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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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the marshall islands i scouted for hours southwest of honolulu this is no way from north america's playfields but a paradise if one intends to test atomic bombs. all . war are. all right not dangerous tell them that the united states government now owns to turn this right this stuff good for worse and there's something good for man. one eleven i don't want to get up in on. red and blue with a lot. everything being a. big yard. over
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the twelve years of testing thirty three of the sixty seven devices that were tested here were bigger than the largest one ever tested in the eighteen of them were what are called megaton level devices in other words thousand kill it including the bravo test in one nine hundred fifty four fifteen megaton test thousand times more powerful and explosive yield than the hiroshima bomb. it was a normal yoshie one but never know what happened. it makes me angry that nobody knows but if you're on my own if you. did too. much first nine hundred fifty four the islanders are amazed to see the sun rising in the west but this star is a thermonuclear bomb bravo irradiates the sky by the wind blows towards the atoll a from that. m.m.m. on. yes i think so maybe i. was
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a very. anybody who is sleeping. right nights. completely in my. when the lights go in thousand we've seen that the in goes down from. around the crown. the sand in the lake itself. and then don't need very strong and true eyes everywhere and the ground was small say and we would soon scare. it back they want to add to the body so we hide for
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several years and when we in fact we see you don't know why things are the fool well we the power has no what it has meant to me. turned out to be a lot more powerful than they expected. they didn't bother to move the bronco out people because they said oh well it was basically too complicated logistics they had to take by this time permission from the department of interior and frankly it was expensive. it was just by accident that we even found out that that the drug let people had been powdered. the reason they found out was it with a japanese fishing trawler. that was also out there and they got dusted with radioactivity that drew the most headlines and never heard of it was called the
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lucky trick on. rushed. there and they had to. be ok. well it's six months the radio operator had died but the people in the lab they had a slow motion kind of effect they also had a lot of. did they tell you and burn yes my mom sisters you. are in from here. you couldn't be unaware. but to. report in a way which are a. rather cool we're doing this until. we're supposed to really. good some of prickly. to the natives and it is so normal western history that it hardly.
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reason is. the american media became passionate about the overwhelming power and complacent about the victims of the cold. this is not the case for the scientific community. was they got the news they sent a team of doctors to examine the wrong people and they did this continuously and are still doing that because they are such a living example of what it was like to experience them a bomb with the actual explosion so the wrong people are much more of an example for the rest of the world than the actual balmy in who and nagasaki. obviously the all the mention of what happened in her shemale what happened in the marshall islands is very different it was chronic exposure for many years that's one explosion just
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a mega tonnage was thousands of times what happened was so that's one aspect people say well you can't really compare that because. there's just a difference in the whole sequence of events and the amount of radiation that after the broadcast was a big watershed in the new year many scientists became concerned and actually i think a lot of the movement to stop nuclear weapons testing wasn't about the future of the bomb it was actually an environmental and health concern that this thing is affecting us and our children every day. they started to give birth to monster like b. . and so many miscarriages. reply fetuses and. my mom she has
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seven miscarriage and one time she had a baby that looked like great and that made me sad that i have a babysitter is an alien or is not even a human being. in december two thousand and five the marshallese presented the american government with pictures of deformed babies born with gray hair and without ears the baby survived for only a few weeks the abnormal births that you've seen photographs of of recent children i don't know that those can be attributed to any exposure but no one is investigating to find out are they in general radiogenic or are they caused by something else that's a question that may well remain unanswered. i am part of a program that the department of energy is involved in an arm and energy is part of u.s. government and so the medical program provides ongoing monitoring for radiation related
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illness for the people on the lab and you do it if you have one quick test these. but i mean yes birth defects. is a doctor get it right and it is a classic line of plan and i think you have heard about the people like that even by reading i'm not sure if you're familiar with the bare seven report in this report it did say very clearly that there's genetic mutations that are changed biologically by relation and they've shown it plants mice in bacteria so if you follow that through then there probably is genetic things that are transmitted by you know enough radiation a much radiation that takes it didn't comment in there but in your mind you know being a woman would that affect your children i can see from that there are seventy port i don't know. it's never been showed to see yes but it's also been never shown to
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see not. mainly by saying of the woman who has ms adds many a woman to leave her the silly face to leave go find a guy you know why is ninety and why is that why i never i never even. close to you know that just because of the radiation brings one the survivors are told that their children. have no genetical effects of radiation has no genetic facts on the second and third and fourth and so on generations. in their plain words so far. we don't trust we know. that they are gene that. i don't have any children of my own.
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three generations. the boys. to me she's my mother i mean she might have me in my blood on them but she still a reason i turn out to be like this. i want to be something i want to do something for my people because i know she is and our hard life. evelyn is homesick so when she can she visits her mother who lives in the general she has given up hope of ever living on the wrong map the atmospheric testing spread radioactivity throughout the world mainly in the northern hemisphere not only near the test sites but all over the world and we are still living with the long lived radioactive legacy of that fallout we still have strontium ninety in the dirt we have cesium one thirty seven we have plutonium and in the air we have carbon fourteen
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and it gets into the food and so every time we eat we have a little bit of the legacy of atmospheric testing. the national cancer institute indicates that the testing of nuclear weapons by both the united states as well as the soviet union and the other countries a test of nuclear weapons has by the year two thousand resulted in approximately four hundred thousand people who either have died will dawud prematurely of cancer. no space or time can stop the bombs rippling effects it's a boomerang drifting with the winds and the wind. down to reste disappear hundreds of thousands of victims joined the japanese dead already in mass graves the nuclear arsenal claims more corpses than previously thought and it's not over. it's a big disaster for us here in the marsh i there is no place for
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ice to i from. it's because our let me stop there be. now there's many many cases out there. for the woman it's more morning in the rice a lioness plays. it's true that women generally have a higher cancerous averaged two of the girl children are a lot more vulnerable and the other part of the population so especially in regard to iraq cancer. if i remember the number right about one hundred times the risk of adult males from the same relation to. its fire or remove nine hundred eighty one clip. i remember one time she went quiet for jews or for one of her breasts. but she was
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selling need to go to class. and then she came back and i had to shout at her i got it was the matter with you what is going on. she told minute she had a man in one of a bestial they had to an operation and then get him. in the early and mid ninety's when the us started to declassify a lot of the information about the testing program that had been classified as secret top secret. better understanding of the effects of radiation was developed. secrecy and classified documents belong to the tradition of the world's armies especially when their actions could prompt lawsuits over millions of dollars in compensation from their governments ok sure. ok these are on some of that the class advice arguments they were declassified in
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one thousand and four if i remember correctly but we just got them. you know ninety eight or ninety nine you know by and like simple boxes at one time there was this project call four point one the united states wanted to learn or make a study on radiation effects on human beings and so that all of these people were chosen. to be used as guinea pigs the rationale in part was that and this is quoting from the brookhaven report of one nine hundred fifty eight greater knowledge of such effects on human beings is is badly needed such as the habitation of these people on the island will afford most valuable ecological radiation data on human beings. various radio isotopes
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present can be traced from the soil through the food chain and into the human beings where the tissue an organ distribution biological half lives and excretion rates can be studied they have to bring in some people from an. experiment started to get their picture name with their i.d.'s and use them as an x. that's when we produce and they stood. for one prize x. . we know that chronic low dose exposure will increase to some extent the incidence of leukemia and cancer of the skin but we are in a region that we really know very little about in regard to human effects one of things about good health care is a people that are receiving their health care at the first of all trust in what they're trying to do and trust involves historical context of it
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and so i think there were definite trust issues. the department of energy stacks more than three million cubic feet of studies on radiation the scientists were so fascinated by this research that from one nine hundred forty seven until the seventies they conducted experiments on the american population itself. people were injected with plutonium though some of the leading health institutions in the united states the stated purpose of many of these experiments were to devise ways to protect people from radiation exposure we haven't seen any as far as i could i could recall any really useful information or they came out of these pregnant women were given radioactive veyron to see the metabolism or redirect of our body and though children part of it there was a school for supposedly retarded children and a radioactive cereal was fed to these children the president of the health physics society was asked would you give this radioactive cereal to your children and he
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said of course not and so this is the problem of of places like we're all alone there's travel of immediate us if you had to be. intimidated or what tammy. show that the castle probable shot menow everyone fires because they get in the abdomen. slowly in the fall. and. jump the bomb because it is. there are always said. everybody makes me you know. every once in this but something new planet for a long long time. that misty it was like.
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countdown i guess. and. it was like. being there. in the marsh land where most like it or mines. and in that they may have maybe been in bed. by. the people of iran that have been engaged in talks with the united states and they still hope that justice will prevail. but the superpower frightens. i don't believe in confrontational top policy and being an anti-american. i think that would be counterproductive to our issues than a relationship with the united states i believe that americans should provide all
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the health care to the marshallese people because they are responsible for the testing they contaminated our islands. so far we have negotiated with them it didn't work out it's not helping much you know as the wrongly piece chase after a health program and the decontamination of their island huge expenditures are made right under their noses yes the islands are still at the heart of american military research with project then at its epicenter. was an able base and its support of the testing during the eighty's when the star wars program came into effect khwaja loans importance was raised again it became what has been referred to as the catcher's mitt where rockets fired from vandenberg air force base in california would land in the lagoon or near. while hanging on to the dream of
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building an anti-missile shield the americans bombed krajan in for more than twenty years but this sort of nuclear umbrella which cost the american taxpayers about ten billion dollars every year is also very controversial because the united states doesn't hide its intention to install interceptors in space as you know today in government under paul martin was committed secretly silently to becoming part of the american missile defense plans and many of us said he waited this really isn't about missile defense this is really about. first beginnings of the weaponization of space once we got the information of the sort of sixty five percent favored it was sixty five percent against we forced it to the us the americans that we can use no thank you very much we were going to be part of it the u.s. has unilaterally walk and for the un disarmament commission to expand the outer space treaty to prevent militarization of space the lack of current discussions
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international about what all the planning in space is very bad i mean you have one army of engineers are improving our cellular phones now communications in the world you have another army of engineers are planning a whole always to destroy what's going on up there. they tell us that it's a big boy it's nothing it's like an empty shell like to believe that is that hands on but. how can we trust. now. we have to tell our story because we are a product of nuclear weapons we want to tell the world that these are the consequences. i said i almost.
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i said this is my song. it was in this that i tell the story over and over again to the were. i said to myself. what is my story is it wouldn't while or is there for everybody to listen to what if there is no money for the people of iran live or program then what i said share my body to the world. butyl why people who experience. but do something big for the people. in the marsh right i'm all over them i survive. and believe they need some dignity time we don't do business for free i have the kind of family planning went on and it is fairly well by the
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way come. when many of them that seriously want to go back. in one thousand nine hundred six the testimony of lesion at night before the international court of justice sealed the fate of nuclear weapons on july eighth the panel of judges declared the threat or use of nuclear weapons in general is contrary to the norms of international law included in the law of war. or the judges of the court were unanimous in their opinion that the nuclear weapon should be exterminated from the centers of the wood and there is that there were so many principles of international law which the nuclear weapon but it. we're gay
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male or grammy no i haven't said i don't like the people you met in state it goes there are more like us in the room and just. this famous for everyone only when i'm at it place i guess. it is my friend. who else is going to a former. grassroots one of five for the survivors on their kids. there was neither anger nor hatred in the survivors voices just pain the nuclear powers are lucky these voices are too weak to prevent these arsenals from re-emerging in military strategies the international court of justice is a moral authority and its opinion has had no effect on countries that depend on the atom bomb for their power so between the time they did images of the victims and disregard for the future we are counting on the survivors descendants to intervene
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. but beyond mucky or evelyn who can say who is not living with the legacy of hiroshima or wrong clap.
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soviet symbols but critics say it's just another try rewriting history. it's ten pm in moscow i matricide good to have you with us here on r t our top story a controversial russian artist has put himself just a click away from electrocution in a new online project all the who's wanted for inciting religious hatred has dropped himself into an electric chair and given viewers a week to decide his fate just a warning you may find somebody images in each report disturbing. this happens every time one hundred people on the internet both elect moton mati to receive a massive electric jolt anyone can vote he'll do this every night for a week or until.


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