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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2010 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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or up from the south at slave labor wages again huge economic dislocation it was bill clinton causing a horrible slave mentality to be inculcated in monks' the american corporations to victimize mexicans and south americans and now that the folks are migrating up north of the border the people are making this out to be as if this was not completely predictable under what frickin bill clinton did with nafta anyway oscar thanks so much for being on the kaiser report oh my pleasure mark's keep the good work o'reilly and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert and i want to thank my guests ask early on if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot ru until next time this is max kaiser saying by.
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imagine your life on to the big cities. and the friendly. crystal clear water. organic food. living in harmony with nature. sounds impossible. some people have already chosen. a place under the sun on our t.v. . news today valan says once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. change corporations are on the day.
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the easier headline the. party headlines the thai government said to discuss the fate of alleged russian arms smuggler victor boot was facing extradition to the u.s. this comes after a bangkok court dismissed new charges against the businessmen effectively removing the main obstacle to his extradition who is wanted in the u.s. on charges of terrorism and money laundering if convicted he could face life in prison. we can't allow ourselves to be out communicated by our enemies the vanguard of u.s.
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international broadcasting calls for more cash for battle rising media voices around the world according to the broadcasting board of governors america's voice is being drowned out by independent foreign media its head has come in for criticism for what's been labeled as cold war perspective. and anger in europe at fresh u.s. demands for data sharing critics say america is violating the personal privacy of innocent travelers washington is hoping to get access to fingerprints d.n.a. samples and banking members of the european parliament argue the measures won't help in the fight against terror. time now for our special report where we meet those who are going back to basics find out why people are turning their backs on the bright lights of the city to be home with nature stay with us. out in the countryside every day hard work is far more valuable than creature comforts here the people have no use for the latest high tech handheld devices
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consumer crazes. they build what they call ecological settlements to live in harmony with the natural environment so while they simply escaping big city life for a short break or are they fully rejecting modern civilisation ecological settlements a refuge for misfits and outcome asks for a place for the independent and strong minded of these people moving to be the economic crisis or to escape from themselves. that. early autumn is an important time for fuel that's when he begins collecting honey from his forty beehives as he pulls out each heavy honeycomb he suggests that bees may be in nature's original eco settlers.
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i mean bees are very rational creatures that's what is amazing about them and that's why i adore them besides they're very useful creatures they don't harm nature in any way whatsoever nature blossoms with the arrival of. eighty years ago fielder who's a former engineer and several of his friends were given a one hundred hectare plot of land one hundred forty kilometers southwest of moscow they divided it into one hundred equal parts they offered the land to anyone willing to adhere to special conditions takers were expected to live in the settlement permanently. if. we follow these rules there is a ban on pesticides and manmade fanciers blaze of trees every one of us must plant trees we are dead set against smoking and alcohol are banned in public places.
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the name of the settlement check means noah's ark the may be no biblical flood but dozens of people have flocked here from big cities only a few plots of land are still vacant. hello. maxine from moscow is one of the most recent newcomers he wants to take advantage of the warm weather to finish building a house he spent a good deal of time and effort preparing for his move to come back his boss had allowed him to report to work in moscow only twice a month he also convinced his wife and children that it was much easier to work outside the us. i grew up in a village. that is in my apartment there wasn't enough space for me.
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to my windows trees all around and lots of open space for myself so i don't have people cramping. things before i lived in the country. seems wife is a doctor by trade after she came here it took her a while to get used to the daily manual work the really the show centers in the settlement electricity only came here a couple of years ago residents are frequently found baking their own bread. when life gets tough i take comfort from the fault i was working in moscow i spent three hours going to work and back. i spend as much time working. out in the open. this bakery as an eco village in scotland begins work at home. it's in an old fishing village near scotland's north sea coast and is one of the world's oldest
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and most famous eco settlements the people here. it's autumn and time for the harvest. it's very important to grow our own food so that we don't have to buy it from overseas so that we have you know that the food traveled so much but that it's really fresh food and. food. elliott sank spies' happy to see the bumper crop strictly speaking growing tomatoes is not his every day job he's in charge of the generation next project if in home organizing programs for young eco southwards. elliott maintains that life without physical work is impossible in the village. my body and my mind in a different. people. can be really engage
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in a different word for the balance. some of the vegetables i gathered this morning will end up in the community center kitchen where the food. in this kitchen. for use in pounds and salads. with. the. schools of. the community center the cokes finish preparing the food for. everybody is expected to join in.
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the history of what is now well known community goes back forty seven years. with their friend mclean to live in a trailer near the village. when their efforts to grow vegetables succeeded others followed. campaigners for the eco friendly lifestyle began arriving at home from around the world during the one nine hundred seventy s. the community grew from twenty to one hundred fifty members. into what we call a. garden is the same thing as. working with nature. meditation or. working with nature. gibson was one of the first settlers. he's
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lived. his house is one of the eco villages attractions it's made from whiskey barrels we were looking for wood particularly. which is very hot and whiskey barrel hard wood is great. right now the water is being heated. and as the weather gets richer. inside the whiskey barrel everything is just as simple and ecologically pure as it is outside as a village venture and craig is in charge of several ecological projects. very simply we still live quite simply but it was not difficult really wonderful because we were. not working for money. doing everything just for the collective.
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nice people we're not trying to create something alternative we're trying to demonstrate a different style of living and we see ourselves more. so we are almost a little town. one of the biggest cities in europe concrete and glass towers are cropping up in the capital the brand new financial center housing both russian and foreign firms. and with. i think it's ok on the how. shall we draw conclusions regarding chile i mean school should we tie that in with kazakhstan. this workspace is on the top floor of one of moscow's skyscrapers but the head of the firm with this prestigious office space doesn't care much about the view from his desk he has done in stellar golf the man considered to be
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russia's first millionaire in the early one nine hundred ninety s. he also set up the first russian commodity exchange. but things took an unexpected turn seventy years ago when his business went bust sterling of himself also went bankrupt when he was forced to sell off his apartment he took an extreme measure and resolved to leave moscow for a place without central heating running water or electricity. i said to my wife i lost my job and money and we could no longer own our apartment and we had to go somewhere else immediately after with. my daily routine is like this i get up at six in the morning to tend the cattle then i have the right first and go to moscow my eldest son stays behind to look
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after the household i visit the big bad city to formulate anti-crisis measures and mechanisms. of the start of the financial meltdown was asked to head a private and secret service center but even after moving into his huge office in moscow he never even toyed with the idea of returning to the capital permanently. thank god we have no apartment in moscow this coffin of an apartment no matter how spacious it might be is a far cry from my house is here is my home and this is what i call life. but now only gets to spend weekends in his out of this world settlement. thanks seems door to a computer expert living in gov jack is fresh from a horse ride the neighbor breeds horses. look at the we
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she says and she's beautiful. sea of bills that pulls. most of the one hundred settlers have opted for country life because of their children. they believe raising them outside town is easier to refuse to temptations in the countryside. in the evening maxime's wife and their daughter go to what is locally known as the common home tonight is indian dances night but now. that. the attorney and is a newcomer to come check she teaches the inhabitants indian down saying and tells them about the country's culture. like natalia most local residents have volunteer jobs be a teaching sing to adults or children schoolchildren. is when they
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came here for the first time people asked me to tell them about indian dances and demonstrate some of them since it is the also a good deal of interest on the pontiff local residents and they even asked me to teach them and i agreed with. the. indian songs bring another day at cub jack to a close like of a days this one's been filled with many activities from work in the vegetable gardens to learning new skills. people here go to bed early there are no traffic jams supermarket queues all t.v. sets but they have to rise early to get the day's chores completed. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. cultures that so much of the taxpayers all if anybody was is here and
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a real history of trees all over the world trying to bigger their neighbors and gain a leg up for their exports by cheapening their currencies if left unchecked. for . from. these friends down time. is a rare occurrence in this part of scotland but this summer has yielded a bumper harvest in the findhorn eco village. squashes and cabbages a packed into apostles and boxes. some of them will go to michael settlers who pay for their vegetables of those
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a sold in this shop. phoenix is the only shop in the settlement its items are targeted mostly of visitors and guests but also coming by here. karen bowles dropped in to buy fresh squashes. but instead of paying in pounds she uses the local currency cold the eco the exchange rate stays the same one equals one pound it was seventy years ago to support local businesses. in order to keep the money. that money. is good for. the people in the proud of their recycling system the water is purified with a special device called the living machine. from here under ground.
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the next step is that. this is a first place. into the time and that kills that. area that was previously. used here bacteria. in several phases hey you can see the bubbles in the water and the condition is that. all through this process in which. we come to the car if you look into the wood. and this is the final tank cleaning from this point. which runs it up the wrong way. the end result is crystal clear.
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in the pond you can see with maybe they. are generally speaking a very simple principle. green technology is used. to. take from nature than she can. for the chemical fertilizers and not used whenever possible. and. we just wanted to have as many renewable features as possible so that you could see them you know. turbines complement solar panels or the wood stove or whatever else . electricity generated in this way. but willing to pay because they know computers. this was
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a community wind project we also wanted to involve the community and after they were wrecked we had groups of young community artists and school children decorate all three turbans and this was a school project about the ecological footprint. it's daybreak in the russian. jacques. revisits the. indian says the day before but today she is the teacher and she's taking a geography global oh that's was the right. how would you describe the race a region that. strayed. two years ago and has forty. teachers have always been in good supply the children. themselves. children cheerful generous and elsewhere. they want to learn things i'm happy to see
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that. i get the desired response from them that you back if you will. this. recently. last winter was living in a small. came here last july the grass was very high here. the first thing that we did. and we'll leave here until december. and into that barn we carried it with this film and did the same inside to make the barn warm. but the and then my husband found bricks and outlaw ants. and he used them to make a stone. alexi and his wife nina lived in this tiny bomb
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until the summer. alexy who was a successful photographer then began building his family a new home in the spring. gave birth to their second child now the house is almost complete alexian lien say they found happiness. we don't do what we don't want to do. people to do what they dislike is no a good it's. your expectations much what you see in the new place you adapt to the situation naturally and you do what you want to do. people feel much more comfortable here to have an apartment money and job or a business where everything was ok with that and yet they decided to come here they're successful here too as for a scam it doesn't work out well as a rule. yes it's me. i
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know i haven't sacked him to the urals as for the money it goes to. government telephone barely stops ringing even on saturday mornings as an entrepreneur whose business was ruined years ago sterling of sees the financial crisis as the best time for spreading the economic lessons that land. this crisis offers a bigger part for one thing urban people are losing jobs nobody needs this is a powerful stimulus for them to move to other places and if this city sewage system goes down that it compel people to move in no time the government dislikes the term eco settler he calls himself a peasant and hates progress more than even the most radical greens and feels that scientific progress does nothing but harm and maintains that people should go back to their roots living as he does just like in days gone by the food should come
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from your own vegetable garden. just like them and eat them. laurie we don't use any cameco to grow them. come on try it. even has an eco solution to making a nice without a freezer. this is all free only a short time ago i had always dreamt of making a realized box and that's the right time for a big chunks of meat to be stored here. the freezer is on one side of the fridge bought all jars and canned food are kept on the other one a freeze comes around i crammed into this place. the eyes down their last for a whole year. according to government people should eat at home with their families and say prayers to he believes the best way to beat the crisis is
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to reject innovation and revert to time tested practices. well any novelty is the work of the devil everything that is old has been tested for that dozens of years people used to leave quite well they just gave birth to children and multiplied through they quarreled and went to war but came to terms in the end but now great discoveries by damn scientists. suicide for all of us. back home in scotland once a closed community has become an education center that's over fifty years old many international organizations hold seminars hear. these issues and guests visit to hoping to learn from the experience. of visitors coming to the findhorn eco village this time it's a focus everyone's invited to see the show. another object of pride in finland is the large concert hall which is filled to capacity to see.
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that it is not asked to perform at the theatre settlement one hundred forty kilometers from moscow strangers are now treated with suspicion on one occasion house was burned down and there has been burglaries it others visitors need permission to come to. the value that privacy. found off as a simple explanation a community of settlers is a convenient arrangement but everyone's responsible for their own livelihood. you must leave something behind in this world blending hundreds or thousands of trees bring you more happiness into this world that would be a good outcome from my life. that's the case i'll be happy to do it with.
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other has numerous follow. settlements of sprung up in siberia and in the far east the recession has prompted people to leave the town behind and move closer to nature. that now people understand. bank balances can be easily lost but if you found a place under the sun. you can stay afloat. this place make sound and then it's.
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cool but another is it sparkles and unexplainable interest. in a place where supernatural things are happening. comes from. the force of. the soul on a hockey. cake . keep. cool.


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