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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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crisis in general and. long term gold bull george soros recently described the precious metal as the ultimate bubble since the metal is not very useful in real world applications it has a place in jewelry and fun gilding things but mostly it's value isn't the fact that it's valuable and that is a perception that could always change the channel you call the business our team and the shop they place our bacon with far more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just about the them it's about me to. me man brown got to share. and say. geez mood to say i. need you. now. since this is my film i get the last word this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light switch. helos
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is a team from moscow it's kevin owen here tonight we cannot snow the show must go out ahead after all the top stories a massive online expose a shakes up washington as a new series of military suggest the us ignored torture and civilian deaths in iraq that we can weeks website found the claims of the leak of four hundred thousand. documents hasn't jeopardized america's national security. rages in europe has france's hit with more rallies after senators passed a controversial pension bill raising the retirement age across the channel in the u.k. british should use of planning mass marches to counter government cuts and jobs and social benefits. first sport helps uncover history in russia as a result city of sochi as archaeologists stumble on an ancient temple during
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construction for the twenty fourteen winter games some of the sporting events could now be relocated to make room for a museum as part of the and then big pop. punk heaven i'm in thanks for being with us tonight always more of our t. dot com. let me let me. go. if i pick up. the let me pick up that. russians are known for that
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drilling field excursions pushing price of gold is famously right the russian does not love to drive fast maybe that explains the existence of say many cars and centers around the city and that popularity among both male and female pilots as races show force has a cost in school for children from five to sixteen years old is used cars for equipment with added safety protection then you also holds kids competitions broken down into age groups must the costs for adults are provided by the next they cut a check of international costs in competitions the whole also often organizes multilevel competitions with amateurs and professionals. living on sea entertainment news now and for all those who are hungry for votes today and there's a new venue in the city center the restaurant is open on the territory of moscow's
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museum of modern art offering its guests team and use of french transit georgian dishes you cannot only enjoy contemporary art next to all the restaurants interiors off to sleep decorated to the shape of books on art and design a sharing of french. the owners also plan to organize music concerts at the venue. to celebrate its fifth anniversary and rochelle glossy magazine in style has organized a large glamorous event called to show you around one thousand celebrities and fashionistas have been invited to the fashion night palace which was an unusual runway show models paraded the catwalk not in one simple design a collection more a mix of different brands sure how to combine and wedges i'm includes in every day life. you know up on sunday on the runway you know. we try to teach them the true how to choose the clothes you can find in style i mean it
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makes old friends old style of trends that. instead make is in the said one who would like to make that show. the truck inside the tent is six hundred metres long and six twelve metres wide this high quality costs smooth flight track short straight stretches and approx one speaking by the bog you can see why this constant traffic is so popular ten minutes of racing time costs from two hundred fifty to seven hundred rubles that's up to twenty dollars depending on the time and day and best of all because the sense is that open until two am every night. until it's not about the race is. the fifth very good anyone where they are nervous or are extracts of any age range or the fact that if they fall on they are well within the clothing is all provided for you.
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can see much and come trotting lessons i don't think i'm doing too badly to colleagues live. he told the new sensational cinema a majestic museum suspension to do if it rains in the russian capital but it's all doom and gloom in the russian winter generally to move them to the skies and the sun shines through a fun filled winter packed with various activities just remember to pack she would say bullies and we've arrived at the shopping center. it's an underground shelters paradise several years ago to simply nothing here today it's another example of the city's have a changing infrastructure and to compete miscues extreme temperatures are lovely to
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. see again so it's very cold outside where the muscovites when the weather is bad but it's a lot of the city they can go shopping to a lot of time around the city there's underground shopping malls as a lot of their. ways they can take. months if not there again all the polling thinking they may indoor pool of their. fitness they can go to a lot of the pleiades a lot of choices from either put the shopping for a big mall and take. in the fence here or they sat outside the fence and this is a lot of shopping malls to build. its nest called the really interesting indoor snowboarding and skiing plays they do and they have. the what a lot of places they're being built on the side that this is a lot of. it seems that there's a lot sourced
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a lot. if it's raining outside where would you recommend the forest service. to be. but they're insisting it is going to define what they're going to do if they didn't come. thank you. very. being healthy and. i. think it will. get different kind of body heat and get warm and have. it get their hair fatter and. have a fireplace and be. absolutely .
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sports entertainment is bowling there are dozens of bowling alleys in moscow with different number of lanes and this isn't all small you can still find them in. cinema parks but if you travel further from the. species bowling alleys like this one here. in the evening hours and separate special for the kids trust is different depending on the town and range from around ten to twenty dollars per hour i do enjoy bowling i think it's a lot of fun. over. in the restaurant. if you fancy of town it's not involving physical exercise or enjoying performing publicly karaoke should be the choice for you there are several carries you. must go to provide guests with. the latest equipment and a professional team who can even apply some computer fax to your phone. maybe you
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could see hundreds. and sounds sensational. and if you would you might even. that's inside a shopping mall in the city if you can carry heavy shopping bags maybe seven fifty meters high walls for climbing and all seemed such a challenge for you this rock climbing suitable for but professionals and how much is signified by instructors and also all the equipment you need commitment to at. all till it's a large it looks. like a canal that's a long dark alley a little silly. if the weather is bad. in about a two thousand and six with a playful slide the water inside is you can see why it's become so popular with
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family members of this size it is. situated just outside the most daring raid the empress get machine fee varies from three hundred fifty to small children a c three thousand roubles addles spending on the day of wheat and holiday through the clark clark talk website which is also in english you can book entrance tickets online since it is a day from ten to ten a bar and restaurant allocated in the venue every friday and saturday the venue holds beach nights parties hosted by resident deejays if you're trying to do is it was a party with children and one of the advantages of the car carpark is the great playground kids the venue has several of the slides that range reminds you to one hundred twenty minutes it seems too extreme and you can relax in the large way pulls you cruises while pools. that.
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you have. to park also comprises an excellent spa the christmas song is made by renowned specialists everyone can enjoy miraculously treatments perform functions. tendence france through france is a unique slide to the tsunami during one of its kind in russia it's now might stand to be flushed down the red and yellow basically it looks like this and it feels great. taking my rubber ring you can come all the way here without trying very small slights new interactivity is a modern day most are constantly being taken to a higher level say guess what's in the rain outside to getting what's inside here the. little. little. silly little boy.
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heard. a. little. dear mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ.
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thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about. it's rare side effects serious life changing side effect. it's the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition language is really. the best compete beat. are still unaware of what's going on in the land still asking why do you. think i don't know anything about alaska.
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wealthy british stock. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds a report. in the united kingdom. else dylan forty one who took the old way even if. it gets in the millstone hutto some country house today in the pool. halls the room brant the crew me to feel. the oil pull the rubens hotel.
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stories a massive online expose washington has a new series of logs suggest that the u.s. . civilian deaths in iraq the wiki leaks website founded. the leak of four hundred thousand documents thousands jeopardized america's national security. anger rages in europe as france's sit with more rallies after senators prosecute the virtual pension bill raising the retirement age across the channel in the u.k. time british unions are planning massive marches to counter the government cuts in jobs social benefits. and we report on how small it helps cover history and russia's resort city of sochi archaeologists there of stumbled on an ancient temple during construction of the twenty fourteen winter games some of the sporting events could now be relocated as a result to make way for a museum as part of the olympic park. what is most critical similarity dot com more
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sport coming up right now kate sierra twenty to forty six on a saturday night live sport and just only ten hours to go to a new venue will go down in history for the formula one calendar tell us more yes that's right the korean grand prix is almost underway at young now but for many of perigal start at the front of the grid here that's right the red bulls really are flying more on that splash or saturday's football action that's next. hello and welcome to the sports news and here are the headlines. off target sponsored moscow she wrote police bishan is a dented by a goalless draw or severe while the top three i mean action on the sunday. while local had to wait muscovites maria kirilenko prepares to face victoria azarenka in the final of the kremlin cup. red bulls charging sebastian vettel starts on pole
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ahead of teammate mark what about the you know your own career grand prix. the first of football and in the russian premier league spot at moscow's bid to finish in the top three was dealt a blow off to they were held to a goal the strong rock bottom sabir the red and whites were unable to find a breakthrough in siberia despite the fact that there's a recent signing major mcgeady founders were left finding their own entertainment to look for space to cheat don't much the results may spark talk about eight weeks behind taste of the current hold the last five games we expect that's going to be a lifeline for c.b.s. to prop up the table the five but some safety games left. but i'll try to this is to allow get in by the cap caus the muscovite side also could find that and it finished going as between the two sides on the stovetop is still in with a chance to go your right place six games to go. time to me time stop now chick came
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back to snatch a late winner trying to top off the goal as first half the visitors finally open after fifty five minutes if any static off headed home after a free kick but five minutes later an object signed to a level lead the mayor did do not netted after another set piece tom scotto defense allowed him to step up almost two months. and as normal time came and went to draw looked like me but in the third minute of injury time doug said i'd see made. the most total confusion in the area was not the highest sochi one was the final score spot track the main fifty in the standings tom stay tense. and in the long game of the day moscow region side satin posted to a private sub sat next to the seventy nine when they went out to the side and narrow the movie. under some big game taking place on sunday a lot of my teeth are uncommon in the i cannot hold a six point two in moscow first place case go well for second place ravine and be
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negated sinnett struggling and she crossed off the concrete yes that. meanwhile everything going on saturday chelsea extended their lead at the top of the premier league table to five points with a two know when it's time to struggling wolves florham eluded us tom strong topped off by salomon kalou slate second top of the third after coming from behind to draw one one time to everton underpants a twenty five minute strike testing at leighton and spun free kicks. on foot tonight scored the first half when you as wes brown came back to win to want to time to fall and go forth headed also announced united we both play on sunday sunderland a seventh after richard dawkins first goal of the black cats a one hundred over aston villa the rich wall and netted as bedding and one to no attempt to blackpool and yet had elmander netted the equalizer as bolton came back to a one one wicket but andy carroll struck the sixty nine when it went out as newcastle came back twenty two on the west ham stay rooted to the bottom of the table. while
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on sunday wayne rooney might have signed a new five year deal but the injured striker will mismatched united strip to stoke as the fifth place red devils aim to regain some ground in the title race than liverpool currently second from bottom face blackburn in the last game of the weekend it's second place to manage the city's title credentials against the face rivals also at eastlands. but in the meantime russia have officially pulled out. the running to host the twenty twenty two world cup and will focus solely on securing the twenty eighteen tournament the decision comes after america decided to concentrate on the twenty twenty two bid along with australia cats are japan and korea that leaves an all european battle to launch the twenty eighteen world cup and under fee for rules means a known european country must then post the following tournament so in the meantime russia are up against england and joy bids from spain portugal and holland and belgium to be the host and twenty eighteen and we'll find out who will do that
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before announce their decision on december the second. time is now and maria kirilenko will fly the flag for russia in the final of the crimean cup after thrashing compacted fear into chevon at the olympic stadium in moscow kirilenko was in total control of the match she reeled off five straight games in the opening set and six straight games in the second six one six one for the final score and in the final place victoria azarenka the second seed better russian cruised spain's maria jose martinez also in straight sets. and in the men's game viktor troicki of serbia is through to the final after a straight set win over europe wide public way of us to escape will play marcos baghdatis in sunday's fanaa late dissipate the tougher time of it could finally overcame this domain of his best he starred in three hard fought sets. let's move on to ice hockey and in the k h l the problems are continuing for metta logan novokuznetsk after they recorded their eleventh defeat of the season at the hands
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of our god three was the final straw bearing arms better leg currently the second worst record in the league in other games cats like side barry speed are more on home ice by the same scoreline rookies you got came out of three to witness against a beer while defending champions agathos had no problems gets up to make they beat them away for two. in formula one red bull drivers. bentyl is starting from pole position in sunday's korean grand prix in qualifying vettel was just seven hundredth of a second faster than his teammate and championship leader mark webber and it's the second straight race in which the red bulls are monopolizing the front row for a responder along zola who is level with vettel and fourteen points behind whether in the standings starts third on the current lewis hamilton is fourth the fifth challenge contender jenson button goes off seventh. the first sectors pretty straight so there's not much you can do just have your breaking points and then the
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second and third sector here especially is quite entertaining with you know miles flowing corners but easy to do a mistake so i think in the last run gave a little bit too much margin and lost in the middle circuit or obviously we have the a big. possibility inside the car to check how fast we are actually going so i saw that maybe it's not enough when i speed it up in the last sector again and fortunately again as he said with a very little margin but enough. over in spain the town of pinto on the outskirts of madrid was turned into a two wheeled sea of yellow a cycling found show their support for under fire tour de france champion alberto contador the twenty seven year old is provisionally suspended after testing positive for the fans substance clenbuterol twenty ten the tour which the spaniard claims result of eating contaminated steak during the event his future participation in the sport remains uncertain pending further investigation by the world anti-doping agency and international cycling union despite the controversy
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fans of contador aims to make a three kilometer bicycle chain to offer support to the cyclists and they came from every quarter of the local population. over to golf now where englishman gary boyd shot a sixty three to equal the course record and take a two stroke lead into the final round of the castello masters in custody and spain boyd had two birdies on the back nine before reaching the green of the par four forty. in one shot he holds the remaining part for eagle and then four straight passes for him equal of course record and the day on fourteen and two strokes clear of the field italian teenage sensation manassero and christian neilson of sweden are his nearest challenges on twelve under is boyd looks to secure his first european tour title. and finally to martial arts where this week a three day festival of light quito has been held in the russian capital and our own constantine but that off went to see can like mint on the final day. a key to
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it is not a technique to fight with or defeat an enemy it's the way to reconcile the world and make human beings one family that's what the founder of the japanese martial art more hay wish said about his brainchild aikido which means the way if unifying wife energy and participants at an international a key to a festival had the chance to witness his eighty's in action this year as many as two thousand fans of blue or japanese martial arts took part in a three day exhibition of band and they will lucky enough to get some in their early bill experience and see the brilliant technique of myths that they have the great grandson of a key to founder and he is expected to succeed his father and become the forehead of their a foundation however baucus and say the young teacher held a must of course showing his well honed skills. there are lots of people can and i kid are here and i ask very impressed with the event and the spy ring
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a few years as the russian followers a key to emerge in the late one nine hundred twenty s. and was brought to the attention of the rest of the world in one thousand fifty one since then its noncompetitive basis has attracted to women followers all over the world i specially in europe that we don't have competition. now and i'm getting older i can still practice and we do it in a joyful manner and we help each other. it's an individual sport but still it's kind of a team so you get all the national parks for individual sport and in and of the like a team sport the main thing that sets aikido apart from other martial arts is that it uses the poor from man to me against him the aim of aikido is meant to express kindness of heart through the spirit of a martial arts as a kid who is a mixture of martial studies few losses and religion that's nothing like it was established as a combination of physical skills and philosophies and it would be i kid a fear separated them and their aim is to preserve and promote the ideals of the
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true. created by they found. a key to training is mental as well as physical underlying the ability to relax the mind and body if you boot it comes with the unification of technique body and heart i started as a child when i was twelve years old. and in that time of course to be able to to play fight. but now it has turned into something else too much to resolve conflict it's a way of living and i couldn't. live without rowing and practice every now and then and. a key to the teacher is a person to seek harmony in life in the participants and spectators alike seem to be inspired by the way a real japanese since a unifor is his life energy concern about above. and that's all the sports news for this bulletin by.


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