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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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and this time he says he's electrocution experiment is meant to highlight censorship issues in russia with find some of the images in this report disturbing . this happens every time one hundred people the internet both elect modem r.t. to receive a massive electric jolt anyone can vote he'll do this every night for a week or until he's hospitalized i think you're born rich or so if this is a test of how society interprets freedom do they want to use it to save or to kill me this is a lot about our society. mother matty says his electric shock treatment is symbolic of what he calls the oppression of artists specifically says ship of art by vocal religious minority. then years ago he shot the radical film in which he was authentic we crucified. i'm not the sort of got seven inscription on his back. a prominent orthodox christian he thought that i was asian and russia sued him for
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inciting religious hatred and knew there was no position there people had the right to be protected from having their beliefs insulted the man deserves punishment all they feel for him no beauty he's crazy. at the moment but i'm about to did not wait for the court decision and fled he's now living in exile and bulgaria won't just touch our circle until i paid a high price i am separated from my homeland but if i'd gone to prison i would have paid an even higher price those people have tried to destroy me is just. nothing in short we have laws that protect religion on the one hand and laws that protect individual's right to freedom of expression he was caught between the two but the link was accused of committing hate crimes that i think is wrong with you. since his crucifixion performance dozens of other artists have been fired and have their shows closed most after mass destruction by christian groups. my remark he
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says he has no fear of death of thousands of responses for him no one should be driven to suicide by religious fanatics says well why are you giving people on the internet the power to decide your life and theirs sponsibility for your death so as another it will be fun to see someone die suggest someone else a legacy fighting what seems to be a worthy aim now if you didn't get injured today but the funny thing happens to him over the next week everybody involved in this story will be a loser you are a c. so fear bulgaria and coming up here in our team sick of all things savi it whether your government point man decades of a country's history some say the only trying to draw public away from the problems of today. fear is republicans will try to repeal president obama's health care a lot have risen following the u.s.
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midterm elections from ones being at the top of a global life expectancy chart america has slumped to nearly fifty its place with many blaming the ailing health care system for the slight arches or analyst who has been talking to a nine eleven hero for whom reform of the system is the only hope to stay alive. new york. the big apple it's this city that never sleeps and just beyond the urban chaos. neither does ken it's george one of the most. deer in his closet and you can see why of course you can it is a sick man and despite appearances the photos with us politicians in plaques from the president recognizing him as a hero in the aftermath of nine eleven x. zero is what i got from president obama he still can't afford his health care a lot of the medications i'm eating call did you know it's expensive his insurance fall short which means every month he has to pick and choose what ailments he
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treats this is what i do a lot of times i stick with the course here to help me breathe at night and i skip some of the other medications my sleeping pills that we sleep even without sleeping pills he hasn't slept well since nine eleven a city employee working on highways he was drafted into the search and rescue team in the aftermath of the attack on the twin towers actually picking up where you were remains and search and see what it was or why the aftermath for him has been forced early retirement in a fixed pension basically a kick out of what and a cut in health care which puts him in a deadly dilemma forced to make possibly life or death decisions because of the chronic diseases he suffers arising from his work at ground zero but i really got a foot in the grave because of the heart and lung disease and all i did was get punished for getting sick doing my job down there the kind of case is unique in that he was a nine eleven first responder grim statistics show he is not alone the united states now ranks forty ninth in the world in overall life expectancy this is
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a drop from twenty fourth back in one thousand nine hundred nine and put that behind countries such as south korea bosnia as well of the european union now the prime reason for the climate researchers say it's america's deteriorating health care system with a growing number of people who are uninsured. or and during. world. people just like kenneth i think that insurance companies make decisions that are not necessarily towards. the betterment of the patient some of his patients are even worse off than kenneth if they don't have insurance that means it's all out of pocket a lot of these people are not working there's a lot of problems and i think the president has tried in earnest to repair a system that's out of whack you as president obama's health care reforms might help someone like kenneth but there's still lots of red tape to be faced with
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insurers and now the reforms themselves are under threat from the house now controlled by republicans who vowed to overturn them but as the politicking goes on kenneth still needs his prescriptions but i want to get paid. these uncovered and you'll still be forced to make desperate choices on which ones he can afford and which ones he can't this in the richest and largest economy in the world in a country where he was praised as a hero by its president but that won't change his grim reality his prognosis as well as of his nobody knows. but just like the city that never sleeps kenneth george may not ever either who is here take care of my family when i'm gone and even if his family does no one is resting easy concept right now lauren lister r.t. new york. over one hundred iraqis are demanding a public inquiry in the u.k. over claims they were systematically abused by british troops between two thousand
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and three and two thousand and eight they are a geisha is include torture sensory deprivation and being stripped naked fill shiner a wire of the lawyers in the case gave r.t. an example of what his clients had to go through. in the usual sleep with the one who's usually one o'clock two o'clock in the morning the deal is exploded twenty soldiers russian. their abused conflict often rifle butts huge sometimes whoa dude sometimes the women and children are abused into our cases pregnant women have miscarriages because they've been so badly abused. our clients are rocky's and civilians they don't know what they've done they're never told the never charged. even more shocking details of the british campaign in iraq watch the full interview
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with bill schneider in an hour's time here on r.t.e. . investigators believe a brutal beating of renowned russian journalist and a caution is most likely to be a link to his work and the conversation newspaper or his personal blog inquiry has been open into his attempted murder caution underwent surgery twice after the assault which took place early on saturday doctors say his condition is serious but stable the attack near cautions home was captured by c.c.t.v. camera but the culprits remain unidentified and the case has caused a public outcry journalists have been rallying moscow's police have quaters for three days demanding authorities find those responsible a special unit that includes moscow's top investigators has been created for the case. georgia may soon introduce a ban on all soviet symbols the new law has already passed its first hearing in parliament but the opposition fears this could be used by the authorities for another crackdown on human rights really goes to reports. out with the old in with
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nothing new the georgian parliament has approved a first hearing of what it calls a freedom charter it's controversial and seeks among other things to wipe out all soviet symbols the author of blood's a believes it's a necessary step to help georgia make a break from the past. there are two main parts to it fighting terrorism and getting rid of the country's communist legacy georgia cannot develop in a democratic manner if we allow people with a communist back and mind to keep important posts. but lots of says many progressive e.u. members like poland and not here have successfully adopted such a law and he thinks georgia should follow suit but not everyone agrees and many want the authorities to focus on the present rather than the past it. has no. anything. serious finger
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and. nothing to say to this site other critics say that if tbilisi wants to outlaw all things the soviet then it means outlawing the communist party as well a prospect which doesn't go down well with party members. of those in the mountain out of their polity this is yet another step in an anti people policy which our government is conducting this is an attempt to rewrite history the situation in the country is critical people are already saying openly that it was better to live under socialism than in the current system the government is just trying to show the west that they belong there. aside from making everything hammer and sickle related illegal the plans would also tighten control over money transfers anyone receiving more than thirteen thousand dollars must name the source of that income. as they were based in total control over money transfers. overseas presumably from
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russia but many georgians and that money with hard work has no plans to is democracy is straight right tools at a time to turn around regime. who knows if georgia's parliament has its way this to move the unknown soldier a soviet symbol in itself could soon to be outlawed it's been almost two years since a world war two monument was controversially destroyed in a controlled explosion and the way it's looking right now georgia's government is not just rewriting history but on wiping it out altogether and if this is georgia it even goes r.t. . and on the way in just a few minutes here in our criminal case maddux find out why make up russia is making people suffer for beauty. and also take a look at some other stories from around the world and at least ten people have been killed in a car bomb explosion and the iraqi city of karbala locals say shia muslims were
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targeted as the city. is a pilgrimage side and dozens were injured in the blast the attack follows a series of bombs which killed over sixty people in mainly shia neighborhoods across baghdad last week. and when you ask is proposing to drop sudan from its list of states which support terrorism as an incentive for the country to move towards peace american officials say the pay for performance reward that includes lifting crippling economic sanctions could be enforced as early as july next year and it comes on the condition that two upcoming referendums to stabilize the south are conducted fairly and the results respect that the votes are part of the peace agreement that and the country's devastating civil war in which two million people died. police have arrested a man suspected of shooting randomly at immigrants in a year long rampage in sweden thirty eight a roll was arrested on suspicion of one murder and seven attempted murders the victims nearly all was
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a member of backgrounds and shot at bus stops in their cars and through the window of a gym the suspect the serial sniper has denied the allegations. clashes have broken out between rebels and government troops a day after the country's first election in two decades the vote has been damaged as neither free nor fair by washington and london with turnout as low as thirty percent after an opposition boycott it's the first election since nine hundred ninety one yammers national league for democracy be the army bath party in a landslide yet the result was ignored by the ruling jonjo. a train carrying nuclear waste is nearing its destination in northern germany after police were forced to clear protesters from blocking trouts activists oppose the government's commitment to q. and a train journey and undergone several delays due to protest since the parted from france on sunday dozens of activists were injured during violent clashes with police. yes they can afghan officials are now looking to us
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republicans for promised change to their war torn country the fight against the taliban is bogging down nearly one hundred thousand american troops with more on the way of get a stay of drug industry still significant supplying over ninety percent of the world's opium artie's military contributor says it's high time for u. turn and u.s. strategy. almost all incoming military plus up of the us surge has been concentrated in southern afghanistan however there is a huge discrepancy between the us military deployment in southern afghanistan which is the hub at both the taliban and the drug production and cultivation and the policy of complete non interference of the u. is boots on the ground against the poppy fields general betray us should we take
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initiative from the u.s. state department and unleash its special operation forces under the guidance of drug enforcement administration to conduct the three new offensive in southern afghanistan to be the main focus of f.b.i. handing the drug lords who are basically the same landlords. poppy fields second to conduct interdiction campaign against the drug traffickers and third to conduct the special forces raids against the stockpiles off which equivalent of three years of world consumption. that was our military contributor colonel jani hersh of they are now there's lots more to discover the line just head over to r.t. dot com and time and survey your own meter with exclusive coverage videos and opinions there's plenty to keep you busy there here's a quick taste of what's available on our website. the russian military face says
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it's the largest reform in years but some of the top brass are in marching to the tune of change. down on this day nine hundred seventy five russian naval officer found out what the stagnating soviet union tried to stage a marxist revolution off his own all the details and many more stories r.t. dot com. makeup is supposed to enhance beauty but that's not always the case in russia more and more fakers maddux are making their way into stores across the country shoppers are taking a gamble when buying the products and authorities seem unable to stop the trend as artie's more international finds out. up to thirty percent of all cosmetics in russia afaik it's a huge figure but even these official stance by the ministry of internal affairs
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could just be the teeth of the iceberg almost every month police raids torus with illegal goods produced both in asian countries and incandescent operations in russia's own backyard but counterfeit leap sticks and perfume as to everywhere russia is a huge country and it's through the very hard to control all flows of product but the laws seem to be written specially to make it even worse last february they refused an obligatory certification for cosmetics and there are no longer inspections so how it could be better. if you want to go to an interpol shop in the center of moscow so as here they don't even make any secret out of their frame how much is chanel number five thirty dollars thirty dollars it's cheap isn't it it's a fake you want is produced in the united arab emirates illegally know there is a license it smell strange it's the same it just may not be the curable than the
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original it's not always easy to tell the real from a even an expert can fail to spot the difference if the price can be a real close at hand or tab for giorgio armani going to ease the fear of person a fake brand and most likely a bit of love out into the bargain. fake is always many times cheaper but the real price to pay could be much greater when the running a book most current from a scene a special and unforgettable luke she could hardly imagine what kind of special it would turn out to be. the first week was all fine but then my i started it in terribly became a read in were watering i couldn't drive because i couldn't see anything i was diagnosed with. inflammation of the eyelids it led to kind of allergy thrown into says she'll never ever get anything for me to. shop again but the problem still remains as there is no guarantee even in the teeth stores are used or. they make
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fakes at home but there are also huge fake productions entire factories with equipment similar to those the real brains use or they can just steal from real factories so you could get the gene when in an underpass but just as well a fake it especially is shop. so it looks a lot like a game of russian roulette you never know for sure whether it's fake or not and whether you'll be left a beauty or a beast grief notion r.t. mosco. everyone is up to date here and i thought i was out for a business of date with stephanie. hello and welcome to the business bulletin cash may no longer be king of payments via mobile phones are playing an increasingly important role in the russian market in fact operate to see it as a major shift their revenues seen as human fat of reports. russians do have face in cash many people don't trust banks you just said history of defaults greeting cards
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are rear debit cards are used mainly to was drawn from cash machines that leaves the field wide open to move while operators who can build on the common use of prepaid tunes but this is one of the fastest growing share of operators revenues and it will continue to grow quite rapidly according to both operators estimations and other analysts now we have very truly all people having mobile phones we think that micro payments will very well be very popular among russians ninety five percent of us are prepaid mine your new phone and you can be put in range of other goods people from small cities will benefit the most from mobile payments with fewer bangs well citizens of metropolis can top of their mobile on almost any foreigner saving time nurse and queues and for their rushing want to
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meet you at school because it's a crime to go home to scream in. russia you know because they're even a foreigner which is not very. prospective especially from space so i think we contribute to this round to be thinking. society to how we cover things just for that perspective. marker financially so you have boom is no longer just a gadget it can replace your overall it's very hard to service is becoming widespread in russia now if you hop on a train becomes not just traffic free but also cash free because you can simply pay with your phone. then add a bit of a business card to moscow. and let's take a quick look at how the markets are performing european equities are slightly lower on monday after a strong performance in the previous week utilities and basic materials are dragging on the fits you but gains in tech stocks and financials are tempering
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losses of an hour. and here in moscow markets are making up for their four day break with both the r.t.s. and the my six gaining more than two percent so far and as you mages are amongst the top gamers on the r.t.s. under us nickel is really outperforming all more than three and a half percent on the my six banks offer me particularly well the t.v. is up three point five percent. recovery in gas prices drove gas from profits in the first half of the year the malaki lifted net net profit by sixty seven percent to sixteen billion dollars both domestic and export markets were stronger with revenues up seventeen percent. russia could conquer up to three percent of the world's nanotechnology market by two thousand and fifteen if all goes according to plan but there's still plenty of hard work ahead a russian born physics nobel prize winner now living in the u.k. explains. it's a little bit from system than what i used to tool to have now
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a human child. probably one of the measure problem is that you would have to convert the money where they could be longer than any other of the number munchers to want to support the same team it's. probably needs a little bit logic rather especially for a startup but those old mine a problem sets in small a person b. and in other countries as well so do you often know the depth of the wrists this were a nice system russian font for the mantle of a sewer so they they they provide bronson share of the support. sufficient for that for for a good lab so that's just to say this week is possible to do my science bar so you'll move but russia one day at the moments that there are no you stations from russia and that is the reason one from another country and i would most probably try to go they all go there for
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a sabbatical of this. russia's innovation hub skulk of a county being created should be using individual approaches with companies to achieve maximum effectiveness that's according to the head of hewlett packard. we are we're making a decision on the best investment decision and world like to approach this as an investment decision and i'm afraid skolkovo should be looking for doing a sales job a better skilled job with large companies because their actual investment i still remains questionable if we look at all the more user signed so far i would like to learn more word when the how and if to to what extent this conditions will be applicable to what is necessary for us in our ox you see because different companies may have different demands for the investment conditions. russia's population may have shrunk by almost five percent since the collapse of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one that's according to the first national census in eight years believe me was thought to indicate that one hundred forty one
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that million people on living in the country two decades ago the population stood at more than one hundred forty eight million demographic experts say the decline hurts economic growth and inward investment. i'm not sure update for now but of course you can always find the stories if you log on to a website that's called slash business.
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a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and noone to suffer today. was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon. many more will make. the common get on in the future. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images go
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for it has been seeing from the streets of canada after. china operations are on the day. wealthy british style. that's not on. the. markets why not us canada. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike skies or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. you're
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watching aren't you live from moscow look at the top stories chock dad takes a controversial russian artist asks online users to electrocute him in a bid to promote freedom of expression he was one slammed by religious groups for a staged course of fiction and there were ramadi was sued for inciting religious hatred ten years ago but fled to bulgaria before the court's decision. fighting for health hopes are fading for a better health care system in the us republicans gained control of the house and vowed to review barack obama's reforms some americans claim they are forced to forgo vital treatment because insurance companies refuse to cover the expenses. and the prize of the fake us mad except shopper is playing russian roulette as the and up with potentially dangerous products according to the ministry of internal affairs some thirty percent of all this maddux in the country are counterfeit.


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