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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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cost lives and fascinating nations so join me. as we discover a hole to the subject of the streets. to get a program of a legendary stunt to the district but the famous t.v. tower is located some locals say the area is possibly linked to evil spirits. is that centuries ago symmetry for murderous and socialist was situated in. the districts name sounds like the. remains strange coincidence maybe popular pocket times today the still some want. of days gone by. scary territory. who knows what linux. is. there is a lot of unexplained. that you know that happened. everything else now added to
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that reality. and what happens is a lot of. his story was first broken and then revived and of course you know all of the russian literature if you're surprised it always comes on show so i think it's actually more amplified right now it would normally be the area of a stand could i was eventually built on the size of a burial ground a pagan sample according to legends i've always. been seen here since the sixteenth century now the locals who claim to have seen today complain of dreadful headaches. for several days afterwards. quickly escaping to the three. to be with you and you but you has opened in the
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heart of the russian capital right across from the kremlin. this nine hundred sixty s. bright colored interior promises to be the latest hangout venue for the city's just the venue has already posted a party to be guests of the kremlin cup international tennis tournament. reproaching a newly opened. just in time the. design is similar to. the latest fashions controversial or not they might end up being this season's. as experts saying that could be the coldest she has seen in one thousand. i absolutely love the russian market as women here and know how to wear fur and they like our brand styles garments are not tacky we are simple and warm and makes you look younger as i'm trying to refresh people's concerns out of.
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trick or treat moving to another location let's meet this week's guest. her. here. i am an actress and i'm doing a play right now called the tailor. and also to travel and that is a fantastic place to believe. i have traveled all over the world but i love stories. travel stories. a lot of stories. castle in helsing or there is one of the best i've ever been to very scary and also in toronto we have a theater called the royal alex and it's been haunted. by
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a famous goes for hundred years. and costume. this kind of stuff and since i've been here in moscow i've had a chance for the kremlin where there are three. sort of famous ghosts the terrible hans the bow tower and of course lenin and stalin can be seen walking the halls at night apparently and i also heard about the german cemetery the flag of seventeen seventy one the one that heads the the russian orthodox church refused any foreigners to be buried in the russian cemeteries so they had that separate severance pay for foreigners and were there by chains and so one night sometimes you can hear it go rather the. both of them. so there. will be content to how do we without looking past two people dress up for the
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occasion. originally a celtic and pagan holiday it was believed that until midnight on the eve of the same study on the first evil spirits would roam around frightening people and wreaking havoc. so no cars would dress and scary costumes to keep away if the spirits. there are many how do we know outfits accessories aside here in this fancy dress shop just very well out of the celebration nasr should know to continue the fight against radical highly many people come in practice one would have the biggest number of customers. and experts living in los could get costumes here there is no doubt the holiday becomes more and more popular every year now because some of halloween was brought to america in a few filters by irish immigrants and recently the west the celebration its way here to russia where the hollowing is a rather new dates in the recent calendar the western imports has been welcomes.
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with open arms especially by the younger generation any excuse to party and to get dressed. and that's it. now it's my turn to see this war has to offer. the retail industry should be happy every year more money is spent on how are we goods in russia and whether you're looking for a creepy costume. for a range of accessories you can buy or hire. so what you think i was carrying us. on the territory of moscow in a park between the trees there are several mystical wooden statues you can see carvings of ancient gods made by slavic pagan enthusiasts of what is believed to be a twelfth century settlement freethinkers gather at the spot and i always remember to bring some gifts and offerings to the various logs not to test the spirits
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temples. and of course more schools restaurants some are getting ready for the spooky holiday celebration to not only costume parties are being organized with special menus from pumpkin soup to eyeball like she cocktails are being created by chefs and bartenders so trick or treat trick or treat give me something good to eat. this weekend children in russia and around the world will enjoy halloween themed food sweets and tricky everything especially in the a community many young russians office and a to about the country's new halloween celebrations. have a little piece of home very moscow or so far away so it's really great. so
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it's midnight. and i'm all alone here in the car just. the spirits to come out. so you might not believe the evil spirits will come out. very. long history it's hardly surprising that moscow is associated with. the kremlin. he says he's policy maybe it's. meanwhile. arriving. many traditional russians on tap a. place in the russian talent some states the how to lead is a demonic celebration others believe the event is a way to express oneself dress up and simply have fun.
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i think for not. to be. streets haunted by the shadows of history to the ghosts of so the possibly does exist. something. that multimillion dollar event that's enjoyed by millions around the world. so old and new so noble secrets and spirits like. wanted must go well maybe not a mystical a magnificent itself is. excellent very good. some people like it or not hollowing is definitely to say.
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let's hope that this sweet special. cost see you again at the same time next week and sell them from a list the same. but. dear mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with elizabeth always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i
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love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life changing side effects. the admiral know human. passenger liner sailing in the black sea. those thirty first nineteen eighty six it's. twenty three twenty. four kilometers off shore. crashes into another vessel. four hundred twenty three people dead. russian titanic.
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wealthy british style it's. right on. the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars reports. in the czech republic is available in a hotel as central hotel presumably room most of the stuff you don't know much east in bosnia and herzegovina available in. the children of each. but you know what you know. hotels. hotels.
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in serbia multis available in. powerplay plans for russia to build the first ever nuclear plant fuel closer links and that's us president had to have had to wait for a lot of asian nations. reports of a russian spy ring being busted in georgia threaten what's left of relations between the two but aspirants believe it's just another really seen p.r. stunt. and funny business a poll shows the most trusted opinion maker in the u.s. is a t.v. comedian while president obama doesn't even make the top twenty. and if armas here with us in the studio was sports a day hello andrew and one of my favorite tennis players and in fact one of russia's top tennis players on the world's tennis player has retired yeah a bit of
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a shock there actually you know she's only twenty nine years old she has decided to call it quits she does finishes the world number nine not a bad place to finish is it and has decided after thirteen years on the toll enough is enough in a month. hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines. closing in rubin when again to go within three points of the design eat in the russian premier li. plus read the latest from the k where the army men pull off a shock when over city rivals dinar much. less than your dementia you can pick champion calls time with her tennis career after thirteen years at the top . but will stop at the ice hockey because saturday's action is underway in the k h l with local mighty vieira savile who sits second in the western conference losing
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to a more away at the moment the game finish sorry three two and. martin lewis with the winning goal there are two more games or show jewel for saturday in less than fifteen minutes struggling messages nervous because next ball host whilst a beer take on the torpedo another said piers that starts in about an hour's time. got their campaign back on track beating city rivals denominate three one last night thanks to a perfect powerplay game and watching it with a lot of. a game between two inform sites both say sky hell three game winning streak scammony into beast clash and look to extend them by upsetting their seat to rivals the army man started the banter and forced an homage to get meat balls that bar a play game has been says cause main weapon recently and they use that once again here was denise barsh and with the fear short to break the deadlock one after four
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minutes of play a perfect star for the home side the now when searching for an equaliser but instead conceded again the second goal it colby of the first one the stand he just left was love the sport thank the thirty eight year old veteran is establishing himself a big themes leader following his return from banning chair. again to dominate back possession but managed to pull one back half way for the bird periods that's when the nice goal could have made it to one like a goal but the now move weren't complaining as they hope to take a game into overtime but their comeback and all the hard work was undone three minutes from time to deny more players a safe panel to spells and cisco had almost two minutes play in five on three and that was long enough for them to put the game beyond doubt again modoc score to start bird powerplay of the night and after wards the winner stressed the
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importance of the ball place and everything to discuss and that's very important for us to school on a power play today was cold goes having at least a one man advantage that feel it will continue this good run. for a team is an experience has to ask it's very important to score empire plays it gives us a lot of confidence that's an issue we're working hard during training sessions. and that if we don't start deservedly won this three want. to continue the we need street on tuesday when the. why did mr mock cheat now in football being keep up the pressure on leaders any in the russian premier league and within three points of the some petersburg side after to know when i've yet of being taking the lead in some are just off the half time last night so you could lanka scored from close range. and thirty minutes later we got a second nicely set up by substitute alexander the answer so just three points
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separating the defending champs and then we do have two games in hand. those in the current action against the new tomorrow and this softening there are two matches in the russian meaningful place but i must go through the need to think of this season the great. stuff going on the last guy to take on board and sides appear with the muscovite still fighting for a euro cup spot next season. now in england the top four are in action i would they just chelsea away at blackburn the blues will again be without frank lampard who has missed the last ten games after. but alex will be back in defense while blackburn welcome back sam and nelson to the center of their defense and chelsea boss called on chill out he says he knows what to expect. a very strong team they are using. particularly the kind of player you do in future clubs.
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and i think that for those that reason to play against them is not these would be good i think that bodes for blood. is one of the. other knowledge as one of the best team here in england. night of the taking on top no man city away wolves in our slender tame bottom side west ham the gun is a second in the table five points off the top a manager awesome vanga believes his side is in a good position on and off the pitch to keep improving through the season. is more coming out waiting to come out over team because really looking like green prove on all fronts and the second part. if you could do we for to bring you seen the top you will find austin the road strong position and you look. more. money if you lose a review and you have spent over a year and you will have not done too badly now it is semi final state the deputy a championships and russian over face is the world number one car on wozniacki one
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of the over beat kim clijsters yesterday to finish top of the white with three wins from three she hasn't dropped a set so far and is guaranteed to finish the season as the world number two crisis place destroyed in some studies that. need to stop them. but i need to mention the world number nine calling time on her career after her loss to process this. the twenty nine year old may never have won a grand slam but she got two major finals and won sixteen top titles during her career and one gold at the beijing olympics. elsewhere mika lucian is three to the semifinals of the same pages big open this is him here waiting romania's think to heskey when the previous round at the top seed russian leading three sets to send his quarterfinal opponent packing the match finishing six seven six three seven six usually will play compact with dimitri turned off in the last poll.
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i. saw off the train in alexander to pull off in straight sets that the other semifinal. kazakstan pay me. as they defeated benjamin becker and jack of chips out of it respectively in the quarter. let's go to the hardware in the n.b.a. oklahoma beat detroit away by single point the game finishing one hundred five two hundred four in favor of the fund it was a pretty neck and neck affair let me go straight to the final seconds of the gangway charley. three pointer put the pistons in front of one hundred forty three for seven and a half seconds to go but detroit's defense allowed to visit his. one last chance and oklahoma made the most of it jeff brady had a dramatic lay up just two point five seconds left on the clock to snatch the win one hundred five one hundred for the final school day to remain unbeaten after two big stories in two gangs the scenes. with other gangs defending champions the l.a.
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lakers the phoenix they're on the road golden state had no problems against the clippers on home court then fisk came out ninety nine ninety minutes away dallas while new orleans and minnesota regifted home wins to denver on the walkie respectively quite a few games going on elsewhere miami beach orlando at home ninety six seventy boston new jersey and toronto also claimed victories while indiana an advantage defeated charlotte and philadelphia respectively bother st hundred four hundred one scoreline. the moto g.p. twenty time world champion who has set the fastest lap time during a wet practice session for the portuguese graeme prayer despite the world title already secured the spaniard has nice to offer this penultimate race the how more ryder completed the fastest lap on the astral circuit more than one tenth of a second faster than nicky hayden who had the second fastest lap valentino rossi finished but casey stoner is in full flight. ready for us because
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we finish in first position on the we're going to normally for us in the past. but if you. with a bit of boxing war on terror. training hard ahead of his title fight with manny pacquiao on november the thirteenth margarito insists he didn't know these former trying to have a cup of tea you had placed a legal pads in his hand wraps for his bag of sugar and as a result he's still banned from fighting in california and nevada is his new china and says he's seen weaknesses in packages like his string of dominant planes and even claims to know exactly how to counter a pac-man squid. oh well we're hoping that the man who stands in front of him and hopefully you know i know that is you know his plans to move side to side and fight smart. you know our job is to cut the ring and. pressure him as much as possible and hopefully if everything goes the will expect now to fight because you know i
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can't take nothing away from many many little fighter and. you know i consider him the best in the world right now so so going in that gives the bears so we got to be ready to to fight the best and in our plan is to beat the best or so you know i expect the crowd to be happy everybody to be happy and hopefully turn out to be one of the best parts of the you look forward to that is all the sport for a moment so we've got more in a couple less. millions died. and millions looked forward to be held down say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation.
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here a spring of nineteen forty five on our. wealthy british scientists i. passed out on the. margins finance scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons are for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r g. technology update cheer on change we've got the future
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powerplay plans for russia to build again ams first era nuclear plant fuel closer lang's that's us president will be added as a way for a summit of asian nations. allegations of a new spy scandal could threaten relations between russia and georgia over the experts say this is just another p.r. stunt. and funny business a poll shows a most trusted opinion maker in the us is a t.v. comedian while president obama doesn't even make the top twenty. one pm in the russian capital you're watching r t m or even joshua welcome southeast
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asia's top nations are meeting in vietnam russia's president is at the material ready for talks of everything from managing security to responding to natural disasters and working together in space and which are many beautiful use his two day trip to hold separate talks with the host nation as a close ally from saudi times and trade between moscow and how the way is already in the billions of dollars during this visit dozens of new agreements will be signed among the most important and deal to construct a first nuclear power plant as artie's marie ivanovna reports it's something the socialist republics counting on. vietnam in the twenty first century it might look like a throwback to cooled while times but it's not the case vietnamese more than its economy growing at an increasing rate and it's looking to his old allies to help spur that alone.


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