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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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you dig.
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campaigning is over in kurdistan with an unforced day of rest for candidates on saturday before crucial part of introductions on sunday hope to bring long awaited stability to the country. really just tensions mount as polls protest against a new mosque construction in syria extremism but muslims claim their rights so ignored in the mostly catholic country. on the route to the end of the world fifteen russian polar explorers have even baulked on a year long voyage to the ox take the latest expedition to study the area and to stake russia's territorial claims.
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hello and welcome to r.t. twenty four hour news live from moscow my name is you there are let's go to our main story voting stations across kyrgyzstan are all set for parliamentary elections on sunday that's according to the country's interim president twenty nine parties are taking part in the vote intended to create central asia as far as parliamentary democracy following months of political unrest and ethnic tensions but is also using office canals now reports met in kyrgyzstan a still uncertain whether the election will bring stability or plunge the country into another round of cale's. shops in the hills is the. group people. still. the stun gets ready to vote for a new parliament here in the country's second largest city lethal change is obvious
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. we need a decent government able to restore peace and stability that will stop people from leaving economy stability and the economy to start working. eighty two polling stations have been set up across the city election is to be observed by monitors from the sea russia and the c.i.s. the amount of competing parties is all time record twenty nine the country's interim president is pushing to build a parliamentary republic where the head of state is more of a ceremonial figure than the one who holds power however several parties are against the idea including the one headed by the former prime minister felix school . each party has to pass the five percent more in order to get into college. it's. after what happened this election is not just a political choice it's a chance to reunite two peoples to build a new country but. the majority of the population in or shark your guess well
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around one third nationals in june the two clashed in a massive outburst of violence armed gangs that destroyed shops and said houses ablaze according to the most modest figures hundreds of people were killed and several thousand others were injured the havoc lasted several days until the interim government regained control by that time most populated districts have been almost completely destroyed many lost everything and even now are forced to survive without a roof over their heads. my house was burnt down i don't have anything now only food i can get is from the red cross maybe you know the upcoming vote could attract more violence on thursday police arrested a man sending s.m.s. threats to locals trying to make them vote for specific party over three hundred. officers will patrol the polling stations and five hundred swat like commandos have
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been flown in from the capital bishkek volunteers have also been recruited. was now switched to an intense mode of operations besides the additional force a separate seam of the round one hundred officers is taking part in tactical drills and will also be deployed in the case of emergency. was proposed by the interim government in me after president bush was overthrown by thousands of protesters the opposition to control of the country promising democratic reform. friday is the final day off political riling which means just one more day is left before sunday's election here in austin it seems the authorities are ready both in terms of the organization and security but the phrases of the recent violence can still be easily found in most parts of the city and or a clear sign stability is still a long way off you go to spin off or you're just. political activists in
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poland have staged press has to gain the building of a new. they claim the building could full stop radicalism and terrorism in the main mechanic country. reports on ethnic tensions stoked by. muhammad moved from egypt to warsaw several years ago however he says it's been hard to settle in family and i only do freelance jobs because it's very difficult for me to find any permanent work and it's not because i'm not skilled or because my applications are turned dangerous as soon as employers learned that my name is mohammed. omar the golan has long been an mono ethnic nation with the muslim community less than one percent of the population most of them are ethnic talks are swear have been here for centuries but ahead of warsaw is only islamic center says the number of migrants from muslim countries is growing rapidly. but i sort of this mosque almost twenty years ago me several dozen people were coming here for prayer
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now the friday prayer gathers hundreds and the building simply cannot fit everyone . news of another islamic center to be built in warsaw was welcomed by the nation's thirty thousand strong minority construction of a new second mosque in warsaw began last year according to blueprints it is supposed to be three times as large as the initial islamic center but unlike the first mosque which was sponsored by the local muslim community this one was financed from abroad. and. the fact that he construction money came from saudi arabia enraged several political movements and poland because they staged protests this urging the government to stop what they call islam isolation of the country the man behind the rally says it is the fewer for terrorism people on the streets believe that this is going to just that which is going to build this mosque. in war so is connected to the for the nation of islam if you're going to
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say she knew it all the other organisation which are members of. the notion of going just a few of. our own in western europe from the right because that's my front to semitic states most from connection to terrorism the rally gathered several hundred men and was little surprise to politicians this is an influence of what is happening to western european countries i mean everybody here wants to what was happening in perry in france in another frame say it is like no that's right from the fundamentalists from the terrorists after all and they decided to participate in iraq and afghanistan operations sociologists say most crowley slipped a fuse for a time bomb. also of a new form for now the civic outrage is more or less come down by the presence of european human rights activists as the number of immigrants grows this may well be
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not enough to keep the protests down i believe we're facing a serious conflict in the future. at the moment only around three percent of the country is of long ball the whole region but with more immigrants coming to poland the anticipated brighter future with the european union could be clouded by worries of ethnic tension. literature ski r.t. reporting from warsaw in poland. this is all see and on its way three two one blastoff. so we are at the launch pad by kind of the next korea successfully belongs to the space station. a group of european intelligence officials and pakistani diplomats have a key is the u.s. of crying wolf after it's issued at terror alert for europe and have this week
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group of european interior ministers biography back the terror alert at the u.k. is guardian newspaper leisure is the real reason for the warning was to justify an increase in u.s. drone attacks inside pakistan and american german historian william and dol believes they timing is far from considered until. intelligence experts around the world agree that most terrorism is state sponsored terrorism so you have to ask which state is benefiting kui bono from the constant warnings about al qaeda attacks here in there and it seems very convenient that just when europe is expressing grave doubts about the nato mission in afghanistan that these these warnings come about these new attacks and the only sources we have are u.s. intelligence interrogators the presence in afghanistan has done nothing to make the world more secure and it's certainly done nothing to make afghanistan more of a more stable have afghani friends or with tell me inside reports of what's going
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on with the with the u.s. soldier presence there and that we are propping up nato is propping up a government the karzai government which is the largest opium warlord on the planet ninety three percent of all the heroin and that's developed since the u.s. occupation in two thousand and one so one has to ask when the official u.s. policy is no interdiction and destruction of of opium fields in afghanistan which the taliban actually did. what's going on here is this another vietnam where the cia's running drugs to finance terrorism spread the war into laos and cambodia is that what we're doing in kyrgyzstan and manas air base and so forth and these are some very serious questions that ought to be looked at i think. a nuclear powered russian eyes break a bound for the north pole has embarked on a one year journey in complete isolation scientists on board are searching for a life for where they can conduct research and will have no contact with land for
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the entire time but it's hoped this study will also help bolster russia's arctic territorial claims. went to me as the crew preparing for a lonely and difficult expedition. at the top of the world nothing new for the likes of arctic veteran russia's. he's lost count of times he's traveled to both poles or rather has a new lonely cold possibly dangerous adventure lies ahead. for these young man two weeks aboard an icebreaker is a last chance to have fun and get to know new colleagues but as soon as they get to their final destination it will be hard work and survival. to give you his diaries a present my girlfriend. has an old travelers book with drawings and layers of their. own questions interesting stories but it isn't
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a tiny i will write in tiny voters. twenty five year old ocean knowledge is done drake is one of a fifteen strong team to found for themselves for a year whatever food mattson equipment or cloths they need has to go with them now because they'll be out of reach and their have to keep an eye on ice crags dangerous storms and paula back on the hunt also harding north on the ship is a veteran goalie from the sunny russian republic of dena bulgaria although he won't be staying behind this time he says he's family aunt exactly happy with his career choice you know. my parents who are against their expedition which are worse than really. parents who caucuses is a serious thing i came back home for six months to build a house for my sons and move to st petersburg in order climate. in the warm galley has been looking forward to reuniting with his best friends while he's been
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on leave huskies dean and dick spent a year on the island took these a most of it outdoors scientists leaving the views island for more than a year at a time harsh weather conditions and three local bass makes for a significant danger to the explorers the biggest threat to these animals to these drugs lies not with the optic but outside it one in the north which is almost clean of viruses simply wouldn't make it in the cities that's why they're moved from one station to another in other words there and cut. all the rest of their lives now the dogs are up and ready for a new paula join me. on dre the born you have to make them love you he says make them part of the team you need all the friends you can get alone in the arctic. to integrate our team from the island to these are in the arctic. to some other
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world news this hour at least seven people like i'm found dead from that kansas traffic toxic spill at an industrial plant in hungary experts say they are at a critical stage trying to neutralize the alkaline sludge with chemicals and limited flow even though it's already reached the danube countries downstream from hungary including. romania troy urgency plans and seven hundred thousand cubic meters of poison gushed out in hours almost as much as all that oil which leaked from a b.p. rig over several months polluting the gulf of mexico. israeli troops have killed two senior hamas militants in a raid on a house in the west bank city of hebron the israeli army say they were wanted for their involvement in a tux against israelis last month for israeli settlers were killed when palestinian gunmen opened fire on their car near hebron the hamas military wing has issued a statement vowing to a vet avenge the deaths of their members the operation has raised tensions as peace
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talks remain in serious trouble over israeli settlement building. a russian rocket with the u.s. astronaut and two russian cosmonauts on board has blocked it off successfully willing to national space station is the first flight for the morning guys so you spacecraft and it's due to reach its destination on sunday tom bolton was at the by canoe cosmodrome for the. baikonur has been the site of rocket launches for about fifty five years this year its anniversary it's also been the site of soyuz launches for decades but guarin free from here and now this soyuz rocket is an advance upon a long line of previous ones one thing that hasn't changed several decades is the people of flight the humans crews that go inside it the three men in this crew have been training for two years long an extensive training period the captain alexander
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kaleri experienced cosmonaut this is his fifth trip up into space script. another of flight engineer on board this is his first trip into space and the third the u.s. astronaut scott kelly it's his third trip into space an interesting extra detail about him quite astonishingly his brother also an astronauts mark kelly is here watching him later on he will be flying up with a u.s. spy shuttle possibly even the last u.s. space shuttle to the international space station and working with his brother for a short period that you know it's a credible to watch any rocket launch and all my brothers are board makes it even more exciting i've seen a launch three times now and it's pretty incredible thing to see the boosters now starting up which is going to stand back and take a look at the launch the culmination of all the preparations that have gone into
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this. the rockets going out now to the international space station on its journey up there and rockets like baps after a few months may be the only link with the international space station meaning that baikonur will be humanity's gateway up to space. coming up in a moment our culture show must go out and which host martin andrews delves into the world of beauty in the russian capital.
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the. young man you do. it's your duty to be. and you do. not believe that out of this week's program i'll be delving into the world of business a trip to the rest of the barriers to western style. billions of rubles are spent each year especially by the same women on products and services that make us look and feel great and we begin this week's program here at the well known expert on the hearts of the russian capital. whether you want your head cut nails money will skin replenish the hundreds of piece albums i'm spazzing must go to the experts
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only any of. this extremely popular with foreigners i'm traveling. how was it found it. well we started in two thousand core in total current. suggestion to moscow but her husband shame and so she decided because she had a problem with. our hands arms selling services along her bras our former russia. so she decided why don't tell one of the best buy successful from the beginning using a range of russian and western products you can expect to see. same high standards and treatments that you would get inside london or paris b.c. has always been a subject of high importance in russia for centuries appearance and style in society has been a necessity for. a long as a range of cosmetic treatments available old style speak english the prices are
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competitive and is popular with of all age ranges i'm told this facial muscles here will pull blood circulation based compassion from catherine the great spoiled and beautiful dresses to modern day russian women wanting the latest designer lipstick it's a multi million dollar industry that will never disappear. us . and leaving the experts so long as we travel to meet this week's guest let's take a look at this week's entertainment news. with special needs on running around the world it's all about designer brands these days and these very fashionable drinks as seen presented in moscow recently the specially invited guests coming to the event to join the bush is the owner of a luxurious spend you in center paper and he says russians know how to pass a local cop r.t.c. tricia has every time a great experience every summer you do amazing guardian v.a.p.
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in central bay we do our sewing date room during the few perceive ali. we do in paris should be a free food to be bullied every time swedes or british army. says sixty recently paula mission was. one of the world's most popular entertainment companies to celebrities coming to the russian capital to show in christian courts you know it's the second time the downswing canadian circus has performed in the russian capital. for the performance especially when you've been rated on the territory of the english and can stay. the construction is a show in itself but amazingly takes only several minutes to arrange the impressive large tent which fits almost three thousand people. the first show was about energy . because russia needed that last year and it was going through the price of this
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rose about romance. about art because russia's about to take off all the outside of the bricks out of a. box to be safe it's not just about to complex in the fashion crazy world of moscow today peaceful clothes most. arriving at the fred perry store and to trust god we had to meet someone who spends their lives working with beautiful people every day. and let me tell you. so tell me how are you involved in the world of p.c. i mean the working of the scald for more than ten years. and we're here on the street called tell me about the area yeah it's. a way you can make it were a nice thing to me and beautiful people when they're. there is one of the pull for our bar to reach. like close to their next building
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and people to spend time share of time to time but. not just with all the rest in general is that when it comes to beauty all you know whether it be clothes or makeup or a perfume it is more expensive here that's true because. most of the products there is exports and here. we pay in taxes and we were being told we that's my strongest people and that's why we need some polls to support their own national brands as more as possible. tell me about your on your current project you're working on we didn't. question that work. and this is a media project worth a lot of from one else designer since they spend time there quite soon
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i'm sure of it. we. will make a lot of good services for question people and it's kind of into time and shopping all together and you know your experience all russian women the most beautiful in the world. generally yes. i think so beautiful women you can find everywhere but. all their beauty reman. i think it's quite high. and when it comes to grooming and balance he. does seem to be doing is as well. because there is no big competition for them because. they don't seem to bolt to. take attention from their women especially after the sorties surveyed you can not so like to lose that yes if they start to live with you. but there was
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a remember why women. there looks great. h. sometimes because they have to compete. for attention and pull them out. it was obvious to me today but thanks for the high without good luck with your project thank you. moving on what beauty treatments can you get here in moscow well sell a molecule is not cheap treatment but many are ready to pay for any price to well groomed males you can have your manicure and pedicure may sponsor them p.c. paul is in the capital with everything from the classic french molecule to fancy now all it is on also. next up particularly is a chain of first human cosmetic shops in central moscow many of the world's best p.c. brands are represented in the stores and experience assistance can help each use
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products that will suit you best not only that customers can also have a make obsession bright in the shop professional makeup artists who choose a palace of colors to benefit you look at visor was highlights and suggest a range of high shadows blushes lip glosses and foundations ideal fuel every day keeps. the course fresh is famous for its beautiful women with without makeup pressure models often appear on the covers of the world's top glossy magazines and participate in international pageants. among the most famous species on excel a friend of a who was crowned miss universe in two thousand and two the fashion model a tell you of a deal about who has made a stunning story on the runway and is the face of many sign abrams'. arriving at the final venue you can see it's a world away from an old fashioned soviet salans
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a moscow has been catapulted into the world by storm treatments faster than any other developing major city if you are that have all visitors to the russian capital when it comes to being pampered and grooming you won't be disappointed over the past decade dozens of spa senses of beauty salons have popped up here and today i've been invited to the elvis spot of the malmaison cross the swedes are. established in one nine hundred sixty two by a man who is in love with seaweed on the ocean. is one of the leaders of the sea cosmetics and sea treaty markets in france the production side is in britain which is especially note for the abundance of seaweed moscow elite love it and now it's time to get the massage for my first treatment. with any eleven around the world this is the spa in the cold of russia and the french pretty come.


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