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president. bay which resembles a beach resort. taj mahal hotel charges the cement hotel. hotel. the meridian alina the judge the hotels church in new delhi hotel. eighty hoto clearing collections ramada plaza. maidens hotel. park plaza render since she was punished but they promise. indonesia she's available in hotels coming down the resort and spa. resort and spa boni come on come down upon the remote have been turned on. spawn sunday and be choto the wisdom result use of doing something so if you tell someone
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the. resort and spa the ritz hotel ground many as you call it a hotel full seasons hotel the sultan who took on. the ledge the russian gun run of victor boot fights us attempts to get him extradited from thailand his lawyers plan to appeal any court decision that would see him shipped out also. we can't allow ourselves to be out communicated by our enemies a major us media psalms the along over international broadcasters saying bad beating america is mainstream in the battle for the hearts and minds of the world. and i'm fresh he west of data sharing critics say america is imposing on posts will proceed under the pretense of fighting terrorism. and in business the international
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investment for more to be capital is underway in moscow the event is aimed at bringing in foreign investment capital to the russian markets and business today we'll be bringing you the latest from the band one day. live from moscow this is auntie welcome to the program thailand says it's moving closer to a decision on whether alleged russian guns smuggle a victim boot should be extradited to the u.s. the country's prime minister said the hand of a period could last more than three months if it's deemed necessary boots will remain in jail until his legal team appeals the latest verdict ria novosti is bangkok bureau chief you have is in thailand with developments. as a thai court ruling clears the way for victor woods possible extradition to the
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united states of america his relatives and lawyers fear for his life roots wife believes that washington is planning to force a confession out of him stumble because it's quite possible they're like sudan team and just look him up on some aircraft carrier and force him to give whatever testimony the u.s. wants him to give i think they'll go as far as it takes to get it and i'm sure everyone understands there are plaintiff ways to do it these days starting with chemical sense psychological pressure and we know that there is an american aircraft carrier the u.s.s. george washington and a port in a type or near bangkok right now and it is probably there standing by to take that tribute away. boots case is being looked into while there's a u.s. aircraft carrier anchored right beside it but time i don't know if this was done deliberately to pressurize the thai court but i think that fact alone leaves you asking questions what certainly is that america is desperate to get its hands on
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the man they call the merchant of death but many question the reasons behind the intense pressure some believe influential officials in washington want him in jail to justify the millions of dollars of taxpayers' money that went into seven years of the tributes che's hand and to the seemingly elaborate sting operation that landed the russian businessman in a thai courtroom move slowly or a lot can you throughout the week who receive the part of his education in america has previously spoken about of the injustices that would occur if the extradition takes place everything i was taught about justice many years ago in new york seems to be totally forgotten by the american side in this case i believe that victor boot has no chance of a fair trial in the united states said the lawyer in an interview last year and fabricated evan. is also a major concern for those unconvinced that america would conduct
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a fair hearing. but it's i think that if mr booth were to stand trial in a u.s. court this case would be used to discredit russian arms exports in general we know that the u.s. competes with russia on the global weapons market and we know the competition isn't always fair we all remember the sanctions that were introduced against russian companies and then revoked as being unjustified in other words we know the u.s. is prone to manipulate information and i think the boot case would give the u.s. an opportunity to resort to those methods yet again. there's. speculation but he's a bargaining chip to secure a supply of fighter jets and the cheap american oil if his extradited to the russian businessman repeatedly denies it. and says charges against him are politically motivated he's also determined to keep fighting on tuesday judge has dismissed the new charges of money laundering and fraud which means that now he can
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be extradited on the previous charges of an alleged conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens and material support of terrorism. u.s. documentary filmmaker danny schechter believes that victim case is being used to maintain cold war era stereotypes about russia. there are many who don't recognize that the soviet union is gone and that the new russia is not the old soviet union but we need an enemy in their view and russia is just as good as any other and the idea that somehow bull you know can be the magic man the jeans the person who is lurking to smear shit and the james bond movie sense you know the. organisation of organisations that so secret we don't know anything about it it also seems to play well in the media because the more information that can be offered often without any evidence the better the story is in the case of blood here's
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a guy who's been accused and now basically supposedly going to be extradited to the united states the mastermind the merchant of death all the labels have already been affixed to him but it's really unclear if there will be any extradition because russia sees this as an effort to demonize a russian and i think there's a case to be made here the organization which oversees the u.s. media directed at foreign audiences says it needs new tools to fight enemies the broadcasting board of governors which is sponsored by the us government wants to confront iran's press t.v. china is c.c.t.v. and. we can't allow ourselves to be out communicated by our enemies there is that freedom house report that reveals that today's autocratic leaders are investing billions of dollars in media resources to influence the global economy and you've got russia today iran's press t.v.
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venezuela's tell us and of course china is a lodging international broadcasting twenty four hour news channels correspondents around the world well earlier i spoke to you political commentator peter lavelle who thinks the chairman statement puts him beyond the real journalism. the south a city in conflict c.n.n. took the side voice of america took the side of georgia iran two thousand and three the drive to war i mean this is nothing to do with journalism it's about soft power and pushing the american foreign policy agenda and it looks like the chairman is a little worried that the world isn't believing him or his organizations any more. ok but how do you react to the chair referring to russia as an enemy because walter isaacson says we cannot allow ourselves to be out communicated by our enemies now isn't this ruining his mission statement of reporting news are not creating enemies
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i guess he doesn't have anything to do with journalism because that's what we're supposed to do is journalist is give you facts maybe give you perspective but he's making it sound like it's just a media war and he treats everyone that is his competitor in a competitor of the united states as an enemy he says that clear out twenty years after the end of the cold war one has to wonder who's who in taliban has changed and who hasn't stayed and it's really remarkable but i'm not surprised at the same time if we do if we just step back for a moment and look at the broader scope i mean if you were really want to put this all together why would he make such comments because he we have a depressed economy in the united states will probably be a double dip and there are priorities and he's worried about losing budgets he's got he's from c.n.n. time magazine and he's saying look at our competitors are pouring money into soft power they're pouring money into alternative journalism they're pouring money into the truth i would say and they're afraid that you know their organizations and i get the word out anymore they need to keep fighting cold wars and they're afraid
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that because we won't. and while american media is looking for enemies outside on the inside of the country it's facing a spike of racial hatred. if you're a mexican immigrant right and people think that you're a threat maybe turn job or something like that they want to throw us on one basket anything who looks different all the sudden becomes bad muslims and mexicans alike facing xenophobia in their everyday lives. also life behind the billboards the indian capital gets some cosmetic surgery to fool tourists in town for the commonwealth games. well new data sharing demands from washington are causing anger across europe the u.s. wants fingerprints d.n.a. samples banking details and other private and sensitive information the u.s. says it just wants to stop potential terrorists from entering the country travelers from the states are refusing to share the information will now have to apply for an
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american visa e.u. countries like austria and germany have already agreed to hand over their personal data of citizens in june the e.u. and the united states in their so-called swift deal now gives american officials access to all bank transactions within europe aver lichtenberg an austrian politician and member of the european parliament says there are no guarantees the data when the missing six. every time when it comes to terror and prevention of terror and measures and collaboration between states between the united states and european states then we have this big big problem that. the same requirements that for us in europe are normal cannot be met within the usa so this is an ongoing debate in lots of
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issues in the us except expect us to adapt to their standards but it's very difficult to convince them that they should alter two hours concerning especially data protection we have to collaborate that's clear if there's a clear. case about some people about some transfers then we really have to go for it but if it is mass state out that spreads processed this can be misused and we really have difficulties to control which you the u.s. makes of the data that they get we still. see member states are reluctant to agree to that because they seem to have not the same rights on the other side of the atlantic firstly and secondly the structure of the database is indeed u.s. and in europe is very diverse for years the united states was the biggest preacher
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of tolerance in the world but contemporary us society is losing its reputation as a free and open one xenophobia and nationalistic hate against minorities including islamophobia on the rise. america. but believing through her stars and stripes. and ugliness incapable of masking protests against the construction of new mosques illegal immigration and economic reform point to a fear and frustration. and emotional climate experts say where many americans are swapping patriotism for nationalism definitely
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is a phobia it's a fear of the other zina phobia is defined as an unreasonable fear or hatred of the unfamiliar especially people of other race or religion muslim associated with bill that's everybody knows the no fly list has ninety nine names most of them sorry sacks created what he calls mobile art aviation a missile decorated with signs equating islam to terrorism at the front a mannequin dressed as an arab there is no display there is no more sex drives this display all over new york this. is the out of ramadan is the executive director of the council of american islamic relations his new york office repeatedly receives hate mail like this picture of a burning korans there's been a spike and obvious by. hate crimes and islamophobia correct and attacks on mosques throughout the country from temecula california to
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sheboygan wisconsin to tennessee these are our crimes that are motivated by. hate or intolerance or bigotry a rage that amnesty international believes is being exploited not tempered by politicians all across america and now she's going to have the right to put up a sign next to the holocaust museum in washington would never accept the japanese are going to have to say you can still call hardware. i there's no reason for us to show to moscow actually were afraid something that tea parties around the country frustrations over taxes and joblessness are aimed more directly at us president barack obama this ago you could be able to slip you know what i don't know what the world is i cannot make up what the president is but the reason to suspect it is because you're talking like what stop talking like that. according to the f.b.i.
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obama has garnered more death threats than any other american president in the us immigrants have also become the other arrested and detained in arizona beaten and bruised in new york where racial tensions have erupted in some low income neighborhoods unfortunately most of the attacks most recently have been by blacks against mexican violence many attribute to the struggling u.s. economy if you're a mexican immigrant right and people think that you're a threat maybe to a job or something like that they're going to throw a saw in one basket that's the bottom line anything who looks different all the sudden becomes bad and alarming downturn in america's mood clearly illustrates how frustrated and divided public but this leaves many hosking the land founded on freedom is becoming a land and soon i hate. fortnight party new york. we are coming to you live from the russian capital this is our up soon miracle breakthrough find
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out how doctors and russia have given hope to children fighting a deadly disease. to live through the streets of moscow with russia's moonbuggy team as it wraps for the international nonstop moonbuggy competition leaders hope that once the moon dust settles a little prototype will lead to judd advances for mankind find out whether young russian scientists have succeeded in building a brand new method of exploring the moon. the commonwealth games in new delhi is supposed to. india's moment to show off its rapidly rising wealth the president of the international olympic committee says the nations set a solid foundation for a future olympics bid but the capital is putting on a fake front of bright billboards to hide the poverty of shanty homes charan singh reports across the early boards showcasing the commonwealth games have sprung up trying to hide the city's poverty but these haven't been entirely successful here
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investment the heart of the slum is still visible most of its two thousand residents are not surprised by the action a lot of the government considers us dirty it could give us land to relocate who'd have thunk them instead to hide just to put a curtain up as if we're dirty and shouldn't be seen our politicians take your votes but they stay in palaces the commonwealth games are supposed to showcase delis arrival as a world class city in this new avatar there is no place for the city slums no wonder then that even the station feels that these boards will help project the best face of the city wishing away the reality that me exist behind them people in the slum now have to circle around the whole barricade to fetch water from the other side children to have to squeeze themselves in and out through the gaps to avoid the longer new route is another there's no water here this is the biggest problem for us there used to be one town close by but there's been shut so we have to walk to get water from far away the government has spent at least four point six
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billion dollars on upgrading delis infrastructure for the games yet slum residents such as run the d.v. and her family believe this development has bypassed the. if the government had provided some amenities for us even to proper houses for us to live in we would have been grateful or they could have opened a school in the slum or provided us with drinking water. when the commonwealth games end the birds will come down but for the only slum residents life will continue to be tough for them long term life improving changes are needed not short term cosmetic ones got and saying r t you barely. it used to be a disease that very few children survived but now hopes of a full recovery have become a reality for young leukemia patients around the world and it's all thanks to a breakthrough treatment developed in a pioneering clinic in russia as your girls. kareena is seven years old but if it
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hadn't been for a pioneering new treatment she wouldn't have even seen her first birthday. she was a model when she started developing a strange new rash at first we thought it was malaria then we found it was an infant leukemia was prudent dense of care of the forecast wasn't good she was treated here actually catherine berg regional children's hospital both doctors and patients unaware at the time that they were on the verge of a breakthrough. and so on her disease anymore they're aggressive him with therapy we decided to use of the. all ground survey to. be kimi thrice in in the chilled blood cells and trans regional acid which is better known as vessel no eight forces those cells to develop stopping the league kenya from spreading although not a new treatment ever been used on adults before. once we start the
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new treatment green are starting to wonder we got the news we've been prayed for that she was badgered. this new treatment combining both s. annoyed and chemotherapy was so successful it even surprised the doctors and has been prescribed to many other patients sense with encouraging results advances in treatment here at the hospital have been like market now have a much better chance of recovery just twenty years ago a drugs to treatment well harder to come by in russia correct uses little nine and the survival rate was below ten percent now with the survival rate is seventy percent pediatric oncology has made tremendous progress. there. so good that we can introduce it to the world but she is also working very closely with countries such as germany to develop their. expertise and hating to share the
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knowledge and experience they gave corrina a second chance. the one most important thing for parents when things like this happen is to be patient you really can't give up. and that can spread globally countries may not agree on many things but when it comes to battling cancer they find a common voice that means clam breaking discoveries like this can save children's lives around the world so r.t. you catchin bag. vehicles to explore them may not be as high tech as you think at least as far as the contestants go cosmo buggy contests believe they've come up with their own machine so in the hope of launching stellar careers are to use a study of ones went to me to. work early through the streets of moscow with russia's moonbuggy team as it perhaps for the international nascar moonbuggy competition the brits hope that once the moon dust settles
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a little current type will need to judge events from manpower the competition held every april is meant to get students think about the great yard and to help them dream about how they contribute to the site says teams are made up of six students to design build and raise like wait for human powered move but use it to tackle many of the same challenges away or a little bit less used to write this project is just beginning and we're going to develop our skills our plan is to communicate closely with their os cosmos and nasa we hope are a growing international connection that will help us develop new technology and we also hope it will become part of a bigger project and build their rover but so far we're starting to knowledge already known in our country. to teammates at all the half mile course which is meant to resemble the moon surface the rocks craters editor said the work that goes into. building a bridge. our now time for the business news with you.
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a very warm welcome time for the business news good to have you company the investment for more free t.v. capital brought together experts on finance and building businesses the two day event addressed two main issues turning moscow into a world financial center and diversify the economy well bring you the highlights. well all politicians and business people soon agreed that russia's economy needs to diversify but delegates say there is no single part. what we call the best prediction for an economy is scenario seventy eight is if the oil price remains at seventy eight dollars per barrel the economy is likely going to enter the period of stagnation in the brush and if like stagnation of the seventy's and
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eighty's that is this will happen if there are no serious economic reforms being undertaken right now one has to remember that there are is a relatively rich country by the world's standards and at this level of g.d.p. per capita one can only grow if there is a broad based innovation economists in the catch up a period of economic growth is in the past so now one has to provide incentives to innovate the incentives a to grow and unfortunately the top down economic policy all of this has been tried the vertical the horizontal economic kind of appalls industrial policy has been tried so now to grow a sustainable sustainably foster a level so one has to think about the new strategy for economic growth which is based on economic reforms so the key is to create demand forty four percent and the two top priority this is the first one as per ization to decree is the amount of
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government involvement in the economy not just the privatization of the minority it . a minority shares in the large government companies but the broad based approach is ation most of the large companies which are not interested in the invasion and reforms are sold out to private investors the second is drastic deregulation of the small businesses because we all know that the small businesses are usually the most serious proponents of economic reforms the private protection of the private property and the economic institutions which are can conducive to economy growth. well they need to diversify brush the column a is nothing new but the financial crisis has given it more urgency to business r.t. spoke to chief economist at the european bank for reconstruction and development there are some old lessons that we need to be reminded of and some new lessons and
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i think in terms of new lessons in the volatility of the financial system russia needs to invest much more in in addressing the keep on a bit of just a very large external to the lack of transparency in the financial system we knew that there was a problem but we were reminded on how big a problem. in terms of the the old lesson is about what levers are vying for building for activity the big problem in the russia is that there's not enough middle size for that's what i think mourning the patient of the problems is going to be a lack of competition the problems of the business environment and the very strong regional variation in business environment. all one company that spends strongly on in the vacation as russia's largest independent will produce a look well to its aims to triple the amount of oil that it produces using high technology morkel of what it would produce around twenty million tons of four with
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the help of new technology i would goes to produce fifty sixty million tonnes that means billions investment that we call on spends more innovation then the full russian federation at the near russia's chair across ical reach is certainly one of the strengths that some chording to appear to have brought home runs a gold mining company and russia's far east he says neighboring china represents an opportunity as well as a frisk. it leads to particularly in the eastern siberia where there is this demographic is there any one point one million people in memory chip and about fifty eight million people in the middle generating china. and so that demographic potential needs properly to be exploited and i think that's what the real growth story is a new asian tiger based on russia's natural resources and chinese consumption. time to have a quick look at how the markets are faring this hour high gold prices triggered a rally in line.


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