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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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the centers of power these editorial boards meet with the governor and the mayor and the presidential candidates they have to wear their serious hats every day and as part of the fluency in the language of conversation has to be well you know we really should double down our troop levels in afghanistan and we have to get tough on pakistan once and for all and iran and all these kinds of things that becomes the default seriousness even if individually the various people who make it up don't necessarily believe that it's a strange kabuki where you to indicate your seriousness you advocate for a position that you yourself don't necessarily believe and yet everyone else gets to say if there's an obvious blatant liberal bias in the media and no one questions them for i mean that's the confusing part to me but that's all the time we have unfortunate matt thanks so much for being there all right still to come on tonight's show we're going to call out some nerds who decided to go to riots and then check in on foursquare and get a different perspective of the war through the eyes of a female kayla williams the author of love my rifle more than you will join me in studio next.
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discover the treasures of russia with interest see its most valued in the blazing gems. parts of russia palaces and romantic channels of st petersburg golden jones and sacred spot the fairy tale of the russian winter every moment of your trip really good visitors to russia over eighty years interest will ensure you'll visit to russia is what you will never get. broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is our my colleague carrie johnson will be in about thirty minutes with a bold. at your news but first let's get to your headlines moscow and tokyo the
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diplomatic pressure over russia's and southern islands of japan has recalled its ambassador to russia and moscow says that more presidential visits are planned to its bark territory despite this to me trying to get out he's expected to attend an economic summit in japan next week. most of the polls have now closed to the american mid-term elections early results show the republican leader may need thirty nine seats to gain control of the house of representatives many believe that has already happened and the fate of one third of the senate is also to be decided but candidates on both sides have been criticized for their reliance on donations from big business to run their campaign some. of the greatest feat of human endeavor is now ten years since the first expedition stepped on board the international space station three hundred twenty kilometers above the earth and now the size of
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a football. has been seen by two hundred visitors and it may hold the key to crucial advances in technology. now it's back to washington for the second part of the show now talks to pioneering space entrepreneur jeffrey manber about the decade of manned missions on the international space station don't go away. we've got. the biggest issues good voice face to face with the news makers. well it's time for tonight's tool time award and we're going to go ahead and give it to some fans of these san francisco giants was the last night the giants won the world series by beating the texas rangers and while the game was in texas that didn't stop the fans of the team from taking to the streets of san francisco to celebrate they decided to have a few riots does that big fire break a few windows you know the typical thing that happens when a sports team wins in this country but you have to leave it up to san francisco to
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go one step further because those fans decided to check in on foursquare during the riots yes the geeks in the bay area decided to stop torturing things for long enough to update their status on their mobile devices are riot supposed to be in ads a rebellion be bad ass and we have a screen grab of some of the people who actually checked in during the riots they said giants riots on polk street another one said riot on hate now talk about high tech writing i guess but what happened to the good old days what arrived broke out and you just showed up you tossed a few things you started the fire and then ran like hell and you know police are obviously going to be looking at these speeds to see if they can find out who was there so maybe your check in was such a good idea now it should be noted that san francisco is the urban epicenter of social media technology but come on foursquare for a riot that's why tonight's tool time winner is any of the giants fans updated
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their status and checked in during the riots last night. now google is back in the news again this time they're suing the u.s. government to google or they're not too happy with the u.s. interior department they claim that they were excluded from bidding on a large contract do with. government's preference for microsoft technology now the lawsuit highlights the company's growing competition with microsoft over internet based software tools but here's my problem with google see you're suing because you're not happy that you were left out of a contract because a life just isn't fair you know if i was google i think i'd keep my mouth shut and try to not piss off the federal government just last week the federal trade commission announced that they will not take action against google for illegally collecting info all street mapping you know the time when they accidentally captured full e-mails u r l's even a user passwords when they were scanning people's homes around the world now in the
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public learned about this excessive information gathering several countries like britain spain france the us they all decided to have their governments investigate the matter but the f.t.c. announced just last week in a two page letter that they've decided to drop the whole investigation because google promised to prove its privacy practices and said it never did and will not use the private information that it gathered so google gets off easy with a promise and a week later they decide to sue the federal government now as you can imagine privacy advocates jumped all over that story last week saying that google got a free pass and they did and in return they turn around and they file a lawsuit because they weren't treated fairly you know google maybe the f.t.c. should take another look at the issue fine or ask for invading people's privacy because that would be fair. now people conclude that women don't do combat zones but that is b.s.
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those are words coming directly from one woman who served in the u.s. army for five years including a year of deployment in iraq after the invasion and in a book detailing her experiences we get a raw account of gender roles sex combat the treatment of iraqis even thoughts of suicide upon returning home we don't often hear the stories from the ground despite the fact that our country is currently involved in wars in two of them one of them that is the longest in this nation's history and even more rare is hearing that account from the woman but today we get both joining me in studio is kayla williams former u.s. military sergeant and author of love my rifle more than you young and female in the u.s. army kill thanks so much for being here thanks for having me now obviously you had enough to say to write a whole book about it but if you can sum it up somehow for me what's it like being young and female in the u.s. military. it's a more intensely masculine version of america but since our troops are drawn from
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society it's not like i'm serving with aliens but i did sometimes feel like it was watching men in their natural habitat what do you mean by america well troops are fairly representative of america generally match the ethnic makeup of the u.s. although in terms of gender it's not at all similar women only make up about fifteen percent of the total force now also tell me this you know i mean clearly the way that we fight our wars is changing there aren't these clear delineations anymore but you know to trench warfare what is the what is the battleground where the trenches are what the non combat zone is so you know despite the fact that people like you said think that women don't do combat and so that's b.s. i mean what's it like when you're surrounded by lord all times when i first got home i heard them president bush say there are no women in combat and i felt deeply betrayed because we took small arms fire we got mortars and rockets fell around us and they don't distinguish between gender so i absolutely felt that i was in a combat zone i watched a man sadly bleed to death right in front of me and it was it was absolutely
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a combat zone i was never in a position where i had to return fire for which i'm really grateful because the people that i know who have killed in combat are are often haunted by that memory so you feel like women don't get the credit they deserve on a large scale i think we often can feel really invisible when we come home when we first got back we go out for beers and sometimes the bartender would say hey get these guys around and they literally meant the guys i didn't get three beers because they just assumed the girls were wives or girlfriends instead of recognizing that we were combat vets even though we had the same id cards now obviously i have to ask you about sex in the military right i mean it's it's prohibited it's not allowed but it's not it's not prohibited i thought that it was prohibited unless you have you know unless you're married then you can. marry a couple housing in iraq but if you're not going to your quarters. that is technically it it varies by commanders so it was my understanding
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against general the general order number one in afghanistan but it was not in iraq and my chain of command said don't don't do anything you know is illegal if you're married don't commit adultery that's illegal under the uniform code of military justice but otherwise just don't be stupid and don't get caught you know and it will it can't hurt your reputation if you're doing things that would be considered inappropriate what i did what others did because there are so few women right i mean you guys are definitely in the minority so yet so like in that type of situation you have every single guy hitting on you are they all predators here or is a kind of nice because you get the you get the pick. honestly there's a little bit of both feelings on the one hand it can be a nice ego boost to get a lot of attention even if you're average looking here in the states you know you get a few extra points on the other hand it can get oppressive the constant stares the constant attention and the same double standard that i think applies to women in the u.s. is even more strongly enforced overseas so if
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a woman does choose to have sex while deployed it can really harm her reputation even though the same is not true for the men who are equal participants in what's going on and of course you know we hear a lot of stories also of sexual abuse of rapes that happen in the military the many women are too scared to come out with and to report there's various yeah definitely and what i think is really an unspoken story is that in terms of people who when they go to the v.a. for health care report having been experienced military sexual trauma the wrong numbers of men are roughly similar to those of women because even though women experience it at higher rates women are such a minority and i think that in terms of facing stigma about coming forward men face an even tougher time. only makes sense now tell me this for you when you went to you know when you signed up. go to the military when you went to iraq was this was a political at all were you just doing your job or did you actually believe in the
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reason that you were going. i believe them serving my country when i chose to enlist but by the time we invaded iraq i was really not sure about that mission the brigade that i went with the just gotten back from afghanistan didn't understand why they'd been pulled from the mission of looking for those people who planned the nine eleven attacks we got pulled from that mission and then sent to iraq where the evidence didn't seem as compelling as some made it out to be and in fact that concern has been borne out so i was not convinced that go into iraq was the right thing to do but i believe in serving my country and congress said we could go and in the military you just drive on now very quickly what do you think of organizations like wiki leaks that are releasing these thousands of documents from iraq that are showing torture you know detainee abuse both on the parts of u.s. troops in iraq you know u.s.
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. troops apparently shielding their eyes from it do you think about some for terms that too much. i do not support the release of classified information especially considering that it could put u.s. sources and methods at risk and that to me is not conscionable and some of the examples that you just mentioned things like torture or us troops looking the other way that's been reported in the news before that isn't new that's not adding anything to debate and i think that the risk to national security outweighs the possible benefit of those. those news story that's not news stories thank you so much for coming on the show definitely is a pleasure thanks for having me i will have to have you come back on things still to come tonight as voters head to the polls for the two thousand and ten midterm election we'll take a look back at our favorite campaign ads of the year so stick around for those and it's happy tenth birthday to the international space station but as they reach this milestone what do we learn from our time in space and where is the program headed
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next we'll speak with space pioneer geoffrey mabry interest among. those. by russian. free elections were found years ago. margie goes to the area they used to play. business is take advantage of the wild growing product. the rich make life. much you close up. made him look forward to be held don't see. the
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pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation. year a spring of nineteen forty five on our team. i was cell phones would be useless without this mineral. tiny pieces needed to make them work. but every piece of culture and is extracted at a cost to human life. you know here on our show we're a little bit sad tonight as the midterm election comes to a close so do all those campaign ads you know there are reports of some four
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billion dollars were spent on this election with most of it going to t.v. so we've decided to take a look back at our favorite three ads of the year and we will start with the illinois senate race let's say this had had him channeling tony soprano take a look. at what is alexi giannoulias as ads and she tries to prove it. is a fake it six year old fifteen point four million convicted mobster michael george drink. pretty good stuff now our next ad was from a guy who well he just made us laugh and this is just for a small raise in the state of alabama here it is again alabama commissioner is one of the most powerful positions in alabama responsible for five million dollars. that you didn't know then you know what the determining thing keep you in the dark they do whatever they want. and i don't give a rip. are now the next ad well it left a stunt that anyone would actually come up with that crap and then have the nerve
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to play it on t.v. watch this one time other people like some of. my main stand for now and send me to washington i'll send our enemies where they belong and that's not for. our that was just a quick little look at three of our favorite ads we can go on and on and on with several more but unfortunately all the time now as we mentioned nearly four billion dollars were spent on this election most of it going to t.v. many of them negative and vicious ads but we're wondering are voters really stupid enough to be swayed by them to the four billion dollars actually work when we took to the streets of d.c. today to find out. you know i never believe the campaign ads for face value now it has and i feel that came pain ads are ineffective in getting me to sway my opinion and you know as intended no i don't believe
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a lot of the answer. no not really campaign ads are always too negative campaign ads tend to be a little bit negative towards their opponents or only show the good things about the person running i'm really not into the negative campaigning at all and it really turns me off i really don't believe too much in the way of what they say because she's saying things about each other that obviously one person has to be lying and this time i really can't keep track of stooge who has been the most vocal usually change the channel she was coming. out so looks like nobody out there was really swayed in favor of the candidates running those negative ads and talk about money that could have been spent so where else. over the weekend here in d.c. jon stewart took on the cable t.v. network saying that their chatter is bad for america he said the most cable shows exacerbate the problems of ordinary people and distort the face of america and i must n.b.c.'s keith olbermann well he took exception to the slam he defended
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himself on twitter by saying that stewart showed his true naivety by trying to paint all the media as exactly the same but apparently then keith had a change of heart over the weekend the last night on his show he made a pretty surprising announcement. that he's the worst person in the world segment which started of all things as a way of defending tucker carlson. tire and whimsy have gradually gotten lost in some anger so in the spirit of the thing as of right now i'm unilaterally suspending that segment with an eye towards discontinuing it. so keith has suspended his worst persons in the world segment you know that sucks because that was actually the best part of his show he also again took issue with what he viewed as jon stewart. comparison of m s n b c news to fox news thing sticking up for the powerless is not the moral equivalent of sticking up for the powerful but here's the problem with keith olbermann you have all the others just suspend worst persons
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doesn't really change anything on his show he still spends about ninety percent of the program preaching so that's going to help probably not and according to my sources over at m.s.n. we see most of the stuff is written for him anyway every second of the show is planned in rehearsing guests are told what to say so one little change to a show that sends ninety percent of the time telling everyone what to think in a plan and under listed manner that probably is not going to change the tone in this country. now the world is celebrating a special birthday today the international space station turns ten this mix of science technology and political cooperation often between adversaries is arguably humanity's most ambitious project to date our chief correspondent you go to a new takes a look at the cost of such an endeavor over the past decade. you know. they set off a one of the most important expeditions in the history of space exploration on the
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van but the second two thousand expedition one was to dock with the international space station and become its first permanent crew that didn't know what to expect them or in the government when we started training for the r.s.s. the station itself did not exist and there were no manuals there were no exercise machines that in a lot of the docking was a success but now the crew had to activate the station assembled separately in russia and the us the first time the us has components fitted together was in space for the michel it's beautiful the first two weeks on there were extremely stressful if we failed would have had to return to earth and abandon the station it would never been constructed as planned with the give them a lot of the equipment did not work as planned in contact with earth we had to try and fix it on the spot the equipment was turned down but there was no way to live the two russian cosmonauts had already completed long missions on the mare the old irrational with all station. on the mere it was old analog technology switches and
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stuff the i assess was clean and shiny but it was very hard living there all the space was taken up by equipment that would have to be installed we could barely squeeze past each other and slept on the floor but we knew it was our job and also how often do you get to go into space. in the years after expedition one the station expanded rapidly new modules were abit that i set receive two hundred visitors i asked the current cree what has changed since expedition one. these days the station is so huge like an apartment block we don't get to see each other for long periods of time when it's ok but it's getting a bit worn down now i wish they would renovate some of it the spot has been achieved in a decade but overall usefulness of the assess is still being debated this station has cost the taxpayer one hundred billion dollars and that's just absurd it's too much but if there. all the expedition one members have now retired from space
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travel but still believe what they did was worthwhile it doesn't assure we laid the foundation for the international space station and for the future of space research . and with ourselves lifespan already extended to twenty twenty the fruits of expedition one are still being borne whatever its limitations and budget over and that i assess as important at the tile worth no longer seemed like everything was possible in space and there were no longer the cold war budgets to fund that all the assessed still proves that space research can be right at the edge of human endeavor either of our ordinary artsy moscow. so after ten years and a hundred billion dollars welcomes next for human space exploration well joining me to discuss this space entrepreneur jeffrey manber efforts and i sat on the show again tell me this first i mean we've been continuously in space i guess on this station for ten years does that make us
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a spacefaring species event well first let me say i mean congratulations to everybody on ten years a lot of us never thought this day would come we did have fifteen continuous years on the russian space station mir and so this is really i assess hasn't caught up to the russian space station mir and it's now of course in the ocean but this is our second home in space and yes i think we are a spacefaring nation now and we've done it once we're doing it again now that you also we just heard a clip you know you said that this thing cost one hundred billion dollars and really it's absurd but do you mind i mean was it not worth it well this is a great achievement especially in terms of you know international cooperation you can over bar for wonderful house and that's what we've done here we've overboard for this house there was no reason we should have spent one hundred billion dollars it was done because it was a government program and we have it now and now i want to make use of it and you should make use of it and we should do something really wonderful with it but the price tag was far too high and will never do business that way again and space was
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not how things normally start filming if the government doesn't start a project that an entrepreneur is commercial businesses are going to start stepping in until they can see that the problem is that very often in the past and nasa is changing now but in the past nasa insisted on doing everything they held everything close so they would design the home the space station they would develop it they would operate it and now they're saying hey you know what we can relax we can have some competition we'll let private us companies send cargo to the station when you have competition it lowers the cost when you have the government driving everything very often you get the price higher so i love the fact the government stepped in i want them to step in mars and. an asteroid but i want competition i want private sector involved that's what we do and that's how the best way to keep the present what happens now because nasa said that they're you know ready to continue this project going until two thousand and twenty is it still a soley a government project or now is private industry somehow helping with this what's
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really exciting is that now we've reached ten years the station is finished the development and now nasa is turning over more and more things to the private sector they're going to announce next year early next year that a private non for profit we don't know which one is going to run the station and they were private companies that is sending cargo and eventually humans nasa astronauts to and from space so now nasa is behaving more and more like a customer which is really exciting and it really is becoming an extension of our society it's not a government outpost and tell me this might seem like a silly question to you but i mean it that this thing is you know the length of an entire football field they hear the inside space of it's like a boeing seven forty seven jet it's not tiny so what happens after twenty twenty what have they don't need this space station anymore they want to know when does it fall into the ocean does it float off into space and that's a hefty chunk it's a great question we had that problem when the russian space station was coming down and that was smaller than this and that is that it will be it will be put in an
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orbit in two thousand and twenty or beyond i think it will last longer than two thousand and twenty but it will decay it will come up and decay in the orbit or we can just launch a towards mars and polluting space now and if we just can't help here and help us just carry out an economy of this because obviously midterm elections are taking us today voters are voting today there is not going to affect the space program a new program for nasa that he launched at all yes in their first off field what's called the obama space program enjoys a lot of bipartisan support surprising amount of bipartisan support however we'll see some significant influence if the republicans emerges victorious as everyone is saying for example the republicans by and by i do not. to work with china in space and you may see republicans being the lists a little less desirable to have international cooperation they really attacked the mass administrative when he said we want to reach out to muslim countries and now they're attacked macit when they said we want to talk to china so we may see this
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more let's try and go to war alone which worries me because the price tag will just go up if we try and do it by that i mean the whole you know the nice ideal of doing it together it goes away ok last question quickly there is now you know they're asking people whether they have been willing to go on a one way ticket to mars so people can start colonizing their would you go. i might i might i've almost reached the point if you ask me nicely i know it i mean if i know more world series no more midterm elections really if. it's fast i mean that's the beautiful thing that government should do push us say here something and get society to think about and you're asking about it and we should all ask rice it was a definite you barry lynn choose the news here as a lot of last year and i just thank so much i'm sure r.k. that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in make sure he has come back tomorrow and in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the ilana show on facebook and of follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's or any other nights you can always catch it all the you tube dot com slash the lower show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s.
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and around the world. the close up team has been. reached where russia's first free elections were held a thousand years ago. now party goes to the area that used to be a place of exile since the seventeenth century. where businesses take advantage of the wild growing products. where rich academic life gives birth to the innovative idea come to come screeching crusher close up on r.g.p. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issue.


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