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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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higher inflation in the major currency the dollar which is the other big liquid assets that people most of the global economies and central banks and investors look to the u.s. is interesting. here bring it to the lower levels which would be positive for a commodity prices in general and. the long term gold bull george soros recently described the precious metal as the ultimate bubble since the metal is not very useful in the real world applications it has a place in jewelry and fun gilding things but mostly it's value is in fact that it's valuable and that is a perception that's good always change that's you know political the business our team and the shop they place our bacon or if i'm all stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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wealthy british soil. has moved on to the subscribers. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports
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. here at our t.v. live from moscow our top stories on torture and civilian deaths in iraq new revelations rock washington as the wiki leaks website releases more secret u.s. military files site's founder claims a leak of some four hundred thousand documents does not jeopardize america's national security. frances hit with more rallies after senators passed a controversial pension bill which raises the retirement age from sixty to sixty two across the channel in the u.k. unions plan massive protests as the government slashes social benefits and costs half a million jobs. it was an unexpected find in russell's resort city of sochi as archaeologists uncover an ancient temple during construction of the twenty fourteen winter games
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and some of the sporting events could now be relocated to make room for a museum as part of the of the second part from. moscow takes the floor next with a range of indoor capital entertainment for you this autumn. me let it. go. if i pick up with. the effect of. the. russians all known for that
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drilling field excursions bush might call the famously bright russian does not love to drive fast maybe that explains the existence of a semicolon centers around the city and that the r.t. among both male and female pilots as race is. force has a cost in school for children from five to sixteen years old because cars are equipment with added safety protection then you also holds kids competitions breaking down into age groups must the costs for adults are provided by next a college debt limit of international and russian cars and competitions the whole also often organizes multilevel competitions amateurs and professionals. living on c.n.n. to tame in the us now and for all those who are hungry for us food and fast there's a new venue in the city center the restaurant is open on the territory of moscow's
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museum of modern art offering its guests to menus of french transit georgian dishes you can not only enjoy contemporary art next to all the restaurants interiors off to sleep decorated to the shape of books on art and design a sharing of french to. the owners also plan to organize music concerts at the venue. to celebrate its fifth anniversary and rochelle glossy magazine in style has organized a large glamorous event called the sharp around one thousand celebrities and fashionistas has been invited to fashion night the highlights of which was an unusual runway show models paraded the catwalk not in one simple design a collection more a mix of different brands show how to combine and wedges i'm includes in everyday life. to go up on sunday on the runway you know. which is why it's true that she stands true i'll teach you the clothes you can find in style the meaning of links old friends all to style of trends that. instead make is in the said one
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who would like to make such a show. the shockey inside the tent is six hundred metres long and six twelve metres why this high quality costs smooth flat track short straight stretches and abrupt towns one speaking by the bar and you can see why this causing traffic is so popular ten minutes racing time costs from two hundred fifty to seven hundred rubles that's up to twenty dollars depending on the time and day and best of all because the sense is that open until two am every night. until it's not about the race is. the for very good any longer they are no better or are extracts of any age range so this activity how they are held within the clothing is all provided for you.
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please consider like to come trotting license i don't think i'm doing too badly a complete list. he told the new sensational cinema a majestic museum suspension to do if it rains in the russian capital but it's all doom and gloom in the russian winter generally to move them to the skies and the sun shines through a cold night fun filled winter packed with various activities just remember to pack she would say bullies and we've arrived at the shopping center. it's an underground shelters paradise several years ago to simply nothing here today is another example of the city's have a changing infrastructure and to use extreme temperatures very lovely to me.
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yet again so it's very cold outside where to muscovites when the weather is bad let the lot of the city making shopping is a lot of fun around that time there's underground shopping malls it's a lot of hot air con and plays they can take a month he's not there to get all the bowling thinking they may indoor pool of a. fitness they can go to a lot of the pleiades a lot of choices from hi there with the shopping or big mall as they say in the center or they sat outside the fence and this is a lot of shopping malls to build. its nest called the really interesting indoor snowboarding and he plays they do and they have. the what a lot of plates they're being built. this is a lot of people. since i was
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a lot source a lot but. if it's raining outside where would you recommend the forest service. to be. but they're insisting it is going to define what they're going to do if they didn't come. thank you. it's very rough and. being healthy and. i. think you are. all different and body and get warm and have. get it get there. and. have a fireplace and be. absolutely.
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sports entertainment is bowling there are dozens of bowling alleys and muster with a different number of lanes in the city center. you can still find them in. the cinema parks but if you travel further from the sense there are species bowling alleys like this one here. in the evening hours and separate special for the kids trusses depending on the town and range from around ten to twenty dollars per hour i do enjoy bowling i think it's a lot of fun. and the restaurant. if you fancy of town it's not involving physical exercise or enjoying performing publicly thank. you there are several carry many bars in moscow to provide their guests with. the latest equipment and a professional team who can even apply some computer facts to. maybe.
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hundreds of them. and sound sensational. and if you daring enough you might even. that's inside a shopping mall in the city if you can carry heavy shopping bags maybe seven fifty meters high walls for climbing and all seems such a challenge for you this rock climbing suitable for but professionals and how much this signifies by instructors and also all the equipment you need to. kill kill itself doesn't look. like a canal does well a little silly as to why they. feel it in about a thousand in the say with a playful slide to the first side as you can see why it's become so popular with
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family members i guess i'll just place it when it's. situated just outside the most daring raid the empress admission fee varies from three hundred fifty for small children to three thousand rubles addles pending on the day of week and time of the day through the clock website which is also in english you can book entrance tickets online since it is a day from ten to ten a bar and restaurant allocated in the venue every friday and saturday the venue holds beach nights parties hosted by listening d.j.'s if you plan to does it was a party with children and one of the advantages of our car park is the great playground. venue has several of the slides that range of ninety to one hundred twenty minutes this seems to extreme and you can relax in the pool g q z's while pools. that. we. have.
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to park also comprises an excellent spa the christmas song is made by renowned specialists everyone can enjoy a variety of only treatments performed on christmas. tendency for stream files is a unique slide the tsunami hitting one of its kind in russia it's now my spares to be flushed down the red and yellow basically it looks wise and it feels great fun. and taking my rubber reins you can come all the way here without trying very small slides new interests in if he's a multi-day mostly because sadly been taken to a higher level say guess what's in the marina side to getting what's inside here it .
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is simply a lot of noise in the us and. they might. be the first thing you get of a my me me. me and the rich. enough number . like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just about the them it's about me to.
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say. the same. now. since this is my film i get the last word this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light switch to if. there is not enough space for them on the ground. down to the a good things nonexistent under the sun. fill the gap of adrenalin. discover a deeply hidden secret. they are seeking to. find
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. and even. talking to god. from a little under the illusion. that .
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torture and civilian deaths in iraq new revelations rock washington as the wiki leaks website releases more secret u.s. military files the site's founder claims the leak of some four hundred thousand documents has not jeopardized america's national security. and frances hit with more rallies after senators passed a controversial pension bill which raises the retirement age from sixty to sixty two across the channel only u.k. unions plan massive protests and the government slashes social benefits and costs half a million jobs. plus an unexpected find and russia's resort city of sochi as archaeologists on the cover an ancient temple during construction for the twenty fourteen winter games some of the sporting events could now be relocated to make room for a museum as part of the of the park. sports is next here on r t andrew for now joy
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and i understand you have news from the russian premier league although it looks like not too many goals many of. the new not to have finished draws are still waiting for gold in the other gangs but sabir on complaining find out why just for this. hello there welcome to the sport and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes. spotlight but i would go on a straw for carbons mannequins bottom side to bear we have the latest from the russian premier league. club home heroine recur olenka braises into the final of the crimean cup actually to be touring as a training camp. flying high red bull take the from own career sebastian vettel to pole had a championship leader. but will stop the russian premier league spot at moscow's
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bid to finish in the top three has been dealt a blow to a goal destroyed by basement boys sabir the red and white sun able to find a breakthrough in siberia despite the endeavors of the recent signing aiden mcgeady fans there finding their own entertainment during what was i don't know much really mean spartak at eight points pontius you currently hold the last champions league spot but that point could be life and force a bit to prop up the table and five points from safety with by games left. in are most likely on the net today goes to the man and the land yet the moscow club still with a chance at europa league of the europa league. action our spot it now she is surprise package take comes home and it certainly will pass and now it's going to surprise surprise while some turn by terry in the late get. well in england leaders chelsea face low really wolves at stamford bridge the blues back from a trip to moscow and two points clear of the city at the top and should see their star striker didier drogba return to the lineup after covering from
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a virus while wolves are third from bottom after winning anyone saw the season and can expect a tough time of it was after noon with current you lottie for another three points . our e-mail can do more of a. good job of that their goal is to introduce your grew up in cold blood with the other teams last week we lost to. go back to man city had we hope to do. i want to go up. again and see spurs take on every turn that is one wanted half time and about scoring equaliser after liking baines but everton ahead later birmingham host blackpool bottom side west playing the castle regular against bolton and high flying west drawn could even find about munched united with victory over full and but united are away stoke tomorrow will have wayne rooney in the side after he completed an incredible u.
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turn in agreed to stay at the club earlier in the week he said he wanted to leave because he was concerned about the strength of the squad in the future but two days later he agreed to sign a five year contract really saying united manager sir alex ferguson was a genius claiming it was the scots belief and support that had convinced him to stay until recently it's been a controversy over. i was over the timing of the. deal it's funny songs and hopefully you know move on and get buckets and get back playing them it's been a difficult you know for me you know i'm sure for the club as well. you know i thought it was you know it was for me to you know get my point across and we finally come to an agreement which i think is best for the. you can see more of that interview on t.v. in the meantime russia have officially pulled out of the running to host the twenty
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twenty two world cup and will focus solely on landing the twenty eighteen tournament it makes sense really after america decided to concentrate on the twenty twenty two bit along with a stray cat or japan in korea that leaves an all european battle for the twenty eighteen world cup and under fee for rules that means a non european country will have to host the following tournament i understand that russia then in the heart with england and joint bids from spain and portugal and holland belgium for twenty eighteen or find out who the host will be on fee for announce their decision on december the second. to tennis now maria kirilenko will fly the flag for russia in the final of the kremlin cup a few moments ago she booked her place after thrashing there the share of an hour or length in total the match she reeled off five straight games in the opening set and then six straight games in the second six one six one the final straw and next up is victoria has a rank the second seed better russian troops in past spain's mary joseph martin as you say in straight sets first men's semifinal short he will see uruguay's tablo
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where the first up against big detroit city from serbia and then this market and then this these two men will fight for the last box in the final eastham and knocking out the last remaining russian yesterday when it seemed that he was the two thousand and eight champion but the man from his pakistan was too good for him each time and serving out for the six two six four victory with his ten eight. markers but the articles are looking good the cypriot beating alexander dole gopal of in quarters taking the first set six two in the final set on a tie break but all pull of center forehand long at the crucial moment but dart is winning at nine seven and a match. well move to the now where the problems continue for metal numbers because next they're eleventh the fate of the season this afternoon at the hands of alan gard three no final school with the second worst record in the league at the moment i'm playing as i speak i have a two one lead over cynthia that's in the final period so too is the game between
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buddies and all of these stand a team up in that one and later defending champions at bars looking for bands back from their latest of the design side traveling to next to me in the late get. well there was a taste in moscow darby yesterday evening getting a second win in a row with a narrow one nil victory over sparta moscow has now lost three on the bounce and watching it with richard poor feet. so it scans part time high hopes at the start of a kid shell season however moscow rivals both find themselves at the wrong end of the table with the first of a campaign already played its part time to drop their last two games while the army men are just snapped a six game losing streak in me last outing you can score some petersburg. leave aside should anything close to playing fluid hockey early on his chances were at a premium or nerves were plenty of fall if the first period was a drive affair the second followed suit perhaps a scan sponsor i fail to generate any off ends as dominic cash and his opposite
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number say to go to chin curry with virtual spectators even on a few occasions but teams had an extra man advantage on the powerplay the third period finally did see both teams try to raise their game a little former n.h.l. veteran bitches like kozlov failing to really test sponsor it's forty five year old netminder here. the visitors will find a way past with dominate him minutes later as with twelve minutes to go yes he finally broke the deadlock that pave the way for what was without doubt the most interesting passage of the game as part i push in search of an equalizer of inability to score cost them dearly as say a scar held on to claim victory we have to wake up next day in the practice but right now i don't see anything i don't see the light on the end of the tunnel right now i don't see anything great. however. it's already set as to build a season so. right now we feel unfortunately i have to say that. we've
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come through a difficult period we have a young team and we lost those six games all by a single goal and have the lead in money of them we didn't have enough experience but after the win and st petersburg that's given us a lot of confidence. a pretty di a game which both sides will want to forget in a hurry and both sides will have to improve fast if they want to make the playoffs dancey. another news rushes early in the stuff and it has picked up another gold at the world artistic gymnastics championships she's won the all around event in the netherlands to add to her success in the team event the sixteen year old that from the start with the best result in a vault in stating central france has received three thinnish is on the uneven bars to. and speaking and floor china is sharing one plane silver with american rebecca brought the wrong stuff and is now double world champion but is going for more glory for another four medals rather grabs the operator's finals this weekend. and
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formula one red bull driver sebastian vettel will start from pole position for the korean graeme pray vettel was just seven hundreds of a second faster than his teammate and chip leader mark webber it will be the second straight race in which the red bulls have monopolized the front row harare's fernando alonso was locked with vettel fourteen points behind webber in the standings qualified for mclaren lewis hamilton for the fifth championship contender jenson button was said. first sector is pretty straight so there's not much you can do just to do your breaking points and then the second and third sector here especially quite entertaining with you know miles flowing corners but easy to do a mistake so i think in the last run a little bit too much margin and lost in the middle sector obviously we have the. possibility inside the car to check how fast we're actually going so i thought that maybe it's not enough when i speed it up in the last sector again and fortunately again as you said with very little margin but enough. we were all sebastian loeb is
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on course to win the rally of spain for a sixth time in a row the recently crowned world champion had a three point eight second lead over sebastian old year after the first day catalonia about cope with it no problem in this situation winning three of the six day just over gravel and asphalt gary mattingly was the fastest for. better weather though for golfers in spain's mediterranean coast where peter had blown these because stellar masters going into day three there this we fired a seven under par sixty four and friday to shoot to the top of the leaderboard six birdies for him and an eagle. enough to be the player to catch despite a bogey get the nine hundred leads by a single shot from a chasing pack of three including the reef and on the stand i want to set out shot of the day alexander norton also from sweden up. the path three six three shots off the pace.
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that wraps up the sport will be here in the next two hours for more sport for you thanks though it is the. wealthy british style it's time to rise on. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on or to. download the official ante up location. pod touch from the top story. lines on the good. video on demand. gold coast's and all receipts feeds now in the palm of your.


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