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gresley of march through the arctic the rest breaker slows down to a crawl explorers are on a delicate mission to find a suitable eyes filled with arctic twenty turned station and importantly not to damage it a helicopter is deployed into action. five potential eyes filled had been spotted by satellite long before the mission started now it's time to do probe for the best sport the i love the by the bow looking at least twenty five kilometers but most importantly the ice should be big robust enough to sustain a group of the team people two dogs and several tons of equipment for as long as a year. the first storm is west of the island of brown the ice is tested and. know the flow is rejected the ice is too theme we go further north the drill
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plunges down we need to switch is good but the field is too rocky for the cam we return to the ship just as. the voyage will be long and fascinating the explorers cheer each other up but look disappointed makes treme hot summer is being felt in the arctic this year they say is similar to two thousand and seven which marked the peak of global warming. but the mission is getting harder there are fewer and fewer suitable ice fields every year before we could find up to forty of them but now we're calling the whole arctic in search of one at dawn be explorers decide to play the wild card they try for the last potential ice flow in this area otherwise they will have for the north pole the great god that loves to let me know you don't know how big i think that you know you start reading it. but i was kind
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of caught on something that would be good to. get beyond that crap. but no need for a rescue operation this is the ice for a little. reporting period we have just found a suitable field mined by thirteen kilometers wide and the arch is about three meters chik. now that the platform was found i had five days of unloading a dozen houses a sauna several tractors about a thousand barrels with fuel and of course professional equipment will be floating on the ice for a year the crew will work day and night the dogs are also keeping themselves busy at dawn when everybody was still asleep they chased away a polar bear and many of the challenges faced them in the next twelve months for these very tough expedition. r.t.e.
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from the arctic you can follow you catherine mcgrath told us trip to the arctic online just go to the block section of our website at our team dakar. all the terrorists thought to have masterminded september as market blast that killed one thousand people in russia's republic of north of been tracked down three militants have been arrested and two more were shot dead in a gun battle the head of the country's security services says the case has now been closed tom barton has more details. of in the north caucasus region managed to find and track down some of the suspected masterminds of this attack three of them arrested two of them more than the start of the gun battle and they
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were shot dead this case in question concerns september invite a car costs in the north caucuses where a suicide bomber drove a car packed full of explosives into the marketplace detonating it killing nineteen people and wounding around a hundred and very serious attack and possibly with links to a wider terrorist organization so says alexander board because the head of russia's security services are still here now. the chair attack has been solved three suspects have been arrested and they are now in jail the organizer of the blast is a close ally of the chechen militants maarouf you saw should google's gang is believed to have carried out more than ten bombings in the neighboring republic of finger shechita and numerous attacks on the police force two other suspects who put up unarmed resistance to the rush to work you'll do the name dr model of appears all over the place when talking about these attacks dozens of attacks within the
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north caucuses region. a lot of bombings and gun battles were fought for a tease attacks on this marketplace and also the moscow metro bombings earlier this year which killed thirty eight people and it's his link that his organization was also thought to be linked to the international terrorist network al qaeda itself has been a terrorist to terrorist crackdown going on in the region and since the beginning of this year for it to say three hundred suspected terrorists have been killed and another four hundred fifty arrested. there with our team live from moscow still ahead for you forced to fend for their families. i will never forget one day there was no job i came home and there was no food my brothers and sisters and my mother we went to sleep hungry flicked and a lack of education means it's up to children to our and their families keep with
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look at their struggle for survival in afghanistan. and as the credits roll on shorts and eggers moscow visit we bring you the best scenes from the governor's russian capital adventure. but first all sides an ethnically diverse bosnia must work together and embrace political reform if they want nato and e.u. membership that's the warning from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton during her visit to the balkans many balls and muslims in croats want a strong central government but serves living in the country fear this will rob them of their autonomy serbs also believe the u.s. keeps putting pressure on them and resentment lingers over the nato forces joining the ninety's ethnic conflict on the side of a muslim population and bombing the capital sarajevo before more of clinton's visit to the balkans we're now joined from washington by. thank you for being with us this hour why do serbs oppose integration so much. well
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it's the issue of the war was fought over in the first place back in one thousand nine hundred two it was the attempt by the muslim leadership to create a strong central government it was the muslims who are not an outright majority in the country would be dominant and this is the issue that the war was fought over the inability of the three communities to actually have some sort of power sharing arrangement that they could trust each other each other and the muslims had pushed through the independence proposal unilaterally and had basically neglected the serbs and croats shove them off it aside and said this is this is our country now and the serbs and croats would have none of it and we had three and a half years of open warfare with a hundred thousand people dead and this is a very very significant issue in bosnia and it is not just going to go away because somebody decrees it needs to. come back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six clinton visited bosnia and said that she had to land under sniper fire but we sought peaceful greetings at the airport do you think that clinton had reasons to
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keep tensions simmering at the time. well i'm not really sure when she made that statement i think the statement was made in a memoir during an electoral campaign a few years later just to make things more dramatic can make her appear more brave or important than she really was by the time she landed in one thousand nine hundred six there were no had been no hostilities for months so everybody is well aware that her story was just entirely fake the united states government has been keeping the tension simmering because of this constant repetitive insistence on creating a strong central government which is. not only a problem that caused a war to begin with but a problem because the date and constitution the peace treaty it at the united states wrote is explicitly against a strong central government so we have a situation which the united states is running a policy it's contrary to the treaty that it had designed for you thing that you
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think the u.s. has created another puppet state on the continent. i would quote of this occasion the words of a former representative tom lantos who's passed away a few years ago but back in two thousand and seven during a hearing at the state congress with the state department officials he was saying that jihad ists of all colors and hues in the world need to take note that we are once again creating is the islamic state in the heart of europe he was referring to kosovo but the once again was an unmistakable reference to bosnia i think the united states tried to create a client state in bosnia that would compensate for the conflicts with the muslim world elsewhere and they could point to it and say look here's a country in which we help the muslims you should be grateful to us it hasn't really worked well so far but they refuse to acknowledge a mistake now with nato forces were targeting the former yugoslav military some of the bombs hit civilian targets embassies in belgrade markets in serbia refugee
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camps we've heard no of this so apologies do you think that will ever happen. i don't think the united states government will ever willingly issue an apology for any of its actions now some say the serbian government is trading the country's past for future e.u. membership do you think serbs agree with that. i think this sunday riots and saturday's peaceful demonstration involved ten thousand people are proof enough the current serbian government has very little support and even less legitimacy among the people of serbia i think it's the people of serbia want to better life they want to freely trade and communicate with everybody else but at that the price of their dignity or their culture or their country serbian historian new bugs from washington d.c. thank you very much for your input there. now they're only young boys who are forced to become the man of the house years of war in afghanistan have robbed an entire generation of their fathers and left deep scars on the country are just
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pulls away or has been meeting afghan children who sacrificed everything to help their families survive. for a few hours each find in the street you get to remember they still just children. they're kind flying is more than just a past time it's a sport of skill where all the monsters are equal and for a few brief moments forget that they live in abject poverty. my name is once again i'm the father of the house i will never forget one day there was no job i came home and there was no food my brothers and sisters and my mother she went to sleep hungry. he's only thirteen years old but as the man of the house his responsibilities start early at six in the morning. my sister goodbye. goodbye my brother. from the first born
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this is a typical poor kabul neighborhood children with runny noses dirty feet and crawling stomachs every day was a dean takes his bucket and joins the tens of thousands of children heading to the country's streets to make the meager living washing cars but despite this stolen childhoods they are the lucky ones are a year ago my dude was martyred he was working with the police and die during a rocket explosion. this is very very hard work i make about a dollar a day sometimes the other boys are fighting with me they say they want to wash this car. is obviously kuala is twelve he manages to bring a few dollars more into the home but it's barely enough to feed his mother and seven sisters to each other every day i wake up so early my house is very far from here and a good day i can earn about eight dollars but in some days there is no work yesterday it was no work so i don't really go there but for some children it's easiest to come to the streets and being in the same
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a classroom made playground the university of life. most parents don't want their children to come here to school that's because these young boys and girls are the only breadwinners in their families and spending just one hour in class could mean no food on the table that night fifty seven percent of the population of afghanistan is below twenty five years. majority of them they are born during the war in grain going to war without scale without education for every one hundred million dollars of foreign money spent on the military only seventy million dollars goes towards social projects even less to the children international community and they get the state of afghanistan has to pay and has to focus more on the children six million children are at risk in afghanistan of sexual abuse violence and harsh child labor and with precious little being done to help afghanistan's future generations see little chance of their lives ever getting off the ground. are to
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kabul. a former georgian defense minister forced into exile after falling out with president saakashvili is trying to return to politics is out found a new party called don't give up an alliance of georgia's main opposition leaders. was sacked in two thousand and seven for accusing georgia's leader of physically removing his opponents well that's part protest in the capital tbilisi hundreds of thousands of people demanded suckers really is resignation but protests were broken up and he was reelected a year later one of the founders of the political alliance trust they want to restore the thai they once have. thought of course are the program really good as everybody calls from georgia soon interests demands that we look straight into the face of reality georgia will never be a successful country without normal relations with russia i see so in the interests of our people and other friendly countries in the whole civilized world so the same does the improvement of relations with russia become
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a basic principle for our political team this is really regime leaves behind itself a tough heritage a broken territorial integrity and we should try to normalize the issue to reach six and we should start dialogue with you in a city and to restore trust otherwise we will not be able to move ahead only interest is the basis for a future integration. it's seventeen minutes past the hour this take a look at some world news in brief for you this tuesday the number of sad from a train crash in eastern ukraine has risen to forty two according to local officials the casualties were on a bus at a railroad crossing when the train smashed into them in fact the vehicle for at least thirty meters it's feared the number of victims could still increase as many of the injured are in critical condition police say the bus driver ignored a warning siren and passengers request to stop and try to cross the tracks. supporters of a minor nationalist party in kyrgyzstan have protested on the streets of the
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capital against the results of sunday's parliamentary elections. the result saw it narrowly miss winning any seats the party's co-leader of says that officials had artificially increase the number of registered voters to ensure the group didn't enter parliament a protest was peaceful but a new wave of street protests could create further tension in a country crippled by instability now he's already saved the earth in a movie now he's trying to do it for real wrapping up his moscow visit arnold schwarzenegger said fighting climate change will be his focus when he steps down that he has been listening to the governor's speech. many of the students of the higher school of economics where he lectured today turned out to listen to what the man had to say not only for business but for pleasure but of course focusing mainly on the priorities that outlined the nature of his a lecture primarily climate changes and curbing greenhouse gas emissions and
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various ways in preventing global warming effects from spreading through various other things that california governor shared many of his experiences saying that california has accomplished a lot in curbing greenhouse gas emissions for example and various other ways of aiding the climate everything that has been made public about the governor of california visit to moscow has been full of not only business but pleasure from the tweets that honest work snigger has been posting online complimenting the russian president on his driving skills sharing pictures of the two of the working out together pumping iron arnold schwarzenegger was actually here in the first place arriving with a team of investors and. a large group of people to talk business he said that it is great when one of one makes three of california specifically and turning himself has a lot of experience to share has a lot of knowledge that i know how that he would be more than willing to share with
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the russian side with me to do this as russia tends to set up its own technology in schools to of course all of this very lighthearted banter russia and other russian president even offering arnie a chance to say i'll be back one more time jokingly offering him the post of moscow mayor the opposition is currently vacant and of course as the governor's stepping down in january it is a joke that he was very much able to appreciate despite the some serious matters at hand and on the table up for discussions but he joked his way through the entire visit saying that not only is moscow an impressive and amazing place to be one of the most impressive cities actually bed but many other jobs. well our video reports features and blogs are online around the clock at our plus much more here's a taste of what we've got on line for you today brussels president pitches up for
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a pint with the country's rock music to discuss everything from riffs to reform. also our extreme weather forecast just playing into the hands of home appliance dealers after russia's summer heat wave sparked a scramble for air conditioners predictions of a nightmare winter and lead to a boom in sales data and much more to dot com. we're going to take a short break here in our team and then kareena will join us with the latest from the world of business hungry for the. we've gone to. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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welcome to business program how it would make me look at hello and welcome russian menaces and foreign businessmen have discussed how to make the country more enterprise friendly the government used the event to give more details of the upcoming privatization of state assets this is o.t. correspondent jim acosta was there. first deputy prime minister has just matter different has different international companies and these companies represents a range of insider. starting from a food to high technologies well the aim of it today's meeting was to prepare some sort of background in
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a platform for future consultation meeting between prime minister vladimir putin and affording a businessman and after the meeting of the house of person young and adore each of bank told us that the russian market remains quite liberal low for foreign investment and that's the image of russia should be improved we worked through a number of issues in terms of vestment climate opportunity and resolution of differences but it was a very very positive conversation allows us as investors to work with the government in resolving in making opportunities for however the real nice a came a bit later when a good swallow for the press conference with the media representatives and where he revealed some of these states of plans about the future privatization process the state is ready to sell up to ten percent of d.t.b. bank by the end of this year or at the beginning of the next year also he specified
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that as burbank is also going to be a privatized and that the state is ready to read you some of his stake and even to reduce it below the controlling stake in the future like you have drafted the plan for selling d.t.p. shares in two thousand and ten and submitted it to the prime minister who has agreed that the sale could go through by the end of the year if the stew ation is good the sale could fetch at least three billion dollars will approve in the next few weeks a list of ten to fifteen companies in which states will be privatized the volume of privatization will be so high that. able to compete for international capital. meanwhile a lot was said about the transforming moscow into a global financial center but as mentioned the global financial market is quite competitive at the moment so everything should be done very acrid and cautious. and
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the world economy is poised for a slowdown with many developed and leading developing nations already slowing that's according to the paris based organization for economic cooperation and development or o.e.c.d. its leading indicator of economic activity across thirty three countries fell one point in august the last time it rose was an april the decline increases the possibility of a relapse into recession it comes as the i.m.f. warned the global economy will slow next year because of the european public debt problems would be only significant growth expected from asia always he says economic activity in g seven and russia hit true last night. google is to introduce its own inflation index to track global prices the google price index we use live data from the web to show price changes for goods it will be more up to date than government's own consumer price indices which are compiled by civil servants however the new index will not replace official data as
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a book consider only goods that are sold online. and let's have a quick check of the markets now u.s. stocks are sliding at the opening investors are cautious before the federal reserve releases details from its september meeting the dollar is stronger after than after an official chinese newspaper heard from the nation's central bank increased its reserve ratio for six banks now in europe over fourteen the dax are losing over half a percent of the next day trading week of metals prices are putting pressure on the miners investors are courses ahead of the quarterly results in the u.s. and your asian natural resources with an extra hour losing you want to happen today . now here in russia markets sliding in even trading banks and energy majors are among the worst performers gazprom is losing over a percent lukoil and whose hydro are also down. as over one percent. of moody's rating agency has lifted its outlook for russia's banking sector from
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negative to stable it cited a better. a better operating environment higher liquidity and the banks buffer against bad loans. rush steelmaker year as plans to sell bonds for six hundred fifty million dollars the company is looking forward to refinance more than three billion dollars spent on acquisitions in north america will also provide three point two billion dollars of new loans you just start in two thousand and eighteen . russian railways are expected to sell a thirty five percent stake in cargo unit trans container it will raise up to four hundred million dollars in a london moscow listing by the end of this year now the move would value the freight operator at more than a billion dollars or so and will always will keep a majority stake and we use the income to modernize the rail system russian will always wants to sell another subsidiary one close to teach you can best or all console show the best is the government so almost thirty billion dollars and state
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j.p. morgan and talk of dollars are to run the listing. and that's all for now but i'll be back with another business update in less than one hour meanwhile take a look at our web site for more stories.
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are going to. come. from moscow our top stories and arctic treasure hunt are two joins russia as expedition team on a quest for evidence to support the country's claim to the region's vast natural resources. was a key breakthrough in the investigation into last month's blast in the southern city of sidon cop cars which killed nineteen people please. say three of the masterminds are under arrest too while there have been killed in a shoot out. plus a war torn childhood the grim plight of afghanistan's youngsters who are forced to abandon school and start work instead as they become their families only breadwinner. also
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a new opposition party has emerged in georgia with its main focus on restoring ties with the country's present authorities have turned away from. and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the balkans on a mission to persuade serves to trade their autonomy for e.u. and nato membership. and the. california governor arnold schwarzenegger wraps up his visit to the russian capital with a pledge to try and terminate global climate change. now he's the man leading the world charge in the fight against illegal drugs daniel bushell meets your if you go to the new head of the u.n. office fighting drugs and crime. will choose your is the new head of the u.n. forcing drugs.


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