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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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in the us. when the economy's bad unemployment heart blame china many us politicians use that tactic to get elected this year maybe you ought to run for senate try something close to hatred is being promoted against china here to the point when new york city mayor michael bloomberg said enough is enough . i think in america we've got to stop blaming the chinese and blaming everybody else and take a look at ourselves but china is not the only scapegoat u.s. politicians used to score points. when it comes to security and defense issues there is a host of other countries actively promoted as bogeyman in the u.s. fliers like this are being turned out by a major conservative think tank in washington their designs to form a negative public opinion on the landmark arms control deal with washington that's up for ratification in the senate it would be absolutely wrong for anyone to try to
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demonize russia at a time when we need russia's cooperation in order to limit the amount of nuclear weapons when it comes to the future of the start treaty the ramifications of washington's fear mongering policy can be destructive as far as i'm concerned forget about reset by not ratified start by not going forward with deputy accession we are just going to bolster that latter group of people who don't want to do business with the west sending mixed signals has become normal business in washington d.c. has the media organization which oversees america's international broadcasting walter isaacson has recently included the country's supposed partners china and russia on his list of america's enemies as he put it a statement that he later backtracked on speaking of capitol hill is popular trend in demonizing china michael bloomberg warrant that the cahsee quinces may backfire
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badly if you look at the us you look at who we're electing to congress to the senate they can't read i'll bet you a bunch of these people don't have passports we're about to start a trade war with china if we're not careful only because nobody knows where china is nobody knows what china is. fear mongering thrives where there is a lack of information with ignorance making people more susceptible to theories and some u.s. politicians take advantage of it but a question they don't answer is a beer will be able to remedy the country's economic difficulties or make americans more secure get a check on r.t.e. washington d.c. . the ratification of the latest russia u.s. reduction agreement has been stalled by washington the new start treaty signed in april and should cut the two country's nuclear arsenals by a third but it wouldn't come into force until ratified by both sides something
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moscow says it's ready to do foreign policy reporter josh rogin explains what's holding washington back. if they've made this decision that they want to postpone the vote on the agreement on next year or if they just want it to go down altogether or not pass at all that's a decision that's going to be made totally absent of the rational substantive arguments for against the treaty how it affects our security this is pure politics it's not really about the merits of the treaty it's about the politics of republicans versus the obama administration you've got the public in leadership who wants to sort of see if they really think this could be a benefit to national security and then you've got this far right group marriage foundation and their friends in some party some members of the tea party caucus who are just going to be against it off together who stands to benefit those who want to put an end to the u.s. russia reset as put forth by the obliteration the bottom line here is that what they have to benefit is to deliver a huge foreign policy failure to the bomb ministration what we have here is their white house putting all of the credibility of the reset process on this agreement
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and it's also one of the only few foreign policy successes that they can really count this year so if this goes down this looks very bad for obama it looks very bad for the senate democrats it looks very bad for those republicans who want to work with senate democrats so there is a new thinking about russia both in the administration and in congress but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so those who are skeptical of the u.s. russia relationship are ripping up their efforts to oppose this new dynamic and that's what we're seeing here and unfortunately the takeover of the house foreign affairs committee by a noted russia skeptic representative rosslyn and points to increased power for this group within congress minority and small as it may be for resisting further u.s. russia cooperation so it's much easier to thwart initiative then to implement it so what we're going to see here is increased attempts by those who are russia skeptics to push back against the administration's efforts to improve relationship with russia and the administration will have to read but its efforts even more to overcome that we just don't know yet how it's going to play out. that was foreign
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policy reporter josh rogan well still to come for you here in the program on our t.v. sometimes the old one of the best one. cartoon. in the world is marking the international day against the war more than two decades after the fall of the berlin beriah palestinians who still live surrounded by a concrete fence in the west bank demanding it be torn down but is. has been finding out some locals are using the five hundred kilometer long wall for their own benefit. honey a mare lives on a hot piece of real estate but it's not because of his view seven years ago the israeli army bills had sworn in front of his house and behind it and to the sides of it so that now he's completely closed in this gate his only contact with the outside world and he's the only one with the key bridge over our shoulders trying
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different ways to get me to move they try to force and also by offering me money indirectly they offered me an open check and told me how my life would change if i took the money and left the country construction on the wall began eight years ago among the nine hundred forty nine armistice line between israel and the palestinian west bank israel insists it's for security but palestinians complain it's a part hate and the international court of justice has said it breaches international law since the wall was built so ironically as well as keeping people out it's also been bringing others in businessmen up to his son runs what he calls alternative to it and brings tourists to see israeli settlements checkpoints and border fences but he's highlight the wall of the mill mine mainly the work he was shocked i have a lot of people been occurring in the proof you know on the have like some jewish
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people come with an offer often have jewish americans but jewish israelis until now to sign up to go into the palestinian territories it's it's it's shutting this well i mean i as a fan of pink floyd i thought that this world belongs to belong to the past so this is this people here they cannot get inside jerusalem nobody some of them there but they have to go through checkpoints. you know that's what it's like. israel insists the walls kept suicide bombers out army spokeswoman avatar leibovich says most of its nearly five hundred kilometers is in fact feigns with less than four percent. concrete in the entrance to bethlehem you will see a concrete wall because in two thousand and four fifty percent of the suicide bombers that entered israel came from bethlehem so only in those places that has extra security sensitivity that's where the concrete wall was built elsewhere as
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you can see here we're talking about a regular fence with electronics but there's nothing regular about caging people in say this israeli couple who are taking the wall on to a goal to gussy is leaving for america where she's arranged to give talks and raise money to help palestinians you know surrounded by a wall and that she can't live without having certain elements. and you live in poverty but the war means money for some travel agencies winning business from showcasing or perhaps revealing in israeli security measures. if you're planning a trip to the holy land gone are the days of visiting traditional religious sites now if you go online you'll find the ultimate counterterrorism mission a tour with the army or territories and a tour that involves a palestinian raid but it's no holiday for honey because while tourists can come and go he's stuck hear him didn't buy an israeli wall police fear r t israel.
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a prominent russian journalist who was brutally beaten in moscow is in a critical condition in hospital two attackers ambushed question with metal rods on friday night nearly beating him to death investigators say a third suspect was likely coordinating the attack questions are currently in a coma with one leg both parts of his jaw and fingers are all broken president dmitri medvedev says it was clearly not a random assault and those valves are bringing the perpetrators to justice police have so far been unable to identify and locate the attackers who were caught on camera. beating has sparked an outcry in russia and abroad a journalist made a name for himself by slumping several high profile government officials russians professional activity is being called the most likely course for the attack. but the vietnam war ended a circle decades ago but the suffering it created is continuing the u.s.
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a poisonous hope aside called agent orange was used to destroy forests and agricultural lands but also killed hundreds of thousands and still continues to cause horrific birth defects you may find some images in katherine a lot of us report disturbing. vietnam may be one of the only five socialist states in the world but its economic progress is notable business is booming hirees offices sprout up everywhere and the people have opportunities to improve their lives but the vietnamese struggle and not the french all reasons. the saying all is fair in love and war has been used to justify many military decisions but when during the vietnam war the united states began deploying a chemical weapon nicknamed agent orange over this country not many could have predicted that those from the most hole just on the battlefields but their children most at home or even born at the time. hoochie whom is thirty four years old he
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would never guess by looking at or born blind and with many severe physical difficulties her parents feed and bathe her to this day her life was taken away from her before she was even born. my daughter was born blind and we didn't know why until would soakers of the hospital in. and the doctors did some blotches that's when they said she was affected by agent orange it's very difficult for her because she's completely helpless completely dependent. for a decade american jets dispersed eighty million liters of the then brand new herbicide over the territory of vietnam operation ranch ranch did not win the war but did achieve its goal of destroying millions of hectors of agricultural fields and expose nearly five million people to its deadly poison half a million children in vietnam were born with severe physical and mental disability all because of agent orange. no u.s.
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government nor the chemical companies that made the herbicide have paid a single cent in compensation to those whose lives were destroyed by their work their only relief has come from the vietnamese government and various international organizations like the red cross who have set up so-called peace villages their affected children get their chance to live a life with as much normality as their conditions allow a woman who can treat kids and then detain them at the same time we only get fifty cents per child from the government but we need more of course to help the children home they study in a school on site play with friends living in the village and get medical and physical treatment from the doctors but not many of them will ever grow to be fully independent and self-sufficient adults and that is the harshest of all their burdens. even if the united states paid some compensation for what they did no money can give my daughter her life back nothing can pay for this pain.
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cash reserve. it's now just on a quarter past the hour here in the russian capital you are with r t thank you for joining us today now let's go to some other stories making headlines around the world this hour and a top afghan government official has been killed by a roadside bomb in the east of the country nato also reported two of its service members were killed in action in afghanistan over the past twenty four hours the u.s. led international coalition is struggling to bring peace to the country as the alliance plans to begin a troop drawdown next year however britain's top military commander says at least a thousand troops might stay even after two thousand and fifteen. iran has proposed a date to resume six party talks with world powers over its nuclear program the islamic republic is pushing for negotiations to take place in turkey next week iran is currently under four sets of u.n.
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sanctions with the latest round after talks stalled last year international concern remains over whether the country is developing a nuclear weapon tehran insists its program is entirely peaceful. he says a party linked to the military has won eighty percent of the vote in the country's first election in two decades the poll prompted fighting between rebels and government troops leading to more than fifteen thousand to flee across the border to thailand the vote has been internationally condemned for being fixed with opposition parties alleging for. the death toll from an outbreak of cholera in haiti has now risen to over five hundred people with fears of the epidemic reaching the capital about eight thousand people are being treated in hospitals across the country with dozens diagnosed with the disease in port au prince dorothy's fear the outbreak could worsen after a hurricane last week triggered floods and mudslides thus forcing people to drink
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contaminated water. a convoy of trucks transporting over one hundred tons of nuclear waste has finally reached a storage depot in northern germany it comes after a series of delays due to days of disruptive protests police had to forcibly remove thousands of activists along the route who attempted to intercept its journey from france the campaigners oppose the government's commitment to nuclear energy and claimed the waste facility is unsafe. well despite the odds soviet cartoons remain a favorite with both young and old and as criticism towards modern day telly and its obsession with violence rises a number of parents are turning to old school cartoons as a means of educating their kids however huge funding cuts are drawing out a grim picture for russia's modern day cartoonists tom barton reports.
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the cartoon time in the mask of each household. on the telly not the latest animation creations rather old soviet classics i mean apart from many other things these cartoons lay the very basics of my concepts about life what's good and bad what's bible and what's to be ignored. will you like them or not these old cartoons have a huge following throughout eastern europe in the former soviet union and new generations are just as captivated. yes they gave us a very good message. to men still many say they prefer soviet cartoons even if they're decades old to western creations and one called hedgehog in the fog the little hero has to find his courage and some friends to help him out of the mist by beard on but mostly it's about good over evil he was lonely and
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fearful in the fog but able to tell who or what was around him but then he was helped by his friends and was rescued while you do hear the cartoons creator say is that works like his to live a healthy morals to children as well. we're speaking of humaneness pope john paul the second used to say if you want to bring up your children in a humane way show them some of your cartoons. one of the most famous is called. where the furry little hero learns lessons about life and friendship with his crocodile friend again or another just you wait who can wolf trace is a hare but without the violence of some of its western counterparts. when i was small i love to watch just you wait for who is my favorite character i always pity the world so the wolf was perhaps my favorite more than the hare. and here was one of the homes of modern russian animation the center of national film in moscow has helped create welcome stroker
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a new animated feature film about the famous one nine hundred sixty s. . bass talks so far it's sold well but its critics say it is just a copy of american cartoons. certainly there are some american clichés nonetheless is a unique product a unique russian picture we tried gathering as much information as possible about the fifty's and early sixty's to demonstrate it in our film despite the team's hopes some old russian cartoon makers worry that the innovation of the soviet era is over the reason capitalism in the financial crisis have slashed state funding in half. with state sponsored films one could take a risk the film that didn't go to distribution could be written off the program produced it these days would never take risks he just wants to make money from films. which means that for now the mascot children who stick with the characters that parents watched soviet and russian animators have long innovated despite a lack of funding the cartoons they created seen if anything to be growing in
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popularity with the current funding situation as bad as it is the question is whether you question animation can survive to inspire children. ask. well we are online for you twenty four hours a day with many more stories and videos it's a taste of what you'll find right now. who is now tackling the city's most pressing issue traffic also outlined basic measures aimed at solving the problem. and this might be more difficult than it sounds as a new service that guarantees you'll be forgiven to apologize to loved ones on your behalf what are we talking about the details are waiting for you at r.t. dot com.
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our time now to turn over to the world of business. so surely good news for our gold and silver are here and that's why it's the precious metals rose to all time highs in london on monday and continuing to hover at those levels as thanks to strong global economic factors but i've more on this later in the program but first this hour russia's government may sell ten percent of state owned bank to the u.s. investment firm t.p.d. capital this is according to russian newspaper come a silent the daily paper reports that merrill lynch could manage the deal which is estimated to be worth three billion dollars this will be the first step of the state privatization program and i asked earlier this year. next gold and silver have surged as inflation worries a near is own sovereign debt woes continue to learn vest is to precious metals gold is hovering around peak levels are reaching record highs on monday exceeding the four hundred dollars mark so it was also maintaining its gains having risen to
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a thirty year peak analysts say the demand for metals could continue to climb amid low interest rates the european sovereign debt crisis and jitters over the global economic slowdown business leaders across the world are continuing to lash out at the u.s. decision to print an additional six hundred billion dollars in new stimulus money central bankers and economists warn of inflation new bubbles and hot money inflows and russia could be on the receiving end of the move was touch on avoid corporate reports. stimulus warns. the biggest a fanciful on the west front has washington's decision to print new hundreds of billions on greenbacks japan was first with over sixty billion dollars of financing but the us shot back with a round of stimulus ten times as big huge waves of hot money are expected to hit man in the eastern and southern emerging economies russia's official response so
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far is surprisingly positive but it could be some additional capital inflows into russia of course you know interest currently foreign capital is very small and we are interested in attracting further capital so in the short term this move can be seen as a plus for us. but to many voices are critical in germany calls the u.s. policy clueless it will lead to artificial economic growth in the u.s. asset prices bubbles all over the world and eventually in march higher inflation that will erode incomes and savings if you're a businessman and you want to get a credit to develop your business the bank would incorporate this inflationary expectations you know it's great in a street which eventually would mean that traits would go up. craig effectivity as a result would slow. analysts say developing countries inflation is already quite high and they cannot match the u.s.
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move by increasing their own money supply so analysts predict the dollar will depreciate against many currencies speculators capital will do stock markets and keep assets overvalued bernanke is words higher stock prices will do to consumer wealth increase confidence and spiral spending analysts say this is simply a rerun of the assa gobble before the crisis broached as it must once again. over businesses are to. vest a gate is chasing illegal money substitution or laundering say the main culprits are not banks but other industries like tourism and charities. in the from the federal financial launching service says the global crisis has led to a upsurge in money laundering in russia. since the financial crisis broke out we have noticed a lot of new ways for setting up illegal money transactions for example charity
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projects sometimes are used as a screen for money laundering then there is the tourism industry which the state is investigating at the moment quite recently found out transactions are used for illegal money operations we need to establish a more efficient system of control but to do it in a way that does not harm the financial development of the economy. time now see how the markets are performing in both of the climbing here in moscow most of the main players are higher on the l.c.s. . games more than two percent a softer sort of monday by the mining giant close four percent. and european stock markets are also in the black with a focus on several major companies updated or ported earnings vodafone was among the early rise in the foot sea increased its profit forecast whereas marks and spencer fell two point seven percent of the reported tough year profits of nearly three hundred fifty million unveiled its featured strategy. news in brief for you now the i.p.o. of internet group mail dot all you raised more than one billion dollars after
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exercise options to buy more shares according to the company banks including goldman sachs and morgan stanley bought three point three million depository receipts at twenty seven point seven dollars each stock has gained strongly since as london launch last week rising thirty five percent as of monday. monetary affairs commissioner who has annoyed the island is seeking a financial bailout from the european union previously reports had said the island was seeking to outlaw his tux and spending plans to avoid a possible greek style bailout the country's planning to trim next year's budget by the equivalent of eight billion dollars but investors willing to lend to the country experts doubt the country can afford even the modest five percent interest offered and the great question. much safer this hour but you can always buy most or is on our website.
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wealthy british style. time to explain the fine. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. this is just a parliament building in. them. sixty five years ago. it was the final target. the last major offensive from an army. of scout troop became the symbol on the fall of the financial system. and the big three all were nazi germany. the follow. on r.g.p. . of a failed state this is not a provocation but a warning of the. fateful state and we should the first step is what is sure to suppress the trace pieces they have no idea about the hardships to face.
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one it is this is it all too nice and for any army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victory nineteen forty five dot dot com. well.
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the five hundred. twenty summit. later this week chinese economic disagreements are expected. the u.s. has been pushing china. while other countries have accused washington.


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