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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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global economy with max conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cons a report on r g.
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discover the treasures of russia with interest see its most valued and amazing gems . moscow parts of russia the royal palaces and romantic channels of st petersburg golden doan's and sacred spires the fairy tale of a russian winter every moment of your trip will thrill coming full visitors to russia for over eighty years interest will ensure your visit to russia is one you will never forget. the five thirty pm in moscow the headlines from martine global security and cooperation at. ghana stand dominate the agenda as nato is change visits moscow and
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us for a while suite francaise he wants a fresh start in relations with russia as soon as possible. president obama will have to make compromises to pass laws that says democrats lose their hold over congress in the midterm vote house of representatives is now under republican control but many americans fear it's corporate money that's actually running the country. but the iraq struggling to maintain peace in one of its bloodiest weeks for months at least seventy six people have been killed and over two hundred wounded in a series of attacks centered around baghdad shia neighborhoods but it came just two days after al-qaeda militants took a christian congregation hostage resulting firefight left fifty eight dead despite the escalating violence a total u.s. pullout still scheduled for next year with a growing feeling among iraqis that they are being abandoned as forcing some to join the enemy when sunni militia group praised by the u.s.
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for its help in providing security is now falling back into the hands of local warlords and al-qaeda parties policy or support. there is still a force to be reckoned with tens of thousands of sunni muslims angry at the shiite iraqi government known as the sons of iraq four years ago they were won over by american dollars to fight al qaeda one of the strains they live in the neighborhoods in which they keep watch. we did a great service to iraq some were members were working with the terrorists before they joined us and they give us information about the armed groups but despite attempts by the iraqi government to disarm them in communities like this they continue to patrol the streets because they insist iraqi soldiers just can't keep the peace. and security forces sometimes just turn a blind eye to what's going on there's lots of human rights violations and there aren't enough human rights organizations to defend and protect. people. but all
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these paramilitary groups upholding the rule of law or are some of their activities questionable as suggested in the four hundred thousand iraq documents released by wiki leaks in one account has sons of iraq leader is said to be responsible for the murder of innocent civilians conducting insurgent activities under the guise of a sons of iraq leader extortion and rape. they are everything has a positive and a negative some leaders use their position for settling trouble scores stockpiling weapons making money and killing innocent civilians but the majority brought stability. but that majority also feels abandoned by an america which armed trained and paid them and despite big promises less than half of the ninety thousand strong force has been given work or absorbed into iraqi security forces this man is one of the few who has but he's afraid to reveal his identity. to talk after the americans
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were finished with his groups after iraq was secure they no longer supported us especially when the iraqi government charged early theirs with crimes a lot of the leaders have lost trust in the american government and they're afraid that by working for them they might face charges and or assassination. iraqi security officials say hundreds of sons of iraq members have returned to al qaeda and that many of the thousands now in the iraqi government payroll secretly aid the insurgency for observers like ideal iraqi security forces are running a losing race to keep up to speed to either integrate the groups or to be able to secure iraq without them and i think that how that the training given by the u.s. was not complete and it never will be because america wants iraqis to keep beating them they don't want to rock to build a strong army and that way they can justify staying in the country and making sure iraq is never strong enough to control the region. in army bases like those iraqi
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federal police are trained in intelligence tactical side exploitation and medical anything like that. patrols connor atheist but for many iraqis what the americans left behind was destruction and devastation it will take a lot for them to rebuild the words of the minds. armed and dangerous these paramilitary groups struggle to find a place for themselves needing some observers to warn that while they might have been used for short term military gains in the end they could be the roadblocks to peace policia r.t. baghdad. well to find out how the iraqi military will cope with the challenges ahead next our team in general mohammad cari a spokesman from iraq's ministry of defense. but now has general mohamed i'll ask again an advisor and spokesperson with the
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iraqi ministry of defense so i thank you very much for joining us here on not what's come back to the american soldiers have left by knowledge the majority do you feel confident that the iraqi soldiers and the iraqi security force is able to keep the situation so calm and. it is a good question it's worth talking about the readiness or not of the iraqi security forces because the number of american troops left in this country is forty nine thousand seven hundred something it's important the americans are gone what's also important is the timing the timing of implementing this phase of the agreement was put forward by the minister of defense why did you choose this time each time he has a meaning there are steps that need to be taken so that the iraqi forces will be ready december the thirty first two thousand and eleven we believe that we will be ready enough to have full security control at that stage and for all the american forces to leave iraq. well you say that the timeframe was given by the iraqis and not
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motivated from the american side. if the recent departure of american troops was because washington wanted to improve obama's picture so what. or if it was because of american pressure or desire it doesn't matter to me as an iraqi as an iraqi i welcome the american withdrawal and i wish that we will be ready by the thirty first of december two thousand and eleven to say good bye to the americans for good because we will be fully ready to take over that as iraqis we cannot accept that the americans will stay in iraq for good i don't care for the reason but we will not let anyone stay in iraq for a long time betime issue is very important having timetables is critical because they serve as a pressuring factor on us we have to meet each deadline we have to improve the levels of the iraqi security forces the difference between iraq and afghanistan is that we have put timetables for everything we are doing the afghans are not doing that they are relying on the americans and nato to do things for them. do you think
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that the withdrawal of the american army from iraq will have the facts and if so what current effect on successful in afghanistan will because. the withdrawal from iraq will of course affect to a great deal the situation in afghanistan it has a direct impact because it's too hard now for anyone to have two wars at the same time and it's too hard for anyone to have a big war the americans are now having two big wars in iraq and afghanistan so it made sense for the americans when they felt there was a desire from iraqis and an improvement in the security situation here to withdraw and concentrate on their own war in afghanistan their big war is now in afghanistan and they are moving out of iraq because they think the situation here is improved. then the body at the other people. in the american army says if those troops that will remain in iraq are involved in training is the screw over an element of
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comeback will some of us soldiers still be involved in fighting units. the americans have three main jobs training advice and support especially airborne support we don't have fighter jets we only have helicopters the main thing we need from them is airborne support for jet fighters and for intelligence. they've actually said this to us in weaponry why now is to embrace american weapons that have been. russia actually didn't cooperate in this field with us we are very serious about getting russian weaponry not only because the weapons are good and effective but also because the iraqi army has been shining on their weapons for forty or fifty years we have been buying russian weapons since the fifty's i was working on rehabilitation and reforming ties with russia and we took some iraqi pilots to russia to be trained we got some promises from the russians to resume selling weapons to us but they thought this would rely on an american decision
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they're wrong because we have make contacts with serbia to buy some weapons and we bought some weapons from them we rejected some american weapons it's all up to us we decide which weapons we want and from whom we will buy them we still want to have the american weapons and we are still waiting for their approval to sell us their weapons we have the m.i. seventeen these are helicopters and we wish that the russians will maintain the make fighters that we have and we wish that they will approve selling us than mit fives so far we are still waiting for the reply even the current minister of defense he started military sciences in russia i was trained in russia almost all of the iraqi army was trained in russia we want the russian weaponry but that doesn't mean at the same time that we can't be open to other countries we buy. from italy from the us we want to be open to other countries. how well trained have your soul to spin by the americans. and how that ended up with the current iraqi soldier
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is different to the soldiers we had before two thousand and three today's iraqi soldiers were young during the two thousand and three war but they were also trained on the russian weaponry like for instance on the russian tank when iraqi soldiers were trained on american weapons they understood what they were trained on yet we still have the russian influence especially the iraqi pilots who were trained on russian planes and have done a great many flying hours we wish that the russians would help us in this regard to keep training our pilots and giving us new planes the americans are training our soldiers but whenever we get another expertise for more example france or russia we go to these countries and we get that help that we ask for. will the policy of the ministry of defense change when a new government is formed in the back. of the head of. the ministries policy will not change especially with regards to training and contracts i want to emphasize again we really want to involve the russians or one of them within at the moment
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the iraqi security forces one and there has been a law that's been put forward to reintroduce conscription do you think that this law will be implemented. and the mother of the this compulsory service has not been approved yes it's still a draft only the retirement law was approved for now we don't need compulsory recruitment because when we ask for example for ten thousand volunteers we have at least one hundred thousand young people coming to volunteer so we don't need it countries need compulsory recruitment when they need soldiers and they don't have them besides we don't have the facilities and equipment to train all these personnel when we have them in the compulsory recruitment we have a new soldiers for now in the future when iraq is stable enough and investment will start coming in the young men will go towards civilian projects but our time will be having a lack of personnel and by that time we will need the compulsory service that. there have been towards us that security forces are now off well trained and that
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just two hours ago there was a bomb not far from. do you think that you are locals back a safe and secure for us. whether that be or not untrained but the training they receive is not enough when the americans came in the borders were open to terrorists and violence spread the americans dismissed the iraqi government to did not think to form an iraqi army before two thousand and four and it was too late because the terrorists were already in we got volunteers we gave them brief training and sent them to the field they were combat soldiers with not enough training the bombs that are going off in iraq today are not a measurement of how well the soldiers were trained bombs were going off even when the united states was in the country we need better intelligence behind these bombs and how they managed to still carry them out but. general thank you very much for joining us here on our back of it was.
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made him look forward to be held down say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation. spring the nineteen forty five on our. wealthy british style holds sometimes. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our t.v. . news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images go forward to seeing from the streets of canada. china's corporations are all today. cato's change says he wants a new start in relations with russia as soon as possible anders fogh rasmussen is in moscow and is now giving a news conference with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov let's listen in. i have not seen any application from russia. and instead of.
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raising a. theoretical discussion about future membership perspectives i think the right approach would be to develop a true strategic partnership between nato and russia and focus on the areas where we are faced with the same security challenges areas where we share security concerns so that would be my honor to your question i follow the ongoing discussion with great interest but my approach would be the pragmatic. to go for a truth or t.d. partnership. sic business. but there was evil from especially into the press mr lavrov your
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japanese colleague. when he. said today that the crew arlen's our japanese territory and said he hopes that the russian leadership will take this into account when planning further trips to the kuril islands could you please comment on that leads hard for me to add anything to what i already said on the issue with you. there may be no advice on this subject given to us by others the russian president and myself gave detailed explanations on this issue if you can't understand our explanations just read them again you can see everything there is this is our land and the president of the russian federation doesn't have to consult with anyone when choosing a region of the russian federation for his troops. it
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would alter the instant the book's interfax news agency mr lever of my question is for you to day israeli foreign minister these really foreign minister gave an interview to our edge she said that the middle east quartet said should stop its mediator efforts and leave this to just tell of the palestinians and israel who could you please comment on that as well i haven't seen this statement because i have been busy all day today working on serious things and i don't think lead such a proposal is productive or you listed on the contrary. the vast majority of the international community and all members of the quartet for sure are interested in making this mechanism older more effective in a we are currently working on some practical affairs to arrange maybe a ministerial meeting of the courts or another format using more than technical
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means i think this is much more appropriate that then speaking out leaving ease ryland to themselves. oh i'm sorry i'd like to if you words i would like to comment on the question that mr ruskin was asked concerning the possibility of inviting russia to join nato. we fully respect the rules and regulations that exist within nato we don't have the right of veto or anything like that was and you know this is all clear of course but we are more interested in the result not that in the process as such in their result we need to strengthen security. thinks that there are russian nato council works on like counterterrorism fights in cyrus even this fighting the drug
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trade in many other things old these things are real they really strengthen security in all of our countries to deal with and we do this cuba without going to to do so there's no any restrictions exclude. that russia is not the nato membership so i think we would be more appropriate to days when. not to pay attention to you procedure so we charge that and politicized in a attract a lot of media attention something sensational something that helps you sell your news we should fokus own the essence and this is our approach in our relations with nato. musky. german television c.d.'s in moscow my question to both of you on missile defense over three hundred missiles or labs have you heard anything new from nato to d. on
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this european missile defense that's what i told you ceilings with no you didn't use and tell me anything more we are all a series of people and we can out them we could get there could tell the press something straight away after we started the professional serious conversation ok thank you for agreeing with me but let's see if you're welcome still do you think this is their real serious invitation and these intentions are quite serious and mr rasmussen judy's guess this with their russian defense minister what does the russian military think about your proposal for russia to join the missile defense project to use a well of course nato is this serious body so we always treat seriously everything that comes from nato and this applies to the proposal that mr rasmussen brought to moscow soon as well in addition to what they proposed earlier
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this year without going into details for obvious reasons i'd like to say that our nato partners have a clear vision that russia's participation in such. possible we're told we choose to be with peace this shouldn't be any fees don't equal cooperation and so mr restless and suggested we need to is sadness says together we do what we need your before we talk about whether this kind of cooperation is realistic or not this is a serious step that we need to take we'll do this work first and after that the leaders of our countries will make a decision. i have not had. separate meetings with minister of defense meetings with the president and the foreign minister and we have discussed this the defense was present. we have. discussed
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at length missile defense i have informed. the president and the ministers about what is in. the nato decision to be taken at at the summit i have added to that that i understand very well. that russia at this very early stage and for us it's also very early stage that russia at this very early stage. has a number of questions. and also a legitimate right to get answers to these questions but instead of imposing. a fait accompli on on russia i have suggested that the decision at the summit. in lisbon could be to initiate an exploratory work and analysis of joint analysis where we go through all of these
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legitimate questions and provide answers i think that's the right way forward because then it will be a joint project to explore this and then at a later stage we could eventually take the decision to embark on on a corporation and let me clarify one thing because there was also a number of misunderstandings in all these i do not in vision each. of our systems into one common system what i envision it is that we have a nato base system and we have still a russian system. what this is about is to cooperate it is to make. i would say to true to make one security roof through exchange of information exchange of data. i think we could make the whole system much more efficient. if we cooperate so
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separate systems in a cooperative in a cooperative common architecture that that's how i see but we we're now explore that further and that's my concrete suggestions that this could be the decision at the summit to initiate this exploratory work. so refer to things that people will use. to go back if in whatever the it it gave chinese company mr lavrov what albeit the russians are further it steps in response do you need provocative steps taken by talk you're going to move. you know senior militants and we want to develop our a corporation with japan in every way possible mind you we are not taking any steps or slows routes that might the course of the missions to disrupt should discard
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ration michigan you know we expect our japanese partners to do the same and schools that we've built and you must stop creating artificial hindrances for our mutual cooperation by humans. minister sergey lavrov just just wrapping up a news conference with nato chief. in moscow here they touched upon a raft of issues including joint missile defense or at least the possibility of it cooperation in afghanistan of course the recent diplomatic row with japan was also brought up. foreign minister lavrov did say that the upcoming nato russia summit in lisbon to happen at the end of this month is expected to be the end of the cold war and the beginning of real cooperation between nato and russia we're going to take
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a short break and then i'll have more at the top of the hour stay with us.
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