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in the middle east that has no oil but that punchline might need to change because it seems that moses might not have been so wrong after all in two thousand and nine israel announced the discovery of a first major natural gas field off its coast but the most recent reports from the giant natural gas site off the coast of haifa point to a potential for billion barrels of black gold we will be able to future. energy. it will be less expensive which is how important. from a political appointee we wish we will be less dependent on the. import of foreign oil but it's not only israel lane came to the reserves greek cyprus turkey and lebanon also say the oil spill is and while the international law allows a country to drill in the so-called continental shelf of its coast the fact that israel and lebanon have never agreed on maritime boundaries makes it unclear when
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israel in and lebanon begins i know the club about how its version is think the border line will pass if and when they will have a negotiated i don't know that the us will have its own version or the impulse but they're not the agreement on whether and because the two countries are enemy states there's unlikely to be any agreement anytime soon both have threatened to go to war over the issue obviously this is an israeli company. and israeli company. will not be allowed to enter into lebanese territory or will have any further connection with ration of lebanese gas lebanon filed a complaint with the united nations after israel placed floating markers extending two miles into the sea and weighing in on the conflict hizbollah says because the major political actor in lebanon. and it is strongly supported from the
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syrian iran. and it would seem if we take statements and public position seriously which we are. they were an interest in fomenting activity creating tension israel has the upper hand for now it's already struck a deal with cyprus and is preparing to start extraction while lebanon still needs to sort out the boundaries of its economic zone with cyprus and syria and it will be years before it has the evidence it needs to show that israel's fields extend into lebanese territory. tell if they have. one of iraq's most stable regions could be plunged into asking bloodshed if u.s. troops ever withdraw care coq security is looked after by a kurdish police force and their american trainers but the non kurds living in the city fear once the us leaves the troubled country they will become targets. a dawn raid a race against time to catch militants off guard in the iraqi province of kirkuk
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where in the suburb of duck cook and the police have just a few minutes to get into position before sunrise. daybreak's and the raid begins police under the supervision of the u.s. army go door to door searching rooms and checking residents against lists of unknown terrorists the police dominated heavily by kurds have been remarkably successful recently they've cut terror attacks by over fifty percent in the past few months these guys are very good they are very good and they're very good at intelligence and gathering intelligence and developing intelligence and the other submerged wrong place for not worried about it but others mainly the city's non kurds are here in downtown commuted by the charity drive due to their own historic claim of the city of kirkuk is a unique city in iraq a true melting pot of all the different ethnicities in the country but this mixture continues to lead to extremely volatile ethnic tensions a two thousand and nine field report that was recently leaked by the whistleblower
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wiki leaks states that without. strong unfair influence likely from a third party these tensions may quickly turn to violence after the us forces withdraw. in terms of security when the us leaves it will be no independent security force right now the security is from the kurdish side of the city this is the truth when the us leaves things will get worse there will be conflict arabs will stand up and prayed and we should say with and this will my words god forbid but words will begin between the groups and we are not an example of this violence wasn't long in coming no more than five minutes after we finished the interview a roadside bomb targeting the police detonated in the center of the city. luckily for the police the terrorists missed it appears that despite the gains that the police are making the american troop withdrawal can easily lead to a return to sectarianism in kirkuk for kurds arabs and turkmen alike the
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consequences of the u.s. led war have left the future of kirkuk very much uncertain sebastian meyer care cook for r.t. campaigner carol terrorists as iraq is will be forced to deal with a new postwar reality very quickly if the us left the kurdish regions in the north always regarded all the gulf. the regional governments always regarded themselves as having an interest in allying with the united states they thought that was their best chance to pursue their own particular interests. an interest in helping the u.s. presence because it doesn't want to see itself in conflict with other parts of iraq . it's looking to the united states to defend it is this a positive thing will that be the case in the future and i would say it's very
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unlikely i don't think it's particularly positive i think the presence of the united states anywhere in iraq is preventing the citizens of that country coming to terms with the problems they face and dealing with it in a way that's appropriate to them in the society. i don't think they're in that sense i don't think america in the north of iraq is a positive thing and staying in iraq where saddam hussein's former deputy terry because he is has been sentenced to death the decision has been criticized as a bid to distract attention from the latest week in leaks revelations showing the iraqi government's alleged involvement in torture among the critics of the verdict is british m.p. jeremy corbyn the reason they're doing it now and that you are correct on this is to divert attention away from the wiki leaks isu because wiki leaks have exposed the torture that has gone on systematically and i think the death sentence pronounced for the territories here is to divert attention policy absolutely no
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point in this form of victor's justice being carried out will do nothing to reconcile people in iraq i think what we need is a real investigation into the behavior of the occupying forces and the iraqi army and its forces ever since the invasion of two thousand and three cancel the death penalty abandon the whole idea of the death penalty and instead look at the issues of human rights and justice and look at the behavior of forces ever since the invasion took place i do not see the value in executing characters' zs any more than executing anybody else it will not bring the dead back it will further brutalise what is already a very brutal situation the death penalty does not work. russia has the highest rate of hughes crime in europe and that's according to a world health organization report which says it could be prevented by offering more activity to keep young people busy other experts blame parents for not paying enough attention to their kids as artie's diapers called in our reports. please
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show us on the dole where exactly you stabbed him with the knife it was here how many times. i don't remember roughly seven or ten times. in this reconstruction the suspects showing police just what happened when his gang carried out a brutal murder the main perpetrator would soon join his peers in one of russia's sixty two young offenders institutions i live close enough has already served more than half of his sentence for committing a racial murder he was a fifteen year old skinhead when both him and his friends attacked a four in the king youth i saw the guy's knife lying next to him i suddenly thought he must have been using this knife to kill russianness ago i stepped into ice event posted to my three friends each night him stabbings account for almost half of the homicides carried out by youngsters in the european and central asian region according to
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a report by the world health organization and it puts russia with the highest rate of violence among the surveyed age group from ten to twenty nine. a change in psychology morale didn't even moral values all this contributes to an extremely high crime rate which up by the activities of religious sex and i'm sorry to say this by all media including television which stories full of blood in russia around five thousand seven hundred miners are currently serving prison terms the majority are either from a one parent family or an orphanage and one man who's seen it all the head of a juvenile correctional facility knows the prime reason love and a lack of. we grownups parents often too busy earning a living maybe we should simply love our children we remember our kids when they're already behind bars and that is the last place they should be experts say about eighty percent of serious juvenile crimes take place in the evening or night when
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children in theory are supposed to be looked after by their parents however in reality many children often end up on the streets searching for their own entertainment. and that's primarily alcohol which is fueling so much of today's youth crime nevertheless the situation among mine is is actually slowly improving incision the i'm dealing with the underage crowd and in the past five years i have seen a considerable decline of juvenile crimes however grim statistics among those who are living age to exploit so while many of these young boys hope they will be able to survive crime free in the future it may be down to those on the other side of the barbed wire to ensure they don't become another those generation dari pushed over r t moscow a membership is not the only or best way to regulate relations between european states and that's the view of dr lee rather i'm from the britons taxpayers alliance
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pressure group who thinks that for some countries you membership costs more than it's worth watch the full interview next hour but here's a preview. the cost of the regulations and red tape in this is based on the commission's own officials their commitment commission's own statistics the cost of the regulations is for the in terms of the u.k. is greater than the actual value of the trade that is meant to regulate that's one perspective the second thing is if you just look at the not the the cost of the regulations but the simple physical cost and the membership fee that is the equivalent of forming a chain along appear and dumping a block of gold off the end of it every one hundred seconds. it's a gold ingots every hundred seconds just cast into the watery depths. and russia seeking to prevent nato from placing major forces close to its borders
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moscow has presented a plan which would limit the alliances military presence in its youngest member states the move comes ahead of a summit in lisbon which will focus on the creation of a single missile defense system covering the whole of nato and afghan security russia's proposal is likely to come up at the meeting and perhaps earlier when the alliance of secretary-general visits moscow the foreign ministries keen to stop nato pushing any further to the. capitol hill insiders in the u.s. are using and abusing their positions to make some extra pocket money according to the wall street journal many are taking advantage to the ear of the or knowledge of markets the often have direct influence over and as you can found out it's not even illegal. the annual salary of members of the united states congress one hundred seventy four thousand dollars the profit they can make by trading on inside information priceless. a number of u.s.
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lawmakers and dozens of congress staffers have reportedly traded thousands of dollars worth of stocks of companies they or their crosses wrote last for under the u.s. law there is no conflict of interest here they're just plain cheating and it's not fair what they're doing currently all u.s. lawmakers and their highest paid staffers have to do is to disclose information once a year on their finances by the analysis of the wall street journal u.s. public servants have been phenomenally successful trading stock at the peak of the wall street crisis senator spencer backus made tens of thousands of dollars betting against the market that he's the media helps oversee and he's the ranking member on the house committee on financial services. chris miller a top energy policy advisor to the senate majority leader harry reid nearly doubled his bet when his boss helped pass legislation that won't up benefiting the fur
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after his staff or his name was mentioned in a list of capitol hill stock traders mr reid reprimanded his aide. poconos because christmas. my attempts to talk to some of those involved were time consuming and unsuccessful. we talk a lot about exporting democracy one of the bedrocks of a successful democracy i believe is freedom from corruption the sense that elected officials are elected to serve the public not to and hence their own wallets or that of their friends or cronies or family congressman brian baird offered a bill that would ban insider trading on capitol hill years ago but the act received the support of only nine out of four hundred thirty five members in the house of representatives and none in the senate and in this case you've got. the
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possibility of making great amounts of money in ways that are illegal in ways that are hard to detect congressman baird says annual disclosure reports are not enough to my knowledge there is no human being employed by the congress of the united states who has looked at our finance reports with a with an eye towards possible conflict of interest now there is no initiative to change the rules what for the rest of america it's perfectly legal for the country's lawmakers why would they want to change it as it is now a public servants stock market activities are hard to track there are no investigators here on the hill doing that and some believe those senators and staffers who have recently been caught in the spotlight are just the tip of the iceberg ghana's tekken are to washington d.c. . bruce being from michigan state university's college of law says the us has made corruption legal and there is more on this and crossed out where peter lavelle's
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gas decided there's only one way to be corruption democratically and that's through elections. congress has had its hands completely into this financial crisis in the late ninety's. there is no doubt they're not going to the only thing you can do to a congressman or a senator is not elect him i mean we're we're marveling at the fact that there's almost one hundred seats available that my contested well i recall that there are four hundred thirty five seats up every year what does it what do we call it when three hundred thirty five of the guys are in serious contests we don't call it corruption but in this country there's no doubt that we have legalized what in other countries we call corruption. the institutions are set up to accommodate the congressmen and the congress and make the rules. you can watch the full version of
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crossed out show in about ten minutes time here on r.t. and let's now take a look at some other stories from around the world and locals in haiti city of say mark flood of storm doctors without borders camp set up to treat color of patients proximity to school would contaminate the students stones were thrown at the camp side and the roadblock to stop patients from arriving u.n. peacekeeping forces had to intervene as ngo staff negotiated with community leaders around three hundred people have died so far in the cholera outbreak. when disasters a tsunami and a volcano eruption have hit indonesia killing about one hundred fifty people and more than twenty eight died when mount merapi erupted forcing thousands to flee and seek refuge in shelters scientists have warned that pressure building beneath the volcano is lava dome trigger one of the most powerful blast in years elsworth tsunami triggered by an earthquake swept away hundreds of homes scores of people
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are still missing. going protest francis senate gave its final approval to a bill to raise the country's retirement age from sixty to sixty two in the young the unionist organize a demonstration in front of the half waters of french president sarkozy's ruling p party at a paris students chanted outside the senate building as riot police stood by unions have called for another nationwide day of protests on thursday even if all parliament action on the bill is over. well that brings us up to date here in the event of a more there is our web site r t dot com business news is next with kareena mail account and go way. our welcome to business good to have you with us the american company responsible for running operations at sun hell in one maybe swap for a russian company x. an f. to gus has twice asked the government to raise subsidies for the oil and gas projects while production has fallen the audit chamber says involving russian
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companies in similar ventures has previously raise production and cut costs is named among probable candidates for operators it already owns twenty percent of so highly and one daughter firms now top brushes to producers are concentrating on domestic consumers to boost profits recent changes in tax law and other government incentives that made the market more attractive this is also giving a competitive edge to russian companies over their european and asian peers i did a question about reports. top russian natural producer sever stout has opened to new plants and the moscow region to supply cow manufacturers with process to you is just one of a number of his that are ramping up production to profit from growing domestic demand yeah vast is upgrading its plant in that world mountains while came plans to invest up to three billion dollars and the country to boost capacity. we are
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planning to produce ten million tons of metal this year we're going to increase the output by some twenty percent by twenty eleven and by another twenty percent the year after our aim is to restore the pre-crisis output recent changes in tax law have made it more profitable for russian companies to south processed mazal to domestic consumers rather than exporting it in addition the state has over tax breaks to foreign carmakers if they buy supplies from russian producers it's apology of the government's plan to encourage manufacturers to produce cars from start to finish with locally sourced materials the russian market is recovering has recovered enough and all sure enough straddle xed here to consume all finished feel and therefore make the roughest filmmakers even better positional competitor compared to the global still makers selling process still in russia can be three times as profitable as sending it abroad but the market is being distorted by
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government intervention worldwide the demand for still has yet to recover from the financial crisis and prices remain weak so producers here have little reason not to take advantage of the situation my do not question the business. well in companies listing on the world stock markets all but dried up during the financial crisis now there are signs the trend is beginning to reverse among others severstal male dogs are you have announced their intention to go to the market to like while managing director of m. communications says the success of these deals will give a clear decay ssion the conditions have proved. for the first time really since the crisis averted for a number of years you've got a number of deals that are out in the market that are being marketed and there are seven companies that have looked into this six of them are in london ones in moscow and if if the majority of those get away i think you'll have an ounce of that will show something about the level of investor demand an appetite for russian issues it's no secret that russia america is out
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a fairly challenging story of the last few years most of the companies are the best of the civilian for well below the market and so this is a maybe as a turning point if these deals get away in a reasonable price and you might find that suddenly the mood around russia my peers is considerably improved right now as of today it's a bit skeptical and its investors need to be proven. and that's how we look at the markets asian stock markets the lower on wednesday investors are concerned that the u.s. federal reserve's expected stimulus measures may not be enough to boost the economy japan's nikkei average and it's like you higher but often this morning highs exporters go to the longest lived together reverse some of its recent strength against the u.s. dollar and hong kong's hang seng is trading at one point seven percent lower this hour. here in russia markets opened lower as well following downturns in asia the r.t.s. is down half a percent in the my six is trading a quarter of a percent lower all of the blue chips are in the red of both of course is bucking the trend is ross telecom and also hydro. well some banking sector profits have
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grown twelve fold in the first nine months of the year the banks made a net total of twelve billion dollars compared with just one billion in the same period in two thousand and nine and russia central bank is forecasting that the sector net profit will reach sixteen billion by the end of two thousand and ten however the crisis is still taking its toll of many banks with one hundred seventeen still suffering losses. global car production in two thousand and ten could exceed pre-crisis levels according to pricewaterhouse coopers the number of cars to be produced this year could reach sixty nine point nine many of russia's own production this year could rise to one point seven million cars if the current microclimate tendencies continued and russia's industry and trade ministry stated september that russia could make up to three point six million cars by twenty twenty. that's a little business for now but you can always find most stories if you log on to our website that sati dot com slash.
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more news today violence has once again flared up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. change operations are over the day.
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reminder of the top stories here on our team eastern mediterranean or oil reserves point of tension in the troubled region a four way race is on with israel and lebanon resorting to threats of war to stake their. american support for kurdish. only police force causes and arrest make tension in iraq's cultural melting pot known kurds in the city fear that a u.s. pullout will lead to bloodshed. russia has come top for use violence and knife crime in a world health organization study experts blame parents for not paying enough attention to their kids. insider trading illegal for the average american but not if you are a senator or the wall street journal says many are taking advantage of the our
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knowledge of markets they often have their work in one sober. i would continue to discuss legal loopholes in the u.s. and corruption are the main issues on our cheese cross dog debate show. wealthy british soil it's time to go to the front. of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on. and if you. want to. follow in welcome to cross talk i'm peter ego corruption in one form.


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