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see a brutal litany of told chile killing lies and cover ups the truths of the iraq war were revealed by whistle blowing web site wiki leaks which is published four hundred thousand secret american files in the largest ever lease of classified u.s. documents we report. also a winter of discontent looms in europe as french demonstrators protest over president sarkozy's pension plan raising the age of retirement to sixty two british trade unions get ready for mass marches to counter the severe government spending cuts. and the olympic construction work some sort she helped reveal the russian city's ancient past the ruins of an eight century temple discovered on the ground.
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of the welcome from moscow if you just joined us you're watching r t it's one am here in moscow i'm kevin zero in with the top story and a staggering litany of killing summary execution and torture there the contents of almost four hundred thousand secret military u.s. files which lay bare the truth of the iraq war whistleblower web site wiki leaks has published the largest ever leak of classified american documents along with death toll statistics collated by u.s. officials but which the country publicly denied existed artie's lauren that has more now from london for you in a report with pictures you may find disturbing. the files contain evidence of nearly one hundred ten thousand violent deaths that took place in iraq in the years between two thousand and four and two thousand and nine two thirds of them it seems from these foyles that's around sixty six thousand deaths were the deaths of
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civilians during this combat half of those were killed by the iraqi insurgency and hoff it seems when the documents were killed by troops in military action the us always said it's that which is what's interesting about this that it wasn't keeping a record of civilian deaths but in fact it turns out from these files that the u.s. military was keeping a very detailed record of what was going on in some of these files contain the names of all of those civilian people who have died at the live cases the exact timings of the deaths and of course they haven't been released into the public domain before right now there's been a press conference here in london this morning releasing these details and at that press conference with wiki leaks founder julian our soldiers and he talked about that famous quotation that truth is the first casualty of war as far as what the results of today's leak will be it seems that that will be some legal action that will result from this one of the organizations that which leaks has cooperated with
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in the release of these documents is something called public interest lawyers they are dealing with allegations from iraqis of british and u.s. forces torturing them in iraq and they say that that will certainly be a legal case to answer as a result of this my colleague paulus leo went recently to fill each of which was the subject of huge military action in two thousand and four and she filed this report about the plight of ordinary iraqis. his friends outside fighting for the board on a football pitch he's here in the family tent fighting a cancer that's eating away at his head and stomach. i collected the splinters of the rocket after exploded whoever showed them to said they were american and contaminated pet. isn't. after the shrapnel struck sixteen year old malik's head a tumor appeared while his father lost a leg in the attack and also the family source of income as a taxi driver. i wonder if there are any weapons they didn't use against us we
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all can terminated sometimes i can hardly breathe. iraq is invested with buildings like that's that used to be the headquarters of saddam's secret police in two thousand and three several jodan rockets hit the full effect of those weapons is still being felt today of u.s. marines first bombarded flew just six years ago it came after four employees of the american security company blackwater were killed and their bodies burned the report showed that after the eight month standoff higher rates of cancer leukemia and infant mortality were found here than in hiroshima and nagasaki after the atom bomb drop in world war two we found that the infant mortality rates compared with egypt . jordan about four or five times. and about ten times if you take a country like kuwait where there's hope but. in the last few years hundreds of
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deformed babies have been born in fallujah was general hospital doctors dubbed them the white phosphorous children. between the late ninety's and two thousand and three we had patients with nervous system malfunctions roughly three times a year at the moment we gave them three such patients a week. this child was born with one eye and with not a single day going past without a new case being registered more and more doctors here are pointing a finger at the united states. can combat operations caused environmental pollution both the us and british sides admitted that they employed banned weapons. dr abdul al floozy is also a father or at least he was until a year ago when his twelve year old son died of cancer most parents leave their babies in the hospital they're scared by the way they look these babies are doomed to die and die they do far from the eyes of the world because while flu just
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streets might today be quiet the city remains cut off from the rest of the country doctors here say they're under pressure to keep quiet policy r.t. iraq. the u.s. has criticized the release saying it could endanger the lives and security personnel on the ground but wiki leaks founder julian assange said revealing the truth was vital to prevent such atrocities from happening again r.t. spoke to him in london. this is the most accurate description of a war that is being released into the historic record we see that is nearly no street corner in baghdad didn't have a body found that is being killed through violence of one form or another but is it every day squalor of war of course for the people in baghdad and the cities in iraq was there everyday life for years and years and we
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need to understand what the reality of war is if we're going to choose to engage in it. a lot more to say as well if you'd like to catch the full interview with the founder of wiki leaks you can it's on our website straight whenever you want to see it at r.t. dot com. let's go to brian bacchis the director of the antiwar coalition he told me the united states is directly responsible for the atrocities committed in the iraq war. the police force is an army that were trained by the americans who are allegedly the protectors and guarantors of iraqi freedom engaged in systematic torture abuse rape and it was unreported in unpunished by their masters by the u.s. trainers so i think there's no reason to think that this is an ongoing as a result of these revelations the un chief investigator for torture for instance has called on barack obama to investigate those in the u.s.
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military and civilian government for criminal acts against the iraqi people if the u.s. takes now actions to repress wiki leaks it may very well backlash backfire and instead of repressing them and intimidating them and their supporters create a groundswell of worldwide support for them the people want justice they want the truth i think the biggest obligation is for the american people to take hold of this information about what their government did in their name with their tax dollars and with the blood of their young people against a nation that was at peace with them in two thousand and three when they invaded i hope that there will be a massive global investigation for prosecution of george w. bush for war crimes he watching on t.v. from moscow just ahead in the program a scathing him for world of make believe struggle with the effects of the global downturn fantasy fans of the u.s. it seems are using superpowers to bodies of the recession good report for you about a little pick construction in sochi to help cover the ruins of
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a and should civilization as we reveal in its program show to fill in some gaps in the city's history more on that ahead as well. governments and from some britain have a fight on one hundred now with mass opposition to their plans to deal with the railing a cone of nice british trade unions are gearing up for the biggest ever demonstration against planned spending cuts well over the water of the channel the french strikes against president sarkozy's pension bill raising the retirement age to sixty two show no sign of abating either party's catarina rounds up the story from paris. as the saying goes two things in life are certain death and taxes some french people however would like to add another certainty to that their belief that they can force their government to reconsider its radical pension changes that's despite the fact the plans to increase their time age from sixty to sixty two have already been approved by the senate.
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we're out here showing our dissatisfaction because personally i am here demonstration shoulder to shoulder with people who are younger than twenty five or twenty six years old but still have the same attitude to the problem but while these people fight against what they believe to be a grave injustice they're very struggle has brought one of europe's most famous cities at times to a standstill a beautiful apartment in the heart of paris is anyone's dream but what if getting that dream became impossible through no fault of your own what of getting your apartment done on time dependent not on you not on your workers not on your construction or anybody involved but on people standing outside in the streets. hello. victor has his own successful construction business he prides himself on his fast skilled work but recently his projects have fallen
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behind schedule through no fault of his own. i'm sick and tired of all these strikes and protests the people who really want to work they just work unlike protesters who are interested only in demonstrations i'm personally not interested in victor isn't the only person feeling this way we ask everybody to just to just protestant but just prevent other people to do their work and just trying to to. a country to block the economy. we don't want them to block all country in one thousand nine hundred five the french people managed to derail through protest the previous attempt to change the country's pension system however it appears they've not got a choice. critics of the unions who led the charge against sarkozy's pension plans say it's now time to step back and consider the ongoing protests hurt small and medium businesses the engine of the country's economy while those who are in charge
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in business and politics in the run up to the financial crisis that brought about the pension reform continue to thrive cash readers are paris as one of the stories on our home page of call if you've got a thought about it you want to get involved tell us what you think about it with discussion by that story or indeed anything else you find that a night like this one big spenders well maybe the simply curious check out more schools believe they're going to get all for everything from the cost of this. thread to see the diamond you can cross through the sauce but not sure what you use it for a prescription also online tonight ten american silent movies school to bring last forever reemerge to russia had been presented therefore as a surprise gift to the united states for the story it will go to our.
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u.s. proposal to restrict how much countries should be allowed to borrow or export has run into opposition at the g. twenty meeting in south korea japan germany and russia have criticized the so-called planned economy thinking investment strategist peter schiff told r.t. that washington is the one to blame for creating the global imbalances that threaten the world's financial stability. policies that we're pursuing here in america are exacerbating the very imbalance that treasury secretary claims to want to rein in you know the biggest offender is the united states because we're the ones that are spending so much we're borrowing a tremendous amount of money we're importing all these products around the world running these frickin trade deficits and current account deficits and what are we doing with our economic stimulus the stimulus is designed to get americans to spend
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even more money to drive these global imbalances to an even wider level we do need to reduce global imbalances but to do that america needs to save more america needs to produce more i and we're not going to do that with the current policies in place we need to totally reverse course we need to shrink the size of our government we need higher interest rates in america not low interest rates we need to encourage people to save their money not go deeper into debt and so we can address the imbalances but to continue these failed policies and try to blame the rest of the world for what is inherently an american problem makes no sense and while the g twenty leaders are addressing ways to prevent a double dip recession many in the u.s. it seems to prefer to escape reality rather than face up to it with the threats of more financial nightmare is to come new yorkers attending to the world of comics to help ati's and us to see a child cannot reports. for two years now the world economy in the u.s. has turned into an ocean of horror from many how do you skate your fears by saying
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employed what if you get fired what are you going to do i'm screwed while some have been choosing humor to fight off the frightening reality are you afraid of a double dip recession. others weighs a little less legal are you afraid of the economy. what do you do to escape reality . i sit in my room and i smoke a lot of weed but many are choosing something completely different because millions of americans are very frightened of the state of the u.s. economy more and more u.s. citizens are trying to escape into the world of fantasy welcome to comic con the world's biggest gathering of comic book fans and site file overs do you feel like this costume protects you from the woods of the u.s. economy. park it's making my money inside somebody's pocket r t tried on the gear to test its superpowers yeah i definitely do feel very protected from everything can't really see much but i would say several thousand people gathered on
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a weekday most is people i think it was the unemployment office with computer games some dancing. and imaginary battles it's easier to forget that an economic crisis is spread across the country where all of these people doing here i mean last i checked today is a work day. it's like. two pm and say how are we turning into a superhero for a day what is your main. weapon than i am carol i've got a big can. and enjoying feeling like a child i be everyone i have a great b. and i am kind of crazy with the possibility of a double dip recession just around the corner it could seem trickier. to lure comic book shoppers in. but the world of fantasy is far from scared of losing its
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customer what are the most expensive and cheapest comic books you're selling today well i have some three dollars to take that number thirty seven is. the last battery and robin came along at sixty eight hundred dollars but it could take spider-man and superman with some more help from his girl to pull the u.s. economy out of its recession so that affording something like that would not just seem like magic to most americans and. new york. it's news in brief you know one policeman has been killed at least twelve or injured by a suicide bomber in russia's southern republican the blast went off at a checkpoint as the attacker attended to drive his car into a police station the violence follows two anti turner operations by security forces in the north caucasus this week in which four militants were killed the spider thought his efforts to crack down on terror the region remains volatile suicide bombers have attacked so united nations office in western afghanistan a man drove his car packed with explosives into the gates and three others stormed
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the compound no u.n. staff had been harmed but three afghan guards were injured the taliban's claimed responsibility for a cholera outbreak in haiti's left nearly two hundred dead and another two thousand infected doctors are warning too but the infection could continue to spread specially to areas with limited access to clean water but also saying that neighboring dominican republic should be alert to the risk officials fear the outbreak could reach the one and a half million people living in camps of the january's massive earthquake destroyed . assault she powers forward with its a limpid preparations the massive construction works also revealed the russian city's ancient past archaeology is to hailing the discovery of an eighth century temple which has been uncovered during building work for the twenty fourteen games he's done is polaski picks up the story. it could be a scene. from an indiana jones movie archaeologists try to solve the secrets left behind by architects of an eight century temple these ruins in the mid to wall
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until the caucasus are considered among the most prized discoveries in the area but you could. just take a look at how good these pipes are they almost didn't break when they fell down it appears that they were embedded in the wall so that the fireplace could be spread around so now we'll be able to put the pieces back together and see how this heating system works when leaning forward was picked as a construction site for future olympic venues for the sochi winter games in two thousand and fourteen almost every corner was carefully surveyed and that's when this part of history was discovered this crypt could have been robbed by a treasure hunter is a long time ago and actually over the years part of this temple was destroyed by locals as they use the ancient systems to decorate their homes well displace is under protection for a month says it wasn't a problem to convince construction companies to save the unique site. we'd like to turn the site into an open air museum to make it accessible for cultural tourism
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it's important that it will be inside the olympic park which is one of russia's vital territories and we hope will be visited by people from all over the world. smaller findings from the olympic park like these bronze age artifacts from now on will be on display in sochi is historical museum that will be washed out it's the first psychological project of such a scale in such and it's selling pickup or ations that made a survey possible and that archaeologist on site would have lost this monuments forever with a little bit construction full steam ahead the organizers say they're doing their best to save the region's reach historical heritage. so in two thousand put a team which will be celebrated and thought she is the year of museums the seeding may see not only the grand opening of stadiums ice rinks but also newly discovered landmarks like this christian sanctuary in the view to all the world does ball ski
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party switching exclusively now covering russia's chances of jolly world trade organization nato's future and u.s. strategy in afghanistan there is a victim deputy director of the u.s. and canada institute of the russian academy of sciences here in moscow on your screens next.
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less of a disagreement thanks for being with us today so what do you think has changed in the way russia and the united states see each other in light of the so-called reset of bilateral relations. well i think that the main change is that both sides have decided that they should improve their relations there was not such an impression under the former presidents what about the proposal itself to reset relations with russia and the united states does that mean that the u.s. policy towards us was initially wrong you know it means that the state of relations was wrong it was to blame it's hard for me to say who's policy was right or wrong. pressure has condemned the tough sanctions which the united states has laterally imposed on iran can russia count on support from major developing countries or couldn't find itself isolated. no why brazil is joins dialog on iran's weapons the brazilian president has been to turkey they understand that
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nuclear weapons can play a negative and destructive role if it gets into iran's hands everybody understands that the iranian regime is rather radical and infected with elements of extremism the appearance of nuclear missiles in iran's hands may certainly provoke a crisis and urge some countries for example israel to retaliate with. a nuclear strike on iran all that nearly to a war which hardly anybody wants that's why the fact that iran may create nuclear weapons is a source of great attention for russia and the united states to seriously is that when russia refused to deliver they asked three hundred systems to iran in compliance with nato sanctions to what degree are in a collecting our own interests and counting on reciprocal steps from the united states more involved of course we can and we should but the main thing now is to build all possible bargaining on a.m.d. and possibly north korea into the reset concept some kind of an idea to this effect should emerge. in recent years native's expansion to the east task being the
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biggest problem in relations between russia and nato yes now the political course in ukraine has changed and at this moment this question is closed as nato exhausts its expansion potential. that let's begin from the fact that nato is a past matter it has no future today we should think about european security in a different way we should switch over to other forms of interaction between russia and the western community we are trying to pave this way while nato is dividing europe and russia for various reasons it's unlikely to join nato it's too big and it's quite self-sufficient in military terms it doesn't need nato and its guarantees it will be very well to do without them but it means that for a certain period of time of europe is going to be split into nato members and non nato countries namely russia that's going to create unnecessary tensions therefore i think that the very decision to expand nato was poorly thought through as not very reasonable in its time when the video do you think rush hour will make it into
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the w t o two and obama's term considering he said he would make it his priority to help russia in this issue that with. russia should certainly become a w t o member which has become an active player on the world market even though we get only one percent this is. huge amounts dozens of billions of dollars but as nonmembers of the w.t. oh we have to bear all necessary expenses which of course is a hindrance in my opinion this is a more serious matter than just an economic issue we are quite capable of paying but we see it as discrimination this is an attempt of keeping russia in the waiting room for as long as possible. does that mean he believe obama's words are part of the game of standards. in that we show clinton bush and all other american presidents promised us removing that amendment but it hasn't been removed so far perhaps it's the us congress that is determined not to remove it i don't rule it out as the majority of the us congress is extremely conservative including many
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neoconservatives this means we have to look for other solutions like forming our own trade zones and agreeing with particular countries on a different regime unilaterally but that's all right we'll survive if you want to send the go we have already signed a strategic arms reduction treaty is it possible the senate will fail to ratifying start three. this possibility has been discussed perhaps i'm being too rational but i don't think so. this treaty meets the interests of the us as well it isn't about making unilateral amends for russia this treaty is well thought through and balanced it's a kind of treaty were even a simpleton would see the balance it's presented in numbers it can be literally touched but it has no unilateralism this treaty obviously meets the interests of the us but fortunately such issues aren't always up to reasonable people but to unreasonable as well. consequently at this point because failure and a sign of the personal dislike republicans have against him. you're absolutely
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right this certainly has nothing to do with attitude towards russia they're used to us by now if you ask if a number of those willing to humiliate him exceeds a certain level then the ratification wouldn't happen. obama is losing his score unfortunately his popularity is dropping evidently when he was running for presidency they had overrated expectations of him then they were expecting him to perform a miracle which never happened things of this. well he has to fill some election promises he was tortured from iraq and transferred them to afghanistan can america succeed in afghanistan. of course it cannot what are you talking about in this sense america is no different from the soviet union or the british empire winning a military victory in afghanistan is impossible in my opinion what's worrying is that i haven't seen a clear political goal that the us is trying to achieve in afghanistan implementing the so-called democratic regime is impossible the afghan governor.


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