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not all taking part in law enforcement officers the raid has been organized by a vigilante style greek name ansel's city without narcotics this is a drug called as a morphine or locally known as crocodile it's a codeine containing drug and really dangerous the beginning of the raids and coming through the window it was pretty exciting but the minute that you get inside the reality of the situation really hits very hard you've got a young family. drugs lying around the house next door a young child and a mother who looks barely more than a child herself extremely scared and upset and it really makes it very apparent just how sensitive this issue is. should people be able to do this walking into homes and taking the law into their own hands. it's an action which is cruel as it's wrong to rescue a drowning person by pulling their here if people say it's cruel and inhumane let
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them teach us how to do it otherwise we work twenty four seven to help these people when the state isn't doing anything we're aware of to be an issue to. the authorities didn't quite see it that way for twenty three year old man year go by car and several other members of the group using the same methods in the city of new to gil were arrested a move which was met with strong public criticism. this chap igor carried out over two hundred operations against drug dealers as a result the mortality rate has halved the gypsies are afraid to sell drugs and consequently don't bribe your thora who's clearly the authorities there didn't like that the court handed down a three and a half year prison sentence for kidnapping the verdict to spark a public outcry of people claiming it's simply a victory for the drug dealers. i sincerely believe that the trial and the verdict against year gorbachev are the most dangerous and frightening events in russia it's not only a man who's been convicted it's
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a man who is really trying to change something in this life to make life better or . despite the public reaction the relationship between the authorities and the grape is a fragile one. the first deputy minister of internal affairs want told me your biggest problem is that you are the function of the state and i said i don't need to take it back and do what's necessary. the foundation has continued its fight in the face of what it says is a lack of government action it probably will move in that people have to take the problem personally i understand that these people or their brothers and sisters and that unless they do it nobody will do it for them because. when we visited the rehabilitation center that is run by the group there is no evidence of the controversial techniques such as handcuffing addicts the beds which the group has been accused of by human rights groups and the authorities the doors are locked in the conditions of crimes that the group claims
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a seventy percent success rate it's tough treatment appears to be working with my mother so it's six years of drug addiction had done to me and turned to the foundation for help it's hard but you can see how the people are here they talk to each other there's an atmosphere of friendship which helps you through. rushes in the grip of a major drug squad he says with an unofficial estimate of two and a half million drug addicts in the country almost two percent of the population and until probably measures are in place to deal not only with the dealers but in rehabilitating users as well people like genya and the foundations say that it's left to them to stand and fight to free their city of drugs sara fair r.t. you catch emberg. earlier i spoke to sara first to find out more about the center that she visited. a luxury place we the main area where they treated you had essentially over fifty people in one room was quite conditions and they
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kept there for around a month initially. just fed bread and water and very basic foods also essentially going cold turkey. said we speak to people who face going through the treatment at the time and come three managed to get clean and have now moved on with their lives they said it's incredibly hard i mean quiting a drug addiction is never going to be easy actually this huge support network that they have here and the fact that they're all in it together really is very very helpful you got people in the situation t. and that's really a very positive thing for them you mention the drugs raise them in are actually forced to go then to these three places they are yes it is a volunteer last time because the people like the raid that we went on the people that we saw. when they're in the grips of drug addiction are of the not particularly capable of making logical decisions themselves safe the raid that we
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went on. they trained the persons parents and asked the parents then given the option whether the person was arrested or whether they're taken into this rehabilitation center and helped. to correspondent sara for their. public anger has led the president to urge prosecutors to pay more attention to communities who are getting tough on reading their towns of drugs. was meeting rock musicians who told him the door needs to take a wider view of people trying to do the right thing. it is impossible that the guy will be in prison there's done nothing wrong. you said this i heard you i'm asking to pay more attention to what is going on there. unbiased without interfering into the trial in order to avoid a conflict with the law. anyway if the situation is like you're saying it needs
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attention that. few minutes we take you to sochi where a limpid construction is progressing in leaps and bounds. into the committee we follow them on their latest progress talk to check on the two thousand and fourteen winter games. last worming its way into the kremlin via the reception how one russian governor got an unexpected dining companion. the first civilian trial of the content of the detainees has begun in the u.s. the decision to try the terror suspect in that had to do with fierce media backlash with new yorkers concerned about security and the heightened emotions it could cause but. explains things are now remarkably quiet. the main problem isn't security same problem on the head no no how many intelligence secrets will we surrender during this process they were terrorist or whatever on us soil that's not the point we get to spew all kinds of anti american propaganda
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because that's what's going to happen well i'm an oracle a shockingly relaxed atmosphere outside the federal courthouse in lower manhattan especially when a case of such significance is going on this place has seen some of the most publicized scandals of the last two years this is where bernie made off with centers for over a century this is where the curious case of the russian special agents unraveled this entire street was packed with t.v. satellite trucks and dozens and dozens of crews ready to bring their viewers all of the latest and now one for the first time one tunnel detainees being tried in a criminal court of justice in the u.s. none of the media hype is here. as the decision whether or not to try terror suspects on u.s. soil was being made in the u.s. mainstream media was out of control with outraged they were saying this is unacceptable and that terror suspects should be tried in military tribunals now on the first day of the trial there's only
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a couple of blue only journalists here with not much enthusiasm to find out what's really going on inside the courtroom. one of the biggest concerns of the mainstream media profits is that thousands of policemen would be needed to provide security in the area and that billions and billions of dollars would be wasted on policemen for everything around them to be able to make sure that nothing goes wrong but clearly and obviously that is far from reality another big arguments against terror suspects including guy lonnie being tried here was that there would be lots of traffic which clearly is not the case and that's the neighborhood the locals living here would be worried concerned and bothered are they let's find out you know that a terror suspect is being tried in the courthouse right here you know. for sure. does it bother you that this is happening on u.s. soil. you know does it bother you do you know that a terror suspect is being tried in this courthouse right here when you know right
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now do you know that a terrorist suspect being tried in the sport announcer here you know does it bother you does it concern you that this is going on right here you know i'm influenced by the attempts to hype them up with fear mongering the locals are not facing any of the issues predicted by the media going about business as usual and if that you are to new york. there's always more on the line for you at all if you don't call my here's a taste of columbus the co-anchor of my native american say there's nothing to celebrate explores just three. and putting their session to bed hotel bookings crisis levels just an economic downturn checking out at last.
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nearly one in eight british households has no want to work according to a study that ranks the u.k. as the worst among the biggest you countries part of the blame is being put on a welfare system that means the on ploy can be better off on benefits. with reports even though the government wants to force people off welfare and into work jobs just don't. want the seat of an empire now the holder of an unwanted unemployment accolade new figures reveal the u.k. has the highest number of households in any of the e.u. is largest economies in which no one works it amounts to over eleven percent of homes long term unemployment is growing as a proportion of total unemployment but a bigger problem is perhaps hidden from the official unemployment statistics and that is the proportion of workers households in britain so one sixth of all children for example for example grew up in workless hope so which is the highest
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figure in europe by some measure thirty nine year old sondra hay has never had a job she had her first child at sixteen and went on to have three more none of the fathers is around sandra gets the equivalent of more than twenty thousand dollars a year in benefits but she says it's barely enough to stay afloat i'm not doing anything. just to stay. the course can't go anywhere that do anything with the kids growing up and well most painful well of out far past. so also you get incapacity benefit because of a problem with her legs she admits that many people less able than her do go out to work but the country's generous benefits system means it's often more lucrative to stay at home than to get a job critics of that system also say the dependency culture is passed from one generation to the next saundra is a grandmother at thirty nine with the state paying for her granddaughter's nursery
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care while her daughter goes to college she talks of the moment she found out her daughter was pregnant at seventeen. because. you're pregnant. keep asking me what we're going to do you want to well. i think it's a cycle that the cash strapped coalition government is trying hard to break as it tries to save money but that's a tricky balancing act between protecting the vulnerable and not allowing people to take advantage of the system change it with a mixture of care and stick the conditionality is that if you don't accept a reasonable job offer it's got to be the case that you can't go wrong claiming benefits and have every other taxpayer picking up the bill the government is taking steps to address the problem of the long term unemployed by restricting the amount of benefits that any one family can claim and making more rigorous tests and checks
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on people who want incapacity allowance but many of the people the reforms are aimed at have never worked and the big question is in a crisis hits economic climate it's all there any jobs for them to go. your and it's. tough the talks are ahead for us secretary of state hillary clinton is there to urge the country's leaders to open reconciliation with its breakaway of kosovo is just one issue serbia faces on its way to european union membership clinton appears to be dangling the carrot of really sort of. as part of her war before arriving in belgrade and this is to. challenge the country minority embrace political reform and one inclusive society he serves in the east remember that is the only supporting your opponents during the ninety nine times conflict. like.
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the first two. european. european countries i'm talking of course about the nato bombing of ninety ninety nine. i've also been on the republicans for obscure in boston you know so they've clearly taken sides in what has been a civil war and an ethnic conflict so they're not seen as some so far as benevolent power there but what the u.s. wants is to control the region money its resources they could build the largest military base in europe in the province of course civil also in boston and herzegovina they've taken over the former yugoslav military airport. and by the way who already used to in there was against iraq and afghanistan. there are echoes of the past seven historian a boy shema it means the u.s. is now. exactly what it did a decade ago to bosnia i would quoted this occasion the words of former
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representative tom lantos who's passed away a few years ago but back in two thousand and seven during a hearing at the state congress with a sigh see apartment officials he was saying that jihad ists of all colors and hues in the world need to take note that we are once again creating is the islamic state in the heart of europe he was referring to kosovo but the once again was an unmistakable reference to bosnia i think the united states tried to create a client state in bosnia that would compensate for the conflicts with the muslim world elsewhere and they could point to it and say look here's a country in which we help the muslims you should be grateful to us it hasn't really worked well so far but they refused to acknowledge a mistake. i was turning to some other international news now starting with developments in chile where we have a lot of pictures of the president to the rescue operation in chile to freedom miners who been stuck six hundred meters underground for over two months the first
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four to reach the surface were greeted with loud cheers and tearful reunions with their families before being given protective glasses and then taken to hospital within the past few minutes believe in color spend only you came off to be rescued which up until now was used i'm talking numbers you don't even working at the mine for days when tragedy happened the miners are being brought to the surface via a twenty one inch white caps you'll spring one person. aerial photo of the reservoir that's the swathes of hungry covered in toxic sludge show it was leaking before last week's face will burst it's now forty inspectors missed vital warning signs and the facility is being safe for disaster killed eight people and injured over one hundred the torrent of poisonous red waste swept through a town with a. now in pick officials say russia can be
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proud of the progress that's being made the two thousand and fourteen games in sochi the winter event is still a few years off but the groundwork is well underway as i.o.c. has been discovering lottie's denise was with the. members of the i.o.c. coordination commission are frequent visitors here in sochi they prefer to see for themselves how things are going and how this southern russian city is preparing for the big sporting events besides the mountain cluster where the olympic games will be held part of the competition this will be also at the coastal cluster in the. members of the had a chance to see for themselves whether things are going according to plan. you can be proud of great success in the following areas marketing operational planning education environmental protection and of course sporting facilities and infrastructure as we've been witnessing change in a city in the hold the region where the olympic projects are already beginning to take shape because it's
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a very important period for the organizers for those who participate in this massive construction effort in just a few months and the winter of two thousand and eleven there will be testing come petitions it's a massive plan seventy four sporting events to test the olympic venues there's also a big concern among the organizers among the sports whether sochi will have enough snow and whether there will be sufficient weather conditions to hold the winter olympic games in this particular subtropical area but that's the organizers plan b. if there will be problems with natural snow part of the project is dedicated to artificial snow production also they are planning to make special storage just for natural snow. has a story in the kremlin usually office of the finest cuisine for those lucky enough to attend its receptions but a recent banquet included an unexpected source of protein when a word appeared on one plate it was the governor of the central russian to very
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german found added extra salad junior section for the german president. expected to share his meal and posted a twitter picture on the web. they deleted at least he sounded it's fresh. latest business news with stephanie money coming up next. hello and welcome to the business bulletin america's silicon valley founders suggest taking government out and that russian startups grow through private money they fear the state will choke rather than help the innovators but the country's high tech czar tells business r.t. they should be careful what they wish for the new bushel reports. the investors who build california's silicon valley have come to help russia create its own but they're worried its state driven lead going to be to medvedev the whole idea about
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venture capital if you take government out of the equation and you leave it up to the entrepreneur so i think that's definitely something that will be front and center of their minds when they're making investment decisions the man running high tech conglomerates ross none of russia is different very special situations where you cannot introduce innovation by decree but at the same time in russia you cannot introduce them without the degree of this agreement of the russian mission for both ways can work states funds helped to attract top makers of fleet management software known as telematics to russia's first venture i.p.o. took it private making the young founders very rich indeed started as a group of students which. in part by. telematics war was a war to be a russian measure company which believe that idea and gave us money to make his
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business from the site of moscow the site of the whole country. and then it was that it's thinking worldwide wednesday there are a lot of emerging markets where our products were competitive and were made just for gold road the states will fund the least hope of the six billion dollar coast of russia's silicon valley currently under construction in school new mosco but there are signs the california delegation is starting to influence on monday school coochie fictive a good meeting this project will only be successful if hundreds of independent companies join the new business ulti. russian regions which improve the investment climate could be rewarded with incentives including lowering taxes added. barriers but prime minister vladimir putin says for the red tape to be slashed business is in the country need to play fair. i want to reiterate that improving the business
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climate is a two way street the business community contribute as much as the state towards a favorable business climate this is about obeying the law and meeting one's commitments consciously rejecting grace schemes and not just because you can get caught but because cheating consumers and your employees are not paying taxes is wrong. question ministers of foreign businessmen have been discussing how to make the country more enterprise friendly and meeting in moscow led a range of industries voice their concerns and ideas. we worked through a number of issues in terms of investment climate opportunity resolution of our differences but it was a very very positive conversation allows us this investors to work with the government in resolving in making opportunities for investment and first step departments that hugo chavez all of took the opportunity to reveal details about the upcoming privatization of state assets. we drafted the plan.
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in two thousand and ten and submitted it to the prime minister who has agreed that the sale could go through by the end of the year if the is good the sale could fetch at least three billion dollars will approve in the next few weeks a list of changes fifteen companies in which states will be privatized the volume of privatization will be so high that we'll be able to compete for international capital. alex take a look at how he actually markets are doing and taking to make a has rebounded slightly on whether it's safe by rise of wall street overnight and upbeat forecasts from intel the world's largest tech make up games happen limited by strong yen still a fifteen year high to the dollar and here in moscow the r.t.s. has opened higher gaining more than half a percent so far but my six will open for trade in a few minutes to finish low on tuesday through the main decliners was spared by can beat down more than half of cent energy majors were also among the losers as
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commodity prices slipped from the shed more than one point two percent. the french government has vowed to press ahead with landmark pension reforms that's just quite massive street protests the biggest in decades and open ended strikes faced with huge budget deficits and sluggish growth the french government says the overhaul is essential to solve the country's financial problems. a possible joint venture between russia's biggest commercial transport make a gas group vaults fog and maybe agreed earlier than expected gas has been looking for a partner to develop its car making operation a vote for good wants to increase production beyond its major plant include up southwest of moscow well some are going to have expected to conclude a deal by the end of the year but the head of god's group believes it could happen here. it is still too early but i think that we we will be able to finalize this deal in the next month or so. i've got so the business news for the south but we've
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got more coverage for you online at l.t. dot com slash it's. almost seventy years of the red machine which so moved people wanted to leave in
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the past. king to make changes to be sure sudden was immediate. the but it wasn't possible to change the country's regime so quickly and with the boom monopoles only fundamental changes in the state people's minds on. the. going to be soon which brightened if you newly bought song from finest impressions . screams.
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from across russia and around the world. join us. today. these are the images. today.
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they're the main stories we're covering this hour here and on the head of a russian anti narcotics foundation has been jailed for using tough treatment techniques on his many supporters say he's a cheat and therefore it is a failed at his methods. after the media panic of a gun tunnel trials being held in the first detainees appearing in court but the hype over security leaks incomings has failed to materialize as mainstream its story. and one in eight letters households has one they can say the worst major nations generous welfare system is being blamed for
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their own benefits. economic bubble if you would listen to those who predicted it was about to burst. from a top german financial expert who insisted the downturn was around the corner. professor also thanks very much for talking to r.t. now if you correctly predict the economic crisis what's your predictions for the year it's not so easy i think as long as germany underwrites the euro it will stay at least for a couple of years the german economy is still very strong so i think as long as germany has the political will to stand behind it which i which i question we should not do that but as long as we do it it will probably can go on for another four five six years and what about the german people is there political well in the german population to carry on supporting.


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