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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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i want some extra room or for families with small children even has pictures on their websites of these so-called sky couches and i guess that's one of the that looks pretty cozy to me and they also have a slick new marketing ad let's take a look. it is absolute perverts how dare they now i'm just stating for the record that this was a bad idea we all know that coddling leads people to try to join the mile high club in front of their passengers now i'm not morally opposed to the idea but because i'm single i don't really want to be sitting next to a couple that's doing it and in fact it could be a great new way to make the world of that much more comfortable with their sexuality but as i said because i'm single i just don't want to sit next to some cuddly lovey dovey couple who insist on doing the dirty on air new zealand's cuddle double seats and speaking of publics a couple excuse me i got
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a little excited i guess for this topic here speaking of couples doing it in public places we also have a second to a time winner goes along similar lines you see city leaders in zurich switzerland believe that sex cubicles will be the answer to the city's prostitution problem there they are beautiful little cubicles we can pull in your car and i guess do the dirty you see the city leaders got tired of hearing from residents complaining about seeing sexual escapades of hookers in parked cars and so they came up with the brilliant idea the sex cubicles which will be placed in zurich's little red light district as a way of shielding the innocent public from all of that action taking place between these walls now as one police officer said they can't get rid of prostitution so they're just going to have to control it and i guess enhanced it just to say that the sex cubicles idea doesn't sound terribly sexy and that's why our second second tool time award tonight goes to zurich switzerland for their beautiful romantic
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cubicles. now it may clash with their outfits but safety does come first roadside prostitutes working in the spanish city of lida have become have begun wearing reflective safety vests in order to avoid fines from the police see these prostitutes have gone to the high visibility vests similar to those worn by road workers or drivers whose cars have broken down in order to save themselves from a fifty six dollars fine now police say they were not trying to get rid of the prostitutes they were simply trying to make their line of work a little bit safer which is a pretty good idea and they're looking out for their own i guess some now here's my question i mean has there been some sort of a rash of spanish whores getting run down by cars to the police decide after several hookers were killed that they would suddenly make them wear these vests or is it maybe making it easier for the patrons to identify their special ladies and need to keep in mind that there are an estimated three hundred thousand female sex
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workers in spain but hookers being hit by cars has not been untrue issue in that country also in prostitution one o one they don't teach these latest to stand on the corner so why not the highway but i digress and here in the united states there is a new highway rule that requires reporters journalists to wear the same kind of reflective safety vests when standing on the street doing their stories now i don't know about you but do you see the irony in this reporters who can sometimes have a reputation of i don't know pimping themselves out for a story will now be wearing vests similar to the same thing that the hookers in spain are wearing talk about keeping you're making your chosen profession feel cheap and dirty. now when they're not scaring america's americans about communists and muslim terrorists the right wing has been busy high can't hyping up a different sort of threat you see they're called the new elite and they're a special category of alleged hemans who are utterly disconnected from america so
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who are these new scary elites you see if they don't follow nascar the obvious support of the american people they graduate from nice colleges and use their stupid snobby education to get non minimum wage jobs outreach and they eat communist food like a rubella and the worst offense they don't even watch oprah from start to finish now according to glenn beck and mike huckabee and the rest of the right wing crowd doing mad men and watching the new elites are out to get you america that is of course after the communists and the immigrants and the welfare queens and muslims finish wreaking havoc on our blessid country now earlier today from our new york city studio i caught up with fam cedar political satire with some commentator and i first asked him whether he's one of these scary new elites who eats a roble and doesn't watch oprah from start to finish take a look. that's it's a long list but i'm going to probably guess three out of five three out of six like
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mad men. go either way. but i don't know if i'm supposedly one of those elite and i don't know that really i think that's part of the point is you gotta keep the definition of fluid well it seems to me like they're almost going after these kind of idiotic soft targets to be honest with you i mean are educated people who eat are really more of a threat to america than say i don't know wall street c.e.o.'s that made money off of bankrupting our country or the b.p. oil tycoons who profited off of polluting our waters or even. even the media moguls who essentially tell us what and how to think i mean how come we're not focusing on the those scary elites. well i mean there's a couple reasons first off. the elites as described by them are in fact not the elite i mean that's simply a wordplay but the fact that they're not pointing to the wall street barons that they're not pointing to the media tycoons gives you
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a notion of exactly who is underwriting this this attempt to create the eating elites this is why they create the. elites is so that people can really. force the project their ire on to those people as to the people who are in fact the elite who are in fact waging a war against the economic interests of most americans i mean let's keep in mind that it's basically twelve families in this country of billionaires who have created this whole fiction about the death tax which affects only less than two percent of the population it is extremely wealthy in this country who are keeping alive the notion that we all need to share in sacrifice by raising the the age of retirement for social security a couple of years because they don't care right and so if you create this fictional
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monster of a in a room eating a leak that you know really is in control of nothing and in no way impacts these people's lives it focuses the ire towards the people that these these moguls that are underwriting this campaign want to focus focus it upon i mean and just to emphasize your point i mean look at who is actually pushing this idea of the new evil elite i mean you have glenn beck who i'm sorry is a millionaire who lives in this fancy mansion in connecticut you have mike huckabee who suits i'm sure cost a lot more than my monthly salary and we even have callen california senate candidate carly fair we know who but let's say what does she say here she said that the american dream is in danger because of a lead. just being in charge i mean when the rich former c.e.o. of one of america's biggest companies is talking about the elitist threat against her something's got to be wrong there i mean that's not right of course and if you know it's not it's not so much going back as the people who fund him people like
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the koch brothers and americans for you know the a.f.p. and freedom watch and and what not i mean look this is not a new phenomenon the right has been talking about this for years and you know the the the eight years of bush was completely about an assault on intellectual is and dumbing things down and this is simply a way this is simply the next incarnation of this same theme that the people that you really have to worry about are the cultural elite whatever they are they're just not you and if people are fixated on people who are wearing sandals or eating a root or watching t.v. program then they will not again pay attention to the people behind the curtain who are actually pulling the levers so it's you know this is nothing new and it's not surprising that the right wing shills would be drumming this up particularly now
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because remember if the republicans take control of the congress the tea party is going to be like what we what why aren't you. getting involved in this economic populism that has swept you into power and they're going to welcome the real danger is all these people are out there who are eating fresh greens well i mean it does seem that this line of conversation is line of thinking is resonating in america's political discourse i mean just look at some of the campaign ads and in fact i want to play you we have a little compilation of some of the best golden nuggets so to speak of the two thousand and ten campaign ads where candidates are just fighting each other to be the most folksy of the most the least elitist and the most american let's take a look at that. school board burn. supported teaching evolution of evolution best explains the origin of life even recently said the bible is only partially true you can our country is under siege my friends bad guys want to break into your homes
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politicians want to take away your constitutional rise this is all about we speak english if you want to live here learn it and i'm just ready to topple the big spending in washington. i didn't go to yale i didn't inherit millions like my opponent i mean you. know sam i mean are the american people really buying this they must to some extent otherwise these guys wouldn't put out these kinds of ads are there out there but explain that to me why why does that kind of rhetoric work with the american public. well i mean i think some parts of the american public do i mean there are some parts of this country where if you say that you only think part of the bible is true that heresy but i think part of it is frankly that there is a strong anti-establishment feeling in this country there's a strong anti washington feeling in you know to a certain extent that's perfectly legitimate when we have nine point six percent
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unemployment for an extended period of time and as far as the eye can see and frankly the economic elites of this country are not acting quickly enough our political elites in my opinion are not acting quickly enough and so people are looking for a scapegoat and i think very easy to skate i'm sorry to interrupt but this is happening throughout the years in our political rhetoric i mean yes i'm i'm i'm personally i'm not for washington but at the same time i've covered washington long enough to know that once a person gets into office once the person has that power and that campaign funding and you know all of those perks that come along with being a politician and power it sort of lose the ability to be one of the people and i'm just i don't understand why it's so difficult for us to see through that during the campaigns. well i mean look not everybody has covered washington for as long i mean you know a lot of people basically for them politics is a very small part of their life these ads show up every couple years they are
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tolerated but the message is only are absorbed because people see them a couple of times in the background so you know i think people are not as engaged in politics maybe as they should be and frankly you know if you're worried about how you can feed your kids if you're worried about whether or not you're going to have a job in six months then. you know sometimes it's tough to focus on politics even though ultimately that's where one should expect some answers to come. but i think you know look on the right you seeing already you know guys like trent lott saying we've. now absorb these tea party guys so there's some notion out there that some of these outsiders are going to be subsumed into the larger republican machine sharron angle is out there talking about how much juice she's going to have in washington but you know the public at large doesn't fall these things quite to the extent that maybe it would behoove them to do so and unfortunately unfortunately even if they want to you know unfortunately they want to follow it the same elites
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control the media and all the other institutions so it's doubtful that they would be able to even if they wanted to sam seeder thank you so no joining us. you're welcome. now still ahead tonight he's looking for love and he's decided to give new yorkers a very detailed description of what he's looking for just make sure that you like threesomes and ten years ago today this week the international space station was launched into space i'm going to speak with commercial space pioneer jeff remember about the future of the space station and the program in just a moment. i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace with no more
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pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life change and side effects. culture is that so much money which of course he's right on it until you corruption in one form or another is a cancer that eats away at countries and societies around the world that corruption is very much part of. there is not enough space for them on the ground. to dumb tune
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good things not only existence under the sun. through the gap of adrenaline. discovers deeply hidden secrets. they are seeking. and even. talking to go. wrong with you on the ground. as a single lady i've decided that i've grown a little bit sick of those online dating sites so i got a little inspired when i found out about this latest story a new yorker posted one of his love ads in a phone book with a forty year old male eek turner works as a shipper a very exciting job for u.p.s. and he knows exactly what he wants in
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a woman check out this note and he listed all of these different categories in a very wordy no we're going to break it down for you if he wants a a white or hispanic honey who has long been a full finger nails in his voluptuous not fat in front the same as she has to be willing to swing and she must be comfortable in five to six inch heels and she absolutely has to have a long blond or red hair i guess that disqualifies me now a first i thought that will leak was looking for a high class hooker but then he throws a in for a loop when here quests that this woman be a rangers fan and of course at the end he says. no hookers now you could have fooled a small leak because your description is extremely precise and i honestly doubt they're going to find anyone other than a hooker who can actually meet such high demands but don't worry because we found a solution for you you see a woman in taiwan has a site at that she was the perfect age for marriage but of course she hasn't found mr right so what does she decide to do she goes ahead and marries herself now chen
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way and i'm sure i totally butchered that pronunciation had a ceremony where she is even going on a solo honeymoon to australia i guess to each their own i mean i wouldn't necessarily have a self marriage but for someone with demands like our phone booth mr right it could be your answer you see that wasn't so hard and by the way maybe you're welcome. now it's a major milestone for fans of space exploration ten years ago this week the international space station was launched into space it's been a temporary home for over two hundred people and it cost over one hundred billion dollars over the course of a decade it's as big as a five bedroom house and it is considered to be the most extreme outer space living quarters ever built now it's no doubt that the international space station is a landmark in history thanks in part to the international cooperation of a number of nations namely russia and the united states and here to discuss this very important anniversary is commercial space pioneer jeff remember jeffrey thank
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you so much for being here now for those who aren't of us who aren't space junkies and tell us exactly what the space station is all about and why we should get excited about it well i mean to paraphrase dickens it's the best of international cooperation and the worst of international cooperation first political junkies should get excited about it because russia and america are working together as well as any program that involves the two nations there's no need for a reset button they figured it all out about eight years ago and it's been fascinating to watch nasa have to learn to work internationally and so that's something to cheer that we've learned how to do space with other nations and as for the space junkies and all of us and we are all space junkies and i was there actually when i got here at c.n.n. and i never outgrew it there was the problem for all of us it's a permanent home in space the russians had the first permanent home in space with me here they've taken a lot of their knowledge of the first two modules of the station were built by the
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russians masses dependent on the russians going forward when the shuttle retires for many years on the space transportation of astronauts back and forth but what's exciting about it is finally after two decades of waiting we're going to find out if in the absence of gravity you can make breakthroughs in medicine pharmaceutical drugs alloy. superconducting materials finally we're going to know if being in space can change for the better our life for well i want to talk a little bit more about the political cooperation here because it really truly is monumental i mean if you think back to the cold war the space race was so closely tied to this competition between the two countries and now they're really into how to overcome their their resentments and are working so beautifully together how did this actually develop and what can we take away from this political will it's a good question because i was there at the beginning and the two sides did not understand each other they were cultural differences there was arrogance on the part of nasa and there was distrust on the part of the russians everybody was
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confused why we were working together and from that has come out a program that's really tied together the americans dependent on the russia for transportation the russians are dependent on us for communications we really can't do space right now human space exploration without each other and i guess it was just tried and true they worked hard at it they had no choice and they've learned to work together and it's really a good story because it shows that it's survived the georgian conflict it survived you know all sorts of changes in leadership on both sides and it has stayed stable and i think it's a it's a good lesson for those screaming we can't trust the russians in this we're trusting them in space and they deserve trust and more importantly they're trusting us now yes i mean the costs are so monumental here they can't get away without it working together on these issues but i want to talk a little bit more about the reaction here at home because they wager a bet and say that most americans don't even know that an international space station exists and if you sort of contrast this to that when you know we put
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a man on the moon there was so much national excitement about this why do you think it has become the case that people aren't as i don't know hoped on all of these space developments it's taken ten years to build this thing building something is not very sexy or dramatic and i think we're entering a period now where research is beginning. students are starting to do work and individuals are starting to put projects on that lab up there if we get some breakthroughs you'll get interest in the american public and deservedly so but if not then we're going to find out the answer to the question is the gravity of space a good research tool maybe the answer is that's not what we're going to find out now you know we're talking about how different countries are cooperating here in the space and but we also know that a lot of private companies are sort of pushing for this development into space and so i wonder if we see a future where privatization of space takes place i mean could google take over and launch its own scary stations where i don't know what the street view verses of the
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earth to be or god knows what you know yes. the first street some of the moon's surface yes i'm hoping there's a whole crop of new u.s. companies coming along space x. orbital sciences bigelow aerospace i have a company we're all banking on the future and the obama administration policy which has bipartisan bipartisan support is that in low earth orbit the area where the space station is nasa is going to be a customer they're not going to compete against us they're not going to tell us what to do they're going to be a customer and we're going to let the creativity of the private markets flourish in lower earth orbit so i think we're going to see competing space stations we're going to see cargo ships we're going to see human rated vehicles and i'm really excited about that because if we if we can do that we can start to do cool things in space not things that the government approves but things maybe you and i want to do so that's real nice and i think that in the future it may not cost one hundred billion dollars which is what the space station cost but nonetheless very good
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research tools media hotels. which we're about to start really using well worth all the well i know start star trek fans will probably but i was a big fan of deep space nine so when the international space station looks something like that perhaps a little bit more excited about it will thank you so much everyone for joining us now tonight we end the show and the sad now you remember paul the octopus our favorite friend paul the octopus apparently passed away from natural causes at the ripe old age of two and a half. now he was found dead in his strength at sea at the sea life center where he were tired after a string of intensive clairvoyants soccer predictions the past summer this psychic octopus won our hearts week after week when he predicted the winners for the world cup now this native mollusk of germany far of death threats from fans even the arena and president ahmadinejad when he predicted spain winning the soccer
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tournament now for that you were you were brave my dear octopus paul and you were surely surely be missed for viewers so rest in peace and may your spirit live on in the hearts of soccer fans forever now what the hell can i find some mail for my column r.t. as my mike's on control room anyway that's it for tonight's show thank you so much for tuning in and please make sure to come back tomorrow alone oh we'll be back and she's going to be talking to conservative comedian brands bret stein we're going to ask you the basic question where are the comedians the right i mean sure there's dennis miller but come on guys i mean that's about it there has to be more right so are conservatives even capable of being funny when they aren't trying to be and will they ever be able to counter the powerful liberal funny guys that are out there now and is going to find out all that and more for you tomorrow in the meantime please don't forget to become a fan of the alona show on facebook and to follow us on twitter you can also follow me on twitter at. and ovi and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other
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a four way race is on a for a newly discovered oil in the eastern mediterranean with israel and lebanon resorting to threats of war stake their plane. insider trading illegal for the average american but not if you are a senator our team looks at how u.s. officials are using legal loopholes to line their pockets. and russia comes top for youth violence and knife crime in a world health organization study but there are some signs of improvement. american support for kurdish only police force causes tension in iraq's cultural melting pot critics say violence is inevitable once the u.s. pulls out.
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am in the russian capital you're watching art. marina joshie welcome to the program now recently discovered oil reserves in the eastern mediterranean looks set to become the latest point of tension in the troubled region at least four major competitors are staking their claim israel lebanon turkey and cyprus all want a peace but was no clearly defined maritime borders the fica billingsley better and even bloody artist post leader takes a closer log. praised a long time in coming more than you who could have been begging for you yeah please don't let me down don't let me down and finally jackie relations praise have been on the oil company he's invested in reportedly hitting bingo underground still talking about the largest amount of oil ever to be discovered in the state of israel there is a joke in israel that when moses laid the jews out of a.


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