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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2010 9:30am-9:59am EDT

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seventy five percent of the company sports lotto has won the tender to hold national interests in support of the olympic games in sochi the last tree is expected to raise about a billion dollars and the lottery operator will keep about forty percent of the proceeds. well that's all for now but you can get more news for website r.t. dot com slash business. the issue is that so much time in which of course he was on a job until the end of it as americans go to the polls it would appear that nothing was ever a joke the republican party and hot tea partiers are the g.o.p.'s. discover
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the treasures of russia was introduced see its most valued and amazing gems. moscow parts of russia the royal palaces and romantic channels of st petersburg golden jones and sacred spires the fairy tale of the russian winter every moment of your trip the thrill of england visitors to russia for over eighty years interest will ensure your visit to russia is one you will never forget. live from moscow here with our to our top stories president dmitry madrid to visit to russia's greil islands has sparked outcry in japan which claims the territory
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has its own balance came under moscow's control again of the second world war and are believed to have vast oil and gas reserves. as u.s. troops leave iraq local forces are struggling to contain surging violence on sunday fifty two people died when militants seized a target in the baghdad neighborhood the release of al qaida prisoners in iraq. and scientists proposing a new source of brain nuclear energy which could end the world's dependence on fossil fuels but not everyone is convinced moria actually is the fuel pump and tell . us is pulling out all the stops to boost its high tech sector and reduce its dependence on natural resources are doing now talks to the man who's got an important task to develop innovative potential and modernize the economy.
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that's the. mystery of the museum thank you for being with us today so why did the authorities decide to build the innovation center from scratch rather than use takes base of science cities switch to moscow region alone has quite a number of good i often joke of ski for instance. what little. firstly this innovation center isn't designed to be the same as a science city in soviet times science cities were built in our country as centers for scientific research the way i see it skolkovo is primarily a commercialization center the military industrial complex was the main consumer of products of sciences he's. everything is different its focus is on the junction between applied science and the commercial use of innovative technology products this is due to the fact that the market provides consumers for innovative products and development the consumer being primarily the population itself therefore the
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infrastructure of the existing science cities doesn't adequately meet the requirements for these objectives it is more often costly to reconstruct them to build from scratch moreover there is the issue of mental heritage the existing science cities also include the people who live and work there it would be hard to integrate them into a new framework. does the president this is of innovation centers mean that the idea of techno parks is no longer relevant. i don't think so unfortunately in our country techno parks were created rather as construction projects building property and leasing office space due to a lack of systematic development an understanding of international experience to what is a fundamental difference between a techno park and an innovation center for the particle. as a rule techno parks are focused on a particular industry the skolkovo innovation center is much more diverse and far reaching however it doesn't eliminate the need for techno parks including those in
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other regions plus there's a possibility of bringing them within skulk of a sphere of influence spoke of it was also a pilot project that can be expanded further. their ideas have high expectations regarding an american venture capital funds investment in skulk about why americans and what can we give them in return for investments many investors are afraid to invest into corruption and difficult business conditions as they put it. firstly i think it's rather obvious why he wants the americans silicon valley is the world's largest innovation center today this means that it has accumulated the largest wealth of experience which is closely related to investments we're interested in international investments in russia's projects not merely for the funds themselves but primarily for the experience competence expertise vision of the markers understanding of mechanisms and technology of business dealings that
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accompany investments. a venture investor always brings his experience along with his money when investing in a business and experience wise american funds are certainly the most experienced today. having visits skolkovo last spring some investors criticize the project citing a lack of scientific minds is russia planning on involving russian experts from the west. i don't believe that in the modern world it's actually ness. sorry to physically bring people back from the west from developed economies where they've undergone training in international universities and research centers rather establishing efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation with the most important of the modern world's doesn't really require someone's physical presence as long as they participate in a project in my opinion the development of technological diaspora networks has become a commonly accepted concept for instance the world bank has been particularly researching the impact of technology including the russians on their home loans in my opinion
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establishing efficient cooperation with these is more important than bringing a certain limited number of our fellow countrymen back to russia. even though this is something that is possible and is also worth doing. well. well in your opinion is there a guarantee that's called will not turn into yet another costly but inefficient project which we have quite a few unfortunately how much does russia actually need it. in my opinion political will the will to carry out the project under an understanding of its necessity are the only possible guarantees as for the necessity i believe we absolutely do need us there every historical period of the country's development every era has its challenges the challenges that russia is facing today aren't the same as fifty or one hundred years ago the soviet period
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science cities were responsible to the challenges of the time the scope of innovation center project is a response to a completely different challenge a challenge of the market and integration of the russian economy into the global innovative technology system i'll say it time and time again that the technological market is always global by definition and it always serves the needs of a particular individual a consumer and people's needs are very similar worldwide as people are very similar around the world cellphones are a classic example of the up to date innovation product the entire world has been using the same cell phones any attempt to develop a national cell phone would be in saying this is the globalization of technological business that had never been seen in previous forms of business several years ago one often saw a sticker saying made in the usa or even earlier made in the u.s.s.r. recently we've been seeing more and more sticker saying made in china but on the latest technological products the sticker looses its meaning the back of an i phone
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reads designed by apple in california assembled in china which means the product was developed in the u.s. and assembled in china using parts produced in other countries. one of today's very significant challenges for our country is the fact that we're poorly integrated into these international. added value to be more precise were integrated into them at the lowest levels suppliers of energy resources raw materials and lower level process products however in order to meet today's challenges and to make our economy competitive at the next stage of development our task is to integrate into this market at the highest levels in other words into the development production and sales networks of these high tech products but. what role will grow materials play in the innovative economy. will undoubtedly remain one of russia's main sources of income for a long time yet i think we should openly admit that the current economic
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modernization in russia would have been impossible without raw materials because this sector pays it earns the phones which state and private business invest in modernization projects an innovative economic development. block well nevertheless we're trying to reduce our dependence on raw materials. in my view russia isn't trying to use its dependence on raw materials the thing is that those responsible for economic decisions understand only too well that we have quite a short time left to continue living off natural resources in the next ten fifteen or twenty years the world economic architecture will change so much that the raw material sector will simply lose the significance it has today this year has seen a landmark event which is largely gone noticed for the first time in fifty years america's tesla a company that brought the first electric vehicle to the market has gone public this is a very significant event because it means that the markers which always reflect
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society's mood believed in the idea so much that it was ready to invest money into a project that would have been considered crazy and unthinkable just a few years ago. it also means that in the next ten to fifteen years a considerable part of the ultimo bill fleet will operate totally differ. it will be electrical environmentally clean etc who will then need us and our oil if the world stops consuming oil as an energy resource in such huge amounts and if we fail to diversify and reorganize our economy and introduce innovative development then russia will turn out to be competitive in the world market. what. do you think is the biggest hindrance to introducing innovation today. i don't like the term introduce usually it's things which no one needs that have to be introduced things that are in demand should be sold and fortunately today our major companies at home are not at all keen on innovation. by the member of
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a working group which deals with the innovative development of state owned companies but i am perfectly aware that administrative methods can be used to introduce the need for innovation in state owned companies but that scheme won't work in private firms a demand for innovation emerges when the market becomes competitive competition forces companies to improve their work create products with a higher value increase labor productivity cut expenses etc that's what innovation is needed for we have technological innovation doesn't influence eventual profit and loss because they depend on a monopoly in the market rather than official cooperation it's obvious that such a company will have no need for innovation that's why i believe that improving the competitiveness of russian business will certainly contribute to the innovative development of our economy. how fast information technologies develop in russia what's our ranking in the world. i don't think there's a measure to calculate this sort of thing i see is
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a fairly broad term and there are many aspects to it for example if we look at computer software there are just two net software exporters in the world while all the other countries are just net importers it doesn't mean that they don't export at all but their imports considerably exceed their exports to net exports are the united states and india. at the moment there are signs that china and russia have a good chance of joining this club of net exports russia is not the last i.t. power in the world to my mind is the most mature market branch of industry in russia i would largely explain this by the fact that it developed in post soviet years and was nonexistent in soviet days when it emerged in the post soviet period and developed into the strong influence of transnational corporations which brought with them absolutely standard models of work market models applied worldwide today id's the most mature market segment of our economy absolutely transparent and deeply integrated in global infrastructure if we manage to do the same with other
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technological segments we will largely fulfill the task of innovative development. which you. thank you very much for this interview. would be useless without this mineral. is needed to make. use of culture and is extracted to life. if blind chance would be soon which brightened
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a few. songs from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. dot com. download the official antti application on the phone on called touch from the top story. which all teachers life on the go. video on demand parties money for old costs and already feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com in taiwan multis available in this type the hoto. typee the how it pulls a hotel type be sure to type the hotel's hotel will show his the groom her tone the show would hotel and some will do estate type the hotel kuvasz photo photo full of hotel resort evergreens the hotel type the victoria hotel the glory of prince her
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town called springs resort and spa tied to a hotel royal she plans ambassador hotel on. the west in taipei evergreen close a hotel in thailand tyee london hotel tiny ambassador typee hoto full points and how it prints her to the splendid hotel in touch with the hotel and touch your room the photo a goregaon how an international house flood to change every green local hotel in talk of. the. party's top stories president dmitry medvedev visit to russia's creole islands how far. i used to pound clinton territory as its own came under moscow's control at the end of the second world war and are believed to have vast oil and gas reserves . as u.s. troops leave iraq local forces are struggling to contain surging violence on sunday
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fifty two people died when militants seized a charged in baghdad mending the release of al qaeda prisoners in iraq and the internet. can science is propose a new source of green nuclear energy which could end the world's dependence on fossil fuels but not everyone is convinced story actually is the fuel of the future . more news coming up in fifteen minutes time up next it's sports with andrew from . that thanks for watching the sporting this is what is coming up. we're not there yet is any details his place to stay calm as they march towards the league title. plus the end of an era tiger woods misses world number one status to england's lead westwood. i'm within reach the san francisco giants age close it's
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a baseball world series type. of person and. he says his side can't afford to relax as they look for their second league title their three no win over a lanyard the weekend puts them six points clear at the top of the russian premier league with just five games to play splices plays with his side's attacking before when some sort of exploring him a free kick for the first four alexander. brace to take his tally of the season to twelve is any banking back from the first league defeat at the hands of last week and they could wrap up the title within the next three games while i learn yet i left above the relegation zone. maintenance is god last grand managing early a one all draw assassin despite having a one man advantage for almost the entire second half term assisted open for me army men five minutes to go before the break but alex even of got an equaliser
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straight after half time to discuss take three points behind grouping with a game in hand. meanwhile holding on to the last year i played spot despite going down to ten men against angie to me she saw each of gave them a late winner at the corner flag taking the brunt of a celebration leapfrogging spot in to fit in the title. by my pick up against terry having to settle for a point and coming from a goal. and do it thanks to an equalizer there from florida made the doom. on the other end of the table and car remains stuck in the relegation zone after a one nil defeat away to tom alexander could hit the nerve with the enemy still trying for. any two points from safety and to put him in the picture here is the link to. the champions league sports for next season. might see you in the europa league prices. at the bottom are real scrap for
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survival to go down and move forward in the drop off. for the teams that above them. i renamed. the bottom three for. bolton five. league is supposed to be up to twelve newcastle said he thought the russian sunderland five one in the north east darby while in the midlands. and could go with. me to the ice and i where there was a stunning result in the continental hockey league gets rookie playing from the two go stand to win three two on penalties at the champions and there were other pictures of him sunday night starting to play just one four three western conference lead. the visitors with two goes up after the third period but that would venture took the big three on penalties jeremy yog unethical business is when the you know the time god wants one that will be least if he makes school twice
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a week by free time spot more sky whenever behind him on three one. of the nominees away in a shootout. tenney's has won the season ending championships for a third time beating world number one caroline wozniacki to one and a half million dollars in the process is. set to take six three was nasty them one the net. it's to level the match but the twenty seven year old belgian came out on top and they decided this is the point that led to match point christ is driving the yes to the corners of the court and then much point was more straightforward kleist is ending the year with five titles. you know it's nice to end the year like this was a good match you both play really good tennis i think you really brought out the best of each other so it was a very tough tough battles seldom get tennessee here and you don't have to do to
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win but you know caroline is a very talented player and still very young so you know she's going to be a future ahead of her in the meantime mickael could cause an upset at the st petersburg open beating russian and former champion because usually this is the trophy after six three seven six when only the second player from kazakstan to win in one thousand ppi title falling on the gloop of success in hamburg earlier this year let's move to the hardwood where tears scar have recovered some form after defeat in the euro league they bounced back with a comprehensive in the domestic vitti league in russia thrashing ukraine a fifteen pro by fourteen points and watching them fly in with blood in the spigot . a different competition but c.l. tesco needed to put their four euro lakes are behind them jim on gordon joining the army man before the start of the season and was one of few shining lights in that team in the beginning to become pain and he was influential for the home side in the first half of their clash with ukrainian. the american would eventually finish
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the game was fourteen points in fife steals and say sky's stablish their lead very quickly finish in the second quarter was a fifteen point advantage it was tough for the trainings to match the russian champions and there is it was never in doubt and the final quarter became a done fast for that say scott players i need to seduce through because. something. give apollo last year as far as. this is trying to. renew his game for the other game like i'm a bother my head. so. it's good for me i'm used to my anger so i. want to bother my head i just want to make plays and notice or
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make shots from my pain would obey me one hundred and thirteen to seventy three was the final score there skara mean and beats in the league but the no need to show these kind of for that you are a leak by the mystery of a r t. what will stay with basketball because i've been in the states on three kara lenka help being tired jass to get a comfortable when i have a high in the city a k forty seven thirty nine to potentate this dunk in the final carry over to bands and forces also to this night on a night of ten with one hundred twenty nine to the jazz to victory stopping the tough and matching that start on thirty one year. back in one nine hundred seventy nine i lost that really cool opening match it. another some by getting the funding champions the l.a. lakers schooled golden state at home one hundred seventy eighty three while miami and dallas came out with a way picturing since they'd be the and the l.a. clippers respectively. elsewhere the san francisco giants are just
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a win away from claiming the world series they beat the texas rangers for nothing last night to go three one up in the best of seven contest or buster posey hitting home runs for the giants huff smacking the ball deep into right field for a to run home run while posey belted his deep center field to his first homer of the postseason. on that pitch madison made sure of the shout out for san francisco they lead the series three one and ku play in the world series when the teams meet again at arlington on monday not. feel pretty good for sure. you know i'll thing in the sink you know until you know you're not going. but . you got to win and looking forward to tomorrow. meanwhile the san francisco forty
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nine ers got the better of the denver broncos at a park stadium as the n.f.l. returned to london for a fourth time on sunday night backup quarterback troy smith was the hero for the forty nine this is his first stop for his side to level the score ten ten in the fourth rushing for a one yard touchdown and midway through the quarter tossed a twenty eight yard touchdown pass to martin crabtree to put the forty nine seventeen ten up the broncos didn't want to come back but it fizzled out when orton threw an interception shauntay spend said i we really wanted to establish coming into the game. our running game and be able to. try to try to wear him down. i think pretty decent job of stopping us when i thought we did we had worn him down a little bit more so i thought he did a good job of fighting just like we were fighting. i should score then in other games kansas city needed overtime to be buffaloed a little sideways that says green bay jacksonville miami. i've learned fresh
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seattle thirty three three detroit san diego new england and time but it's a pledge to treat. the funny gulf as a new world number one england's lee westwood replaces tiger woods at the top he has the americans two hundred ninety one week right and even. at the moment he was able to. time a chance on the brain can come out. if they mention the top say at the end of this to become the new number one but the germans challenge fell away as he finished ten shots off the pace well. won the event while westwood becomes your its first world number one since nick faldo back in one thousand nine hundred ninety four. well done to him that is all the sport for them i'm.
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hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. they faced it this is not a provocation but more of. a fortunate. steppers are you sure it's a pretty tree they have no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted. to loosen. the army the life of abuse is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. nineteen forty five don't r.t. dot com.
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