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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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all. the international association of russian language and literature teachers with the world festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs won't. become a participant of the world festival of russian language and we'll an exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information visit the festival website. jermyn opinion split over a t.v. show that aims to expose online pedophiles searching for underage victims critics say the programme makers put themselves beyond the rule of law. and the georgian
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government so seeds of discord as it's planned to offer land south african farmers meet stiff opposition from locals afraid of losing their only source of survival plots. this world who is one of the. two thousand to twenty people. on their. team travels to the siberian region of tomsk a place of exile for many key figures in russian history even the man who founded the infamous gulag camps joseph stalin. ten pm in moscow good to be with you here on r t our top story debate is raging in germany over a television show that aims to expose possible internet pedophiles by secretly
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filming their meetings with decoys posing as victims critics including the country's justice minister. claim the program flouts the law in pursuit of higher ratings but creators claim they have to resort to such methods as the law falls short in tackling internet predators r t sarah forth has more. it's every parent's nightmare their child is being lured by someone they met on the internet this girl is pretending to be thirteen years old the man at the table is in his sixty's they've been conversing online but we. go from it is you isn't it yes if i'm a little kid and you. went to the kiska you tell me. the back of your neck may be ok but perhaps that might turn you on that later is actually an undercover journalist and it turns out the man works for
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a children's charity he's completely unaware that the meeting is being secretly filmed as part of the german t.v. show a cool tattoo the internet and it's exposing the dangers of sexual predators online . in the very beginning we expected it expected to have you know to have a very specific. person to be imagined you know what you would read usually magine as a sexual predator you know the guy with the glasses and you know. but we've met people from all kinds of society those who praise the show say that the authorities should have been in film straight away especially as in this case the man worked with children and that the chaise design should be great sayings is the primary made savation the people who took the video clip took the clip in may and broadcasted in october now and in between there was no information for any.
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investigative. officials or police not for the employer or employer as well but the producers argue that the reason for having to keep the identity of the men they film secret is due to a major leak hole in the law. chatting on the internet with a child even about cirqus is almost never considered a crime is left very unclear what exactly constitutes a criminal action. shockingly under current law unless there is an actual physical assault there's not much that can be done and it's an international problem with many experts openly acknowledging that guidelines are in desperate need of clarification integrating is not a new thing nomination and as a number of children going online craze so it is a danger and the scariest part is that right now there's not much that the police can do to protect the team shaders how often within minutes of going into an online
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chat room praising as a young girl sexual advances were made if we can succeed with the goal of really changing the law making the approach of minors online the cyber grooming. under. section. can avoid those people tracing the sarah fan r.t. . stay with us here on r t still ahead. bush here is celebrating national unity day holiday with a star of the roots but also allows people of different social and political opinion is the share their ideas. first though the pentagon has awarded a fuel contract worth more than three hundred million dollars to supply its manasseh air base in kyrgyzstan to a corporation that's under investigation by the u.s. congress the company won't disclose its ownership but there is speculation that the family of the ousted characters president but he might be involved to talk more
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about this now we go live to our studio by ivan eland director of the center on peace and liberty at the independent institute good to talk to you mr yelland so what do you make of these allegations and the involvement of the back here family do you think they're true. well they could be of course the u.s. has in the past cut deals for bases and lucrative contracts go to the country involved the cia could be involved it could be there could be a lot of things going on here the congressional investigation is not apparently the report is not going to say there's any wrongdoing but this is a very suspicious contract. because it was a single source there was no competition and the companies beat out more established fuel providers so and also the operators of the company are void the press one of them did testify before congress but the other one he won't give interviews to the media or and he runs away from he didn't show up at the
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congressional hearing that said or even though they subpoenaed him so there's a lot of mystery around this so i think anything is possible in this case and it could be a payoff for the u.s. to use the base and of course that was when the old regime was in power that the military gentleman you were talking about lives in california is named douglas edelman i understand he used to run a hamburger joint in bishkek that i'm reading here in the washington post article on this so do you think it's a coincidence that the u.s. military presence in kyrgyzstan in the form of this base has become embroiled in this criticism for the american support of the bucky have regime or do you think that was more of a marriage of convenience he had the base in the country they had to work with him . well i think they it's a strategic base because they provide all the troops that fly and afghanistan fly through the base that also provides refueling for. fighter jets that are in
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afghanistan so it's a very critical base and of course the routes the supply routes through pakistan are in dangerous by the taliban and so it becomes even more important so i think you know when you're in a war you do anything you have to to. to keep bases and this is a this base has been controversial for a long time and. to two leaders of kurdistan have fallen because of these fuel deals so. you know you would think the u.s. would be more careful but i think what you're saying is the fact that the real deals are to pay for the base being there so the media corp which is one of two including another one called a red star that got the contract now they're under investigation by congress do you think it's even possible that we they were still awarded these huge sums of money how was that possible was there just not good oversight or where did the system break down. well it seems to be that. from what
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the draft report the congress says that there is there's been no illegalities however that doesn't mean when you give out a sole source contract that foreign policy. issues don't take precedence over competition which i think is what's happened i mean as you mentioned the guy was running a hamburger stand these people had no. experience in transporting or storing out flammable fuels and yet they have beat out experience competitors i mean the circumstantial evidence that there's something going on here is overwhelming and that but it may not be a question of criminality and the name may be. you know working for the u.s. government in some respect or being. allowed to do this because the u.s. government wants to funnel this money and keep the base the investigation was started right after by kiev was ousted from power what do you make of the timing
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why do you think the u.s. tolerated these corrupt years before and how far were they willing to go to keep the air base in kyrgyzstan. well i think you know the congress is a separate branch of government from the executive branch and i think they probably thought well you know this guy's been deposed so we can start investigating this and see what's see what's there see if this was a payoff because the congress likes to know what the executive branch is doing so i think it probably they probably didn't want to monkey around too much when he was the leader of the country but when he was deposed they said well we have a little bit more freedom to look into what the executive branch is doing now i don't know that they're going to find anything because they may have found a way or they may have discovered the way that the u.s. keeps the base and they've decided to not publicize it for national security reasons or whatever but certainly this doesn't use these types of.
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contracts whether they're actually illegal is one thing and whether they're corrupt is another thing and i think what we're saying is corruption but i think in the united states the executive branch might have. you know the legal authority to do something like this that they think it's in u.s. security interest to do what they have to do to keep this vital base and i think you know when you have a war going on the rules bend or new rules are made or whatever to do these things and i think this is a very this is clearly a vital base and this i think is part of the compensation package for kurdistan one way or the other in the basin silva do you believe that it is the sole purpose of it to support the u.s. operation in afghanistan or do you think it has anything to do with the influence in the former soviet space. why i think it i think it the second is there are two obviously the first objective is to fight the war but of course the russians in the
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us have been competing for influence in this country they have bases not too far from each other and so i think certainly the u.s. is playing planting other flags in the central asian and caucasus region and around the russian perimeter and so i don't think it's necessarily a coincidence the space serves two purposes this is certainly a second purpose of the bases to just one more area where the u.s. is trying to seek influence in the near abroad of russia finally the contract was granted despite the appeal of the current curious leadership to stop using contractors and resort to a russian curious joint supplier instead how do you think this might affect the new u.s. securities relations. well sort of mystifies me that that's another mystery as to why you no longer try to a cultivate the government has the government was deposed by this contract so why continue the sort of thing there must be something else going on here some people
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have speculated that it's a cia front company doing other things i don't know exactly what it is myself but it certainly seems that once the old regime is deposed i'm. giving this contract in these in this manner would not be in the u.s. interest anymore at least on the overt level but we don't know what's going on behind the scenes and that's the role problem here certainly competitive bidding wasn't followed in this contract all right ivan eland senior fellow and director of the center of peace and liberty at the independent institute good to to talk. georgia plans to revamp its alwynne arguer cultural industry by inviting new farmers from south africa bowlers are a minority there and the georgian government believes they could find better opportunities far from home and bring investment and new ideas but local farmers for the drastic measures will see them plowed off their own lad artie's arena reports. three years of land but his family barely scrapes by the target
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logs and lives on potato soup all year round one of many farmers struggling to survive in georgia though he has plenty of land he cannot afford to grow anything on it is show most the fuel for the tractor is too expensive the pension i get is forty five years dollars most of these goes towards my medication that's right by that i hardly have anything left over. trish what's or has a heart condition but still works the land choosing straining his health over hunger his neighbor a mas is hardly any better off with so let me just but he said that it would they could have his american seeds a couple of years ago but they failed to thrive we hardly got any harvest and i know most of the people in my village are struggling with this about what the georgian government has introduced a policy it says will turn all this around it's encouraging huge numbers of south african farmers to come here bringing fresh ideas and expertise but the plans have
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been met with stiff opposition in the fields of agriculture and politics alike to go to resources food supply our government is conducting a policy of the trail of their own country our farmers will be forced to abandon their lines because the kind of afford to farm it they don't produce enough to sustain themselves let alone sell anything to make a profit. the government appears to be ploughing alone far on this issue but it's shrugged off all criticism and believes the scheme will revive an ailing industry or sarwari well. going to culture. best farmers one of the best farmers in the wall to teach. we showed them the opportunities what they have. here there may be an influx of as many as forty thousand bores who'll be able to buy as much land as they want but that idea does not go over well with everyone georgian farmers say they feel
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they're being pushed out of their land by their own government and south african boers don't know what to expect from the land or people and efforts to resolve that will be easy given the distances between the two countries currently south african farmers knowledge about agriculture in their potential new home is sketchy at best they weed industry. that's supposed to be this type of food if i remember correctly they produce only ten percent of the. need but this seat is eight years old but i never heard of the hybrid seeds selected with the seeds the first south african farmers are expected to arrive next year and once that happens georgian farmers who may lose the land that feeds them say their future looks bleak it even goes carty ga. remember you can always find more at our website r.t. dot com plenty more stories blogs and videos for you to see here's what's online
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right now. maybe a good time to invest in soviet bangers once upgraded they could give many of today's super callers a run for their money slip into top gear and check it out. plus happy birthday to the international space station mankind's home away from home a celebrates ten years of constant service outside the earth's atmosphere more on the end vicious engineering project at r.t. dot com. next the close up team is off on its travels this time to the tomsk region in western siberia it's a place where a noun is a destination for exiles dating back to the days of the czar tess are sillier reports on how the past is still affecting the region's present.
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there's a saying every times local knows god created paradise while the devil created know him near him is located in the southern part of the tomsk region difficult to get to and right smack in the middle of a swamp cut off from the rest of the world it's a place renowned as a destination for exiles dating back to the sorry. in the early nineteenth century the population grew rapidly because of exiles to the point that every fifth the residents of tom skandha surrounding areas was in exile. the last batch will form a wealthy peasant they were cooled oppositionists but in fact these people were just hard working families among those peasants was nicholai gook during stalin's time forced collective farming was introduced many landowning families lost their
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properties and were deported to siberia his family was sent here in one nine hundred thirty one he was just four years old. or in the work of years we were transported by horse drawn carriage then by railway then locked on a boat down the obregon. at the destination there was nothing except burnt out forest we had to build barks of board and earth to live in when it got cold we made window panes of ice labs we had no food only dry bread you're right it was very difficult. well nicholai supplied was because of stalin the former soviet leader himself was banished in a room in one thousand nine hundred twelve stalin was exiled for the sixth time and sentenced to four years in siberia he lived in this house but after only thirty nine days gaped the owners of this housing and excessive family were already exiles who were sent to this region and it is in this room of the state and it was here in this bed that stalin had actually slept. staal is
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a riot he lives on in tomsk preserved in this investigative prison museum until the one nine hundred forty s. this is a story building houses the tomsk pretrial detention center and was also headquarters of the people's come a sorry it for internal affairs or n.k.v.d. . here people charged with council revolutionary activities were kept in detention interrogated sentenced to death and there is evidence that executions were also performed here. you know or alexina's that ankle was sentenced to ten years of hard labor in one of stalin's gulags and five years in exile. me in that order i was tried for treason against the motherland i told them it wasn't against the motherland it was against the government in the cases and charges they made up from were horrific. well this right here is one of the prison cells it's only eleven square metres and the crowd about fifteen to twenty people in this room. for
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discussion on their feet but despite the tragedies and tom success story good things did come out of them you love many political exiles well educated people who contributed a lot to developing education culture and economy in siberia december set up schools for local children exiled polish rebels develop sausage production businesses here coffee and barber shops. for tomsk citizens the past and the future are inseparable men like alexei look ahead. i still feel the pain but i just have to carry on with life i'm eighty six and i'd like to live till i'm ninety and see what happens next said morey who. while young people look back eager to learn lessons from the past are celia r.t. reporting from the tomsk region. joins us next with a business update stay with us here on r.t. . hungry for the full story we've got it first the
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biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in moscow she's available in hotels for course students but i do know. toto keep a promise it is congress photo east west. center no but. rather some s.a.'s slovyansk on. historical hotels of a culture in the city. called smalls. as it could have been told the strength for us to tropicana hoto. hello time to get the latest from the world of business aims to become one of the top ten high tech countries by twenty fifteen how the head of
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a corporation explains. let me give an example. silicone electronics tronics which is produced not from silicone with all speede of all of the silicon valley and that's something which is really interesting. there is the new generation of electronics which may be produced from not silicon from plastic. and that is something which of the unique was civility and we pick the best partner should become the new political object and this company will become a partner in building conversion a new factory which will produce the the cutting edge computer made from plastic actually made from the same materials which sure of the year the beer bottle made from and the potential of the cost reduction in this sector of electronic industry is. at the start of. existence you talked about
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a three billion euro hundred ninety billion ruble a year industry at least you said can we now start to raise that estimate will be successes at the start currently would do you have the final target the final key which is the thirty billion euro none of their production. and you don't want to be don't deal with different than one hundred billion rubles and what did we achieve by now from the moment you just mentioned i know we already have more than ninety projects in total investment in this project which will be made by osama is more than four b. down door and what is it especially important is that we was able to attract some six billion dollars of private investment together in a line with before a personal investment something which proves that we are not just spending money financing because here partner postponed their own money and even with
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a big of reports. when will russia produce a startup as famous as google or it takes minimal three five seven or ten years to develop a company from the garage like hewlett packard or microsoft two of the world famous businesses i believe that we are already a lot on the garish the age but we're not yet on the stage your first book and google you've said forty million russians think you're a thief why do they think that does it upset you. well that's that's a long story i believe that much more than you just mentioned and the reason is very simple if we come back to the privatization history of the reason is that. privatization is russia in the russia was unfair it was not fair. but it was something which was needed to the country and if able unfortunately common the situation when they have to do it again i will do this. russia's ministry of
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finance has effectively banned the national reserve fund from buying the bonds of irish or spanish governments investors are steering clear of the bonds of both countries which bailed out their troubled banking sectors also on deals jumped to their highest in the euro zone's history buffs seven point four percent. the federal reserve has to pump six hundred billion dollars into the u.s. spot of a fresh stimulus package to boost the country's economy there's months to seventy five billion dollars a month in a second round of quantitative easing the u.s. central bank will push is long term u.s. bonds by printing billions of dollars critics say a liquidity inflow will lead to inflation something the fed denies saying private stimulus measures of more than a trillion dollars didn't have this effect the world's largest economy grew at an annual rate of two percent until september but this wasn't enough to significantly
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cut high unemployment the interest rate has been left at a historic low close to zero the world bank has cut its forecast of russia's g.d.p. growth for the next three years begs analysts say russia has achieved a modest recovery but there are three years of a further slowdown the world bank's chief economist for russia to get it spoke to business r.t. about the key drivers for the country's economy. i think what is actually happening in the past few months is that investment has been back and much of the growth was actually led more by investments and a kind of a cyclical rebound of restocking of inventories but that's going to cyclical part but i think the good news is that we also see consumption gathering steam and. reflects basically fundamental factors driving consumption such as the fact that. really growing again after the crisis and employment is lower than in many feared certainly and many many other western countries and remember
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a russian consumer is not particularly indebted compared to many western countries so there's a lot more credit i think that can be taken on by the russian consumer i think that all these factors are going to continue. providing the winter the sale of the russian consumption and growth in the next six to twelve months so we expect to grow this year to be about four point two percent and then solidified next year to about four and a half percent largely driven by gains in consumption from the business team from now but you can always get more store a small website r.t. dot com slash business.


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