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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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all. a top russian investigative journalist severely beaten up in moscow police say the attack is a likely connected with his professional activity. lead. campaigners
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in the u.k. demand convictions for police officers responsible for deaths in custody. and artie's close up series makes a journey to a land which offers locals abundant wild bounty for food and business siberian region tops. eight pm in moscow i match reza good to be with you here on r t police are investigating a brutal attack on a correspondent of russia's commerce sun newspaper all a caution was was fiercely beaten near his home in moscow one is now in an induced coma investigators are saying his professional activity may be behind the assault artie's peter all over has more. the attack occurred right in the center of moscow
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where mr caution lives and two attackers were waiting for him to return to his apartment building into the courtyard part of the of the apartment complex where he lives they were standing holding flowers apparently trying to disguise what their intentions were mr cashin arrived they produced a blunt object and set about him in a brutal attack with the cash in currently in a very critical condition in a induced coma in a hospital suffering from many many bruises as well as seriously broken fingers from this attack why these these two people we can hear now from neighbors of mr caution who found him shortly after the attack. may be aware that it was about half past twelve i was in my room and i heard some sounds like panting a morning as if someone has been beaten up he was lying right here all covered in blood especially his face and his legs his fingers were smashed his shoulder until doctors. the place. they didn't take anything from him he was conscious
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and he said that there were two people who'd been lying in wait for him. we heard from the editor in chief of the commissar newspaper was the cautions boss who said that the fact that no money was taken or belongings were taken from him and the manner in which his fingers had been broken suggested that it certainly wasn't a robbery and that the his work is investigative journalist it being the reason for this search for this brutal attack though investigators that are looking into it even suggesting that the intent of the attack may have been to kill mr caution at least there was more through the summer and the investigation is considering very small leaves behind this is nation attempt including his work of course currently the investigators are studying this c.c.t.v. food which it's clear that there were two attackers russian president dmitri medvedev has commented on this brutal attack via his twitter feed here's what the president had to say. the prosecutor general's office and the ministry of internal
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affairs to keep the investigation of the attack on caution and to special control those guilty must be found and punished mr kushat is a very well renowned journalist here in russia in his work with the sun newspaper as an investigative reporter he's looked into many youth groups here in russia sometimes quite critical pieces and he's also looked at the. the destruction of him pee forest to build the to build a new motorway between moscow and st petersburg and the work it is now being stopped into the the teacher up and down of trees in the forest the last year. about a you know the journalist with the newspaper he was brutally beaten over his work regarding the forest destruction and he now is ended up as a disabled person due to the brutal assault that he had now if you go back to the incident with mr cash and the attack on his boat quite a reaction here in moscow with members of the public campaigning to try and track
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down the two people he so brutally assaulted this journalist in the center of the city we're in a campaign to try and track down those responsible is currently underway. peter all of our reporting on a fierce attack on one of russia's top investigative journalists in moscow former editor in chief of the newspaper andre says oh i'd caution was also an outspoken blogger and his views could provoke such a response. but of course the reason for this attack is conscience professional activity he was a popular blogger and he was more open and outspoken in mind than in the paper common sense has a certain more reserved style this beating is very similar to the attack on the journalist because of which took place a couple of years ago this mention of his fingers for example so that the person could not write any more there is a horror show element here. can pairs in the u.k. are demanding answers into why no officer has ever been convicted for deaths in
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police custody one person a week reportedly dies as a result of contact with police reports. if you want to be heard they say sometimes it's better to whisper than to shout these people are relying on that as they take to the streets to tell the silent story of loved ones who have died in british police custody. is here because of his brother a recovering drug addict pap's died in two thousand and eight following a routine stop and search by the police he was he was being restrained when i saw it it's one of. an often either side of these arms putting them back and two officers. hit him in the back and that's really how you know it samantha brick david's brother also dies two years ago mentally ill sean was restrained by four
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police officers and bundled into a van and in the five minutes it took to get to the police station had stopped breathing he died a short time later there's no ideal outcome as my brother is dead ok nothing is going to bring him back we know that but you know these things that have been carrying for so many years away from the mental health people have been restrained and losing their lives two years on there's been no inquest into sean's death and the results of investigations are often on the satisfactory this footage shows ian tomlinson being knocked down by a police officer during last year's g twenty riots he later died no conviction was brought against the officer responsible this protest aims to give a voice to the boys are the first majority of those who die in police custody i belong to that class of have nots the marginalized often from top in a city areas more than half of them had already been involved with mental health
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services but despite more than four hundred deaths either in or directly following police custody in the last ten years no police officer has. convicted of all months or so. on average one person a week dies as a result of contact with the police according to the independent police complaints commission and that's not even counting deaths in prison immigration centers and mental institutions police officers doing just commit other minor crimes where they commit the crime of murder. and that's the main reason people you to go to live with you know that this is going. to do something about if there are human rights abuses in iran we complain to complain about human rights abuses happen in britain and this seems to be the silence. that's worth shouting about these people say but this protest fell on deaf is the police at downing street refused to
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take their petition and they had to leave it tied to the railings. it was. london. you're watching our t.v. still ahead this hour when the judges become the judged. you look at how the u.s. was accused at the u.n. human. accused at the u.n. of human rights violations plus. it didn't take us very long to experience the extreme conditions the siberian wilderness throws your way but if you know how to work with nature and to work hard at your survival you'll find that it has plenty to offer during our close up team in their search for wild nature is treasures of siberia just a few minutes. first though an amendment to the law governing protest rallies has been vetoed by the russian president dmitry medvedev the proposal supported by the parliament would have made the process of getting approval for
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a gathering even tougher medvedev defended his decision saying that the legal adjustment would have breached human rights editor in chief of the slovo newspaper says by vetoing the changes the president was just doing his job the mad men were essentially rural british beauty of nature because. they were a bit of a person who was under proceedings for breaking a law in the past from organizing the rallies number two it stipulated notification of the rally should be extended. obviously. this is again something that prevents the freedom of assembly in russia i think the president as a director of the constitution. prudently to the constitutional rights of the russian population and that's what he did. the u.s. has for the first time ever faced unprecedented public scrutiny over its human rights record at the united nations human rights council the u.s.
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delegation received strong criticism over its human rights violations including racial profiling the use of the death penalty and abuse allegations overseas council members in geneva called for the closure of guantanamo bay prison and further investigation into the alleged torture by u.s. troops abroad american representatives defended their nations human rights record but stressed they were not satisfied with the status quo brian becker of the answer coalition says washington is trying to change an image created by the bush administration. obama administration is trying to rectify the problem that the bush administration created in terms of u.s. image around the world the united states could not continue to lecture all the other countries in the world about democracy and human rights and freedom and at the same time have as its principal image that of torturing torture incorporated because bush and cheney and rumsfeld not only invaded afghanistan invaded iraq they detained tens of thousands of people they said they weren't liable to be held under
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the geneva conventions they were they were tortured they were taken to other countries the secret rendition places in other words the image of the united states was one of torture the opposite of freedom or democracy and so now the obama administration has subjected the united states to a review a universal policy review and the rest of the world is taking aim at the united states and highlighting its flaws well the formal position of the conservatives is that the united states can only be the judge it can never be judged that somehow it's superior to the people of cuba or venezuela or those countries that seek to be independent of the united states. for more on this and everything we cover here on our team you can log on to our web site r t dot com here's what's online right now get lost in moscow yourself in london the distance between the two has been shortened by graffiti artists by the big ben beside the kremlin at r.t. dot com. historic day for millions of people who suddenly realize their
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political party no longer existed nineteen years ago the seemingly untouchable communist party was banned throughout russia find out how it happened in our russia now section. well he may be almost ninety but a world war two veteran from southern russia has shown that he still has what it takes to become a dad are my became one of the world's oldest fathers this summer as artie's dennis polaski discovered he has plenty of stories to tell his baby boy. out of my niece is eighty nine but he loves to spend time with little love to believe it or not he's not this baby's grandpa. he would spoil my son. he's the father instead of the fairy tales of my niece is telling the child how he
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fought the nazis. daddy for the war you know to live very and the birth of their second child was a miracle for our my east and he's thirty four year old wife you gania know we want to share the joy with the world would you tell me am i in the guinness book of records yet because i think i should be there for conceiving a child at my age. the desire of live in a small town or for my future and so them russia the birth of little of two and turned them into local celebrities. all our neighbors congratulate us sixty crews visited their home in just a month even the local mayor says he is not getting as much publicity the visits often turned into news conferences and even though there was a lot of us grew a little tired of all the attention they still share their daily lives with the press their only concern just how much loan this life will last most men in that of
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mice not thought of spam really have lived long lives so he soaping to see his one hundred first birthday but perhaps the sad part for this very unusual russian family is how they're going to live their lives some twenty years from now when the mice will pass away leaving them on their own then as the cross in the region. later in the program we delve into one of the event into the events of one of the toughest most important periods of world war two the spring of forty five when a big part of europe was still occupied by nazi forces in our special report those who were liberated by the soviet troops unveil new details of the war and its aftermath. millions died here. and millions will look forward to be helped and say. the pain and suffering will never be
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forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation. era spring of nineteen forty five on our team. that report coming your way in an hour's time here on r.t. . moscow and cowboy have agreed to step up efforts to fight opium production in afghanistan this comes after president hamid karzai criticized an anti-drug raid by nato and russian forces which he said was carried out without his government's consent artie's military analyst says the afghan leader realized he needs to join the international and type of narcotics effort to boost his own popularity in the country. just as expected afghan president hamid karzai backtracked on his accusations regarding the russian participation in a joint counter-narcotics operation in southern afghanistan however backtracking is
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not enough for hamid karzai to exonerate he's image and close association as to when the official top lobbyist for afghan drag lords now has a unique opportunity to lead the way the afghan counter narcotic police in hell man to the khandahar and thus to prove he's relevance as a genuine leader evgeny a stand and to lead that aerial airborne assault on the poppy fields in southern afghanistan you can prove for they regular afghans that after all i mean i could make a total reverse from being an official top political cover for the drug lords genuine military leader of afghanistan who could also take full responsibility in a new counter-narcotics and maybe later counter corruption campaign in his own country. taking a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe eighteen people
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have been killed in northern china after a fire broke out in the shopping center another twenty four people were injured and more than ninety had to be rescued as according to chinese media there were few victims among the visitors as the blaze started shortly after the center opened more than sixty shops were located in the center many of them selling electronics. a train carrying one hundred twenty three tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste has crossed from france into germany despite protests from both countries authorities diverted the train after environmentalists gathered at the border in a bid to block the transport train which is carrying the toxic waste with german storage facility has become the focus of the anti and nuclear movement in europe mass protests are expected to greet the waste at its final destination in north germany. up next a close up series as we continue exploring what russia has to offer.
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all this week we've been exploring the tomsk range and in western siberia it's not only rich oil and gas but also for the variety of natural treasures growing in the wild wash forests are an abundant natural resource for the region and a priceless recreational area for residents tests are so you found herself in the heart of the siberian wilderness. tom squeezed in southwestern siberia has long been known to be rich in oil and gas and the local economy has been linked with oil and gas and other related industries for quite some time but the local economy has a new growing and developing sector and that involves the collection the gathering of the processing of wild growing natural products such as berries mushrooms and pine nuts there are some companies that do invest in the processing of these products and was very interesting here is that this is really growing in the wild so people here can just go to the forest and go gather that themselves and the results they get of course depends on how much they gather i am in the heart of what really is the perfect example of that lush greenery of that rich forestry that
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make up such an abundant natural resource for the tomsk region it has over a million hectares of agricultural land and more than half the territory is covered with forest there were four people injured collecting pine cones in a forest families come with children young people do it a lot too you can collect for your own consumption or you can sell them at a good price there are people who leave off this business. it's estimated that picking and processing different kinds of wild produce provides an income for as many as one hundred fifty thousand local inhabitants those who gather can sell them to companies that process them like this one. this is the first stage of the processing plant has to get the nuts kenzie gathered a special stations where people bring them there is a huge bits. then szell here which needs to be realized pine cones wild mushrooms and a wide variety of berries are there for the picking almost ninety percent of what's
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picked is processed here to our company processes wild berries we store frozen berries industrial fruits facilities and process them into different kinds of jams from a taste of the sweet fruits of the wild to taste of the rough side of the siberian wilderness. before we patrol the surrounding forests the phony here is quite diverse you can spot alex perry slinks and sables in winter he can hunt moves bichon them and skis as for bears they can only be hunted in their dance in winter the rangers spend a month at a time in the thick of the forest and in order to survive while they're there hunting for food has become part of their daily routine no bears this time but there was certainly no shortage of birds. come in urban people are just not suited to all this it takes no one animals habits in being a good shark to be successful hunter well i'm no good at either of those so i tried my hand at fishing instead it didn't take us very long to experience the extreme
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conditions the siberian wilderness throws your way but if you know how to work with nature and to work hard at your survival you'll find that it has plenty to offer. r.t. reporting from the tomsk region and stay with us here about over joins us next with all the latest business news. hello and a very warm welcome to the business news finance ministers from the asia pacific region have agreed to avoid using their currencies as trade weapons the decision was made in order to promote more balanced and sustainable regional growth but today a gathering of finance chiefs from the twenty one member asia pacific economic cooperation forum was a preview to a meeting of leaders of the same states in europe or how many of tokyo at next week's gathering they will work to map out a growth strategy to discuss regional economic integration hundred view progress
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toward the group's goal of open trade in that spent. you create is rapidly regaining the trust of international finance agencies says the i.m.f. hot weather and i.m.f. commission which is visiting the country is still to make a decision on giving its second tranche of a fifteen billion dollars loan. he has more. research on eating and i economy this was a victory on the court which is main priority when he became ukraine's president less than a year on experts say this goal has been somewhat successful in twenty jan the country has seen a six percent growth in g.d.p. compared with the disastrous decline last year and this came partially due to less spending on imported natural resources the economy has successfully passed through the crisis and the cheap gas price from russia. to
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the gas price i minister mr for the next year ukraine will have a price which will be a little bit. too. close which is one of the last in europe but despite the positive trend skee of still seems to be relying on the fifteen billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund borrowed two years ago by the. previous administration under victor usually. the funds delegation has a right to kiev to assess whether the new government is fulfilling the loans obligations some of which are deeply unpopular among the people doing nation see some progress. in two thousand and eight in two thousand crean finally has significant raise prices for. last fifty percent which was very negative for the. region president. another sticking point is spent in reform namely raising the british an
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age which is required by the i.m.f. but not favored by the general population but is it all worth the effort economists believe that ukraine does not require more funding badly enough and the whole force is more about the country's image problem it's a. russian. band but apart from that the government doesn't march from there but who could not on my knees important by the signal government is doing right since the loan is split in several tranches and should this one go ahead it will become the second part of the loan and will amount to a little over one billion us dollars the delegation says it will reveal its verdict no earlier than november the fifteenth experts have little doubt that this time the i.m.f. delegation will say yes to another tragedy of money for ukraine the question is
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whether they will be as optimistic the next time inspectors come to kiev in february twenty seventh. day from key of ukraine. russia may see the largest airlines ever created within its domestic market rhino neeson wants to expand its ownership of after months to a controlling stake with a recent blessing from prime minister putin it seems most likely to happen but in the question our ports. green only sun has got the green light to expand its stake in the country's top comic after the us investment firm troika dialog and state holding russian technologies each twenty five percent one a bulls could sell part of their stake allowing in reno nissan to take control. but we have a desire to buy choice of dialogue share and after of ours and we are in negotiations however we have not come to any decision yet we are not in
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a hurry and have plenty of time however both renault. are interested in buying troika dialog share analysts say the government is keen to give a foreign investor control in the comic aiming to cut its responsibility for funding the company after the us has been a have a burden through the crisis as a huge regional employer which in turn supports local government budgets while the government grapples with how to reform the structure of russia's single industry towns reno has been updating the economy go with a new technology and motels at a cost of more than three hundred million dollars last year three miles the local slogan will appear in two louder versions from twenty twelve it's a gamble for reno which hopes to profit from the doubling of russia's com market over the next five years we have to pass the company will have a significant presence in russia. jointly back should this will be the largest alliance in russia ever. to russia the end of the day is one of the few still
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try to core markets of course excluding china and india after our sales have jumped as a result of the government subsidized same game and the company moved into profit in the first half of this year netting one hundred million dollars compared to the loss of six hundred million dollars the same time a year ago the timing isn't right for reno as late as deal and i don't question the business r.t. . that's your update from now but you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business. thank you you. thank .


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