give me some pills i came here and saw these peels. water and a natural environment cold water every day and this is better than any medication we enjoy this life with nature around us without drugs but it would probably be opened in the mid nine hundred ninety s. the dragon tiger school became the first of its kind in ukraine over the past decade it has helped several hundred young people to escape from drug addiction its
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director says they use only natural methods to bring you with back to a normal life but they're up with go to work a bit of that but the main mission of the school is to bring man back to nature of humanity departed from nature and started stagnating integrate youth with basic elements like earth wind water and fire we want them to live just like our ancestors lived respecting the good of nature and completely self-sufficient. at first glance the school looks like a buddhist monastery watching the physical exercises which students do they look more like martial arts. and one corner of the school's grounds leaves almost no doubt about its assonance this is the spiritual heart of the school a piece of meteorite sits on a buddhist peristyle and this is where students recharge their energy as well as marking the birth of each day with a ring of a bell. morrison says that his school has
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no religious element whatsoever she says in a fight against inner chaos all faiths can offer good solutions the school provides diverse means of self reconstruction regardless of a person's religious conviction if yours is your product. we've got both physical practice and spiritual exercises we develop both body and soul if we want to students to understand that their fate is in their own hands so we also educate them we have an extensive library and we do translations of historic books. from just several followers in the mid ninety's the dragon tiger school has now more than two hundred students it is not financed by the state but its director says there are enough benefactors to aid their cause the cause which he describes as a natural nonviolent healing of society alexy rasho ski odyssey reporting from ukraine's crimea. and a reminder there is much more on our website at r.t.
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dot com videos features blogs and a lot more as a look at what might catch your eye right now online with the quest to find the mascot for the two thousand and fourteen century the knicks one under way to look at some of the colorful some. of the. just mind reading web browsers see what the future holds with search engines that mean what you want you do have a look at our team talk. kareena will join us with all the latest business news in a few minutes. the. writer
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. from studio. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a shelter on the day. hello and welcome to our business program this hour food prices continue to drive up
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inflation up for the summer drought it reached zero point eight percent in september pushing the annual inflation rate to seven percent so far there are concerns that consumer prices will grow above official forecast this year and september growth was driven mainly by food prices in particular this relates to buckwheat and eggs price of eggs jumped around thirty percent in more than fifty russian regions. turning to kinds is now a slightly high against the dollar but is dipped against the euro these strong oil prices supporting the ruble but has not driven it much higher have a pullback of h.s.b.c. expects the russian currency to remain stable in the near term. the market was a little bit spooked by some of the trade in the balance of payments data which came out of russia and helped push the ruble a little bit lower but that said we think it's going to trade relatively stable versus the basket at least for the next the next few months will really come to realize over the last few months is that you know the euro was excessively sold by
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the market particularly back in may and i think we've come to realize that that was a bit too excessive and that's been unwinding and why the year was partly holding up is because by default it's not by merit like you say there's a lot of bad things going on in the eurozone and i think really you have to say to yourself that the fed is on the cusp of doing more quantitative easing but the e.c.b. is not going to and that's again the key reason why the euro is holding up reasonably well at present. now russia calling the international investment form of d.t.b. capital is just about to start here in moscow with top officials and business representatives taking part now all correspondents are lawless farley has more. we're here at the second day to be capital investment for where it's being held under the slogan russia calling about basically sums up the most so it's history day event is focused on bringing together russian and international business leaders government officials and executives in trying to provoke dialogue in that
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way to try to encourage foreign investment into russia also in of course improve investment here and cooperation so now i'd like to cross now as you dominic's to receive here is the president of the new york stock exchange here i next like you very much for joining us here now we did speak last time saying things like international economic forum and i welcome back came out of moscow much like snow was was has happened since we last spoke in terms of developing that cooperation intense new york stock exchange also here in russia yes indeed we were in some for this role in the we've been required to be back in there in moscow russia is very important for our group of us took a change in their way here just to continue the discussion that we had a few months ago on how we could partner and collaborate on different aspects to help or information contrary to raise capital outside or to participate if possible in the most financial center of construction or to partner with. technical centers
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know what reason well russian companies that have to list in london roles are going to consent to hear it or to me or we don't see that exactly this way i think it's a matter of choice right so one thing sure to boost the. economy growth and create jobs. in company we need to raise capital in the domestic market and outside and what we're trying to do is put there for them a choice and we think we are then you have a choice for listing whether it is it in the u.s. if they choose to do that or if they want to list in europe they can do that we just open up to keep the change in london and they will access the biggest pool of liquidity which is our market. so it's a matter of choice. do you think that this new exchange will be a competitor to the chinese wants to just see now that lots of russian companies are going to the emerging economies such as the successor of the. same thing that to what i told you we don't see where you see that completion no evolution complain
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he needs to raise capital and that's going to be trying to use all of the area that's what they will go into a centurion there. is no recourse to new york indemnify neutral center but more connection with the european business that's what they could be a choice between to mentor europe as well. now let's take a look at how the markets are performing asian markets and makes this our japan start jumped up the bank of japan cut its benchmark interest rate and pledged to expand its balance sheet by sixty billion dollars to shore up the nation's slowing economic recovery hong kong shares are trading points one percent lower at this at this hour and here in moscow both the r.t.s. and allies except trading lower on tuesday most of the blue chips are in the red in morning sessions bucking the trend our gas from as to pare back trading less than half a percent. russia's third largest steelmaker no well if it's the expectations for
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second quarter results that took its profits from january to june to five hundred nineteen million dollars after a loss in the same period of two thousand and nine stronger steel prices boosted the company's performance but it's warning that third quarter profits will be weak . but the second largest mobile phone operator vocal call is to merge its assets with an egyptian company it will acquire one hundred percent of italian mobile company when only just over fifty percent of egypt or us called the owner of that. will in turn get a twenty percent stake if it will come along with one point eight billion dollars in cash. and that's your update for now and a following program will bring you coverage of the international investment forum organized by the t.v. capital meanwhile you can take a look at our website dot com slash but that's from last.
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