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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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stablish itself within the twenty first century world arena as a strong stable independent economy. big deal in the construction of the nuclear power plant as a major player. in asia might leave you reach the goals we set this power plant will account for vietnam's energy market and we allowed to develop as a state that not only produces in prices but uses the sources of energy which is very important in today's world. countries are eager to develop in the energy sector. under construction. demonstrates to specialties we have with. us we have been rushing to. continue working together in the. asia pacific region is responsible for sixty percent of the world's g.d.p.
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and as the russian leader himself said today it is the strongest emerging economy in the world today russia of course wants a bigger role and it's a development in its ambitions because it has a lot of potential but the russian leader he was very pleased about his visit everything starting with the weather which he said was a reflection on how good the relationship between moscow and the noise whether here has been perfect blue skies very warm not too hot not too cold he also spoke about his experience of vietnamese food saying that for some russians it might be a little too spicy but he actually prefers his food that way so it was a very pleasurable experience for him not only did he manage to take an experience he also managed to grant during a later part of his program we met one get a nice lady who said that neither me as somewhat of a role model for her and that her biggest wish would be to shake his head the russian president said that is possibly one of the easiest wishes to grant and
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proceeded to do exactly that shaking lady's head he certainly seemed pretty good impressions for everyone so far. artie's catalina us out of our reporting there from hanoi. now russia and georgia could be entangled in a spy scandal with reports tbilisi detained twenty people on friday for espionage and the autumn a source quoted by reuters said those detained are all georgian and are suspected of being part of a spy network gathering information from moscow the georgian interior ministry has so far refused to comment and says it won't do so want to win next week russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said moscow is not aware of any details as there are no diplomatic relations between the two countries experts say tbilisi is invasion shows how authoritarian that the country is when someone is arrested they're entitled to due process that means they can call a lawyer that family members can be contacted therefore arrests are announced and
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it never happens i can't tell you how bizarre it is to hear a police spokesman say. i can neither confirm nor deny. that arrests have taken place in secret arrests are the hallmarks of a police state there is a new law before the georgian parliament which is called the freedom charter and it's something akin to the patriot act in the united states it will drastically increase the powers of the security service. past its first reading of the georgian part of the recently and it is possible that some of this trying to create. a social mood to support. one of the country's opposition leaders says tbilisi uses the slightest link to russia as an excuse to prosecute. kind of. russian links russian ties russian that spirit is always used in georgia's police.
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i just know. these people but i know that it's quite you know to be holding. your spinach may be true but if you if you feel the. same. georgia it's great for georgia shows to make. it and coming up on our team scouting for bombs to soldiers wait sentencing for using a palestinian child as a human shield and forcing him to check for explosives while his family dog. in brazil the incoming reader will have to deal with enormous gap between the rich and the poor going about their first steps in a few minutes on our team. the first ever joint u.s. russian drug stop or a shin in war torn afghanistan has been hailed a success special forces knocked out four drug labs afghan border with pakistan and
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confiscated a ton of heroin worth hundreds of millions of dollars afghan president hamid karzai condemned the operation claiming it violated the country's sovereignty but russian officials say karzai statement is confusing as the raid was led by the afghan interior ministry the operation marks russia's return to afghanistan twenty years after soviet troops withdrew from a decade long war against mujahideen insurgents. reports how for some. drugs effort came as a complete shock. of course this one died. under reagan national is showing his. corporates killed in the soviet war in afghanistan two decades ago only four out of the food chain in this picture made it out and
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life andree was a commando of a mine disposal unit in the condo in two years his school took the stairs one people dozens of others lost limbs at all mines used against soviet soldiers were american mate most of the us were an army which supplied the mujahideen with the quitman weapons medicine it was american strong the missiles which helped shoot don't know claims but. two decades after the soviet. and dre was taken aback to find out that russia was back in afghanistan again this time with its anime. these are the pictures he saw on the news reports food truck producing labs and the border between afghanistan and pakistan were destroyed in a special rate and a ton of peregrine went over two hundred million dollars. we gave information
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to all us and asked them part is the three signs on the operation for three months to be used about seventy special forces units three landing helicopters and six of . the whole operation lasted less than was good. but many experts say washington needed a push before it started to act it's unbelievable to me that it took russia to tell the united states where the drug labs were when we have a hundred thousand troops we've spent eighty billion dollars on intelligence we have a hundred thousand additional contractors so we had to know were crawling all over every inch of that country but it took you know two in fact to out the united states to force us and to embarrass us to cooperate with you to stop the drug trade which is in the interest of the entire world including the united. aids with more of the drug passing through forges than any other country russia is convinced that
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the spinach must be confronted it is however those who know. the fighting in afghanistan is lining the word against being drawn into a full scale war. should be special operations carried out against drug cartels but again special units should be in charge of this nineteen year old boys should not be recruited for the job every single operation should be planned starting on intelligence the operation itself and the wrapping up of the operation it's easy to get trapped in this war it's hard to get out of it as long as islamist militancy and drunks emanating from of ghana's stand are seen as a threat to its national security rush is likely to remain a force in the region even as the u.s. works out an x. it strategy. faced with a bigger war is less reliable neighbors said the region the united states and nato appear willing to accept growing russian influence at this point they need all the
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help they can get at the gathering florrie opportunity in afghanistan is a sign russia is back and this time around not at the u.s. cold war anime but as a modern day. it's a telegraph travel r.t. . it walking lawmakers are demanding their government investigate allegations of war crimes the comes a week after the online whistleblower wiki leaks released a four hundred thousand secret u.s. documents on the war in iraq the false detail american forces handing prisoners over to iraqi interrogators despite overwhelming evidence of torture the data also show fifteen thousand killings over the past six years which had been previously unaccounted for iraq's prime minister nouri al maliki says the revelations are aimed at undermining the. entries political stability but that's an overreaction and an unlikely motivation for the according to one of the expert on the country. i
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think that would be very doubtful to imagine that the wiki leaks and the soldiers responsible for giving these documents to them have the undermining of the iraqi government in mind when they chose this date and let's bear in mind that there hasn't been an iraqi government for seven months so exactly as if there's many dates to choose from when it comes to releasing this in a sense this is u.s. military documents so ultimately unlike any previous media story or go to report from iraq this is words from their own mouth which makes it very difficult for them to deny it and they're not really doing that if you actually listen to what the pentagon and state department spokesman are saying what they talk about is the critical nature of the nature of the leaks and whether u.s. soldiers are informers or people working with us will be put in danger by them talking about the method of the message rather than the message itself now the message itself paints a very different picture of iraq the americans have been telling us about the last seven years some fifteen thousand iraqi deaths have not been accounted for so the
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history of iraq is being written by these documents which are as i say from the americans miles themselves. this week a top aide to saddam hussein was given the death sentence on charges of murder and crimes against humanity but the verdict has drawn international condemnation british m.p. jeremy corbyn says referring to the old regime was a ruse to deflect attention from the revelations by wiki leaks the reason they're doing it now correct this is to divert attention away from the wiki leaks issue because wiki leaks have exposed the torture that has gone on systematically and i think the death sentence pronounced for the territories is to divert attention policy absolutely no point in this form of victor's justice being carried out it will be nothing to reconcile people in iraq i think what we need is a real investigation of the behavior of the occupying forces and the iraqi army and its forces ever since the invasion of two thousand and three counsel the death
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penalty abandon the whole idea of the death penalty and instead look at the issues of human rights and justice to look at the behavior of forces ever since the invasion took place i do not see the value in executing terek izzy's any more than executing anybody else it will not bring the dead back it will further brutalise what is already a very brutal situation the death penalty does not work the seventy four year old tariq aziz was sentenced to death by hanging on tuesday he served as deputy prime minister and foreign minister to iraq's former president saddam hussein who was convicted of killing members oshie i political parties opposed to saddam's regime although he denied any personal involvement two israeli soldiers are awaiting sentencing for forcing a nine year old palestinian boy to check for bombs during the invasion of gaza almost two years ago activists so ever claim that the conviction bypasses those who
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allow the rampant practice to continue paullus leader met the boy who was thrust into the line of fire. measured robber was just nine years old when soldiers grabbed him and made him check for bombs during the war i was just sitting here is really soldiers took me over there there were two bags and they told me to open but i didn't know how to do it. he was terrified of the abandoned briefcases which the soldiers thought could be booby trapped and his fighting family forced to watch one of the ship i want to see them put his hand on my son shoulder and made him go into the toilet cubicle i heard a few shots fired soon afterwards i felt like i was dying my little daughter he was with me kept saying they killed him. and yet it was five years ago that israel supreme court made the law crystal clear human shielding is an absolute absolute no no endangered civilians deliberately is absolutely prohibited but the reality on
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the ground is still very different you had to show rules spent his army years in the palestinian territories he knew the supreme court's ruling but watched his sergeant ignore it so did he and the soldiers serving under him so what we did is we just bumped into a house nearby house we grabbed one of the kids were talking with us put them in the front of the patrol you just walk your patrol in the village with your kid and then no one for a starts one hundred sixty complaints were filed about the way soldiers behaved in the gaza war two years ago but only forty seven criminal investigations were ever carried out most of them have since been closed i think that to ask a combat soldier and serve in the occupied territories where u.s. palestinians as human shields like to ask you to drink coffee in the morning but israeli boys say convicted with two soldiers it's true the i.d.f. scribus there are always soldiers who step out of line that's that's part and parcel unfortunately of running a military operation to say that is
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a general phenomenon i.d.f. soldiers you use human shields that's absurd for much of the family they take comfort they find to be getting just. just even if it's only against low ranking soldiers and not the commanders they accuse of allowing human shields behind the doors back. in jerusalem and coming up later this hour the streets of moscow are flooded with vampires devils and pumpkins as it celebrates halloween find out more here on r.t. . people in brazil are voting for a new successor to be highly popular president the lula da silva in the first round earlier this month dinar rousseff got more votes than her male rival as they set up it's widely expected that elusive full power and will become the country's first one head of state millions below the poverty line have benefited from the current president giving them better lives as artie's
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a lauren lyster reports from sao paulo the gap between rich and poor seems to be narrowing. in brazil there are those who live tucked away behind barbed wire walls. and those who live behind shanty cinderblock ones brazil is a rich country but the majority is poor guarded gates paved the road to that majority separating rich from poor and cementing the vast divide of inequality that in many ways is the story of latin america but in this developing nation and one of the fastest growing major economies in the world where they are pioneering deep water oil research and ethanol production for example signs of human development two are marked by a before and after before outgoing president lula da silva took office they walked up the walk the people didn't recognise the poor today the richer and because the poor on as poor as they were before people had opportunity think he's increased the
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job market civil construction for me and for others he's giving jobs to people who didn't have it after he was eight years in office is a brazil. we're jobs but really social policies are bringing inequality down income from the poorest in the country has grown eight percent a year while the richest has grown only one and a half brazil is part of a trend in latin america countries that are electing leftist governments that are essentially redistributing wealth to the poor in neighborhoods like this in brazil you see that most evidently and their program called both a familiar. name and her two daughters live together in one shared room about one hundred square feet in this food vella or slum she gets by on a few odd jobs and she gets the equivalent of twenty four u.s. dollars a month from the government through the familia and helps with food or sometimes i use it to pay a bill in return for both a familiar cash to naina has to show the government that her daughter samantha gets
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her vaccinations and is in school and intends at least eighty five percent of the time as a result and i think most of all she's ten years old and she knows how to read how to write in everything she even knows how to use the computer samantha's life is one of learning an opportunity where once in a slum like this reaching her age meant dropping out of school to work and help the family i worked when i was younger ten years old i was already a nanny i didn't have the means to study but a little government cash is helping to break that cycle and create a new one. i want them to say so in the future they'll have a profession and they're not going to suffer like their parents suffered so i want them to study. at the same time the parents are suffering less the familia is responsible for a sixth of the reduction in poverty in brazil while it costs just a half percent of g.d.p. basically it's considered very cheap and efficient it's a model being transferred globally from mexico to new york city by some accounts it
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still amounts to chump change. baby. not the solution for their life but here you see how it would help them still see beyond their cinder block cities from football playing fantasies. into the schools these kids say is being doctors and teachers and we're here for the first time arguably in its history the wall separating the rich from poor don't look so set in stone. for a mr r. t. so paulo brazil. and now to some other world news this hour iraqi police have released all the worshippers that were taken hostage during a catholic mass in baghdad militants attacked the country's stock exchange and then moved to the nearby church and killed at least two people they were reportedly demanding al qaeda members in iraq and egypt to be set free.
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an explosion in istanbul's main screen was left at least thirty two people injured police say a suicide bomber was targeting police officials the blast occurred near a place where riot police were present in case of protests after this blast more and detonated explosives were found and diffuse. yemeni authorities have released a female student suspected of sending explosive stew us synagogues earlier qatar airways said one of the two parcels posted from yemen last week had been transported onto planes before being seized in dubai bombs were found on u.s. bound planes in the u.k. and dubai u.s. officials are now going to yemen to check security practices and holes in the system. in honduras at least fourteen people have been massacred by gunmen during a football game the group armed with assault rifles opened far at point blank range
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at a stadium in the northern city of sun better suit up the motive is unclear but police believe the killings are linked to the drug straight it's. it's almost two months after gunmen stormed a shoe factory of the same city killing eighteen people. now russia faces a skyrocketing crime rate among youngsters with the worry of the world health organization ranking at number one in europe for youth crime experts say one solution is to offer young people activities to keep them busy and safe artie's daddy a pushover meets some who are barely out of school but already behind bars. please show us on the dole where exactly you stabbed him with the knife it was here how many times. i don't remember roughly seven or ten times. in this reconstruction the suspects showing police just what happened when his gang carried out a brutal death the main perpetrators would soon join his speeches in one of
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russia's sixteen young offenders institutions i live close enough has already said more than half of his sentence for committing a racial murder he was a fifteen year old skinhead when both his friends attacked a four in the youth in my school the guys noice lying next to him i suddenly thought he must have been using this knife to kill the russian officer goes i stepped into ice event posted to my three friends each night him stabbings account for almost half of the homicides carried out by youngsters in the european and central asian region according to our records by the world health organization and it puts russia with the highest rate of violence among the surveyed age group ten to twenty nine. million a change in psychology or irrelevant even moral values all this contributes to an extremely high crime rate went up by the activities of religious sex and i'm sorry
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to say this by all media including television which story is full of blood in russia around five thousand seven hundred minus conti's serving plays into. the majority either from a one parent family or an overnight experts say about eighty percent of serious juvenile crimes take place in the evening or night when children in theory are supposed to be looked after by their parents however in reality many children often end up on the streets searching for their room entertainment. and that's primarily alcohol which is fueling so much of today's in the this situation a minus is actually slowly improving the grim statistics along those qualities each take for itself while many of these young boys hope they will be able to survive crime free in the future it may be done to those on the other side of the barbed wire to ensure they divide come another goes generation. r.t. moscow now which isn't zombies have been taking center stage in moscow as people
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get set for the freakiest holiday of the year how low being now this weekend clubs have been for with a crowd that has swapped its glad rags for real rags and wigs artist tom barton has all the details. it's hollow we got time for trick or treating and dressing up but here in moscow it's really an occasion for dress to go there's a nine to one of the clubs that we've seen not just scary costumes a whole variety of weird and wonderful garb to see my rights to see system policeman to see the little souls of professionals i don't say it isn't time to lossing with me here is out of the sky he's a d.j. but i don't think dylan's b.s.p. ever the last poll on the weeds out of the last minute impressions i mean there's only a leans maybe it's about me and. people make a lot oh yeah but the end of the save that was not all that we. want to do things
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become a little bit like seems to become more popular all over the world to me but i spent a lot of time in venezuela and now they are really big on knowing they're told so to him and everybody really wants him to dressing up i mean a lot of me think it's a little scary most of the celebs in different time zones to the same sort of time of the sublime well no disrespect but you look like a scary. baby again going to be on the road playing. thank you down to the sky line i didn't know i don't say scary i may try my last anyway that's why they're going to cause a very good night later in spam real funny. comedy. well for more on how moscow celebrates the scariest day of the year head to r t dot com and you can also check out the latest news and analysis here's some of what song live for you right
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now americans because they're trusting of comediennes sub of politicians as satire is jon stewart is named the most influential man in the u.s. . and i'm also authorities sound the alarm as estimates suggest the same. he is crawling with the rats some figures even claim the road and south number of people in the russian capital more of our team dot com. in a couple of minutes why america is throwing good money after bad by miscalculating the real threat of terror i'll be back with a recap of our top story shortly. in
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indonesia oh jeez available in the ground your photo for sure it's a media hotel the ritz carlton hotel a little hotel to chill new millennium hotel in china you can see all the t.v. and sensor told what comes up so chill my car on the ground leader who told me come
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to the mission marco resort hotel resort of the so. cold my mother who turns would result from a cold beverly plaza hotel mccann riviera hotel in the coming century hotel mccown . that's now have a look at the latest news in this week's top stories on our t.v. russia seals the deal to build a vietnam's first ever nuclear power plant in a bid to help the country develop as an independent and modern state you agree meant it was signed as dmitry medvedev visits noise to boost cooperation with the region. fresh tensions flare as georgia has reportedly arrested a network of twenty people all georgians for spying for russia has refused to either confirm or deny the claims. and the first ever joint us
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russian anti drug solve aeration in afghanistan has been hailed a success forces have destroyed four drug labs and confiscated a ton of carolyn worth over two hundred million dollars. now the us overestimates the threat of terrorism and therefore squanders billions of dollars in military operations abroad well that's according to antiwar activist blogger and author tom engelhardt who's been speaking to r.t. his interview is up next. sitting down with tom engelhardt tom dispatch dot com a blog described as a regular antidote to the mainstream media and author of the american way of war how bush's wars became obama's sir thank you for sitting down with us today. but let us just start off by taking a look.


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