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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2010 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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as in london driving the fifth seat to the second day of day just. america not more than twenty percent and. more than four foot shareware as far as three and a half percent off for forging a one point three percent increase in september passenger traffic. and hit in russia the r.t.s. and the might so some mixed to solve all of the major blue chips again between hawk and one cent and trying to down the boss two percent. and yet still some make stops at a disappointing labor importantly new concerns about the healthful economy and whether some traders to also think that the federal reserve may take action to sever stimulate the economy. that's all from.
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wealthy british soil the sun. has moved on to the front. door of. the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our. news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has
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been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. alleged. victim fights u.s. attempts to get him extradited from thailand. to appeal any court decision that would see him shipped out. war by other means major u.s. media. international broadcaster saying america's mainstream in the battle for the hearts and minds of the world. data sharing critics say america is imposing. on post under the pretense of
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fighting terrorism. well is the euro on the brink of collapse and should the strong countries of the eurozone ditch the weaker ones. these questions to a member of the european parliament that's next. i'm talking to roger helmer who is a you're a skeptic member of the european parliament he's very eminent he opposed to further integration with the european union and also supports renegotiating many of the ukase treaties with the right to have a thank you very much for talking to r.t. first of all how would you characterize the u.k.'s relationship with the e.u. there's a big question we have always been reluctant members of the european union when we joined it we were told that it was merely a trading operation we had
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a referendum i voted in favor if i'd known then what i know now i would have voted against. but we have this unfortunate feeling that on the one hand we don't like it very much we resent one month since on the other hand many people think europe's a long way away it doesn't affect me very much so let them get on with it. in fact of course it does intimately affect the lives of all of us and huge swathes of policy areas are decided in brussels not decided in the u.k. in my view it is making as poorer and less democratic and less free and i believe we would be better off out and do you support this state a referendum on being and if it were possible well i think we should stall with the referendum that every major political party in britain promised us which is the referendum on the lisbon treaty what they're now saying is what it's been ratified it's too late no it isn't too late we should have a referendum saying do you accept the terms of the lisbon treaty or do you wish the
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government to renegotiate those terms and that would give i'm sure we get a reading. that would give the british government a very strong position a very strong mandate to renegotiate so that's what we want to do now the question that is also arising should we have a referendum in or out. i'm less clear there what the outcome would be. i think probably after a good campaign we would actually get an out vote but i'm less confident of it and of course if we had an inner vote on the part of the people voted to stay in them i suppose the issue would be off the agenda for twenty years so from my point of view that is a high risk route i would just like to see the referendum that we originally were promised it always interests me to meet members of the european parliament who are opposed to the e.u. as a construct how does that work well i'm often asked that question and there's a sort of underlying assumption that if you take the brussels shilling then you're all there to support them and sadly that applies to too many people it applies to
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the great majority of any p's and virtually all the stall for chula commissioners and so on i take the view that i'm not elected to support the european union and to promote it i'm elected to represent the interests of the people who voted for me and i recall that in the last election in two thousand and nine a majority of voters in my region and nationally i think supported broadly euro skeptic parties or at least they believed that the conservative party was euro skeptic which brings us to the issue that in terms of the coalition government it's really failing to deliver on that expectation prime minister david cameron's position is here a skeptic didn't seem to be any doubt before he came to power that now it doesn't seem to be say claire i think it's tragic something that my colleague dan hannan points out is that the higher people climb up the greasy pole the more sympathetic they become to large centers of power like the european union william hague he had
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a reputation as a clear principled euro skeptic i had great confidence in him it seems to me now that he's shifted his position he's trimmed so that he's sort of prepared to accommodate he's prepared to come up with a few euro skeptic quotes from time to time but but actually we've accepted regularly you regulation of the city of london we've accepted the. matic service we've accepted the investigation order we are passing powers to brussels arguably more quickly than the previous labor government did and i personally am deeply unhappy with that and william hague in fact expressly since into the year pesta case not any i believe was treason may have actually signed it off but it was an unforced error we didn't have to we could simply have said no we could have introduced as with the european arrest warrant we could have introduced national protections and safeguards in the way that some of the member states have we just seem to roll over and play dead something like thirteen hundred i think british
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citizens were sent abroad under the european arrest warrant last year that's more than half of all the cases in the whole of the european union i've followed the case of a couple of my constituents who have been appallingly badly treated absolutely wicked the freedoms that we used to believe were inherent to english men and women have just been taken away from us so i think that the airplane investigation ought to and arrest warrant to something which is something which enables europe wide investigations to take place against criminals and potentially against terrorists that's got to be a good thing as that it's intended to do that but what it does is it sets aside all of the safeguards and checks and balances that we normally associate with the extradition of criminals of course we have several agents to extradite criminals and terrorists and we had those and they do take time because the safeguards take time but it's right that they should it is not right that innocent citizens should be sent abroad held in jail as in the case of my constituents for nearly three
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months tried acquitted then recalled because the prosecutor is appealing against the acquittal and now recalled for a third time one of them has been acquitted twice and is told he must go back again for a formal judicial process to confirm the acquittal for heaven's sake this man has had two years of his life ruined. despite the fact that two courts in rico because in regard to courts in riga have separately found him not guilty this is just unjustifiable treatment of british citizens let's talk about what's happening in europe at the moment recently we've seen a rise in protests against austerity measures what do you see that going forwards well i could see a long period all quite serious process and on rest. but the political and broader economic questions are really very interesting we're seeing that the german people are becoming streamlet reluctant to be the bankers of last resort for the euro zone germans who retire it is it sixty five don't want to keep
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paying money to greece where they retire at fifty eight in order to maintain a mediterranean lifestyle so there's deep unhappiness. i think it comes down to the issue of the euro currency we euro skeptics have always said that the euro or the euro currency couldn't work because you had disparate economies with different economic cycles they can't all have the same monetary policy and therefore they can't all have the same currency and frankly for best part of ten years the euro seemed to work sort of all right and people say well you predicted all these disasters nothing's going wrong or no it has and this is exactly what we expected you simply cannot have germany on the one hand which has been extremely careful with inflation and wage rates and all those things in the same moment for union places like greece and italy and spain which have been entirely profit and of allowed their unit labor cost to run out of control cease to be competitive. those
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countries want to devalued all germany want to revalue within a currency union they can't so either some of the peripheral club med countries are going to have to peel off at the bottom or germany is going to have to get out at the top you could have a currency union probably of germany bend the locks for all. but the moment you put in all these other countries it just isn't going to work what's the solution that recently european central bank has said that countries opting out of the year is a would be committing economic and political suicide wouldn't be tantamount to suicide but they face a very hard choice because staying in they're going to have the most desperate. getting out are the first to admit they're going to help desk problems it's a choice between two evils and i'm in this difficulty to say which is the greater evil but they in a sense they don't they may not have a choice because the bond markets may decide for them. and i personally think that a country like greece would go through
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a period of desperate pain if they left they would certainly have to default or it's called as much polite of the default but they have to do something like that but basically people let money greece would have to take a haircut and probably quite a substantial haircut but that's roughly what happened to argentina or whatever it was the nine hundred ninety. and it's terrible at the time but the country comes through and actually it's much better off afterwards it's just like when britain left the exchange rate mechanism you know it was called black wednesday suddenly in retrospect we realize it was golden wednesday because we had a long period of sustained economic growth because we got our currency back to the right level that's what greece needs that's what spain needs while the needs. are committed for this equally emotionally psychologically to the euro project but they they dare not bring themselves to make that leap they may be forced to make it by the markets and when they do that i think will be the point at which the european union. it starts to unravel because they've invested so much sort of like lord of
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the rings you know all the power is in the ring and when the rings dissolved it's gone all the economic and political motivation of the european project comes to a central point in the single currency when the single currency starts to break up calls big questions to be asked about the about the viability of the union so you see this affecting the economic and political union as a whole yes i don't think the european union can last forever. i like to compare it to the u.s.s.r. we didn't do a comparison too far but there are a lot of factors essentially both the u.s.s.r. and the european union have decided to create structures that ignore the identity and aspiration of the people and eventually the aspiration and identity of the people reassert itself the soviet union lost what was it about seventy years the european union has just lost it about fifty years. and i wouldn't be at all surprised to see the same pattern i think in twenty years time there may be
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something that's called a european union but i think it will look very different and be much less improved influential than it is today and yet becoming a member of the euro is a is still something that countries aspire to estonia well become a member in january yes i think it's only is very unwise to do that. i could see a case for a baltic currency union i mean that there was one and a half million people that's very very small country to have its own independent currency although quite small countries like singapore and switzerland have independent currencies and redraw the world with them but there is a case there will be case for baltic union there is not a case for a stone in my view being in the same currency union with germany aren't in greece want to have a thank you very much my pleasure. imagine
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fifty split fifty fifty. the headlines on r.t. and alleged russian gun runner victor boot fights u.s. attempts to get him extradited from thailand his lawyers plan to appeal any court decision that would see him shipped out. war by other means a major us media boss sounds the alarm over international broadcasters saying they're beating america's mainstream in the battle for the hearts and minds of the world. and anger in europe at fresh u.s. demands for data sharing critics say america is imposing on personal privacy under the pretense of fighting terrorism. time now for the sporting news update with kate partridge.
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hello and welcome to the sports news thank you for joining me and here are the headlines must win game russia head to dublin for a crucial european qualifier against islands. wild pitch battles liverpool's board finds a new buyer for the club but will have to force its current owners to sell. them on to rowing back the years russia rejoins forces with the u.k. to help regain the country's poor the growing glories. but we start with football and russia are preparing for their crucial euro two thousand and twelve group b. qualifiers against the republic of ireland on friday and macedonia on choose day the squad have left for dublin with coach dick advocaat saying they must win the next two games after defeat to slovak here in moscow constantine but top off as well. russia's final two majors of two thousand
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a just around the corner and dick advocaat side haven't had the best of sorts of their euro twenty twelve competing but they're looking to put things right over the coming week. simple we did not. we don't know we were not sinking or losing for against lower game with if you lose an on game you have to win away games advocate has called up two names to the squad city pressure built from spartak and put on my forte is cut but it's likely the seams who are so disappointing last month against will have the chance to make commands on friday again ailsa said at last i'm just too young. to get to know the way it goes in the national team was training in a different level for them is important to feel that they are part of that their public of well and top group b. on goal difference from slovakia will russia third the irish have
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a strong home record and will take on russia at the newly constructed every us stereo in dublin on the eighth of october the boys in green will try not to upset their passion of fans in what's likely to be a sell out encounter little. come on i haven't seen lots of matches about and for the past few years but i know that all the key players like shay given robbie keane damien duff and aiden mcgeady are all in the squad and about their play i would say that you can see the results of giovanni trapattoni is work with his team he's a very experienced an emotional manager and you can see that the irish play with the hard dick advocates charges have already free some trouble because of injuries . of tottenham hotspur will probably miss the match against ireland as well as alexandre kids record from senate who has a return to the national side but eager to conceive has recovered from his injury and his feet to play so russia getting last minute preparations ahead of their two away matches dick out of its man will be good to prove that a home loss to slovakia was nothing more than a blip however it is going to be
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a challenge as anything other than all six points will be seen as a failure back home concern about out of r.t. moscow. meanwhile english premier league side liverpool say they've agreed to sell the club to the owners of baseball team the boston red sox the bulls board announced the sale to new england sports ventures on the club's website however they'll now face a legal battle to force through the sale with the club's current titans tom hicks and george gillette the pair claimed the deal has dramatically undervalued the club after they've put it on the market for five hundred fifty eight million dollars while they face a mid october deadline to sell refinance their four hundred forty five million dollars debt the world bank of scotland. boss when that and on choose day night miami heat fans had their first glimpse of the new all star lineup for the forthcoming season as le bron james chris bosh and one wade were all in court together but the trio didn't last too long in the friendly at home to detroit three
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minutes and seventeen seconds in fact with wade pulling out all chasing richard hamilton he hobbled off clutching his right leg and never came back a strain from string is the injury although it's not felt to be serious meanwhile moments later untied to eleven each james gave miami believe he amassed a total of twelve points in the first quarter is my on a large twenty four fifteen wash you also listen to school board a rebound for him as miami extended the lead to fifty six thirty followed by halftime james score to settle at eighteen points ended u. twenty ninth although neither player in the final quarter played each run at one hundred five to eighty minutes. and to me time n.b.a. champions the l.a. lakers have traveled to spain with al take on barcelona on thursday these games are part of the n.b.a.'s pre-season european tour and will also see the minnesota timberwolves play the new york knicks and paris later on wednesday but as far as
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the lakers are concerned they want to bounce back from their disappointing one hundred eleven ninety two defeat to the timberwolves in london on monday and the looking. forward to the encounter. now it's a totally different day you know just about anything in this state and you know i've experienced that bit in the n.b.a. you know most every time you play in the preseason you know you've played other n.b.a. teams in so you know to be an experience like no other and you know plan against f.c. barcelona here in barcelona. you know for me to be the closest to libya experience that i later in my career and i think it'll be a lot of fun it's going be a lot of energy in the city. meanwhile the athletics and the commonwealth games in india have gone ahead a shed despite earlier fears the track at the main stadium in delhi would not be ready in time organizers say urgent repairs to the track had been completed and all systems are go so avoiding another big embarrassment for the games an additional fifty thousand tickets for the events were also sold on choose day after complaints
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many stadia were empty. and it's a story a few tops the medals table getting into day three they had a total of nine gold medals but didn't have it all their own way in the pool british world champion liam time called set a commonwealth record in the men's fifty meter backstroke but i missed him pickett a few strains gold in the women's event and invalid drive things are going well for a stray or two they picked up wins the men's and women's time trial races in china came out en masse to the five hundred meter cycle scott sunderland fundaments one kilometer and the strelley have also changed the women's team gymnastics event for the fourth time and then right. and finally the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of russia's first rowing club has been held in some petersburg it was built by the british spondon richard van portraits and that relations between the two countries in the sporting field is still ongoing. europe has played
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a crucial role in the cultural development of some petersburg over the last three hundred years italians took care of the architecture french was we are soccer sees language of choice but dutch gave the city's distinctive canals while the united kingdom helped set up the country's first ever rowing club one hundred fifty years ago but which unfortunately over time has fallen into a state of disrepair original one existed. and a couple hundred metres from this place. during the sea go for the second world war . the building. most of. this here and the. one hundred people in the russian only sport decided to initiate their reconstruction of the school for yulia annie killer the director of a russian imus or rowing association this place has a special meaning she learned how to row here during his student days and personally wanted to restore the club to its former glory to help
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a new generation of to learn the sports. this idea came to us a long time ago because a lot of us used to train here and it was sad to see just how low the standard of rowing in russia had fallen to we all got together to see how we could try and restored the place and keep the tradition going ascent because berg has always had a number of places where people have throat links in the field of rowing between russia and the u.k. still remain strong one hundred fifty years on five time in pick champions of steve redgrave his visit to the sides of a clubhouse has a distinctly british feel so it's a technical and coaching expertise the u.k. is able to offer is likely to see a marked improvement in the standard of a sports not just around some petersburg but across the country as a whole who would like to or suborder. team roman eight zero for centers and averse to hear and among the other all the other things to help them to. and the royal
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regard to the year and the struggle for the challenge cup special. meaning in regard to. the also probably would like to use the experience of their britain coach is one of the main aims of a promise to help develop you can interest in a city especially among students the oxford and cambridge boat race is famous the world over and university rowing is popular in the u.s. but the same can be said of russia and this idea has the backing of one of the world's greatest ever rowers junior rowing is that every two years is a completely new people coming into it. in the seniors you ask leaps that will go on for five ten some even longer. to fickle to break in. if people at the top what happens is you slowly get your everybody's level goes up
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by then the older people retire and the next level of their this is imperative given the current state of russian rowing the country is just one one gold of the last prelim big games and the prospects are looking good for london in less than two years time this is a far cry from fifty years ago where the roman lympics proved to be one of the greatest moments in rowing not just for russia but also for some petersburg or leningrad as it was known then twenty six people from just one club. came their team and half of them back with the medals so. probably hundreds of thousands of people went for all of the time difference of a citizen of russia soviet union. station has become. proper again to help the helper to do well with an abundance of water one would think that some petersburg would be a mecca for rowing lovers from around the country however sports fall upon hard times of the last couple of decades. aides but due to
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a longstanding partnership with the united kingdom there are hopes but rowing can return to its former glory in russia hopefully don't see some petersburg. for now but i'll be back in just the two hours with another update so bad i said. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean when i sit here in the real ministry of peace all of us are trying to figure their neighbors in game a leg up for their exports by cheapening their currency if left unchecked.


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