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the message to immigrants in germany integrating tough talk from the german chancellor his controversial speech recently branded multiculturalism a failure up a flood of debate on an extremely sensitive issue. which is also called gaza strip because from my blood's up to the yes box he's becomes more and more arabian with high integration of the past few decades germany has seen the developments of monocultural communities such as new cologne in west berlin foreign influence in this area really is very evident in lot of foreign thought and foreign shop fronts and at the very the discussions about education failures welfare abuses and crime within immigrant groups and you've got real problems with many of these it is pumping into president says a lot of people fill holes about immigration. the recent survey conducted by the
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foundation in germany found that almost a third of respondents felt that immigrants were coming to exploit the country's welfare system and should be sent home when jobs were scarce and almost the same amount for the country was being overrun by foreigners here you have a mixture you have a german here and you have english here and english here and this is turkish this is this is nice so everybody can read but if it is only in arabia not only in turkish the people there feel strange when they think where am i living this is an arabian city much of the ensuing to beit has focused on muslim immigrants with migrant families reluctant to integrate into a society that they feel is prejudiced against them but i have my own personality or my own believe things on my own. the way i've been brought up don't think that changing my personality or the way i look the way i talk or my even my mother
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tongue would change the world would. have an effect on the german culture projects like this local community center and aiding integration and teaching children the german language from an early age but with few bilingual arabic or take if schools families likenesses sending their children to private school where they do not yet learn german despite the tough rhetoric from the top germany acknowledges that immigration is desirable for its economy that migrants have to be willing to integrate we need people in all of the industrial countries because we have not so many kids anymore i have no kids not of germans have no kids so where should the kids come from to work and help the industry going on so we need people from other countries to come in get it himself. no one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others and
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a major challenge now with the debate blown wide a person would be to try and bridge cultural divides which have been simmering quietly for a long time. there. and coming up in about twenty minutes our exclusive interview with a leading german politician wolfgang boss about from the german christian democrats where he speaks about this divisive issue he says the main problem is that many muslims expected german society to adapt to a very way of life and not the other way around here's a quick tease. because i'm going to american streets of multicultural failed because in germany we have too much coexistence of them togetherness and there are only a few examples of successful integration especially at this point i mustn't be any fault tolerance integration means integrating into accepting society it means those who come here must make themselves fit into society it's not that society has to
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adopt cultural traditions and the laws of those who are coming can be no compromise between the german i'm sorry. your reader has no place here in germany end of story . in iraq saddam hussein's former deputy has been sentenced to death a court found him guilty of persecuting islamic parties the head of the russian parliament foreign affairs committee says however the verdict was it deliberately timed to distract attention from the brow over the latest wiki leaks revelations four hundred thousand a leaked us secret files provide a gruesome litany of widespread killing and torture in iraq since the american invasion with tactic in prisons with little difference to those which applied under saddam hussein the verdict on these was also criticised by british m.p. jeremy corbin he says executing a member of the old regime is wrong when more recent abuses need to be investigated
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the reason they're doing it now that you are correct of this is to divert attention away from the wiki leaks issue because wiki leaks exposed the top. that has gone on systematically and i think the death sentence pronounced for me is to divert attention policy absolutely no point in this form of victor's justice being carried out to do nothing to reconcile people in iraq i think what we need is a real investigation into the behavior of the occupying forces and the iraqi army and its forces ever since the invasion of two thousand and three cancel the death penalty abandon the whole idea of the death penalty and instead look at the issues of human rights and justice and look at the behavior of forces ever since the invasion took place i do not see the value in executing terakhir seeds anymore than executing anybody else it will not bring the dead back it will further brutalise what is already
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a very brutal situation the death penalty does not work. and while some oppose the death sentence. the vatican has asked that iraq spares the life of the former iraqi foreign minister who is also a christian caryl turner from the start of the war coalition says the international community might be able to influence his fate. i think it's possible because it would not be perceived as being in line with the democratic justice to execute someone who is in the mid seventy's and who is according to my understanding already very early had a stroke at the beginning of this year he's suffering from cancer and so on so i think from the point of view of public relations for the maliki government. across the world it might well be the case that he'll be pretty tough enough to
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pull through the thing i don't think that what's going on is going to bring in the improvement to the situation in iraq the regime was pretty terrible what's in its place is not much better that's one of the things that wiki leaks is showing else and to execute terek things won't change that situation in my opinion what. citizens are looking for is a better a more secure and stable future in society to live in and the execution of terror because these doesn't bring that. this is still to come a full scale revolt. they . find out why triggers are intensifying strikes and protests against the government pension changes.
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sparking discipline which works report on how offenders abandoned by everyone finally find peace by. russia's security service has uncovered and blocked a foreign financial network that was supplying money to militants in the northern caucasus the increased funding from abroad was believed to be behind recent attacks in the region as more. the russian security forces believe that this foreign funding is directly tied to the increase in unrest in the north caucasus and they're primarily looking at dog stand. in chechnya the agents say they have uncovered a network in which dummy companies deposit money into banks that money is then withdrawn and then brought into russia via money mules and how much money has made it into the hands of militants is unclear but investigators assisted the money makes it to military leaders and then is doled out to foot soldiers one of the
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leaders that it's it's expected to have witnessed it from this money is doku umarov now you name remember him as one of russia's most wanted criminals he's on the international most wanted list and he's also believed to be behind the moscow metro bombings that killed forty and left more than a hundred injured the most recent attack happened at chechnya when militants attacked the parliament building in the capital and killed three people also in the past month militants detonated a car bomb in a busy market in north a set investigators are saying that they feel that they put a hold on some of this violence that they're putting a good defense on it because they were able to stop some of the money flow but they're still investigating to find out exactly where all of this money is coming from and what groups are associated with this cash. don't forget that there's plenty more news online for you at our website r t v dot com you can find almost anything from. political blogs let's have
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a look at what's waiting for you right there right now. zero gravity to the international space station prepares to become the longest continuously manned space station to orbit the earth. plus one of moscow's most dreaded summer traditions may become a history. proposes to stop the practice of switching off for weeks on end water. iran one step closer to generating nuclear power for the first time ever fuel is being loaded into the country's first reactor in the southern city of the facility has been built and will be run with russian help. it will
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take for around a little bit over a year for for the process for the preparation process to be complete and for the plan to start operating fully functional so it should start working in about december two thousand and eleven now russia has been in bush era since the beginnings for the last fifteen years russian specialists have been helping out in construction of the plant russia which is also the country that will be supplying the fuel and it also will be taking out the nuclear waste this entire process of the bush era plant is being watched closely by the international atomic energy agency so the i.a.e.a. specialists have been on the ground all along and they will be all the ground as well for the next year. have been trying very hard to deal with the sanctions we witnessed a milestone in the launch of this plant the fuel has been loaded into the core of the reactor so this is the final phase of our process here secretary of state
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hillary clinton has also said that the united states is not worried about the share at this point what they are worried about more are other potential nuclear threats coming from other plants she did not specify where but obviously looks like iran is actually off the radar for the united states and i would say that probably the rest of the western community can also ease up on tehran's nuclear ambitions since it also seems to be only for peaceful purposes. the french senate has approved a controversial bill to raise the country's retirement age by two years despite weeks of nationwide protests and strikes the proposal is now one step closer to becoming law but students and workers are not finished demonstrating that he's covering the story. crowds outside the brags that are shouting lines think they are not tired despite the fact that there are senate recently passed the bridge controversial pension reform thank you there are time major from sixty to sixty two hundred of people continue to take to the streets of the french capital demanding
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to change the minds and the mind set on the current government all of the slogans that they're shouting are somehow directed at the french president nicolas sarkozy they're calling him all sorts of names basically insisting that the pension reform is a violation of their rights of their given and earned the right to retire at the age of sixty and this is all of course despite the fact that the french enjoy one of the lowest retirement ages in the world and have a huge external debt the fourth in the world and this reef form is guaranteed by a very sick honest to help the french economy during these difficult time of getting over the effects of the global financial crisis but to the french people it is nothing but a call on nothing but a way to make sure that they stay in their jobs longer get paid less and this is why they are out on the streets of course they are preparing a nationwide protest vote to take place on thursday the twenty eighth of october
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but even now with this student holidays hundreds of people are taking to the streets across the french capital making sure that their disappointment is well heard and well reflected in the international media. are reporting there now let's have a look at some of the top stories from around the world a tsunami triggered by an earthquake has killed more than one hundred people in indonesia scores are missing and houses have been destroyed with many seeking refuge in shelters around twenty people have also been injured by hot ash and rocks from a volcano scientists have been warned of the pressure building beneath mount merapi a dome could trigger one of the most powerful blasts in years. years the country experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. health officials in haiti save a cholera outbreak that has killed over two hundred fifty people and infected more than three thousand is stabilizing earlier they feared it would spread to the one
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point five million people living in camps after their homes were wrecked in january's massive earthquake which killed three hundred thousand the u.n. has been airlifting into the worst affected areas to help provide clean drinking water with many relying on rivers or rainwater aid workers say the risk of infection is magnified by the nation's extreme poverty and those made homeless by the earthquake. russia's first church rehabilitation center is giving former criminals a second chance to get their life back on track the halfway house offers offenders a home and support in return for hard work and abstinence. visited the center. goes about is coping with the confidence of a man who's been doing it all his life in fact this is the first real job he he spent more than half his life in prison for burglary drugs offenses. when i
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came here i had nothing no relatives or skills some people to me address but as soon as i came the allowed me to stay now my life is here. that and thirty others live in this church from the dribble iteration center on the outskirts of moscow the first of its current in russia those who comb mostly former criminals and drug addicts are given bed and board indefinitely in exchange they agree to abide by a set of strict rules. that are sleeping quarters as you can see the conditions here are spartan now been extended to do the material limitations but also there see the ethos of this place people who stay here get up at seven work all day and then light up at eleven those so-called drinking or smoking are excluded. most of the residents credit this man for saving them for that are xander was a young offender himself then a wrestler and soldier before finding god when he started to send the nearly two decades ago the church was in ruins its surroundings
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a wasteland. others tried to do this but he did not succeed god chose me to do this to curry the cross this is a difficult job i was once the victim of an assassination attempt but i have the strength to do it for that alexander says an iron hand is needed to deal with people more used to living by prison rules three days here silence punishments from reducing someone's portions at mealtimes to toilet cleaning and worst of all banishment. he knows everything about everyone a bad father is one who doesn't punish his children on the other hand if you have the smallest problem down to a torn shoe he's the man to take care of you. he's an extraordinary person although there is nothing wrong with me i have been here for years because of him. but for most the purpose is to leave eventually. i have found of
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boyfriend here now all i want is to get a job maybe study i want to go back into the world. you're a veteran of. now there are some stories which redefine the word lucky such as one motorist in moscow who incredibly survived a high speed luxury car crash the aston martin worth almost a quarter of a million dollars and which can top speeds of up to three hundred kilometers an hour off a busy street flattening. up a twisted rack of mangled metal miraculously only two people were hurt walking away with minor injuries moscow is well used to car accidents the luxury right off attracted to plenty of attention the driver driver thought to be from st petersburg based on the vehicle license plate numbers however be deciding to take the train of
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the plane back. on our top story in a moment the debate over the integration of immigrants in germany. from the. democrats about this divisive issue. said we. had failed white public.
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in the spotlight. also. leading political party. thank you very much for joining us. the chancellor said that multiculturalism had failed. by multiculturalism and get america out because angela merkel stated multicultural failed because in germany we have too much coexistence of them togetherness and there are only a few examples of successful integration there are millions of examples of successful integration but there are too many examples of refusals failures integration a song for the improvement of life perspectives of immigrants in germany that's why we should not live separately next to each other so to speak not equal to put together. for best on a lot of debates. muslim immigrants polish.
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population here in the country is that the highlight as part of this problem the up and we've always had immigration in our history we've immigrants today i'm always have them in the future three hundred years ago every third milliner brandenburger was a french protestant one hundred years ago polish immigrants came to work in mining and steel industries in the rural area but on recent years and decades people from other cultural backgrounds came for instance from turkey and northern africa are big countries and a long time ago we understood that these people are far bigger problems integrating condos who come from our neighboring european countries. so when we talk about integration what are you planning to do to help integrate people who clearly aren't so next time. i mean that's the task of the people coming here to integrate themselves into society one can't come to germany sit down and say government
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please integrate me instead one has to make an effort to become part of this accepting society under state has to make offers to make integration work especially language courses hundreds of thousands have visited language courses over recent years this is a very encouraging resign. thousand lives but with top politicians addressing this issue of immigration in the way that they have with the very. least will think that this is tucked in people's deep prejudices about immigration. and about islamic religion that actually pretty ignorant about it does i don't think that harsh words were used it's rather the right words sensibly politics begins with looking at the reality you know this reality there are millions of examples of the best kind of integration but there are also too many examples of failing and refusing to integrate under statistics say but the rate of unemployment among immigrants is double the average among the population because of those
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receiving welfare among immigrants is three times as high as among the population of and it makes no sense talking around this issue we must call things as they are in reality one cannot say i find the system of local benefits in germany very good but not the rule of law those who come to germany must respect the law of the constitution and our cultural tradition and immigration especially. with this immigrants and the arabic immigrants has been happening for decades why has become so important again out. on the one hundred has to do with a big number of immigrants in germany we have four million muslims not only a book mostly of turkish origin and their origin and beliefs are becoming more and more visible for instance through the construction of a huge representative mosques which could as well be seen as a political symbol have two classes lately a long time over the construction of
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a huge mosque to replace a smaller mosque it means islam is getting more visible. and that has to do with the difference in the progress of integration between muslims and. it isn't necessarily to do with our origins or social street. exam. of the children of vietnamese contract workers in the former g.d.r. or the children of the so-called new people interviewed very successfully by the proportion of those children that telling the best high school kids in germany is fifty percent higher than the number of german kids and consequently it must have something to do with the origin of the permits and their enthusiasm for education and that's why it's such a big issue now. but do you accept that it's also the state's well in the government's role to be providing the infrastructure to enable integration to happen and that perhaps some of the failings now all failings on the government side as well. as cup also free trade zone there has been
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a mistaken perception in german immigration policy that the second and third generations of immigrants would automatically enter great and why because they grew up here they attend school with our children would we see more integration problems with the second and third generations now look at the first one and it's taken us a long time to start taking your sensory measures for instance there are nationwide language and integration courses when it comes to volunteer tenant of these courses or expectations are surpassed that means of those high demand when it comes to mandatory attendance of such language courses due to lack of language knowledge results are rather disappointing well with all these people got the highest need to attend it means we have some tough years ahead of us here it's because of. that there is a growing nationalist sentiment in the country no no. so don't you think that it's more of an effort on both sides to deal with this tolerance issue and i think there
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is a strong feeling of less that's and then when you've got a huge number of the population agreeing with statements that have very strong statements by people like us and we've heard saying that muslims are dumbing down the country why does that have such great support also there have to be i have to beg you call. nationalism patriotism not a nationalist is somebody who thinks he's better than someone else because he belongs to a certain nation patriotism is love for your home mother love your home does a good thing don't try to make me believe that it's nationalist to stick to your country defend its norms and values and cultural tradition it has nothing to do with nationalism i'm happy for anyone who loves their home country but i want to love my home country as others do gooders without all the same as much.
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wealthier british. but i was going to. market. them to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max culture there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. today. again flared up. these are the images the world has seen from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all.
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broadcasting live from moscow where to six thirty in the morning this is our team. you don't want to be german but you want our benefits the harsh message from some politicians who accuse immigrants in the country of failing to enter great after chancellor angela merkel says multiculturalism has failed we've a special report and interview on this divisive debate. as these have been sentenced to death for persecuting islamic parties however some say the verdict is in to distract from the leaks exposé of secret american files showing. torture by the u.s. backed regime which replaced the dictator. the russian security services say
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they've cut off an international supply funding terrorism in the north caucuses they say the money behind a surge of recent to terror attacks in the region. and up next financial headlines with a spin with max kaiser and stacy herbert as this week they take on oil and the federal reserve. and this is the kaiser report we've been talking about the international conflict brewing in various economies around the world and gauging the currency war let's go back a couple of months and talk about what we brought your attention to. the war between steamers versus the speculators now time magazine has picked up on the thread topic
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