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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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to give a fish and protest of this work in the united nations you know d.c. . under my predecessor has accumulated a great deal of international support and expanded the range of for its activities including drugs and crime and prevention of terrorism but as it is always room for for the improvement and. after having consulted. our major stakeholders member states in amendment of the un botanists in other international going is ations i think at some point to i will be in the position to come up with proposals how to move ahead and first of all how to make our efforts more productive and even more cost effective since of the budget of you know this is impressive all those years but it is composed mostly of well and that are contributions of member states but we need to deliver we need to produce results
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the results of which will be felt. not only by the governments but also by ordinary people in their closest neighborhoods the world's main opium produce afghanistan hall of production this year why do you say there is no room for false optimism. well of course. there are some targets and targets. quite clear we need to excel we need to to enlarge our work to do this as far as elusive director if we can get concerned we need to set comprehensive programmes for different regions take advantage than just last week we issued again drug report to twenty ten which contains both good news and bad news good news is that the production of four pm decreased to almost fifty percent but that is due only to natural factor diseases that affected the crops but the cultivation
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is unchanged and since prices are growing so it means that pharmacies have additional additional. stimulus to do it or to cultivate poppy so we need to have a comprehensive strategy which would. include their distinct from the education to . give culturists. participation zero for regional states extrajudicial states so this should become preference of strategy universities doing that but we believe that it could be done more and by the way that is also a political tool that agents such central and south america west africa and many other parts of the world they're quite sophisticated the major route of course in terms of. him as a began istana it's about ninety percent of all the world production and
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cultivation and. three major routes so to say story around civil at the g.q. stance and to asia and russia and back it's down to western europe and. costs just in terms of ok and it's central america and south america but you're clearly. in terms so for. that what is now unfortunately is becoming more and more spread out in different parts of the rural synthetic drax unfortunately as there are no roots because they can be produced anywhere at any time by anybody so the threat is small to presage it multi component and that's why the reaction of the international community should be also comprehensive your office has helped to prosecute some somali pirates but there's still no globally accepted response when
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will we get that the problem is that. the international community. is still unable to come to an agreement to bulge of forms of the prosecution of the pirates in the absence of such agreement where helping communities helping and egil countries like kenya seychelles and even somalia some parts of somalia are like some a little land and land to get nice persecutions and even from the to go get nice jails for those for people convicted to pirates it's not easy because of the regional countries as a face and can know most problems their opinion they should a system is over. charged overloaded and the jails are overcrowded in kenya for instance. five times more than it has been planned at the beginning so it's. there is
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a great deal of. for a good response from the neighboring states but still there are a lot of practical problems you say almost every country in the world plays a part in human slavery and trafficking for. sakes that's a key issue for you well the centrists somewhat uniter she is taking very close to it's hot and we're planning to set a new. one entity of global to restaurants in new york next month. which sure would be aimed at assisting. the weak himself human trafficking as it is a very important in day work but here but he says it's a good illustration of how the international cooperation is important because it's impossible to affect all the problem of human trafficking was out preparation of all contrarious upstream and downstream transit countries so we need to have
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a very clear understanding of what the what we're doing and i believe that this area will continue to develop an industry will continue to pick up the most attention to it transparency international puts russia in one hundred forty six place for corruption next to sierra leone and zimbabwe you don't think that's fair well there are different assessments that are different the different. they just. said the new mechanism which was established quite recently which is a framework of international convention against corruption and a peer review mechanism will provide more objective picture of overall role situation because it's fair it's balanced and it could be reliable.
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it's a hard life ahead for russian scientists in the arctic as research continues to find a way to secure the polar caps riches russian is among five nations taking a claim over part of the region which is talk to contain a quarter of the world's oil and natural gas reserves. and the governator is going green arnold schwarzenegger is focusing on climate change during the second day of his visit to moscow yesterday met the president to discuss russia's high tech and the show its. present police have made a key breakthrough in solving last month's deadly car blast in the southern city of slightly cop cars that killed nineteen people head of the security forces says three of those involved in masterminding the bombing have been arrested two others were killed in the shootout. and afghan teenagers are being forced by war and call for you to choose hard work over education thousands of young boys are struggling
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not only to support themselves but also provide for their families more or less without threat. of many more details on all those stories the top of the hour sports is up next with you. from wherever you're joining us from the welcome this is sports today i'm your center you get in a nail and these are headlines more of the same please that's the message from russia football fans their country aim to make it to the european qualifying wins in five days this time against us until the. top of the tree carline wozniacki replaces serina williams as a women's tennis or world of rwanda following victory over appearance on the real world in a rain delay china open final. on commonwealth controversy the women's one hundred
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meters champion in delhi c.m.e. of nigeria awaits a second verdict after failing a drug test. and they are shoving called last friday's win over ireland to russia's best in recent memory a similar performance tonight against macedonia will see dick of the cats charges remain at least joint top of their european qualification group and well on course for a twenty eight twelve adventure for more on the team's build up here is richard from port fleet from. russia's preparations for bed late this year or two thousand and twelve qualifier against macedonia took an interesting turn on monday night's quake hit greece around five hundred kilometers from scope here where the match is being played however russia's manager took out the cards said he didn't even notice his attention is firmly fixed on tuesday's game where his side will be looking to build on my excellent three two win in dublin four days ago the dutchman has a full string school to choose from but it's unlikely he'll make any changes from
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the team to be diamond was on the kids are called is likely to continue up front where he formed a promising partnership of islands or go of a number. of the other end of a page russia's defenses with shaky in recent matches however this isn't something that seems to worry about the current. different. you look for solutions a little too close to put who are still. mustered only i haven't had the best of preparations coming into time they'll be with my keys strike a golden pond if his eyes injured buffalo regulars pop over to see if he will also be missing russia have a good record against macedonia and they want to delve last time they played here four years ago thanks to goals from bloody made was thrown under a shot in hell over advocaat believes his side will face a tough test on tuesday even though macedonia a far from being one of europe's footballing powerhouses of the world will love.
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the. most of those. who goes. to. the stadium where russia will play resembles more of a building science of a moment however it's a pitch that could be of more concern to visitors which could up badly during their training session and with more heavy rain expected to choose d. of the cup believes the elements could planes of macedonia as hands covered by my russian company thanks for the trip jumping all spidy about was a work of the elite so you can pick out some i come away from the trench area topic counter with all three points jumble of cscope just. before the clash kicks off surprise package armenia could be sitting pretty at the summit the highlanders fresh from their surprise win over slovakia last week meet bottom boys and dora at home still back to avenge the defeat when they entertain
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ireland later in the evening but the irish themselves will feel they have it all to prove following friday night's i'd of sorts lost to russia. ok plenty more games up for consideration and choose to including at wembley where unlikely to. able to operate between and then to montenegro take center stage the two nations will have never met before at senior level with the montenegrins perfect after three games on have yet to see the single goal england's are two from two being binding in the goal scoring a total of seven against bulgaria and switzerland they're not in the healthiest of states currently though the likes of frank lampard john terry and jermain defoe just some of the key man injured when rudy is expected to have peter crouch for company up front while rio ferdinand will take over the stewardship from stephen girard. to going on to be nineteen when come to. you she's going to be.
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going out for a while to one company and money to come. to be known as a cartoonist from times to. come to something no one talks to joe now the reigning european and world champions are in glasgow for a scottish test spain have fun the going straightforward to date easing two wins again. but defense of scotland could prove a trick your prospect. we know they have experience all through their school darren fletcher for example tries to run the game from midfield and we know there's quite an important bloc of players the nucleus of the side from rangers and celtic they all have international experience with those two teams constantly playing in the you are cups. ok the pick of the action elsewhere tonight sees it's really aimed at life between themselves on the chasing group see when they host serbian world cup finalists their netherlands haven't put
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a foot wrong so far in qualifying but then neither have sweden the sides meet and. greece and israel both drop points that really should have collected in earlier games expect a full on clash between those two later while neither switzerland and wales really can afford to lose with england negril making all the running so far for their qualifying spots including cheney. caroline wozniacki is the new world number one in women's tennis the dane overtaken serino williams following victory at the china open russian veto over their player standing between wozniacki on the title on monday after the final had been postponed the earlier train was the eventual winner who claimed the opening set six three but. to level modish in the second unforced decider however wozniacki was all business in the third their twenty year old gunning the russian to take it six three her first china open trial and first time she's topped the charts in the women's game. it's great you know i'm really happy
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i'm really happy about the way i've been playing out you know it's right here in beijing a special feeling especially after the number one. earlier novak djokovic came out on top in the other rain delayed final in beijing the serve the feeling spain's david for to successfully defend this title no real trouble for the world number two in this one which cruising to a six two six four win on the second a.t.p. title of the season. ok let's move on where sport touched. those are continuing in the kontinental hockey league with the sixteenth right side not finding the going any easier after sucking their coach. scouts in petersburg decide this time donning the red and white things started off well enough for the home side though but thrilling. getting on the board first for the couple. of effort whoever was cancelled less than ten minutes later the yashin sent one home neither team giving up any ground after the op though resulting in
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a shoot out but that stage of the contest proved disastrous for sport taku missed all three of their attempts maxime. making sure the northern army men leave moscow torrijos. plenty of parity across the ice on monday night with four of the five matches forced into overtime or. all the clubs looking good with. the only clash decided in regulation colleagues have david plotz to thank for scoring the winner in the shootout the put away had learnt second place to the aged severstal in overtime. still can't get anything going there disastrous start the season continues with a loss to third place also in the extras such. finally that brings us to the ongoing commonwealth games in india where the championships threw up a host of problems before even kicking off including delays to infrastructure it's
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the sporting action itself which is produced the wrong type of headline it has been confirmed that women's one hundred meters champion. has tested positive for the newly banned substance and the mean australian pearson well she actually crossed the line first in the event but was disqualified for a false start. thank you and also you know me is not professionally suspended pending the result of rb sample which is due in whedon's they. finalist in the men's one hundred ten metres hurdles also tested positive for the same drug on tuesday. that's a wrap feel free to get further reports updates on plenty more besides on our website r t v dot com forward slash sport for now it's bye bye. every month we give you the future we hope you understand how we'll get there and
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what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us technology update on r g. news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule today. each year car accidents will be a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand. five hundred sixty thousand a year even more devastating. eight hundred seventy thousand americans.
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at that luncheon so they know you to come out. until you stop. r.j. looks at the challenges facing russian scientists living and working in the arctic where top might stalls but the rewards are rich for the country and staking a claim. the suspected mastermind for september's moffitt blast in the north caucasus arrested or killed as russian authorities declare the case solved. and it's time for the credits to roll on arnold schwarzenegger's moscow visit we bring you the best scenes from the governor's must be top billing fenchurch. also on our t.v. afghanistan's amongst generation the teenagers forced by war and poverty to choose hardwork over education as they become their family's only breadwinner.
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it's three pm in moscow and this is archie coming to you live with me nice and now a first stop it's one of the planet's most inhospitable places but the arctic is still a major draw especially for those keen to tap its treasures russia is among five nations declaring their rights over the region which is thought to contain a quarter of the world's oil and natural gas reserves and the latest in a series of trips to study the area russian scientists will spend a year drifting on an ice floe artie's katherina got silva reports from the arctic batiks battlefield. how to run aggressive through the arctic the rest sea ice breaker slows down to a crawl explorers are in a delicate mission to find a suitable eyes fill to fill the.


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