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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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the internet is a global resource that embraces government n.g.o.s businesses and the private sector how come that administration of such a global structure re still in the hands of one private american company i can which cooperates closely with the u.s. government level and was among us. it mainly cooperates with the department of commerce but the fact is that a certain monopoly is present in the world this technology was invented to meet the interests of the u.s. but then it expanded around the world it's been developing very rapidly truly embracing all levels of our life people make money on the internet and for the internet even government systems now use these technologies none the less the corporation has still been deciding everything it is aware of changes taking place worldwide and it makes certain concessions to the international community it has good relations with russia on the syria which is proven by the fact that our country was the first to get the right to create a national domain of the top level r.f. within the prison framework of cooperation and we can hardly complain about the
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americans were very good dialogue we hear each other but some threats are rising for the internet and internet technologies these threats can only be responded to internationally this technology in the world wide web doesn't brace the entire world therefore governments and even more so corporations simply cannot resolve internet related problems therefore russia among a number of other countries is proposing the development of international mechanisms that would help fight the problems that even the americans are concerned about. what our american colleagues have been telling us that we should be working together against common threats opening our borders taking part in the international forums and so on so how does the u.s. explain its own refusal to expand international participation in the internet's administration. some of. their key argument is that this is a very dynamic resource therefore any attempt to bureaucratize this technology
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within an international structure would slow down the internet's development and hinder efficient response to new technologies are rising at least every six months if not every month moreover they reasoned that so far this resource has been developing successfully without international involvement they're willing to cooperate bilaterally at the non-governmental level to tackle specific issues that arise but they contradict their own position one of the main concerns that the u.s. government has until communications and c.t. is a threat to what they call cyber security how can one fight such threats unless they find a mechanism to enforce was aleutians in a corporation as long as things keep developing according to commercial law we won't be able to fight technological risks or extremism terrorism and other things that the international community believes are acceptable on the internet a commercial corporation in spite of all the u.s. power will not be able to cope with these problems even at a bilateral level therefore russia believes that we need an international institution that would respond to such issues and we believe that the international
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telecommunications union will be the best institution for the job. what they say that if the us says you've got this international telecommunications guinea and that includes one hundred and ninety two countries intends to take over the internet. and by doing so too and the american monopoly here what are the benefits of devolving power from one of the states to a group of states. that's. when you go. and we aren't saying that the. to you should take up all areas of the internet is development we believe that some aspects should be regulated internationally this organization was formed in eight hundred sixty five when the un was nonexistent it was founded by twenty countries including russia consequently it became one of the un special purpose organizations it does bring together practically all countries in the world and communications exist in all countries as well for some technological communications related issues arising between one state and another
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or between a state and a group of states are perfectly regulated by this organization i'll go so far as to say that this is one of the most efficient special purpose organizations if not the most efficient which has an excellent reputation and great experts as well as established mechanisms and that knows how to respond to all problems with its response is probably not as efficient as modern technology requires nonetheless communications work in all countries operators maintain their relations in spite of different levels of development and types of technology one way or another they manage to find compromises and technical and technological solutions that enable communications to function properly and i would have to think of how will it happen from the practical point of view if the i.t. you get this power how it's almost two hundred countries a green spider of their different opinions with a much of a sort of go if that's something we mentioned in the beginning it takes a consensus to oppose certain issues with our american colleagues or proposing bilateral agreements on fighting these problems and are thus countering the various
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negative issues now if we ask mathematicians to calculate how many bilateral agreements between one hundred ninety two i do you member states it would take we do realise this number is almost endless not even mentioning the time it would take to sign all these documents providing that all states agree on a small number of issues that should definitely be regarded internationally we could spend twelve or eighteen months developing mechanisms of tackling those issues and then start fighting them by means of the i.c.u. what percentage probably will be as for russia what concrete proof. as it mate. we suggest precisely this very model we can say that it's necessary to define a set of issues falling under i do you regulation to set up mechanisms of regulation and try to apply them in practical life for that we also support a reform of documents of the international telecommunication union because under the charter all underlying principles should first be approved of plenty of potential conferences and leaders submitted for ratification to national
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governments naturally this bureaucratic process can go around in circles forever this is how things stand now we suggest revising the charter so that it reflects only cornerstone issues we want this document to be untouchable like national constitutions and be subject to occasional change only while the current issues could be solved without interference from national parliaments and without creating an excessively difficult procedure that would be a response to the concerns of our american partners that the mechanisms we're suggesting will get stuck in red tape so what's the word i would but what about fighting saddler crime how could the shifting. help solve this problem. that's would only contribute to fighting cybercrime if for example we agreed that child pornography is an absolute evil inadmissible in any form we would have signed an international treaty within the ide to you that would oblige all signatories to agree on mechanisms of notification and technical measures allowing for the removal
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of this kind of information from the internet this mechanism would have started working following agreements and approval by all states but at the moment some countries classify child pornography as a crime and stipulate prosecution against those who distributed on the internet but as you know a pornographic website can easily be registered in countries that don't consider this kind of information to be an offense and spread child pornography on the worldwide web so until we define a range of joint problems that we are ready to fight together and mechanisms to do it our efforts are not going. to be effective the model presented to give up the political issues related to the internet's international management are still being studied but there's no doubt that there are some principles that are supported by most states where the differences among the main participants in what do they agree . so far we haven't gotten down to any concrete discussion at this conference has become a milestone event it adopted a resolution confirming that i choose application for international management of
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the internet participating countries have confirmed their intention to assume certain powers and responsibilities in order to solve a whole number of issues now will have to agree on ways of implementing this application to be frank the americans have a monopoly over the internet and it's only natural that they should wish to take advantage of the situation to set certain standards and ensure the participation of primarily u.s. id companies in advancing technological standards technologies and products it's clear that the americans are no rush to share their influence on the internet but since they're also confronting certain threats and understand too that many resources are now linked to the internet they know that if no one handle such threats properly this technology will become more and more vulnerable and here russia and the u.s. have a mutual understanding i think that they can continue this dialogue and as a first step should start looking for small points of convergence and gradually expand the sphere of cooperation as new mechanisms start proving their fish and
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when you. think of any good at the circuit this person of transition of power on the internet the endless or have preliminary dates been set. in the early two thousand a summit was held in tunisia on the development of an information society responsibility was placed on the international to the communication union which would organize the conference in twenty ten that i have to report and how it has implemented the decisions of tunisia's summits on the development of an information society this is exactly the cycle. that exists within the framework of international to communication union plenty potentially conferences like the one held this here convene every four years so there's plenty of time before the next conference to work out new mechanisms think of how to carry out decisions made that year and fill new proposals with concrete content. what are the potential difficulties of changing the model of running the internet or putting. up with the potential
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difficulty consists in the fact that the internet is a fast changing technology and constantly trying to gain in something is not the best solution even if an international regulatory body is set up but there's little we can do about that because this is a condition dictated by the high speed of development of modern technologies i see the main problem in the ability to react promptly to new technologies new notions new terms and new legal relationships that is why we're talking about the need to reform the governing procedures in the international telecommunication union and to make it more flexible and dynamic thank you very much for this interview thank you very much. for. british.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds of reports. i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ.
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thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life changing side effects. more news today. these are the images.
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from the streets of canada. today. forcing children into the firing line two israeli soldiers await sentencing after being convicted of using a palestinian boy as a human shield a child was forced to open back small to contain bombs during the gaza war a. condemnation of vicious debate and calls for investigation although in the aftermath of the biggest leak of military files in u.s. history suggesting torture and soon deaths the wrong prime minister nouri al maliki claims the timing of the exposé is aimed at sabotaging his outbursts a form of government and undermine his power. and managing the worldwide web that the u.n.
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demands international cooperation to solve internet threats such as cyber terrorism and child pornography the web is currently coordinated by an american organization but experts say the problems are too big for the u.s. to handle alone. now it's over to andrew for the latest in the world of sports. hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming up. another corruption scandal hits the thief a world cup pitting process the claims of rigging. and two points lost the league leaders any to throw away their lead again struggling angie. just moving up in the world cramming cup finals miracle olenka climbs the rankings along with it on the real thing you know. but first fever is investigating fresh
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allegations of corruption over the world cup bidding process it comes after its former general secretary was reported to have said countries will vote for ping in an attempt to stage the tournament fever has asked for the evidence from the sunday times which said russia is a roof in and believe katherine had struck a deal with spain and portugal is alleged to have said they'll give each other seven votes in the twenty four man executive committee which will decide who will host the next two world cups in december such vote rigging is against fee for rules spain and portugal are hoping to land the twenty eighth and what is bidding for the one four years later each bid meet thirteen votes to succeed russia also unhappy twenty eight along with england and a joint bid from holland and belgium. and other football news any coach on his ability has criticised his plays after watching them throw away a two goal lead to draw three three with low e. and g. although the result does keep this in petersburg side six points clear and i'm
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beaten at the top of the russian premier league n.-g. to the shortly after just three minutes to go and i was just a few moments later down equalize finishing off a new one to i for constantine. to head the break for another. sweepingly friends any. of my phone for now left the three point two t's n.h. when danny scored again on the boat from him. but angie didn't give me ten minutes to guy nicholai your son pull one by. finding the bottom corner. i dying so i can speak here maybe three three invaluable point for angie who are two points above the drop zone often it's polite to pricing nephi king's speech but said his place should have made sure of all three points. for rubin stay second in the league for a goal is true against
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a scuffle with people so i guess if you call the good form to keep a clean sheet good why point for the man from kids and although i have played to move games that is in me and tedious. committee said yes of the three places above the relegation zone for she won when i wanted to rostov curtly got in front time many saying courtesy of a head a banana and jordan bitch. at the mall level math is the real story short before the head every time i. have experience in a winner with less than twenty minutes a guy pretty i move up to twelve will still stay seven for still cherish up european football. so this is how the table is looking with five games that for this season is any still i'm thinking a first two games in hand i would have been asked eighty iscar in the top three teams playing champions league sports fourth and fifth go into the year i played in this spot at moscow and now we were in line
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for basketball at the other end of the board and the sides get relegated simply are not the ones in the drops at the moment. i when england austin have gone second in the premier league after three you know when i've attended and manchester city city had to do what you have to sent off at eastlands after just five minutes and shortly after that. the ministry got big on his first goal from alex song and it was ten things for the gunners five points behind chelsea along with man city and munchkin united states he won the other end of the table that liverpool are still in the drop zone despite being blind to see one of them fail. but who would want to be a football manager probably wishing he was in this field or a new story side nice ten year old to be as fail at the weekend very black page in feel it's history you see is how he described it afterwards but i great day for p.s.p. to top that. you can raise the hat trick and that was his first you know what then
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had a man sent off before a fellow to make it seem new to the home side at the interval. and a more followed in the second half race made it three no shortly after the break with the second go to as come into minutes the one and had maybe four why is there a man lawns added his name to the sporting to ensure i feel after fifty. am rescored is hat trick for when i had been play. six no am i lash quickly ninety seven. i angle. and zigzag into the same time in the penalty spot to make it nine. and still was an over loans ninety percent is spent right at the death scene or its worst ever defeat you can put in misery on the already under fire the public turn no fool i
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was before here space history. to tennis invaders of all has risen to a career high world number two is the new rankings were released on monday while maria kirilenko returned into the top twenty despite a car breaking loss in the final of the kremlin cup to victoria as. it was an entertaining match in moscow kurylenko was out of sorts in the first set losing at six three but she then reeled off four games in a row in the second only to see as a claw her way back when the next by the better russian then had three match points calling to say two of them couldn't stop as rangers winning volleys at the net and she now looks forward to this season ending torn in doha. it's a very big victory for me every tournament you win is always something special and winning the tournament before going to doha gives me more confidence ahead of the final competition of the year i found my game in the final match and now i'm ready to go today and play. i think the final match was great we were both in good form
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and played a very high level but today the jury was a bit stronger and more aggressive and maybe that's why she won the tournament on the men's side big troitsky said it was the best day of his career so far after the twenty four year old lifted the trophy for his maiden title on the top seeded serbian defeating separate markets but artist who is seeded fourth choice dropped the open set c. three six but was able to find his way back into the match and broke his opponent in the ten games the second set enough for him to take it six four unforced decider artist did save a match point five two down but forrest was just too strong and the only unselfish choice when it all finished. to. good enough to.
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over twice talking now we're in the k h l there was only one game on sunday luck my chief coming back to snatch a late three to win at home to deny just to pull back the brace for the visitors the slow about putting the front twice during the match he opened less than a minute in his second game late in the second period but only in the third. tied to get to all you for a spectacular long range effort by the neck side the heart for it to be technically we're right at the end of the mighty six in the table. now let's get some action from last night's n.f.l. in the states where a controversial refereeing decision handed pittsburgh a narrow win in miami a couple of dan koppen to field goals gave the house and only lead but ben roethlisberger to touchdown passes to help this is for the white seventy nine miami pulled their way back twenty two twenty out with just under three minutes to.
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transfer to your approach tampa it's going to replay show it was a fumble and however much officials the evidence of the ball for the state is a telling possession jeffrey gave you twenty three twenty victory with that last gasp field goal. top of the national football conference following their win against cincinnati carolina san francisco for their first win of the season nine years with time to separate baltimore and win the buffalo. kansas city while washington and cleveland celebrated victories. elsewhere darren mcfadden posted four touchdowns to help oakland set a franchise record in the raiders' scoring a whopping fifty nine new england patriots extended a winning streak to all gained the expense of san diego tampa bay tennessee seattle and green bay for the lighting. of the night. sky to formula one with an i no longer believe the world championship title is still why do you. but he tops the
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overall standings after victory in the korean grand prix but only forty two points separate the top five drivers with two races left the victory propelled along the internet eleven point lead ahead of mark webber is truly inspired on the. red bull team mate sebastian vettel who started on pole also to finish problems alone so i took full advantage here's how to finish second and moved up in the standings while alonzo's teammate for the massey completed the podium on a great day for ferrari. the birth. of the year for us through the team both crossing the border from perth. for ferrari being competitive. qualifying years we are going to strong so we knew that it's pretty good but we're going to zoom a bit more so. we knew that was true curious grace to finish
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of course we. first were great but. we remodel up and last and gold has a new teenage sensation that just seventeen years old material has become the youngest ever winner on the european top four short victory for the italian at the castello masters in valencia he started the day two shots of the pace level overnight leading gary boyd on the back nine and when the englishman folded with a couple of bogeys monastery ok he was mr carter sixty seven o'clock when in the end i see finished ahead of spain's you can actually go to make a bit of history of seventeen years and one hundred ninety eight days no one younger it's everyone on the european tour. i'll turn to him that is all the sport for the moment.
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every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join the technology update on our g.
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forcing children into the firing line two israeli soldiers await sentencing after being convicted of using a palestinian boy as a human shield. condemnation heated debates and calls for investigation all in the aftermath of the biggest leak of military files in u.s. history suggesting torture and civilian deaths in iraq. and managing the worldwide web of u.n. experts demanding international cooperation to solve internet threats calling the problems too big for the u.s. to handle on.
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its five pm in moscow when this is artsy coming to you live with me and you said now way first stop two israeli soldiers convicted of using a palestinian child as a human shield face a prison sentence of up to three years it's the first time there's been a conviction since tel aviv reinforced a ban on using civilians in combat against their will or to support the slayer met the boy whose wife was in the firing line. measured robber was just nine years old when soldiers grabbed him and made him check for bombs or i was just sitting here is really soldiers took me over there there were two bags and they told me to open them but i didn't know how to do it. he was terrified of the abandoned briefcases which the soldiers thought could be booby trapped and his fighting family forced to watch one of us
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a video one of them put his hand on my son shoulder and made him go into the toilet .


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