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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2010 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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until it reaches international standards. freedom justice and peace for the world must begin with freedom justice and peace in the lives of individual human beings america long the self-appointed global leader on human rights pointing out the shortcomings of others for the united states this is a matter of moral and pragmatic assessment but scenes of injustice like these are taking place not in other countries instead happening right here in the us a point being made by the united nations human rights council in its first comprehensive review of washington's record two hundred twenty eight points to be precise recommendations on how the u.s. can do better in practicing what it preaches we want done up close guantanamo and secret detention centers throughout the world to punish those people who torture and executed janie's arbitrarily the u.s. dismisses many of the suggestions calling them political provocations by hostile
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countries he had even america's allies are highlighting grave flaws friends in ireland demand obama follow through on the promise to close gitmo britain belgium and dozens of others calling on the u.s. to abolish the death penalty for many it's the ultimate hypocrisy how a state with roughly three thousand people on death row lectures the world about humanity the more like a case in point mumia abu jamal viewed as america's very own political prisoner the united states the perpetrator of gross human rights violations is using human rights as a political football against its enemies and its enemies are enemies not because they violate human rights necessarily but because the us wants to change the government in their country the country often accusing adversaries like syria iran and north korea of oppressing citizens is now faced with defending domestic practices like indefinite detention poor prison conditions and racial profiling don't stand idly by don't be silent when dissidents elsewhere on. in prison america
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is home to the world's largest prison population with two point three million people currently behind bars children can be sentenced to life in prison a place where more than one hundred undocumented immigrants have died while awaiting deportation. increasing discrimination against muslims another blemish on america's human rights record. hundreds have been arrested in so-called f.b.i. for oil terror plots plots using government paid informants to set up the crime or practice other countries term entrapment aleesha mcwilliams mccollum's nephew is among those caught in these web she warns the system is losing its bearings america's need to wake up because i am a living hell we go lives of americans no one country has all the answers but all of us must answer to our own people question is when the people speak who is listening the us has rejected international calls to abolish the death penalty and
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dismissed several other recommendations leaving many to ask if u.s. exceptionalism means do as i say not as i do during a fortnight artsy. is a call for north korea to return to international talks over its nuclear activities as soon as possible that comes from russia and south korea from where president would vote of all that simmering tensions in the region could boil over he was speaking of talks ahead of the g twenty summit and so on he said this is no reason for. everyone understands how important peace on the peninsula is not just for the sake of peace but for the economy and for stability in both russia and south korea understand that this is a big issue for all we hear so much about iran and president medvedev himself brought up the fact that iran has never declared itself as a nuclear state while north korea very much have so it is a concern for russia once again president medvedev reiterated that moscow is alarmed over north korea's nuclear ambitions but believes the only way to go about
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solving them is through negotiations and. that requires our special attention is the situation in the pacific region and on the korean peninsula we have discussed the issue of denuclearization and have highlighted the importance of six party talks we want to resume as soon as possible in the asia pacific region the wrist serious potential for conflict and there's no alternative who want to set up a dialogue and improve understanding between the sides. and we ourselves had a chance to go to the border with north korea it's only some sixty kilometers from the center of seoul of course with the twenty most powerful leaders in the region over the next couple of days this is a lot something we're going to hear a lot about at the g. twenty president mentioned that he is very impressed with the way south korea has developed they've had a huge amount of success with innovation and modernization and they did it is looking to south korea to prove to be an example for russia. to diversify the
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economic cooperation between russia and south korea what do we need to do to achieve we need to make it more we are modernizing russia creating a new economy in our career friends have brilliant experience in this as well as in the commercialization of scientific discovery i'm very happy to have signed a memorandum on rhaetian in high technology us president would have also had an open discussion with a member from civil society is there they talked a lot about boosting trade between the two countries of course south korea and russia do have strong trade ties but it's nothing compared to the u.s. and china when you look at the present certainly pushing to put a lot of effort into deepening ties especially when it comes to trade and the economy on a lighter note one of the members of the civil societies did bring up south korean food in that led to a lot of talk about russian vodka and president medvedev pointed out that this is a great chance and a great reason to build the cooperation between the two countries on the lowest
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levels at a civil level so people in korea understand that it's not just that russians during . parties in a snow reporting there for us. to take center stage tomorrow in south korea when the g twenty summit kicks off a major issue due to be at the center of debate in seoul is a battle over currencies president obama is expected to face tough questions over the u.s. decision to pump six hundred billion freshly printed dollars into its economy it's an attempt to revive the country's finances but will devalue the dollar leaving your. honesty of louis told us the policy is aimed at boosting public opinion of the home but pays little attention to the needs of the rest of the world. the u.s. will be on the defensive this g. twenty meeting it will have very few friends willing to support the position that it's taken on its own domestic policies but i would not expect the u.s. to change its policy in response to these international pressures be calls mr
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bernanke you federal reserve mr geithner treasury secretary see themselves as making policy only for the benefit of the us economy and not for the world as a whole policymakers in the u.s. there are a lot of pressure from the u.s. population to do something to alleviate the rising unemployment and the troubles in the housing sector and so there's going to be a tendency for policymakers to take the line of least resistance by forming policies which are really tailored for u.s. requirements to pay little attention to what the rest of the world needs. on the way in just a few minutes here at r.t. tonight policing the police in russia is officers mark day dedicated to their profession a major revamp is under way we look at what the men and women in uniform could do to try to regain the trust of those of they vowed to protect. britain's been seeing
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its biggest protest yet against the deep cuts the country faces to tackle its bassy of debt spends of thousands of students poured out onto the streets against a planned hike in jewish and fees which could see them travel to nine thousand pounds a year artie's london correspondent laura emmett has more. one started off as a peaceful and jovial demonstration today has now turned into what's going on behind me behind me is the headquarters of the conservative party and demonstrators have gathered outside that shouting slogans burning that banners in the middle of the courtyard there is a large fire that they've made that burning exult throwing sticks is it blocks police presence inside the courtyard as well and they've managed to break one of the windows of the building of the smoking demonstration we'll say managed to make their way up on to the ring from where they are waving banners at the police to all involved police in riot gear have been told and to twenty twenty five police right
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there are also trying to steal the situation out i've been approached by a couple of people as a news crew who've said to me that they want to make it clear this is just a small group of demonstrators who are causing this trouble and the majority of this demonstration is still a peaceful one and this is the biggest demonstration that london has seen against austerity measures of course we've seen demonstrations all labor europe students and trade unions a large there are around twenty five thousand people who are from the streets we think will they obviously it's impossible to get make that number but they're processing an increase in fees for university tuition of around three thousand pounds travelling to around nine thousand pounds and that is jesus happened in two thousand and twelve if no one does anything about it i suspect is in the students about why they turned out today here's what they had to say i'm ashamed to show and i think it's not right but it's true. right. here you know the government claims this is necessary to know their home whatever
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we know for a fact there are many other ways you can help me this is a lot i shouldn't even be seen in financial terms of we need to think about what education is actually for and who it's forecast for the water was massively. to buy . our business. the first on record that we've seen in london but that has been out there on rats throughout europe and the backdrop of this is that extraordinarily david cameron the prime minister has to create an increase in the amounts of money that britain gets to the european union every year an increase of about seven hundred million dollars it's also been suggested that by any pain you need to negotiate said he said that there are hidden costs involved in that as well and that the rise in november sixteenth with the european union essentially going to see seven hundred million will be upwards of one billion dollars now this is really the first on rest that we've seen in london but some people are expecting more i think that makes about job losses and steve talk. about his laura reporting for us
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there james prior's chief executives the e.u. referendum campaign he told me the pulling out of the blog will say britain a lot of much needed cash. we're sending forty eight million pounds a day forty eight million pounds a day to the e.u. i mean that's a huge amount of money i mean our cases are going if we pull out or least have a referendum and saying i'm pulling out would be say when that's all the money we can you know we can look at all sorts of other. savings and all these vicious cuts that you know that cameron and clegg are bringing in the e.u. which talked there you know this is an organization that hasn't had these accounts altered for fourteen years i think if i'm right from saying they've just rejected the latest round of. accounts i mean you know this is you know this is an unelected group of people you know it's all down to interpretation i mean they're saying anything i think cameron's been completely mis advise on this and i think he's also
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missed the mood of the people i mean the people are really now showing you know that you know we can't stand that it's all down to interpretation of one hundred twenty billion we send over them we get money back and yes that of course we do get to break it down to terms that we can all understand it's the equivalent of us sending them two pounds sixty and they give us a pound back that doesn't make sense to me. james prior. wednesday marks russia's police officers professional holiday but looming layoffs and reforms are leaving little room for celebration for them a string of high profile scandals have seen public trust in the force plummet prompting the government should but while many agree that an overhaul is overdue not everyone is convinced it's set to work to push go over explains more. their pictures which shocked and asian and left the image of russia's law enforcers in tatters it's now over a year since this drunken shooting spree by police officer. killed two and wounded seven others but the case remains one of the most alarming in
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a series of high profile police scandals it also came as a blow to people like former officer alexander pollution who won the title hero of the soviet union by his work but he would recall watching log regretfully there are many of sickos out there i'm a former policeman myself but even i try to avoid police officers they have guns and they can shoot it was also last here that a young officer tried to blow the whistle on police corruption with an internet video and sparked a political storm i have many acquaintances in the police who care about the truth he called for a national inquiry and accused police chiefs of ordering officers to jail innocent people they build prompted a wave of similar revelations as other officers came forward the interior ministry itself admits more than one hundred thousand offenses involving police officers were registered in two thousand and nine alone. you know in the one nine hundred
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seventy s. policemen were motivated by reasons not to be totally on appreciated today we work to solve crimes for the excitement of the job and for justice to prevail. in response to the scandals president dmitry medvedev ordered a multi-billion dollar reform of the interior ministry last december the new measures set out to make clear the rights of the police and those they detain one of the main talking points however became the new name for the force leaving behind the old militia and going back to the internationally more accepted police many said crossed remain the biggest concern and worried about the costs of the name change for the life of me i don't understand why we need to spend so much money what will they be changing the lettering on the car. it's no use changing the name first they need to take a look at all those villas in the moscow region she which police officers of houses
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there that's what they need to start with confiscations the proposals will be implemented next year in what will be a crucial stage in the force's history history which has seen better days as this museum in moscow testifies the museum tells hundreds of stories of bravery courage and heroism this is the list of those who died in the line of duty however the organizers of this exhibition say there are many more out there whose stories remain unknown. but the image of the law enforcement in russia remains a tarnished one the question now is whether the reforms will be more than just a piece and help would believe the police and the police on the same side of the barricades. r.t. school will affect over an r.t. dot com tonight that story there for you as well if you will have your say as well as these iraqis calling for justice after claims that british forces sexually humiliated prisoners by forcing them to strip naked and watch soldiers having sex
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with each other was the story we've got for you tonight on our home page r.t. dot com. and when sorry is the hardest word in russian first taking the pain from giving an apology by doing it for you made a cheap text message or something face to face it's a little bit of a cop out maybe if you like the sound of that story it's clever arty dot com some to make some money out of it know that it. will be brief this wednesday night british police say the ball found on a plane in central england last month was planned to detonate over america's eastern seaboard a powerful device was originally sent by mail from yemen and hidden in a printer cartridge but was detected following a tip off from saudi intelligence had it gone off detectives say it would have exploded midair at four thirty am on the twenty ninth of october authorities on both sides of the atlantic say they only narrowly averted disaster. a series of bombings targeting christians in the iraqi capital have killed at least five and
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left dozens of others injured but fourteen roadside bombs were detonated in predominantly christian areas of baghdad it comes after more than forty christians were killed when al qaeda militants took over a cathedral ten days ago in the capital. of a tug boats begun towing to shore a packed cruise ship which had become stranded of mexico's pacific coast vessels on a seven day trip to the mexican riviera when a fire began in the engine room cutting off the power emergency food supplies have been delivered to the four a half thousand people on board. carnival splendor is no set to reach port by thursday the latest estimates all the holiday makers are set to get their money back. officials have confirmed that more than seventy people have been treated for cholera in haiti's capital there are fears the epidemic will spread to more quickly now because of problems with the water supply after last month's hurrican thomas the disease is already left almost six hundred people dead outside port au prince millions more are now considered at risk. is twenty two nineteen moscow time as the
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leaders of the world's biggest economic powers get ready to sit down in seoul people of elves cross-talk guests russia whether the group's got any relevance anymore. i used to always think the g.a.a. was a waste of time is the g. twenty a bigger waste of time as it meets in seoul no not the g eight is there the g twenty is the new kid on the block is the real saying but in fact what matters the g two it's an official but this is where the action really is the us and china what is the west doing at the moment korea q e two it's not the queen elizabeth granted the t.v. easing that is exporting their dad all over the world cause inflation inside us it's it's going to be another bubble it's not going to solve the us problems and you have a value you want in china so this through holt the financial system all over the world by the balls.
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while more of that sea of people of all cross talk just over an hour's time here tonight and just ten minutes from now one of russia's key presidential aides tells us about moscow's expectations from a g. twenty summit in seoul. after the business after this quick break. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. to be soon which brighter if you newly found soon from funds to transition.
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team don't. twenty one past ten pm here in moscow welcome to business gas promise to supply no less than ten billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to south korea starting in five years time at present russia's applies to asia just liquefied natural gas and modest volumes but plaster delivered to the region as much gas as it sends to europe the typical behalf that the taps. asia in poor it's just one twentieth of the gas that russia supplies to europe japan india and south korea receive aid billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from russia by tanker but there are reasons huge room for growth visiting small head of gas pramod like say miller says these market alone expanding by fifteen percent within the decade. our korean partners are interested in increasing the gas supply into the korean market
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and today we were greeted with the coal gas company on the fact that we move to the next day you can go shisha gazprom is also in talks with china as advertised this to can point to this prize for gas consumption in china is expected to balloon to two hundred billion cubic meters a year offering a new export market for russia but analysts say russia should keep its western gas fields for europe and supply eastern consumers from annual tap first of all we must think about the result for the action in spite of russia it's very important first because we know that the future for us in this industry in the east part of russia not in the west part of russia because of the decline of production on our. first sea fields and there is also very simple to us with of the new market and we have the new fields which are not far from this year what it is the key to winning the asian markets is settling in islands in the far east holding vast hydrocarbon
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reserves gastronomy is accelerating its second three gas project to come on stream by two thousand and eleven if you have any business our team. that look gary has backed a joint venture with a gas problem to build a local section of the south stream pipeline last week the bulgarian energy holding and gas from last to tender for the initial investment study the actual agreement will be signed during prime minister put his visit to sofia on saturday. gas prices should be independent of the oil market says the e.u. energy commissioner as gas becomes another a more important source of energy the union wants to minimize price fluctuations and as you commission often spoke of europe's trust for russia as an energy partner . as in this theory that the russians have already invested more than fifty billion euro in the north stream pipeline and seeking profit and if gas can flow in then there's no profit so it's in the russian's code interest to ensure that this gas
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connection gets up and running and this interdependency is mutual russians are selling gas to us and they can purchase trucks machinery chemicals and engineering expertise from europe. companies in russia and kazakhstan may benefit from the wave of stimulus money from the united states some of those hundreds of billions of dollars in stock markets and emerging economies the bonds of local energy companies are winners with oil prices on the up trend energy exporters expect to boost earnings and that will make local bond issues more attractive gazprom plans to place your bonds next week for around one billion dollars. taking a look at the markets now u.s. stocks are up heading outward this hour a major indexes paired some of their earlier losses energy companies are off along with crude oil prices on wednesday chevron conoco phillips have gained around one percent and other news general motors are for the third quarter net income of two point sixteen billion dollars the u.s. largest automaker is preparing for its i.p.o.
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. in europe stock markets ended in the red on wednesday with the prices for precious metals including silver and copper have put pressure on the ports and mining stocks because a. four percent while the rest of the sector post of losses of a least three percent. here in moscow both the boys ended the day in the red as well the r.t.s. analyzers lost less than one and a half percent all the main players finished lower with energy stocks the major drag shares of local fell two percent on the lies exposed where bank of the biggest loser on the line six percent lower. compulsory for insurance may be delayed for another two years according to one of the country's leading insurers. september president mention it bit of call for mandatory fire insurance for every home after the devastating loss but the general director of staff says negotiations alone will take two years. but there you go forth you suppose we see not only talks on how to
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implement mandatory fire insurance in the country when we talk of insuring apartments means insuring liability and because if we talk about countryside hire. more with property insurance the states hasn't made his decision yet so i think talks will go on for at least two years and the implementation of this law will only happen in two thousand and thirteen or even two thousand and fourteen in the coming two years it want to frame the recovery of the insurance sector. salaries to stop its staff skipping to facebook all twenty three thousand employees will get a ten percent raise at the start of next year it's also part of a move to trim bonuses and increase base salaries the internet industry has been waging a war for talent the chops why. that's all the update for now but do join me at twenty past the hour for more business.
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this is just a parliament building in em. of them. sixty five years ago. it was the final target minus two major offensive from the man army. has captured became the symbol of the fall of the financial tsunami. and the
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victory over nazi germany. the fall of the moon on r.g.p. . a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and noone to suffer to the end. it was the first but probably not the landstuhl military uses of this weapon. commonly morning will be come. children common get on in the future.
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not the international association of russian language and literature teachers will host a world festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs well and. become a participant of the world festival of russian language and when an exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information visit the festival website. below. as our team from moscow i'm kevin zero in with our headline stories tonight in the u.s. has slammed the human rights record of the united states racial profiling prisoner abuse the existence of the death penalty remember key concern was. also headlining for us russia and south korea have agreed deals to work more closely together and
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are calling for a not on nuclear korean peninsula it comes as president would rather joins other leaders in seoul for a summit of the g. twenty group of nations. tens of thousands of british university students are marching against plans to triple the jewish in fees to nine thousand pounds a year it's britain's biggest protest yet against deep budget cuts and comes after leaders agreed to ramp up funding for the e.u. . well ahead of tomorrow's g. twenty talks are caught up with the russian president's top economic aide our card it is a call which says the world's twenty biggest countries of likely to head off a trade war between china and the u.s. and hopes the summit will lead to more global cooperation to here is that interview . well the time has come for another g. twenty summit would you think which issues will dominate the agenda.


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