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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2010 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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much brighter than if you moved from funds to parachute.
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stocks on t.v. don't comb. the u.s. sees a spike it islamophobia rhetoric and hate crimes american side the first straight up by now nick hardships is also led by racial tensions. european parliament's divided over washington's demands to provide more personal data of the e.u. citizens and a bid to root out the potential terrorists traveling to the u.s. . now look at how one ground breaking news coverage a russian clinic is now saving lives and giving hope to children with leukemia.
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coming to live from moscow ninety and here in marina josh welcome to the program now for years the united states was the biggest preacher of tolerance in the world and it was justly proud of its melting pot of nationalities living side by side was a little conflict but it seems that it isn't true anymore with a fresh wave of xenophobia sweeping through the country very important has more. america is supposed to be a nation of tolerance. but bleeding through her stars and stripes. and ugliness incapable of masking protests against the construction of new mosques illegal immigration and economic reform point to a fear and frustration. an emotional climate experts say where many americans are swapping patriotism for nationalism definitely is a phobia it's a fear of the other zina phobia is defined as an unknown reasonable fear or hatred
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of the unfamiliar especially people of other race or religion muslim associated with bill that's everybody knows the no fly list has ninety nine names most of them sorry sacks created what he calls mobile art aviation a missile decorated with signs equating islam to terrorism at the front a mannequin dressed as an arab there is no display there is no sex drives this display all over new york this. is the out of ramadan is the executive director of the council of american islamic relations his new york office repeatedly receives hate mail like this picture of a burning korans there's been a spike an obvious spike. hate crimes and islamophobia and attacks on mosques throughout the country from temecula california to sheboygan
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wisconsin to tennessee for the planned qur'an burning on nine eleven these are our crimes that are motivated by. hate or intolerance or bigotry a rage that amnesty international believes is being exploited not tempered by politicians all across america now she is going to have the right to put out a. shyne actually had a class from zuma in washington would never accept the japanese going to show you next to pearl harbor was no reason for us to show to a mosque that's true trade center that tea parties around the country frustrations over taxes and joblessness are aimed more directly at us president barack obama this is all you can look you know what i don't know what the oath is i cannot make up what the president is but the reason to suspect it is because you're talking like what stop talking like that. according to the f.b.i. obama has garnered more death threats than any other american president in the us
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immigrants have also become the other arrested and detained in arizona beaten and bruised in new york where racial tensions have erupted in some low income neighborhoods unfortunately most of the attacks most restricted by blacks against mexicans violence many attribute to the struggling u.s. economy if you're a mexican immigrant right and people think that you're a threat maybe third job or something like that they're going through a saw in one basket that's the bottom line anything who looks different all the sudden becomes bad an alarming downturn in america's mood it clearly illustrates how frustrated and divided public but this leaves many hosking if the land founded on freedom is becoming a land and soon i hate. fortnight artsy new york. watching r.t. live from moscow and we've got plenty more to come this hour including life on the line we assess what the future holds for the alleged gun runner
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a victor borge was banged up in bangkok and why his family fears for his life plus . the commonwealth games are supposed to show that he's a rival who has a world class city in this new all the dog there is no place for the city slums no wonder then that the decision that these boards will help project the best piece of the city family. what's hidden behind the fake faceless union capital received before arrival of the commonwealth games. anger is growing in europe about a new washington data sharing demands in a move to stop potential terrorists from answering the u.s. the requirements include fingerprints d.n.a. samples and cross border payments data considered by manning is private and sansa tip travelers from countries refusing to share of the information will have to apply for a visa to enter the united states however some e.u. states like austria and germany have already agreed to hand over the personal data over to citizens in june the e.u.
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and the united states signed a so-called swift deal giving american government officials access to all bank transactions with a new or have a lichtenberg or an austrian politician and a member of the european parliament says there are no guarantees that the data won't be misused if provided. so the requirements for data protection in europe not make it like they should be every time when it comes to terror and prevention of terror and measures and collaboration between states between the united states and european states then we have this big big problem that. the same requirements that for us in europe are normal cannot be met within the usa so this is an ongoing debate in lots of issues it's not only swift it's also appear now to pass
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a passengers. that are collected when one is flying overseas so we have a. problem that the us except expects us to adapt to their standards but it's very difficult to convince them that they should all to adapt to ours concerning especially data protection there is no selection of critical data it's mass state which is transferred. coding to a certain days or certain. countries but it's not differentiated we have to collaborate that's clear if there is a clear. case about some people about some transfers then we really have to go for it but if it is mass state that proves processed this can be misused and we
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really have difficulties to control which you the us makes of the data that they get we still. see member states that are reluctant to agree to that because they seem to have not the same rights on the other side of the atlantic firstly and secondly the structure of the databases in the us and in europe is very diverse. well another member of the european parliament roger helmer says the e.u. is going to see more unrest due to divisions within it and you can catch the four interview with the british politician next hour but here is a quick preview. i could see a long period all quite serious process rest but the political and broader economic questions are really very interesting we're seeing that the german people are becoming extremely reluctant to be the bankers of last resort for the euro zone germans who retire at sixty five don't want to keep paying
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money to greece where they retire at fifty eight in order to maintain a mediterranean lifestyle so these deep unhappiness. i think comes down to the issue of the euro currency the euro skeptics of the. euro the euro currency couldn't work because you had disparate economies with different economic cycles they called to have the same monetary policy of the what we call to have the same currency and frankly fall out of ten years as the euro seemed to work sort of all right and people say well you predicted all these disasters nothing's going wrong well now it has and this is exactly what we expected. alleged russian gun runner victor borge is awaiting a decision on his extradition from thailand to the us some media reports suggest it could be just a matter of days and with an american aircraft carrier docked in a local poor books relatives fear for his future ria novosti is bangkok bureau
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chief again a bell and he has the details. as a thai court ruling clears the way for victor boots possible extradition to the united states of america the relatives and lawyers here for his life roots wife believes that washington is planning to force a confession out of him stumbled into that it's quite possible there are links to dine him and just look him up on some eve craft carrier and force him to give whatever testimony the u.s. one seem to give i think he'll go as far as it takes to get it and i'm sure everyone understands there are plaintiff ways to do these days starting with chemical sense psychological pressure and we know that there is an american aircraft carrier the u.s.s. george washington and a port in the type or near bangkok right now and it is probably there standing by to take the trouble to await the boots case is being looked into while there's a u.s. aircraft carrier anchored right beside it but time i don't know if this was done
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deliberately to pressurize the thai court but i think that fact alone leaves you asking questions what's certain is that america is desperate to get its hands on the man played call the merchant of death but many question the reasons behind the intense pressure some believe influential officials in washington want him in jail to justify the millions of dollars of taxpayers' money that went into seven years of the chase stand and do the seemingly elaborate sting operation that landed the russian businessman in a tight courtroom move slowly or a lot can you throughout the week who receive the part of his education in america has previously spoken about of the injustice that would occur if the extradition takes place everything i was taught about justice many years ago in new york seems to be totally forgotten by the american side in this case i believe that victor boot has no chance of a fair trial in the united states said the lawyer in an interview last year and
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fabricate. evidence is also a major concern for those unconvinced that america would come docked at fair hearing if. but it's then i think that if mr bush were to stand trial in a u.s. court this case would be used to discredit russian arms exports in general we know that the u.s. competes with russia on the global weapons market as we know the competition isn't always fair we all remember the sanctions that were introduced against russian companies. as being unjust of us in other words we know the u.s. is prone to manipulate information and i think that would give the u.s. an opportunity to resort to those methods yet again. speculation butties a bargaining chip to secure a supply of fighter jets and the cheap american oil if his extradited the russian businessman repeatedly. and says charges against him are politically motivated
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he's also determined to keep fighting on tuesday judges dismissed of the new charges of money laundering and fraud which means that now he can be extradited on the previous charges of an alleged conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens and material support of terrorism. documentary filmmaker danny schechter believes victor blitz case is being used to demonize russia. there are many who don't recognize that the soviet union is gone and that the new russia is not the old soviet union but we need an enemy in their view and russia is just as good as any other and the idea that somehow boo you know can be the magic man that the person who is lurking to smear in the james bond movie sense you know the . organisation of organisations that so secret we don't know anything about it it also seems to play well in the media because the more information that can be
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offered often without any evidence the better the story is in the case of blood here's a guy who's been accused and now is basically supposedly going to be extradited to the united states the mastermind the merchant of death all the labels have already been affixed to him but it's really unclear if there will be any extradition because russia sees this as an effort to demonize a russia and i think there's a case to be made here. and we've got lots more for you on our website r.t. dot com and here is a look at some of what my catch your eye right now. going back to nature to get clean to take a look at a school tucked away in the mountains of ukraine's crimea the teachers drug addicts how to kick the habit using the power of eastern spirituality. and want to dump the water brushes capital is doing with millions of tons of rubbish
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after a recycling push didn't go why displaying all this and more at our dot com. the largest sporting event ever to have taken place in india kicked off this week billions have been spent on staging the commonwealth games the president of the international olympic committee says the nation set a solid foundation for a future olympics a bit but it's current saying finds out everything's not quite as good as the authorities would have you believe. across the early boards showcasing the commonwealth games have sprung up trying to hide the city's poverty but these haven't been entirely successful here in boston for the heart of the slum is still visible most of its two thousand residents are not surprised by the action a lot of the government considers us dirty it could give us
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a lot to relocate who'd have thunk them instead to hide just to put a curtain up as if we're dirty and shouldn't be seen our politicians take their votes but they stay in says the commonwealth games are supposed to showcase delis arrival as a world class city in this new avatar there is no place for the city slums no wonder then that even the station feels that these boards will help project the best face of the city pushing away the reality that me exist behind them people in the slum now have to circle around the whole barricade to fetch water from the other side children to have to squeeze themselves in and out through the gaps to avoid the longer new roof is another there's no water here this is the biggest problem for us there used to be one town close by but that has been shut so we have to walk to get water from far away the government has spent at least four point six billion dollars on upgrading infrastructure for the games yet slum residents such as rugby davey and her family believe this development has bypassed the. if the
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government had provided some amenities for us even to proper houses for us to live in we would have been grateful or they could have opened a school in the slum provided us with drinking water. when the government the games and the books. but for the slum residents life will continue to be for their. life improving changes are needed not sure. got in seeing. that look now at some of the stories from around the world and a cleanup operations underway in western hungry after weeks of toxic sludge swept through the area killing four and one thing over one hundred the delusion of red colored slurry was unleashed when a reservoir and a woman a plant burst rescue workers are fighting to prevent the sludge from reaching the river danube the authorities of call that an ecological disaster. in
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southwest pakistan government set lie to aid nato oil tankers and shot a driver of a supply convoy heading for afghanistan it's the latest strike against fuel shipments is pakistan shot a key border crossing last week it took the action after a nato helicopter attack inside its territory killed three pakistani soldiers in the strikes on the supply routes are straining already tense relations between washington. joint you and congolese forces have arrested a rebel commander accused of orchestrating mass rapes in the east of the democratic republic of the congo lieutenant colonel male is why out of the suspected leaders of an attachment that rapes some two hundred fifty women and while a kale area this summer now used to be a disease that very few children survive but thanks to a breakthrough by a pioneering clinic in russia seventy percent of young sufferers of leukemia now make a full recovery sarah ferguson looks at the first success story. kareena is seven
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years old but if it hadn't been for a pioneering new treatment she wouldn't have even seen her first birthday. she was a model for star development a strange new rash at first we thought it was malaria then we found was an infant leukemia. dance of care at the forecast wasn't good she was treated here actually catherine berg regional children's hospital both doctors and patients unaware at the time that they were on the verge of a breakthrough. on her disease anymore by their grace of him with therapy we decided to use of the. all ground survey to. be kimi thrice in image your blood cells and trans regional acid which is better known as vessel no eight forces those cells to develop stopping the league kenya from spreading although not
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a new treatment it only ever been used on adults before. once we start the new treatment green i started to wonder when we got the news we'd been prayed for that she was badgered. this new treatment combining both s. annoyed and chemotherapy was so successful it even surprised the doctors and has been prescribed to many other patients sense with encouraging results advances in treatment here in the hospital have been like market now have a much better chance of recovery just twenty years to gauge drugs to treat an well harder to come by in russia they correct use of little known and survival rate was below ten percent now with the survival rate is seventy percent pediatric oncology has made tremendous progress we found their results so wooed their greek and introduce it to the world but she is also working very closely with
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countries such as germany to develop their. expertise and helping to share the knowledge and experience they gave corrina a second chance school the one most important thing for parents when things like this happen is to be patient you really can't give up. and that can spread globally countries may not agree on many things but when it comes to battling cancer they find a common voice that means clam breaking discoveries like this can save children's lives around the world so if r.t. you catch you invoke. or that brings us up today here in to remember there for more you can always turn to our web site r.t. dot com right now they're all let's take a look at what's happening in business with kareena. has twenty past nine am here in moscow welcome to business and good to have you with us the international investment forum a bit of
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a capital russia calling is currently underway in moscow you bend aimed at bringing in foreign investment capital to the russian market has attracted more than forty speakers they share views and ideas and panel discussions and think the recession will bring you the latest comments and reaction throughout the day. the problem is asia russia's largest state companies could slow or could go slower than the head of the t.v. bank has told r.t. how the course of the speaks about the company's move into a new insurance. we do have entrance company but i agree that the. business doesn't play a very important role in group yes we have plans to expand as maybe putting some position emerge or some other companies but we'll are working on the on additional . in this area i think we will strengthen our management team that. we will
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we will definitely invest more in this activity as we feel this is. related business to the banking teacher and so will be very much interested in c.s. as one of the major businesses of the group if you can just move towards. other plans for the bank to uproot and do you so that the conditions are favorable at the moment so i think. we change the look at our strategy here that besides the large warnings we should. organize it on the national markets we also will focus on the specific come to the more we like we did in singapore. probably some other countries that we did the one in switzerland it will help us to get the best price for these so we'll continue to come by these larger international issues with us in the mess the currency issues maybe in south pacific no one third the area i'd
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like to touch upon is the privatization of business what timescale to me would give us the when the government will hand over control in the meter and the government will keep the controlling stake in this link but it's but i mean ideologically there's no restriction so sooner or later the government will be ready to go below this i think that that will not happen within the next let's say a three year. perspective i don't think it is feasible not only because of pollution the government but mainly because i'm afraid that given the markets will not digest this. and less. and same with the forum vice president of the private sector and world bank group speaks about the challenges that emerging markets are facing. the challenges so i think it is the the financial crisis has. required countries to be
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positioned for the actual sense right so. the cities like. signal. see potential. for. look at how the markets are performing the asian stock markets close solid gains on wednesday japan's nikkei is trading more than seventy percent higher markets are lifted by gold miners as the price of gold hits tool time highs. new crest mining is over is up over three percent capacity so metal mining is up over five and hong kong listed in mining tax two point eight percent. here in russia markets will open in an hour here you see today's closing figures just finished up one point seven percent higher while the miles it's gained a sixth of a percent all the major blueshift finished in positive territory. russia could
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become a member of the world trade organization before the end of two thousand and eleven says chief russian negotiator. to complete the process we have to first have to complete over market access to negotiations technically i believe to development to a source of documents its terms of access to the services market in terms of access to us as much market so called skills of concessions social benefits. to us what was very important to get an ability to look to the supreme you know decision making process in the government and also to be engaged in trade negotiations for market access reach from time to time that. well field drilling companies are swapping. international. the global leader in oil field services
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or measure to sell its drilling rigs and operations. division eurasia is now the largest independent of. the deal with the global trend of oil companies spinning off their well fields. that's all i have for you at the moment but you can always log on to our website. that's what. you're.


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