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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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japan temporarily recalled its ambassador from moscow for consultations a day off the president dmitry medvedev russia. tokyo claims as it suffered. a decade in the start the international space station marks ten years of being
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a manned mission as experts strive for the scientific leaps needed to justify its huge cost. as the u.s. gears up for a crucial midterm election some are more concerned about the corporate backing and it's in question what it means for democracy. russia and norway are set to debate. as their foreign ministers meeting also talks on how to carve up the resource rich region. in the fight for women's rights in afghanistan. to society's judicial system is it making life easier for the wives when country. coming out from the business update reports that russia might seem create a wheat futures market with the chicago stock exchange would have the details in about twenty minutes time.
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japan has recalled its ambassador to russia as a diplomatic route with moscow escalates the president made a visit to the crew the audience the audience are internationally recognized as being part of russia but japan also claims them says the ambassador's recall is only a temporary measure but it's yet to decide whether to cancel the planned meeting between its prime minister and the russian leader with a real audience came under moscow's control. at the end of world war two they considered strategically important as believe the region is rich and all deposits as well as oil and gas reserves tokyo described presently getting stripped of pacific islands on monday as regrettable and some of the russian ambassador in moscow hit back of us foreign minister said there has every right to go there. for the simple but only japan's reaction to president medvedev stripped to the cool
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while it is unacceptable it is our last in the issues and the russian president was visiting a russian territory we've already splinters to our japanese partners we're not going to take any steps that would hinder relations but the japanese side should make its own conclusion. the international space station is marking an epic mastering today with its tenth anniversary and a decade of constant service it's the longest period of continuous human habitation outside the earth's atmosphere while some are again questioning the immense cost of the project others say the potential future benefits for mankind are immeasurable artes in their points. of ember the second two thousand the first permanent crew reaches the international space station as the world watches its arguably humanity's most the bishops engineering project to date a mixture of science technology and political cooperation between formal sworn
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enemies in the ten years since the ourselves has expanded to the size of a football field and received two hundred visitors. now the station is nearly complete but the jury in what it has achieved is still out but for a shot put up the before the i s s is a breakthrough corporation of before there were separate space agencies now they work together on what if it's a leap forward this station has cost the taxpayer one hundred billion dollars and that's just absurd it's too much but it's their money now admit they were not sure what to expect from the station and that includes the expedition one cosmonauts themselves you to get them going up trains but then she says crew members his own training was more chaotic than we're going to give them and i should when we started training for the station itself did not exist or there were no manuals for in europe there were no exercise machines with the first crews job was to fully activate the station much of it had been a subculture currently in russia in the united states and the first time these parts came together wasn't space
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a similar show with be the first two weeks on there were extremely stressful but if we failed in that we'd have to return to earth and abandon the station it would never have been constructed as a planet which included expedition one was a success despite problems with construction following the columbia shuttle disaster three years later most of the modules were eventually successfully docked the completed space station provides a unique platform for experiments and weightlessness that could develop new materials and medicines starting we all now and next year we're going to find out if you have researchers tinkering in space we can have breakthroughs if not the whole thing was a waste but others believe that the value of the i assess is not that scientific discoveries it's lifespan has already been extended to twenty twenty and possibly beyond that even we're looking at projects of using that as a docking port for missions to the moon and even mars. and if mankind does venture further afield i search will serve both as
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a blueprint and an instruction manual of stray should do and don'ts whatever its limitations and budget over and the assess as. important at the torah word no longer seemed like everything was possible in space and though no longer the cold war budgets to fund that all the eyes searched still proves that space research can be right at the edge of human endeavor either unnerve artsy moscow or the first european astronaut to command and i assess mission has told r.t. that the ambitious syosset project was made possible by global corporation. the international space station is there of course because we had the soyuz vehicles in the time that is special was not flying now again our so you serve vehicles will be the only ones to be able to transport the crew to the international space station for a certain time technology and. transport capabilities for sure helped a lot the international space station gets very big corporation the space station
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would not be there would not exist to be dark cooperation between russia and the u.s. were to also have to take into account a smaller part of the european space agency the japanese space agency canada. garm they all make great contributions to the international space station and i think this is the great strength of just a suggestion is that it's really an international corporation there for the benefit of humankind for sure if you want to continue space exploration if you want to have sustainable space exploration to do need to asteroids to mars we will have to make some breakthrough technologies meet in propulsion be then energy being it and life support systems and i know that space agencies from all over the world are walker working on these breakthrough technologies and i hope that in the next ten years to realty come true. that was from the when the first isis commander from the european space agency. americans are just hours away from casting their votes in the country's midterm elections the results will affect the house of representatives
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and the senate as well as state and local offices opinion polls suggest the republicans will beat barack obama's democrats the majority of seats but as artie's going to chicken reports some voters are more concerned about the corporate backing for many of the candidates and what it could lead to. the typical attack ad from this election season. was. trying to. exact the opponent to approve the ad is herself an expert in months throwing washington post and the organization that back surgeries funded by view enters. this election cycle as being new torrijos in the amount of duress candidates were pouring onto each other their bankrupting america and leaving our children the bill is a special election year in the us for the first time corporations are allowed to funnel as much money as they want into political campaigns and they're definitely not
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missing out on the chance to buy an influence on capitol hill what they're hoping to do is bend laws and regulations or prevent new laws and regulations from being approved that will cut in their bottom lines and the problem is that a lot of these rules and regulations exist for a purpose they're supposed to protect the public interest the election system in the u.s. is such that it's virtually impossible to run for office without strong financial backing but the bigger the backing the more candidates ole to their benefactors increase its enormous me you know equality in influencing policy makers policy made can be increasing their legal process influencing their regulatory process because. behind all of these contributions not all of the citizens of the united states but basically the most power for a breach of population to watch the influence inaction take republican leader in
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the house of representatives john boehner wall street invested millions of dollars in his campaign he's also a darling among the large health insurers or firms and drug manufacturers beaner is campaigning again asked all kinds of government regulations as well as a tax increase for the rich and other candidate wanting for reelection. republican congressman spencer baucus who is the ranking member of the house committee on financial services he has reportedly taken over four million dollars from wall street and pledged to find against tougher rules for the financial market the list of corporate favorites on capitol hill is long and not only republicans are on it the democratic process is supposed to be a check on corporate power and instead what we're seeing is corporations hijacking that system in order to funnel more money to themselves many argue the new supreme court decision which made it possible for corporations to invest unlimited amounts of money in politics and be able to be credited as anonymous donors has basically
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legalized corruption one definition out of corruption pride but to think of public party here mongering is arguably the main tool corporations use to gain public support for the candidates they choose some channels like fox news are especially good at getting their message across and it's clear that pushes people to the streets i would like my boat to come as you would be more democratic. next monday and some fear their interest may be left down because of someone's special interest on the outside if democracy is moved on with people coming to a polling station fans putting a cost before the name of a candidate they like but in these elections with the influence of corporations on me it seems a really has a vote in american mail is money going to shut down on t. washington d.c. . the way doughty
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a little later we bring you the story of an afghan woman forced to decide between her children and her parents find out what ten to acquire one case is one of hundreds representing the helplessness of africa and. russia and norway are taking the navy relationship one step further. that the two countries are expected to seal new agreements on tuesday also with also host of form of north european nations with a vast untapped the riches of the arctic also up for discussion there is more at stake than just politics ortiz or financial reports. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov is here in oslo to meet his no we didn't counterpart eunice terra relationship between russia and no we have been progress in quite well since the t. managed to settle a lot of running to retort a feud over a huge area in the bering sea believed to hold massive oil and gas reserves in september the leaders of the two countries signed torak agreement divided equally
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and also agreed on a joint exploration pact mr lavrov and mr expected to discuss here to work out here knows the practical details and how to realize the main points of these milestone agreement of course the impact it can have on the region's future as a hero the arctic with its huge energy potential and its hard value as a transfer true it is a very lucrative pie with many nations including canada the united states of america and turn marks out for a peace that is to remain a number of unsettled to rhetorical disputes between the so-called nations and amidst this crumble this global scramble know when russia hope they will be able to set a good example for all those states to follow an example of how a very sensitive issue could be resolved with everybody satisfied noways
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a nato member and of course the two sides will also cause the upcoming summit of these organization and least one where russia and the alliance are ex have to to broaden the corporation of ghana and closer to home in the region defense minister says his country supports russia's participation in the building all for joint missile defense system in europe nato and most likely this issue will also be touched on foreign minister sergei lavrov who is also expected to take part in the second ministerial meeting called. the northern dimension we saw is no way in russia and also includes iceland and the european union this gathering here. on partnership between the northern countries. in many different areas transportation public health and environment so it looks like this tuesday is going to be very busy day for foreign minister sergey lavrov but also we're hoping that
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will be very fruitful day as well. and if we get we've got so much more for you on our website r.t. dot com including videos blogs and forums here's a look at what's online right now for you is getting closer to the real russia through classes and everything from drama to traditional cooking find out how you can join in. some children's balloons hope and criminal gangs steal millions of dollars from various a.t.m.'s around moscow r.t. dot com reveals how they did it how they were caught. women's rights in afghanistan continue to be violated despite international efforts to intervene a shocking number of women face domestic violence and abuse with
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a growing percentage committing suicide because of a lack of trust in the justice system with courts destroyed and judges killed artie's paula steer reports now on a situation that shows little sign of improving. it's a choice no mother should ever have to make her children or her family her husband's thrown her out and this woman's parents were only take her back if she abandons the children she had with him. this was i'm feeling so alone my husband hits me a lot i'm sick my daughter is sick. my other two children are with him. her family was against the marriage from the beginning the man was from another tribe already married and taking drugs but at the age of fourteen desperate to be with him the goal ran away and married him and. my brothers want to kill
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me i'm very fraid of them they say if you come back alone will accept you. but if you come with your children you are view and also afraid of my husband. the twenty four year old now hides in a shelter that last year the human rights commission received eight hundred and fifty similar cases and that's only in the book it says the justice system is falling far short of helping these women and that afghanistan a problem about our promise we have no women prosecutors and most provinces and women police or family courts whenever a woman is accused of something and there's no one to help her with that these judges are listening to a case of a young girl who wants to break off her engagement they tell her to come back in the next hearing a husband wants to divorce his wife because she visited her parents for a week without his permission you know women feel helpless and even in the rare situations where they cases get to court if you know justice has not been served in
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the last six to seven years the problem of women burning themselves has grown especially in herat and kandahar provinces to suicide because women feel they have no way out afghan court officials say they have enough to deal with even before trying to help these women were freed and all but i had the ability a three decade war it has damaged the capacity of the afghan judicial system we've had fifteen judges killed across the country many of our court buildings are destroyed and we have problems with transportation and staff. in remote areas the problem is worse many judges simply refuse to be pope. they're complaining of bad salaries and even worse security. for. all the security help implement law that on the border security are better areas but unfortunately the villages are not ready to practice these goings on. and often there's precious
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little the courts can do especially in places when warlords and special allegiances are the law we've got to pay to the judges higher salary so that we can cope with their. needs of daily life provide them a place to stay in especially in the area in the district area and also the training of them and also. reporting the cases we did decide you know said that the public should go so while this woman waits for the courts to hear her there's no guarantee that even after they do she'll be any better off policy r.t. couple. obama has been found in a mail package in greece the arrest of french president nicolas sarkozy dispersive has been destroyed two men arrested over the attempted attack a woman was wounded after a pastor exploded at a delivery company also in greece the attacks are thought of an organized by
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a domestic far left group. leading israeli rights groups have accused the state's internal security service of violating the rights of palestinian detainees reporters based on the testimonies of more than one hundred people being held for here the document says palestinians are badly treated during interrogations held in cramped and t. cells and your state denies the allegations. u.k. officials have announced that the tip off that led to finding hostile bombs on cargo planes came from a leading al qaeda member former guantanamo bay detainees for a fee handed himself into saudi arabia forty two weeks ago. to us brown parcel bombs were placed with cargo one seized in dubai and another intercepted in britain as officials have made the saudi bomb makers a key suspect they're also concerned that a number of high ranking members of al qaida in yemen were released from guantanamo to saudi we have been taishan program. international airlines have halted
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flights to airports in the regions most volatile volcano eruptions from mt merapi are continuing prompting panic among thousands moving here it is one of the world's most active volcanoes and at least thirty eight people have been killed since it started spewing lava last week more than twenty other volcanoes in the country showing signs of activity. and sydney's main zoo is celebrating the birth of its first female asian elephant this is director says the birth means that australia now has a dozen of the endangered medals the rival which is yet to be named is a third born in sydney easy. shot is here with a business update now and news that computer giant microsoft will be getting involved in russia's new innovation center hello that's right yes microsoft says it will conduct encourage research sulker russia's answer to silicon valley will have
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more details on that later in the program but first this hour hundreds of companies from all over the world are in moscow hoping to find out what russia has to offer in terms of nanotechnology an international forum is underway aiming to encourage more foreign investment in the sector our correspondent daniel bushell is following events at the us nanotech forum for. bush is going over guns blazing in his attempt to bring high tech to the country to transform the country from robots who was producer into an innovative one we've seen the high tech spots of silicon valley like google and intel of many more scope within the last month a russian official delegation that went to california to see how they do it of course the head of building you saw in silicon valley near moscow in a place called spoke about now we have this nano tech twenty ten pretty much the most high profile six or russian i think at the moment that a technology which involves breaking down materials into toity atoms and then rebuilding them to produce lloyd's
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a strong good new materials and troll dogs and spearheading that is a company called bring over and we're joined by mccall live shits who is the director of the company we call tell us a specific nano project which will change people's lives the production projects we should be moving it's an example as a center of the coding solutions it's called the buyer and over much more important things which we have time to build. is the focal project as you mentioned and the event where we have now is a good indicator that you know not everything going smoothly and well. at least on the government and business to say that they brought on the ten cent to try and care of the economy and. it's going from the year for year two on the main build the solar panels in russia doesn't seem the sunniest country in the world seems a bit strange still for when i think of such a part of the it's not all know the country and. that certainly if we'll see the
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insulation my profession. it's not exactly the sunniest place but don't forget about members from the south park. and don't forget that technology at the thin field technology. never think which i'm going to kind. it's it's a driver and if there is a step forward and it's truth it's a more export oriented for the well told good stuff you set for and over in terms of renewals a new source of the and a jihad you go to so the talk in terms of position on terms of turnover. you know we over there have some assets in europe which are dealing with a renewable energy order to operate and we are going to produce means that we are born to build more operational units. for the fall the businesses which are going to find. an exclusive interview the head of rust and untold riches via scaevola
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it's a hint about was known as most promising projects. we're here for more the most approachable yeah it's a bowl. of them which was gross in the industry it's a bold turn of them which is very interesting it's about three or five of them which we changed the whole. board all three project. richmond to the war. time now see how markets the performing and the arts yes they've been for trade in moscow is climbing not point one percent so far in the corridor leading the gains that follows a good trading session on monday whether my six close up north point six percent time see how the world markets and over asia the stock markets are flat as investors await the outcome of the u.s. mid-term elections and the federal reserve's two day meeting in japan a strong yen is continuing to weigh on the markets. some news in greece for you now
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leading french to france contract to d.c. and their school vessels with russia's state own ship building corporation to c.n.n.'s a specialist in naval carriers will help to build both military and civilian ships . and russian might seem create a regional we defeat his market with the chicago mercantile exchange the plan venture would add another global platform for trading in an exclusive interview with business r.t. the day after director of commodities out the russian stock exchange so the path is almost clear. so there are no obstacles regarding legislation all the requote measures have been adopted the technological process has also been set up and following through on the basis of similar pressures middle contracts to make the decision to start treaty we need to gather a critical mass of traders right now we're in talks with the market players your agreement to the british to be in such a trading book now in other news microsoft says it will help russia develop its own
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silicon valley in skolkovo the u.s. software giant will conduct research and encourage innovation at the business school head of the scope of project victor vexed or work plans to sign contracts with an intel. now the majority of russians use their own money to buy medicines nineteen percent of them short of cash for such drugs and you study by russian poll centers says around forty percent buy medicine without doctors' advice and your medicine consumption in russia is eighty two dollars per capita this rate is almost three times higher in great britain and roughly ten times higher u.s. russian authorities say they're considering setting up a drug prescription insurance system in the country would no sooner than two thousand and thirteen. and finally russia's internet advertising companies are two hundred forty million dollars in the third quarter a study by russia's association of communication agencies says it almost overtaken
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outdoor and print media advertisers in stales analysts predict the internet may become russia's second most popular promotion tool after t.v. as soon as the fourth quarter this year. and that's the update for this hour you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business. in the.


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