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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g. q. fifty. fifty fifty. five.
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breaking news for you now a group of militants who broke into the parliament of russia's republic of chechnya have all been killed by security forces according to reports at least three other people are believed to be dead police officers among them with seventeen others injured. the russian president. next month's nato summit in lisbon meeting with french and german leaders the move has been welcomed as a major move towards closer ties with the e.u. . and israel is facing criticism over a recently adopted building requires non jewish citizens to swear loyalty to the state initiative is straining already uneasy relations with the arabs who refuse to pledge themselves to a country they say is snatching. immigration tensions are rising in
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germany following chancellor merkel statement that multiculturalism has failed in the country next talks to a german journalist and author on what's behind the integration dispute and where it may lead stay with us. dr karp is a renowned journalist and academic but his views on islam have caused an outcry has been investigated by the german government has received multiple death threats. what are your issues with islam whenever you see a tripe and. in brazil that is untouched by a different culture everybody is going to stand up and to say you have to protect this tribe that is not affected by western or eastern or muslim or whatever culture you have to protect those people. and the. so.
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what i believe is that there is a place for muslims in this world and for their culture they have a place to live and there is a place for european and western culture to live in what i don't believe they will live peacefully together we have a clash not only of civilizations and of religion we have a class clash of ideologies like we had a clash between communism and capitalism and now we have a clash because islam is also an ideology i believe that islam is not going to win this battle it is a battle i believe. i'm not afraid that muslims will be the muslims will overrun europe now i don't believe that because. i believe that what we have done in the past several times. the people will stand up and say we're fed up we don't want that anymore and try to push them back and that will be
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violent i belong to europe and to the european culture and the muslims belong to the places they came from because whenever i asked the majority of the turks i speak to and. i asked them are you german or are you talking even if they are second or third generation they will say i'm turkish the palestinians wherever they live if they live in saudi arabia as workers they say i'm a palestinian and my home is palestine i don't blame them for that i just say ok so if they say they have their roots they are happy there. all the best take your suitcases and go back to where you are happy i will be happy you will be happy now is there anything inherently that makes it different to other religions and makes it particularly difficult for muslims to integrate some parts of the koran ask muslims not to integrate to give you
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a clear view an example it is three of us one hundred one town he says as a believer as a muslim you should not learn from an unbeliever you're not allowed you are the ones who rule and to decide what is good and what is bad because you are muslims and it is not the unbelievers too who have you should listen you should obey to islam and to the muslims you should not learn in unbelievers schools so we are going to have so the percent of muslims of turkish muslims in germany leaving schools without learning anything there they don't have a diploma or anything because their religion in serous re first one hundred ten tells them you don't have to obey to what the unbelievers tell you because you are natural born muslim you are your more worse than an unbeliever why do you listen to what they tell you forget that so this this is going to cause conflicts this is
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going to cause big problems you could never never publicly and especially not in the mass media you could never talk about incest in the islamic culture that. people who are relatives cousins if they marry and that is common in pakistan come on and become an american if they marry and if they do the incest that it will not be good because they have shits a friend. they have. diseases we have to talk about their families used to practice incest and in some valleys. the alps you had incest but now. you're not allowed to marry your first great cousin in germany because we don't want to have shit sophronia and all those diseases so why do we do want to talk publicly to our muslim population and tell them we don't like to
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marry a first great cousin because of the disease it's not because we don't like you we don't want to have that diseases now but some people say that the problem isn't so much ideological as it is economic we have. that much money behind them that if we would have that money back we wouldn't have any financial problems in europe so we always say elvis all those problems have to do was a social back row all of these groups these muslim groups that do not behave as we want them to behave it has nothing to do with the social background it is the ideology and the economical problems what we have right now is also because they have taken a hell of a lot of money from us to give an example. the migrants in germany have so far up to the year two thousand and seven they have taken in more than one
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billion i mean the english billion not the american they have taken more than one billion euros more out of our social welfare system than what they have paid into our system one billion euros to to give you an idea what that means we have depths the german government has depths the total amount of the german government's debt is one point seven billion euros what part has the media played in this at the mainstream media has paid a very very. big part in that because whenever you have christmas. the situation they did not print it it was against political correctness as a majority of the journalists in europe but only in germany and the majority of the journalists are out of eighty six generation that means a left wing generation who clearly wanted to have this migration movement and who
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clearly wanted to have a new human being mixed from different cultures of the world it was not bad what they want to the idea of having a new human being that will live peacefully in the future together that was not a bad idea but just in reality it does not function have you personally suffered for your beliefs to times i had to leave my home. because i have death threats i had death threats i still have them and we live and on new material we had police protection for a long long time but my family and me we decided we don't want to have that anymore there is many people in europe who are stretton. to be killed by a muslims it is not only me my hand is absolutely quiet if i would die this moment because i have the feeling was my believe was whatever i do this is the right way for me are you a christian i was born in a christian family and was in when i was twenty one twenty two years
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i have strode away christianity i have have denied my roots the roots of my christian family i have decided to be an artist i was traveling through the muslim world for the frankfurter allgemeine a newspaper and i converted to islam in here rot in afghanistan when i speak about islam i speak from my own knowledge i have to have lived for a long time for many many years together with muslims but now i am an ex muslim i'm a reborn christian but now i'm a christian from from the bottom of my heart not because my. well i would not because i was raised in a christian family i came back to my roots and much stronger than before but i don't speak to you or to people to praise christianity so what future do you predict for this continent financial and economical crisis it looks like it will
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come back and whenever you had in history whenever you have become numb ical hard economical problems ethnical on wrist. and people more larger groups not respect the state laws and the power of the state when this respect is gone. you you had. wall of civil wall.
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the breaking news on our t.v. a group of militants who broke into the parliament of russia's republic of chechnya have all been killed by security forces according to reports at least three other people are believed to be dead police officers among them with seventeen others injured. and the russian president announced he will attend the next month's nato summit in lisbon a meeting with french and german leaders the move has been a welcomed as a major move towards closer ties with the e.u. . and israel is facing criticism over a recently adopted build requires knowing jewish citizens to swear loyalty to the state initiative is straining already uneasy relations with the arabs who refuse to pledge themselves to a country they say is. time now for the sports with us. thanks
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for joining us this is today i mean and these are some of the stories we're covering this hour pitched battle something has to give are spartak moscow and chelsea but there are one hundred percent champions league group records to the test in the russian capital. talking tennis russia's most prestigious small ball tournaments sees former world number one you're leaning yankovic's head field in the women's draw. and get your fill we could each and every strike that flew in over the weekend in the russian premier league she was your number one and. spartak moscow will have it all to do later when they seek to make it three wins from three in the champions league russia's most successful club host powerhouse chelsea who are also aiming to keep intact a one hundred percent record richard and poor fleet casts his eye over each side's preparations chills he won't have for memories of playing evolution he stadium the
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last appearance here was two and a half years ago when they lost the champions league final to munch united on a penalty shoot outs it was particularly painful this man captain john terry who missed the all important spot kick but his head coach says there's no point in comparing tuesday's manch with them final they lost the final. but i go. through. we have a problem tomorrow things won't get any easier for the londoners who have a number of injury problems coming into clash didier drogba and frank lombard of both mr trip to moscow but some of them can move could make a return for visitors may be missing plenty of star names but sponsorship defender nicolas paddy still believes chelsea have the ability to cause his side all sorts of problems. is the one of the various forwards in utica. in the world but ok he didn't want to play but he's going to play and it's almost the same thing
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chelsea they have a lot of a lot of quality players that is a safe place sponsored have injury problems of their own they'll be without influential midfielder i'm captain alex who was injured in his size last major of a line you're on friday and compensate his loss is a major blow even though it seems fellow brazilian billiton will be fit enough by the early for us to lose a leg who is one of our own most important players and our captain is a massive handicap he's played in all our important games and it will be much harder for us to police a player like this in comparison to chelsea they were there with some of their star players such as their strength in depth. both sides took group air for one hundred percent records from the first two games b. jay leno last time managed the first champions league victory delusion a key stadium in a decade the muslims don't have a star names like the london rivals but nevertheless i'm sure lottie's weary of the
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russian and fitz i think they have a good mix from but as you know players and russian players are but as you know they use a. more future growth. skills as a good team if they have a good both in good combination from brazil and russian players not surprisingly eurasia cause as the center of much of a press is attention on his return to moscow russian will be moving used to be artificial peach if he played here for five seasons with his former club serious come usually. because you can play a lot of politicians on the beach who played but he was a. game we played for. tuesday's match will be so managed with all tickets have been sold weeks ago encounter could go some way to deciding who ultimately finishes top of the group spartak moscow worktime see their chances of picking up
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a third straight champions league victory on tuesday when they come up against chelsea side there's a whole host of first team regulars however such as the strength in depth of carlos and charlie's i have said they too will feel equally as confident of picking up all three points from bathers to moscow and solidify their position of the top of group . r.t. moscow. elsewhere a clash of european giants takes place in madrid but reality set to do battle with the al have won the opening two games while the italian stood on a four point. zero meet pointless more say and surely not have the chance to make up some ground in sparta x. group byron munich are perfect after two games they have got rumanians kluge for company tonight but will aim to keep. zero points in the same group arsenal and shocked are they haven't dropped a single point. three one of them will tonight though while part of. the opening evening much week we fixtures. on to tennis star where the kremlin cup russia's
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most prestigious competition tipped off. right here in moscow russia's top player in the women's straw as you honest to see of the. fourth while you need a young kid which currently we're number seven is the top seed in the million dollar event the serb has already booked her place of the year ending championships in doha but would still love to lift her second title in three years here with several players of no topping pulled out the odds of shortened on the former world's best finish in the season on a high note. but i decided to. come first well because i like playing the. second. time to play some matches preparing myself because. we're burley a month into the third hockey league season but already head coach number five has
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been sacked even the latest to depart the bench not only took over the reins this year after having spent the season i was assistant to canadian smith with leaders of the caliber of alexei yashin. cough sitting in the bottom half of the h.l. standings after five weeks was seen as simply not good enough with this in this regard sports like most schools i'm off to the east have already fired coaches this season. and finally back to football where it was a goal packed weekend in the russian premier league twenty two strikes and all finding their way into the back of the net it's time to take your pick of the.
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