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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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more stable existence and economic growth a deal hailed by both sides as a very significant one with the russian president of course reiterating the fact that energy independence is one of the crucial points any country any state needs to become truly independent and a fully fledged player of the international arena in the twenty first century. big deal in the construction of the nuclear power plant as a major project. you reach the goals we set this plant will account for vietnam's energy markets and we allowed to develop as a sovereign modern state that not only produces and processes oil but also uses other sources of energy which is very important in today's world and of course this wasn't the only item on the agenda many other issues. were discussed many other deals were made including a deal to build a hydro power plant in the country as well a deal to exchange intelligence and intellectual information gathered.
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in the framework of military cooperation that exist between moscow and a lot of issues of course on the agenda but the nuclear power plant is what both sides were mostly excited about as the vietnamese president himself said this is a very important deal that signifies not only the extent of russian vietnam's corporation but also the level of trust that exists between the two countries both our countries are eager to develop. a sector of the agreement on the construction of an atomic power plant and demonstrates the specialties we have with russia and the jew shows how much confidence who have in russia to. continue working together in the gas industries in russia. the visit was a very pleasant one with the weather and everything playing along nicely to the russian president he was very keen to know that whether. saying that it reflects
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the state of relations between moscow and he also commented on getting food saying that it might be a little too spicy for some russian taste but he personally enjoyed it a lot and of course this kind of banter this kind of light hearted talk just goes to show exactly how comfortable the russian and the vietnamese are together and how much emphasis they place on their relationship. georgia has so far refused to confirm or deny reports tbilisi busted a spy network of twenty two people of literally gathering classified information for russia according to an anonymous source quoted by reuters the members of the secret network detained on friday are all georgians the country's interior ministry has promised to give a press conference on the incident but not before the end of next week russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said moscow was not aware of any details as there are no diplomatic relations between the two countries observers say the lack of information from to b.b.c. is meant of the off guard terry and way the country is run. when someone is
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arrested they're entitled to due process that means they can call a lawyer that family members can be contacted therefore arrests are announced and it never happens i can't tell you how bizarre ideas to hear a police spokesman say. i can neither confirm nor deny that arrests have taken place secret arrests are the hallmark of a police state. you know there is a new law before the georgian parliament which is called the freedom charter and it's something akin to the patriot act in the united states it will drastically increase the powers of the security service it passed its first meeting in the in the georgian part parliament recently and it is possible that someone was trying to whip up. a social mood to support that. well members of georgia's political opposition have been telling our team that the smallest link to
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russia seems to be enough for to d.c. to bring a prosecution of this kind of charges russian links russian ties russian experience is always used in georgia's political propaganda i just know it's not empty in both these people but i know this stranger it's like you know to be some poll results. knowing your spin which may be there but if you deal with business you russia or you family in russia and you are with the judge it's great enough for georgia law enforcement off shows to make three million votes it. the georgian conservative party of neither speaking to us from tbilisi there we've got a lot more for you this hour here in ours here a quick look ahead at what's in store hiding behind a child's back when i was twenty and used as a human shield for gaza. but first russians are back in afghanistan helping the u.s.
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and local forces stem the staggering flow of narcotics from the country on thursday operatives destroyed four drug producing labs and seized a ton of heroin afghan president hamid karzai denounced the operation saying it violates his country's sovereignty but russian officials say they're puzzled by his statement as everything had been agreed with the afghan interior ministry in advance the drugs raid is the first such operation by russian forces in afghanistan over twenty years after soviet troops left the country song the fact that moscow had to step in and give the us a push in the right direction came as a complete shock artie's. report. card this one verse one this one vis one. and this one lost his leg and he got a mush is showing his quote skilled in the soviet war in afghanistan two decades ago only four out of the fourteen in this picture made it out alive and really was
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a commando of a mind disposal unit in a condo in two years his school to thirty five people dozens of others. a third of all mines used against soviet soldiers were america mate. the us or our enemy which supplied the mujahideen with equipment weapons medicine it was american stinger missiles which helped to don our planes. two decades up to the soviet army is x. it and treat will stay can a back to find out the russia was back in afghanistan again this time with its former anime. these are the pictures he saw on the news reports food truck producing lapse on the border between afghanistan and pakistan were destroyed in a special rate and a ton of heroin with over two hundred million dollars. after we gave information
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to our u.s. and afghan partners the three sides found the operation for three months we used about seventy special forces units three landing helicopters and six opposing ones the whole operation lasted less than full round was good. but many experts say washington needed a push before it started to act it's unbelievable to me that it took russia to tell the united states where the drug labs were when we have a hundred thousand troops we've spent eighty billion dollars on intelligence we have one hundred thousand additional contractors so we had to know were crawling all over every inch of that country but it took you know two in fact to out the united states to force us and to embarrass us to cooperate with you to stop the drug trade which is in the interest of the entire world including the united states with more of the truck passing through its forges than any other country russia is convinced that the scan which must be confronted at its source however those who
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know firsthand what fighting in afghanistan is like learning against being drawn into a full scale war to become. stars and of course there should be special operations carried out against drug cartels but again special unit should be in charge of this nineteen year old boys should not be recruited for the job every single operation should be planned in detail starting from the intelligence section of the operation itself and wrapping it all up it's easy to get trapped in this war and hard to get out of it some of them are women. as long as the militancy and drunks emanating from of ghana's stand are seen as a threat to its national security russia is likely to remain a force in the region even as the us an x. it strategy. faced with bigger war is sound less reliable neighbors said the region the united states and nato appear willing to accept growing russian influence at
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this point they need all the help they can get at the gathering florrie objectivity in afghanistan is a sign russia is back and this time around not as the us cold war anime but as a modern day. exhibit of the trouble r.t. . on the way for you soon brazil looks for a new leader as the president with the breaking popularity balance out we hear from the communities being lifted out of poverty. iraqi lawmakers are demanding their government investigates allegations of war crimes this week comes a week after the online whistleblower wiki leaks released four hundred thousand secret u.s. documents on the war in iraq files detail american forces handing prisoners over to iraqi interrogators despite overwhelming evidence of torture the data also sheds light on fifteen thousand killings over the past six years which were previously unaccounted for iraq's prime minister nouri al maliki says the revelations are
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aimed at undermining the country's political stability but that's an overreaction and an unlikely motivation for the leak that's according to one leading expert on the country. i think that would be very doubtful to imagine the wiki leaks the soldiers responsible for giving these documents to them have the undermining of the iraqi government in mind when they chose this date let's bear in mind that there hasn't been an iraqi government for seven months so it's not likely as if there's many dates to choose from when it comes to releasing this in a sense this is u.s. military documents so really unlike any previous media story or anecdotal reports from iraq this is words from their own mouth which makes it very difficult for them to deny it and they're not really doing that if you actually listen to what the pentagon and state department spokesman is saying what they talk about is the critical nature of the nature of the leaks and whether u.s. soldiers or informers or people working with the u.s. will be put in danger by them talking about the method of the message rather than
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the message itself now the message itself paints a very different picture of the iraq the americans have been telling us about the last seven years some fifteen thousand iraqi deaths have not been accounted for so the history of iraq is being written by these documents which are as i say from the americans miles themselves well staying in iraq saddam hussein's former deputy was sentenced to death this week to week as these was found guilty by the country's high court of persecuting opposition shiite islamic parties international human rights groups have condemned the decision to hang the seventy four year old and some experts to the sentence as an attempt to divert attention away from the weekly leaks revelations british m.p. jeremy corbyn says the priority should be investigating the allegations connected to the current regime. now that you are correct on this is to divert attention away from the wiki leaks issue because wiki leaks have exposed the torture that has gone on systematically and i think the death sentence pronounced from each era to
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the user is there to divert attention policy absolutely no point in this form of victor's justice being carried out will be nothing to reconcile people in iraq i think what we need is a real investigation into the behavior of the occupying forces and the iraqi army and its forces ever since the invasion of two thousand and three cancel the death penalty abandon the whole idea of the death penalty and instead look at the issues of human rights and justice and look at the behavior of forces ever since the invasion took place i do not see the value in executing terek izzy's any more than executing anybody else it will not bring the dead back it will further brutalise what is already a very brutal situation the death penalty does not work thoughts there from british labor m.p. jeremy corbyn we're on top of that story online for you at r.t. dot com as well as more analysis of the fallout from the wiki leaks revelations also on the site reaching for the stars
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a moscow based company let's find pilots fly a plane oh absolutely from the ground. and he may be a comedian but it's just been voted the most trusted influential man in america find out more at our team dot com. welsh is struggling with an alarming crime rate amongst young offenders but the world health organization report also said that could be tackled by offering more activities to keep young people busy over some put the blame squarely on the parents as our city's risk over reports. i think please show us on the dole where exactly you stabbed him with the knife it was here how many times. i don't
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remember roughly seven or ten times. in this reconstruction the suspects showing police just what happened when his gang carried out a brutal now the main perpetrator would soon join his peers in one of russia's sixty two young offenders institutions i live close enough has already served more than half of his sentence for committing a racial murder he was a fifteen year old skinhead when both him and his friends attacked a four in the king youth in my school the guys noice lying next to him i suddenly thought he must have been using this knife to kill russianness ago i stepped into ice given posta to my three friends each night him stabbings account for almost half of the homicides carried out by youngsters in the european and central asian region according to our records by the world health organization and it puts russia with the highest rate of violence among the surveyed age group from ten to twenty nine. a change in psychology morale didn't even moral values all this contributes
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to an extremely high crime rate went up by the activities of religious sex and i'm sorry to say this by all media including television which stories full of blood in russia around five thousand seven hundred miners are currently serving prison terms the majority are either from a one parent family or an often aged experts say about eighty percent of syria's juvenile crimes take place in the evening or night when children in theory are supposed to be looked after by their parents however in reality many children often end up on the streets searching for their room and detainment. and that's primarily alcohol which is fueling so much of today's youth crime this iteration among mine. is actually slowly improving the grim statistics among those who are on the beach to exploit so well many of these young boys hopefully will be able to survive crime
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free in the future it may be down to those on the other side of the barbed wire to ensure they don't become another those generation gary pushed over r t moscow. they are green unions facing a shake up after leaders indorsed plans to enforce tougher budget rules the deal which remains the controversial lisbon treaty is being spearheaded by germany and france and was agreed on friday at a summit in brussels alterations include plans to raise the budget by six percent and rein in the x. axis of overspending nations it's all an attempt to shore up the euro after it claimed came close rather to collapse last year but the new system will be in place by twenty thirteen m.e.p. gerard batten says the single currency should be scrapped to save europe's economy . their problem is always that there isn't enough european union not that there's too much of it but they don't have enough power so they see every crisis as an excuse for demanding more power to solve the problems that they've created in the
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first place economically is in a terrible state because of the european single currency greece portugal spain all these countries their economies are going down the tubes the economies of countries like germany and france and the u.k. it would be a lot more healthy if they weren't burdened with regulation and in the case of france and germany with membership of the euro and of course they have to bear the tremendous burden of failing out countries like greece and of course by italy in portugal what we need is to get rid of the european single currency get rid of all the over regulation on business and allow economies to actually revive and become more healthy under proper free market economic conditions the wide things that go on at the moment is they can never inevitably only get worse. that was drug batton a member of the european parliament now two israeli soldiers are awaiting sentencing after using a palestinian child as a human shield during the onslaught on gaza almost two years ago it's the first such conviction sense television reinforced a ban on using civilians in combat against their will pose they are met the boy who
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was forced into the firing line measured rubber was just nine years old when soldiers grabbed him and made him check for bombs. i was just sitting here is really soldiers took me over there there were two bags and he told me to open them but i didn't know how to do it. he was terrified of the abandoned briefcases which the soldiers thought could be booby trapped and he's frightened family forced to watch one of us a video one of them put his hand on my son shoulder and made him go into the toilet cubicle i heard a few shots fired soon afterwards i felt like i was dying my little daughter he was with me kept saying they killed him. and yet it was five years ago that israel's supreme court made the law crystal clear human shielding is an absolute absolute no no endangered civilians deliberately is absolutely prohibited but the reality on the ground is still very different you had
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a show spent his army years in the palestinian territories he knew the supreme court's ruling but watched his sergeant ignore it so did he and the soldiers serving under him so what we did is we just bumped into a house nearby house we grabbed one of the kids we took him with us put him in the front of the patrol you just walk your patrol in the village with your kid and then no one for a start one hundred sixty complaints were filed about the way soldiers behaved in the gaza war two years ago but only forty seven criminal investigations were ever carried out most of them have since been closed i think that the ask a combat soldier and serve in the occupied territories where use palestinians as human shields like to ask you to drink coffee in the morning but israeli lawyers say convicting the two soldiers is to the i.d.f. scribus there are always soldiers who step out of line that's that's part and parcel unfortunately of running a military operation to say that as a general phenomenon as i.d.f. soldiers you know use human shields that's absurd for much of the family they take
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comfort they find to be getting justice even if it's only against low ranking soldiers and not the commanders they accuse of allowing human shields behind the laws back here r.t. jerusalem. here with r t at twenty two minutes past the hour this take a look at some of the stories dominating world news today more than twenty people have been dumped or an explosion in istanbul's main square turkish police suspect it was a suicide bombing the blast happened near a spot where rive police were stationed in case of demonstrations among the wounded at least two are in serious condition bomb squads have discovered more devices at the scene and are working to diffuse them. yemeni authorities have arrested a woman suspected of sending explosive parcels to u.s. synagogues bombs were found on u.s. bound planes in the u.k. and dubai officials in yemen have also seized over twenty suspect parcels with
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suspicion falling on the country's active al qaeda cell last year it attempted to blow up a detroit bound airliner. gunmen have massacred at least fourteen people during a football match in the northern honduran city of san pedro sula the group armed with assault rifles pulled up in a car and opened fire at point blank range the motive is unclear but police believe the shooting may be linked to the drug straight it comes almost two months after a gunman stormed a shoe factory in the same city and killed eighteen people. brazilians are voting to decide who they want to replace their popular outgoing leader at stake or the hearts and minds of the country's millions who live below the poverty line and who say president lula was giving them better lives will have served his maximum two terms but has lined up a successor archies loyalist to reports from sao paulo where the gap between rich and poor is narrowing. in brazil there are those who live tucked away
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behind barbed wire walls. and those who live behind shanty cinderblock ones brazil is a rich country but the majority is poor guarded gates paved the road to that majority separating rich from poor and cementing the vast divide of inequality that in many ways is the story of latin america but in this developing nation and one of the fastest growing major economies in the world where they are pioneering deep water oil research and ethanol production for example signs of human development to marked by a before and after before outgoing president lula distil the took office and forgot going to walk the people didn't recognise the poor today the rich are en route because the poor own as poor as they were before people have the opportunity to think he's increased the job market civil construction for me and for others he's giving jobs to people who didn't have it after lula's eight years in office is a brazil where jobs but really social policies are bringing inequality down income
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from the poorest in the country has grown eight percent a year while the richest has grown only one and a half brazil is part of a trend in latin america of countries that are electing leftist governments that are essentially redistributing wealth to the poor in neighborhoods like this in brazil you see that most evidently and their program called both the familia very little dinner and her two daughters live together in one shared room about one hundred square feet in this favela or slum she gets by on a few odd jobs. and she gets the equivalent of twenty four u.s. dollars a month from the government through bolsa familia and helps with food or sometimes i use it to pay a bill in return for both of familia cash to naina has to show the government that her daughter samantha gets her vaccinations and is in school and intends at least eighty five percent of the time as a result and i thought most of all she's ten years old and she knows how to read how to write and everything she even knows how to use the computer samantha's life
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is one of learning an opportunity where once in a slum like this reaching her age meant dropping out of school to work and help the family i worked when i was younger ten years old i was already a nanny i didn't have the means to study but a little government cash is helping to break that cycle and create a new one this is what i want them to said he a lot so in the future they'll have a profession and they're not going to suffer like their parents suffered so i want them to study. about walls. at the same time the parents are suffering less both the familia is responsible for a sixth of the reduction in poverty in brazil while it costs just a half percent of g.d.p. basically it's considered very cheap and efficient it's a model being transferred globally from mexico to new york city though by some accounts it still amounts to chump change. that reaches five dollars. for their lives but here you
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see how it's helped resiliency beyond their cinder block cities turned football playing fantasies. into goals these kids say of being doctors and teachers and we're here for the first time arguably in its history the walls separating rich from poor don't look so set in stone. or lister r t so paulo brazil. well more news ahead for you this hour plus a look into tomorrow's tech world that's coming up after a short break. there
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is not enough space for them on the ground. zero down to the i guess things nonexistent under the sun. to fill the gap of adrenaline. discovered deeply hidden secrets. they are seeking to. find. and even. talking to god. from. under the ground to.
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more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are on the day. in the czech republic is available in the scullery hutto a serious central hotel primavera the niece of most regal to the story by you to which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. the children of each. big to know how to put you know photo period to make her toes your holiness
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killdeer a boutique hotel toast. in serbia soldiers available in the lead regency they are going to. love them back to college and update us on what you're in our team of first let's check in on our top stories russia's rubber stamp a deal to build vietnam's first ever nuclear energy plant which should be completed by twenty twenty in green came as president of a different tenor the summit of southeast asian nations. operation top secret georgia refuses to comment on reports it's rounded up or ring up twenty spies allegedly gathering classified information for russia to be she says it's staying quiet until a news conference due at the end of next week. afghan opium producing labs have been destroyed during russia and the united states first joint town on the world's
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largest heroin factory the rate marked a return to the country by russian special forces over twenty years after soviet troops lacked. and among the week's main stories as saddam hussein's deputy faces death for crimes against humanity it's being claimed the kurdish was trying to divert attention from the latest revelations probably a few leaks from mind whistleblower released four hundred thousand classified u.s. files on torture and killings which happened under washington's watch. next as promised how medals molding the future as we check in for the latest edition of technology update.


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