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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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again this is all see coming to life for most of the trip of the headlines. votes are being counted in kurdistan as parliamentary elections after poll would which it's hoped would bring peace to the troubled country and which has implications for its central asian neighbors to presidential rule will be kind of giving more power to m.p.'s and the country was to become the first parliamentary democracy in their reach. united in grief six months solid junction and poland of more than a full plane crash bush killed ninety six people on board including the late polish president. also this week marks nine good sends us troops into the palestine in the so-called war against terror but some say some american soldiers hope fueling the flames of violence as well as the tonopah. and starting with going to stand the country remains the walls of the largest exporter of opium with over a third of it and going up in russia russia's counter-narcotics chief because they've
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been off explains to aussie just why the war on drugs is not being watered. today we're talking to the head of russia's drug control service and mr pena thank you very much for joining us today first off let's talk about afghanistan afghanistan is the number one producer all opiates in the world when we talk about the transfer of the drugs to russia what kind of amounts of drugs are we talking about. afghanistan produced about seven thousand tons of opium last year which is equivalent to seven hundred tons of heroin we believe that about thirty six of these tons end up in russia that's a lot about five billion doses and it's about thirty five percent of all drugs exported from afghanistan because in fact afghanistan exports less than half of the drugs it produces as drug addicts throughout the world are unable to consume
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everything that comes out of afghanistan so afghanistan stores a huge amount of drugs russia and other countries estimate it's about thirteen to fifteen thousand tonnes of opium so even if drug production stops in afghanistan the country will still be able to supply the international market with heroin for another twenty or even thirty years so what about the main mode of transportation of the drugs could you talk about the roads or the countries through which the drug trade flows into russia. out of i.c.u. there is the northern route which is sometimes called the northern silk route after the seventeenth century trade route the reason the silk route is popular is because after the collapse of the soviet union new nations are merged and while their borders exist on paper in reality they're not even probably guarded so essentially there are no effective borders between afghanistan and russia with such poor borders it's very easy for traffickers to transport drugs the biggest part of drugs flows through down and kazakstan and onward to russia another part goes through
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iran across the caspian sea and the caucasus ridge and ends up. in the north caucasus or deeper in russia's territory by the way this provides a source of financing for terrorists and extremists in russia's caucasus because the. americans that have got us down say that they cannot eradicate most of the puppy fields because a lot of danny's depend on their livelihood on these fields by producing the opiates what can be done about this is their solution to the problem. when the us says you cannot deprive farmers of their livelihood it actually sends a message to the afghan leadership as well saying they shouldn't do it because first this will destroy people's livelihood and second you push farmers into the hands of the taliban i think this is merely an excuse furthermore since u.s. special representative for central asia richard holbrooke first suggested this idea that instead of eradicating drug crops the u.s.
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should target drug labs and traffickers which was almost a year ago the number of laps producing drugs for russia has tripled a year ago we knew about one hundred seventy labs in afghanistan today we know of more than four hundred laps of producing drugs for russia for some reason it doesn't seem possible for nato to get rid of the poppy fields in afghanistan and yet at the same time it seems that they're quite successful or not necessarily nato but it has been proven that getting rid of for example plants in colombia can be quite successful so are we not talking about it double standards here where they can solve a problem in one country and cannot solve the problem in another country for some reason. because when i visited the nato headquarters in brussels to address the russian nato council i pointed out that more than two thousand three hundred square kilometers of coca crop are destroyed in colombia annually get only twenty square kilometers a drug crops were destroyed in afghanistan last year of course there should be no
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double standard in the matter of eradication furthermore the un general assembly has a. dr a number of resolutions on the issue for example there is a political declaration on drug control that the u.n. general assembly dop did in one thousand nine hundred eight in september two thousand and nine the un general assembly reaffirmed that declaration and said cropper education was of strategic importance but why the whip all countries including nato countries signed that resolution so i can't understand why nato is and applying the same standard that is applied in latin america does this not seem to be a paradox that when afghanistan was under the control of the taliban the production was significantly lower than it is now and it has risen dramatically after the us invasion nine years ago what what is the problem how is this fitting into the picture and the statements that nato is trying to fight the drug trade in afghanistan in your opinion. you're right i had
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a meeting with my pakistani colleagues here in islamabad and they too were amazed at this phenomenon there's only one way to explain it when the taliban sought official recognition for its kabul regime they took on president of measures to eradicate oppy and poppy crops they consistently took serious steps in one nine hundred ninety eight nine hundred ninety nine and two thousand when they introduced capital punishment for poppy cultivation as a result they succeeded in a radical drug crop on ninety percent of afghanistan's territory all the provinces they controlled the only place they couldn't do it was in northern afghanistan which was controlled by the so-called northern alliance but then operation enduring freedom began and the situation changed drastically only a competent government that has the support of the people can really control the country and take serious steps to destroy drug production how can we talk about the military solution to the problem when most of the poppy fields in afghanistan are
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located there in areas of the most intense fighting or where foreign military personnel are stationed where where is the solution to that. david. the nine years of the military operation in afghanistan have demonstrated that the more fighting there is in the country the smaller the chances are of destroying drug production they're growing alternative crops is a risky proposition of the risks are immense you can lose your crop at any stage opium on the other hand does not require any effort grows all by itself and buyers come straight to the field and purchase the crop so it's obvious that you can destroy drug production this way the russian federation has developed a plan just called rainbow two because it consists of seven points we presented this plan to the european commission the european parliament nato our partners in the us in afghanistan and here in pakistan the plan calls for a comprehensive approach first of all this huge problem should be officially recognized as a threat to international peace and security in other words this is
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a separate problem that kills more than one hundred thousand people each year hundreds of millions of people suffer from this problem which everyone has been talking about for almost a decade second as i just said we need to eradicate opium poppy and the international security assistance force which is in afghanistan today under the un mandate and therefore has assumed responsibility for the future of afghanistan should play very active role in our medicaid in the crock and then of course afghanistan needs economic aid we need to rebuild its infrastructure by the way the legal afghan economy today operates mostly thanks to the hundred and forty two industrial facilities that the soviet union built there as far as i'm aware no new facilities have been built there since that time also we need to make international cooperation more effective i'd like to emphasize particularly the role of regional cooperation for example there's a four party format that the presidents of four nations russia afghanistan pakistan
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and educates then have established also i think that the shanghai cooperation organization. should step up its efforts because most of the drugs produced in afghanistan and up in this countries and their people suffer the most. and finally considering that pakistan is still under a rather heavy influence from the united states can we talk about washington possibly playing a negative role in the fight against drug trade or a positive role in your opinion was that because thought of this week in the pakistan is a sovereign states and a rather strong one at that there are one hundred seventy million people living there pakistan is a nuclear power so i think there's nothing wrong with the fact that pakistan cooperates with the us we to view the united states as a partner and we work with america as partners it is just a question of finding the most effective approach we don't have time for mistakes and we have no right to make a mistake. thank you very much for taking your time out of your day to join us
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new friends start on team dot com. votes are being counted in the to mention elections on all of which it's hoped will bring peace in the troubled country and which has implications for central asian
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neighbors to presidential rule will be curbed giving more attendees that the country moves to become the first parliamentary democracy in the region. united in grief six months on a rush on poland move to end the plane crash that killed ninety six people on board including the eight hundred spread that. also this week marks nine years since u.s. troops and that's going to stand in this so-called war against terror but some say it's american soldiers who are commuting the flames of violence as well as a time. so i'm old days and plenty of other stories in just under fifteen minutes time but right now on the tiny scene with this. so. called welcome to the small subways in our tea good to have you with us and here is what's coming up in the program. to boston to tell reignites his world
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championship hopes with an emphatic victory in the japanese grand prix. going into the us a finally wins after coming back from injury but it's hard to secure is the ultimate prize in malaysia. and big in japan rafael adults storms to his seventh way in a season seeing all from gal month in tokyo. now let's kick off with the latest in formula one west of boston to tell is back in the championship shake up after winning the japanese grand prix from pole on sunday it was an action packed race ensues zuko with accidents aplenty including four russian hopeful vitali could crawl over in norfolk crashed out on the very first lap and at the end of it all it was a tell all that homey red bull want to finish with over mark webber in second fernando alonso who was seeking a third straight victory walked onto the final podium place in the overall driver's
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standings webber now holding fourteen point advantage over. points with the tail third and three races remain but this season start which was obviously the key from the clean side and you could see robert was we've got a bit of momentum but the way down to turn one was too short for him and then with the safety car which stayed out quite quite long obviously with the incident with with could be carpet then after that i think both of us were able to pull away from the field and then just controlling the pace some to the end there was a little bit of a risk behind jenson because we couldn't really go through him so we had to wait until he pits but after that just. incredible so really really happy and it's about time. meanwhile russia looks to be on the brink of lending its first f one race the sport's supreme or bernie ecclestone the deal is ready and just needs to be signed they britain in the country's chiefs are the track won't be in the moscow regions
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on a ghost so she would be twenty fourteen start date. that's the same force the city plays host to the winter olympics however money could be the stumbling block the license to host an f one race is expected to cost russia no less than fourteen million u.s. dollars half the price tag with the country also in the running to host the twenty eight world football finals. all and to move to g.b. now. defending champion valentino rossi and not his first win since the opening day of the season but that didn't stop or he'll around so from securing his first overall title with one race still to go the spaniard only needed a top ten finish in malaysia to inherit the crown from his team mate rossi of course missed a good part of the season with a leg injury leaving. serious rival but he went down with a broken collarbone during last week's japanese grand prix leaving the pot in the air for his fellow spaniard process started six slowed down to vote but worked his
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way back into the lead on the town the answer seemed happy to settle for a top three finish leading rossi and andrea that is your fight for it with a dog that snatching the victory. be you have to thank you all my team for the great job i have to thank you for these a seventy hour anyway that i come to defeated by land and they have to go i'm going to need for the championship. so is it going to be an end in the future we would be fighting i was really blessed to be in the. not to lose any any second. and then the end of the race but you know when the years started late in the i thought. we we had to finish the race and get to the moon how right you can get in with your world so who is my happiest day in my life and we have to.
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all to tell us now where it was a case of magnificent seven for world number one rafael a dollar at the japan open on sunday the spaniard should to be on the lookout for a bigger trophy cabinet after revving up his seventh title of the year into frenchman able to hold an adult superb run of form dropping just one set the goal was found. with these six one one face produced a little more in the second but the bell was told about that he's forty three a title slip away six one seven five the final sprint the twenty four year old completed a sweep. in madrid to call of the season before securing three straight grassland titles go elsewhere and be doing so. much with my bag and world with. mormons with my four of them are very good. for the big day
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for me it was one of. my best matches. most of my marks the final let's move on to. his wealth qualifiers including the increasingly tough battle group af it will certainly close in tel aviv where israel and gratian were seeking to strange their own beaten records was the visitors who made the breakthrough. on the spot and thirty six minutes after israeli defend to kill canan fouled simoun h. and the double that advantage five minutes late with told him spohn char scoring the second of the day israel netted a stunning second haul film for the tie shaft turn but that was to be this highlight gracious to get to want to move to all but just a point separates the leading five that. elsewhere throngs left that late but still woke up sunday morning looking down on
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the rest of group d. they're all blondes challenged. beating romania to india with goals coming from substitutes me and. after the turmoil of france's build up the relief of being on top was clear to see the words. we are creating something we get on together pretty well so we don't start of. we have to keep the same state of mind these are delicate times we're well aware of that before the time be appreciating the moments of pleasure tonight. time for the now and championship contender. for the first regulation loss of the season at the hands of you on sunday for three was the final score in the fall with the visitors scoring four announcer goals in the second period off to be able to get three points. with alexander. a second late in the game for the way in. which my lady bill also if not able to get
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the team back on winning track in his debut the man going down five two at home to on god and when that boris could be barry so with the same scoreline and they are now eight points clear of your life on top of the eastern conference. to the commonwealth games where there's been yet small complaints in india swimmers say the main pool has spread a bog among the athletes although organizers say tasks have shown there is nothing wrong with water over a dozen athletes from england and over leaders all stray i came down with a virus which led to speculation the pool was to blame the woman who was the main one had been given the all clear leaving all the organizers to suggest the story was exaggerated by the press. she just doctor has also been in touch with the doctors of australia. and all agreed the problems being.
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with some of this and a few shows it. is not from water but could be caused by a number of. things. we have heard reports that the. incidents not as widespread as reported. and finally one of the most bizarre spectacles on the sporting calland wife carrying the eleventh north american championship to be precise welcome to sunday revive main us say the last series skills for base about speed voice strength and those like them alone as you can find in fact the competitors here don't actually have to be married to just male and female they have to teams in the whole taking part with this so named is stony and carry by far the most popular to me to have been seventy eight yards of grueling for slave weight we want to trap spring challenging to say the least and at the end of it all it was locals. who raced to victory the winners receiving
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seven hundred fifty dollars seven cases of beer and a ticket to the championships in finland he. said for the moment stay tuned for the weather update coming up shortly. culture is that so much of always a counterfeit in those eyes in the form of them to give a really incredible following its own in a relatively short amount of time and latin america has transformed itself both politically and economically what can the. forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents only a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us a year part disease is even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy
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thousand americans every here. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join its knowledge update on our g.
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wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on our. almost seventy years of the red
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machine which so many people wanted to leave in the past. week to make changes the society was lead to. believe. but was it possible to change the country's regime so quickly. and with only. one a close only fundamental changes in the state people's minds on. the . continent kurdistan's parliamentary elections a poll in which it will bring peace to the troubled country and which has implications for its central asian neighbors to. devote.


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