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he's available in hotels a story and a little. speech he could tell the truth in this hotel the true state hotel. see if. you visit. stormy waters in the far east as president visit to russia squirrel islands sparks an outcry in japan something moscow says unacceptable. a country left in ruins with the u.s. troops out of iraq local forces drown under the growing onslaught of militant
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attacks and. conflicts that we've seen today based around energy could go away scientists revolutionary source of cheap energy but critics say the nuclear fuel will never make its way to power stations. you're watching r t eight pm here in the russian capital welcome to the program now to our top story moscow has dubbed as unacceptable japan's diplomatic protests over dmitri visit to russia's southern choreo islands tokyo which claims the four islands as its own so the president's trip was regrettable and summoned russia's ambassador to japan the islands lie in the pacific and are part of a larger russian held archipelago to the north of japan they came under moscow's
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going to. role at the end of world war two now the region has rich fishing grounds and mineral deposits and is believed to have vast oil and gas reserves president medvedev became the first russian leader to visit the area on a boy called reports. it's a leftover from the second world war old soviet tanks rusting on the shore with their barrels pointed towards your pan because the ship island together with three other pacific islands was thinking over it by the soviet union sixty five years ago but the tussle to define its national identity still goes on. this cross appeared here a few years ago soon after the russian orthodox church opened its parish on the island of c. katon to dicky to phoenix population the window on it is now in the midst of a baby it will. have the highest birth rates in the into a region where lot of young people of servicemen. their
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living standards are quite decent nowadays there are many kids here and parents bring them to be baptized it's wonderful to have children on the island building the church is part of the russian government's effort to raise the living standards of the korean island beach here means reinforcing national identity. all but the band and in the nine hundred ninety s. they are and saw a large influx of japanese charities and officials trying to persuade the locals that they might be much better off if the aunts were on their japanese administration because you know if we get the owners bark we won't move the russians who live there we know how painful it is then you look for them citizenship will know. that this is precisely why the president is here to tell the locals that russia has not forgotten about them and while the regional authorities tried to paint a prey to picture the road city rumbling infrastructure betrayed the audience
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chronic financial problems so. it's an important part of our land we would definitely invest money into the region. reach in buyer and mineral resources the islands have been a bone of contention for over two centuries russia held them briefly in the nineteenth century before losing a war to japan took his defeat in the second world war a lot of effort to gain control of the territories which prevented the two sides from signing a formal peace treaty the president's visit wasn't missed on the japanese side tokyo sad the trip was regrettable and her japanese public sentiment was that only japan's reaction to president medvedev stripy the cruel islands is unacceptable it is our land wishes and the russian president was visiting a russian territory we've already spleens to our japanese partners. under international law the grille islands unequivocally belong to russia but due to
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geographic and economic reasons its residents a form of frequent guest to japan than to the mainland. and while russia may be in their hearts japan is still vying for their minds erica huma morter is teaching japanese at a she could tun school his celery speed by the japanese government high on our cars is a very popular when you come to discuss the children already waiting for me amanda people who i see there many people who came here last year i'm happy here sometimes it seems to me that i am with my family again and here class seventh graders study alongside their parents who hope to get a job in japan life at the career law lands may have approved in recent years but the white sought to stop buying the horizon it's not a boycott r.c. in russia's far east political analyst yes a slav nikonov says there is no sign of a diplomatic solution to the russian japan territorial conflict in the near future
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there should be a strong political will on the both sides but when the japanese call them until the japanese government claims that the islands are ours period. they do not leave any space for diplomacy i don't think there is much economics of their lives that is not as critically important for japan which squared self-sufficient it is a political symbol there are a few political symbols in japanese policy is japan has to rhetorical quarrels with every single neighbor every job was just politician but most of the public in japan are think. there is as in russia of course people just do not understand why japan country which was allied to hitler which fought against our allies like the united states the united kingdom china should be rewarded by giving them the islands which were taken away after world war two. a deadly siege in baghdad by it by a group of militants on sunday ended with fifty two dead and scores more wounded men
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in suicide vests and armed with grenades took an entire congregation hostage in one of the city's largest christian churches ended when iraqi troops stormed the building and the firefight that ensued left the guy some security forces and many of the hostages dead brown from the stop the war coalition told r.t. that it is not in america's interests for iraq to provide its own security i think the clear intention of the united states to leave iraq seems to me a indispensable precondition for iraq to. rebuild itself. united states forces are a powerful factor in iraq to politics and they are a kind of. central determining fact if you go back to two thousand and three the first head of the occupation administration in iraq he was only in there for a month general garner and he said look to the philippines at the beginning of the
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twentieth century said our forces were in the philippines for one hundred years. what he called a calling station he said our forces will be in iraq. will be our calling station in the middle east for years to come it's not that clear that it really wants. a real peace real trying quality which might exclude itself. and coming up later in the program i was left in a car with no arms and almost no hope for justice dog attacks and the burden of responsibility in just a few moments. and a few will of the future scientists claim they found a green alternative to rain him but many doubt its effectiveness. moscow does not feel that nato treats it as an enemy russia's foreign minister has said during talks with his german counterpart now the ministers streamlined their
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positions ahead of the russian nato council in lisbon later this month and he also discussed this or moment plans that he has been following the talks. the central topic of the talks between the two ministers was global security and russia now is pushing for a new joint european security architecture and defense better defense as a part of it to be better protected against common global threats of course russia is keeping a close eye on the u.s. plans and nato plans about deploying elements of missile defense system on the european continent officially in september this year nato invited russia to participate in this missile defense system today sergei lavrov said certain work is being done with its nato partners in particular they're preparing joint assessment of threats and challenges of the twenty first century and he hopes that
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the document will be ready by the time this russian nato summit takes place in leaseback and but before russia can come up with any answer to that proposal lover of said it would like to know how nato partners see russia participation in that project and most importantly to come to a common understanding on where those threats originate now and storing the questions on whether russia and nato nowadays treat each other as enemies both mr lavrov and his german counterparts that this was not the case and today russia and nato are not cold war anime's but rather modern day allies these orders the image of the enemy shouldn't exist anymore and must be left in history we view russia as a strategic partner we've got mutual interests we of course have differences in opinion and we can talk about them and solve problems in terms of nato and it was always the goal of germany to bring russia into the project the mutual defense i
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have stressed that russia must work on the issue with us we're making good progress towards that goal just recently russia and nato to part in a joint special operations in again. stan as a result of we saw money several tons of trucks were destroyed worth over two hundred million dollars son for drug producing will bore a trace russia mostly helped nato its nato partners by providing them with intelligence data to carry out that open ration but anyway questions were raised whether russia was going to be back in afghanistan with its troops to that sergei lavrov a son to clear and loud message today russia is not going to take part in the war in afghanistan if the ball is still stupid so if there are speculations that russia will return to afghanistan this is a problem it's totally out of the question russian troops will never return to afghanistan this is our firm position that will not be changed apart from global
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issues like european security and the war in afghanistan of the two partners discussed a stimulus packages for the economies modernizing the phone to me so trade between the two and and achieve that cooperation in an issue which is important and crucial for the economies of both countries. well check out our website for a lot more stories blogs and videos and here's a taste of what's online right now what our team dot com the time bob is ticking for american students who are now over the government more than credit card debt errors and with no jobs around most have no way to pay. in bad moscow joined in with the best of them and welcoming and bite of spooks and fodder for more goblins vampires and witches head to our t.v. dot com. two pit bull terriers have left a woman mangled and disfigured after jumping over their yard fence igniting the
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debate over russia's lax dog ownership laws now the complex issue is difficult to solve with some pointing the finger at dog brains and others blaming bad owners artie's denise a lot ski reports. this eighty five year old woman was almost killed by two pit bulls and here on the yard she was screaming for help and when a neighbor heard her cries she called the police when the officers arrived the reaching animals turned on them. one of the officers blew his whistle the dog dropped the victim and the tag of the policeman badly injuring his arm the officers had no other option but to should both animals dead by the time the woman was unconscious she was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where the patient was in shock upon arrival we had to perform an emergency operation to amputate her arms the owners of the bulls kept them for breeding but it seems they didn't keep them secure enough since on the fateful day they managed to escape jumping over
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a fence and tearing through the neighborhood so when you have to believe unfortunately it's not the first time when dangerous animals are causing severe and sometimes deadly injuries and i think that one of the reasons is that there's a gap in legislation when it comes to dog ownership and punishment for those whose animals attack people with large dogs should be considered dangerous just like common goals of the owners of the big bowls in question have been charged with negligence resulting in but really harm and could face a two and a half thousand dollar fine or a six month jail sentence but courts rarely impose prison sentences for such crimes however the case has once again sparked heated debate on whether breed specific legislation should be introduced in russia currently twelve countries have banned or special conditions for pit bull and american stuff for chair terrier ownership restrictions are not an option say the members of this dog owners club in the city of sochi let's speak to that animal trainer and greet the seventy year old
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staffordshire terrier you when you could deal with human and there should be no breed specific discrimination considering one dog good and another one evil is just plain wrong always take into consideration certain traits. it also should be considered by the dog's owner when choosing the dog but it doesn't mean that some dogs should be rebooted more dangerous and therefore requires some kind of special super training. with the movie dog owners like cyclone or insist that in most cases it's not the animals but their owners who are to blame the average brit training course with big terriers less two to three months and could cost up to six hundred dollars something that in the cross your case known seems to borgen considering the price spree by the elderly woman remains of the cold war with doctors pointing to her lawyer. r t across the region. and now to some other international news in brief to solve that lead finding
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a parcel bombs on a cargo planes came from a repentant al qaeda member u.k. officials have said x one taught them obey detainees five we handed himself in to saudi authorities two weeks ago the parcels were placed with cargo with one parcel seized in dubai and the other intercepted in britain u.s. officials have named a saudi bomb maker as the key suspect in the attempt to sell the explosives from yemen to the u.s. . dilma rousseff has become brazil's the first ever female president she defeated her main rivals as they settled with fifty six percent of the votes during this election cycle route the ex under lula da silva who dominated her promises to tackle poverty and gender equality as her number one priority rousseff is expected to be sworn in as head of state on new year's day. a woman was wounded after a mail package exploded at
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a delivery company in greece two other packages found to be bombs were destroyed one of which was addressed to french president nicolas sarkozy two men were arrested over the attempted attacks which are thought to have. organized by a domestic terrorist group. of ok now in indonesia has erupted for the third time in a week prompting panic among thousands of living beneath it there robbie is one of the world's most active volcanoes and at least thirty eight people have been killed since it started spewing lava rescue workers have set up additional shelters for people who are living nearby. now the idea of eco friendly nuclear energy may have once seemed impossible but now scientists believe they found the fuel of the future for you is more abundant than your rainy american and our dependence on fossil fuels. that explores why the battle has still to gain a foothold in the market. we
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all use energy but at what cost. energy security why many more wars are fought the oil's running out and there doesn't seem to be a viable alternative insights but unbeknown to most there's an energy source that says clean green and abundant all over the globe story i'm so nuclear fuel and its supporters believe it will change the world conflicts that we see today based around energy could go away and that these energy sources that i'm talking about which don't emit carbon dioxide or or greenhouse gases and don't produce dangerous ways could enable us to have cleaner water cleaner air and less intrusion on our environment from energy production a ton of the silvery metal produces as much energy as two hundred tons of uranium three and
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a half million tons of coal. the amount of thorin that would take her vide all the power to run your entire life. is about the size of a marble that big a group working on story in the u.k. says it hasn't managed to get the british government on board so far so it's looking to cooperate with countries like russia for several years now a russian physicist has been proposing to build saurian power stations but i wanted his ideas haven't been taken up a lot of focus on renewables at the moment so maybe that's where they feel that there's more public support. but truly understood the potential of so. they would realize that it's a good investment research on thore and was largely halted in the middle of the last century after a year rainy and powered reactor was designed. many believe
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also fell out of the spotlight because making a bomb out of it is thought to be almost impossible but today not all scientists are calm but for him reactors don't really work for every challenge and it's a whole new technology which has very insurmountable problems in my opinion they would have problems in developing the process in which you split the fuel from the waste from the reactor they would have difficulties in actually store in. two thousand and seven cities from london to sydney held our turning the lights off to save energy proponents say the real power became a reality we could turn the lights back on with confidence. through. the rooms a divisive thing some say it's a technology that's being tried tested and found lacking others say that because
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the light water reactor got there first the room was never given a proper chance but while it's cheap. abundant and even a possibility the scientists here at the annual florian conference say give it a go it might even change the world you are at it r.t. london. well later we talked to russia's innovation tech expert about the importance of seeking new forms of energy. in the next ten fifteen or twenty years the world economic architecture will change so much but the raw material sector will simply lose the significance it has today a considerable part of the ultimo bill fleet will operate totally differently it will be electrical environmentally clean etc who will then need us and our oil if the world stops consuming oil as an energy resource in such huge amounts and if we fail to diversify reorganize our economy and introduce innovative development then russia will turn out to be uncompetitive in the world market.
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well that interview is on its way in ten minutes time but before that let's check what russia has to offer in terms of innovation in our business bulletin. hello and a very warm welcome hundreds of companies from all over the world are in moscow hoping to find out what russia has to offer in terms of nanotechnology an international forum is underway aiming to encourage more foreign investment in the sector all correspondent daniel bushell is that there was nano tech forum for r.t. . well this often has become a hive of activity so it's venture funds in many cases for an american venture funds as well as russian meeting up with these start up these poor high potential russian nano expose these are the companies that are hoping to bring in innovative products to the russian market and all into the world no one company playing
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a key role in the whole or innovation six is troika dialog russia's oldest private investment company well i'm delighted to be joined by its head on to shut off now tell us what will destroy playing in the nano and quite sick sector at the moment i . think your first of all the dialogue is also an management company for venture funds and currently we are running sure when triple venture funds and one of them is together with you worst nonna and business school school careers stablished three years ago in moscow it's two billion rubles investment fund venture a venture capital fund when nona has invested to one billion google's. search team me and yours dollars and. the same amount was invested by business school school caught up in this fund and the investment declaration
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is dedicated to be particular none had to acknowledge you and i will be sure east to find. such interest in startups. our partner for four for future portfolio companies and invest them. go through the process of growing this company and then to find the next instructed you for all this company as usual was known as one of the companies one of the nine hundred companies slated for privatization in the coming years how big a role will try to play in those privatisation it would be very special case. it's . giant. so-called state corporation which should go privately through some transactions probably it's the only one the wrist should i this is the state corporation or should be liquidated so we means that the
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government sees private business potential for risk to exist as a. public incorporating the company and its interests and it confirms that. it should be important more years for the government and they would like to to move with as a big step well established private private and public company. time to take a look at the market sound of russia's two main stock exchanges closed with both indices high and. point a to three percent breaking a sixteen hundred points threshold and then my sense climb to point a to six to seven. hundred a rally in london chess quickly lost steam as investors await the border the us federal reserve on a new potential round of quantitative easing in london the shows of ryanair had to
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climb to twenty point seven percent among the low cost airlines saw thirty two percent increase in second quarter profit but warned it has little visibility on ticket prices and the full. turn to in the u.s. stocks up trading with more days boosted by encouraging earnings reports and chinese data but investors tread lightly ahead of major markets events later in the week. components came to after the semiconductor industry association said global chip sales rose almost twenty percent in september from a month intel is climbing two and a half percent while cisco and microsoft are both gaining about one percent. hydro is for the facts time purchasing and s. it oversees russia's biggest renewable energy companies buying fifty one percent of a new hydro plant being built in vietnam the project is worth up to one hundred fifty million dollars with a part is aiming to finalize the deal by the end of this year energy consumption in
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vietnam has been growing at an annual rate of about twenty percent this hydro also plans to enter the market supply also indonesia and india. microsoft will help russia to develop its own silicon valley in school about the u.s. software giant will conduct research into cars in the future for search the business school head of the school called project plans to sign contracts with north korea and intel. and russian top lenders burbank is spinning the wheel of fortune itself it's set to take control of the various thought the federal entity monopolist service has approved its bit for seventy five percent of the company support la torre has won the tender to hold national lottery is in support of the olympic games in sochi the launcher is expected to raise about to billion dollars and lottery operator will keep about forty percent of the proceeds. after us saw
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a forty percent jump in sales for the first ten months of this year compared with two thousand and nine russia's largest comic us sold around one hundred seventy thousand vehicles helped by the cash for clunkers program separately the company has recalled twelve thousand cars to two problems with six of the rater. russians should work twelve hours a day that's according to the union of and tipper notice which has proposed changes to labor legislation introducing a sixty hour working week than initiative has already been criticized by the country's trade unions russian law allows a worthless shift of up to eight also stopped work longer if they agree. that's all we have time for now but you can get more news from our website r.t. dot com slash business.


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