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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EST

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urged the g twenty to create a favorable environment for medium and small businesses he really believes that that will get global recovery going in the first day is very much set up for bilateral meetings president medvedev met with british prime minister david cameron there the dialogue very positive both saying they see eye to eye on many of the top priorities of the g twenty and of course the top priority is the economy which you can't talk about these days without china president will be meeting with hu jintao and there the dialogue is expected to focus on u.s. financial policy which right now the world is not very happy with what the u.s. just pumps six hundred billion dollars into its economy essentially devaluing the dollar while at the same time pushing pretty intensely on china to revalue its currency its pushing on germany to lower its exports to spend more to help global recovery so there is an air of hypocrisy and leaders around the world are seeing
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this protesters are seeing this artie's alice hebert takes a closer look at this high stakes battle for the world's currencies they'll be plenty of soul searching at this g. twenty for the south korean capital it underlines its economic but there are major spots around his country circle the wagons while others try to cool the schulze then there's the problem to the north. this is g. twenty is being billed as the financial coming out of to south korea proof of just how far the country's come in the nearly sixty years since the end of the korean war once poorer than it's a northern communist neighbor and now the thirteenth largest economy in the world north korea may just like some fool kilometers north of this freedom bridge and demilitarized zone but economically the to paul's the threat from the democratic people's republic was particularly long. large and solace in taking any chances
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with security forces on high alert but it's another conflict on the g. twenty leaders minds the outbreak of the so-called currency war the us lead the charge accusing china of cheating world trade by also officially weakening its currency it wants do you want to be. the united states is going to try and saying we want you to commit economic suicide just like japan did we want you to follow the same thing we want you to revalue your currency we want you to squeeze your companies we want you to go bankrupt or you can imagine what the chinese are laughing they're thinking you know are you guys and yet washington stands accused of allowing its own dollar to windle walling emerging markets whose own currencies are rising strongly and damaging their export competitiveness complaints intensified after the federal reserve announced a second print run of six hundred billion dollars the quantitative easing designed
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to get cash flowing but with other economies warry will flop their market russia's president medvedev wants the summit to agree that when countries that like the u.s. take big steps to save themselves that they consider the ripples that causes get permission from the g twenty first. the russian position is that we need more coordinated approach we don't want surprises from partners. we want. a more intensive. and central banks. and this can lead to great some stability in the markets among other leading critics of germany the world's fourth largest economy its finance minister calling the us helpless i don't think the u.s. is making its case any stronger through the measures that is taking through printing dollars to weaken its own currency because that looks far too much like a competitive devaluations one hundred european countries see it as
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a dangerous move because what it could do is increase the capital control around the world but that's not what barack obama wants to hear the president's call for germany along with china and japan to rely last fall bad dominant export markets and spend more to tell you it's appalling what death is the truth is that no one is happy with today's international monetary system especially the dominance of the dollar as a reserve currency and america's management of it and what business leaders want the g. twenty to realize is that nations will have to fight their natural urge to try and protect their own countries trade and should boost foreign investment and less of it r.t. seoul south korea but economists and that's fraud will told r.t. that american military policy looks like washington is trying to tackle its financial woes at the expense of others. it's absolutely true that the united states of late has made don't mess to clean self-serving policy that was short
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sighted and that did not consider the rest of the world even though it's a well known fact that if the united states undertakes actions like quantitative easing that decrease the value of the dollar this can have negative and severe round occasions in terms of global money supply and the value of other currencies and it could look reasonably in some cases like the united states is trying to get out of its economic trouble by exporting that trouble to someone else in the death so that sort of disaster of two thousand and eight and early two thousand and nine we did see a coming together with russian and brazilian and german and japanese and american and french leaders and british leaders coming together and trying to do things carefully so that each country could push its own situation up without hurting anyone else as soon as we began to see a recovery very different recovery in different places lagging in the united states we began to see this sort of every man for himself scenario and what these g. twenty meetings do is provide an opportunity for us to all get back on the same
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page or if they don't go well it looks like they're not a real highlighting of just how different uncoordinated the policy is with the united states going its own way and setting a potentially dangerous example for other nations around the world to follow in the coming weeks and months. well later r.t. speaks to american democratic congressman dennis kucinich about the financial situation in the u.s. he says the country's economy needs to be completely reformed. the structure of our system is wrong it doesn't work anymore for the average working person the american economic system when it comes to delivering to the practical aspirations of americans is falling apart look the economic system itself is the problem and the whether it's a democrat or republican in charge of it look it's a faulty vehicle right now we have to change the structure of our economy or people are just being dealt out of the economy what you would expect people to do or
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they're mad. about you can watch that interview in full hair in our t. in just over an hour's time. police in the u.k. over the launch an inquiry into how the force handled wednesday student marches which turned violent riots broke out among tens of thousands of students who took to the streets of london protesting government plans to slash education spending which could see tuition fees trouble struggling to reduce of the budget deficit the ruling coalition is facing unrest over the deep cuts required to tackle its massive debts tease reports. about. social unrest in europe has spread to what's thought to have been up to fifty thousand students from all of the u.k. protesting the having to pay three times as much for their university courses while education spending is slashed it began peacefully but descended into
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a bra it tempers boiled over outside the headquarters of the ruling coalition's main party the conservatives protest banners break windows and stormed the ruth throwing projectiles on to paly. witnesses in demonstrators were divided as to whether the violence undermined their cause i think this is a reaction by the group of restraint by government who is acting in an extra constitutional mana stat this once well first i guess that's what we're dismantling the whole question with those issues to keep the streets of all the roadways to peace process joining previous choices that. you try to reach with also vented at the coalition partners the liberal democrats say to promise to phase out fees completely in a pre-election pledge for the students it's a u. turn too far as they told politicians don't make us pay for your mistakes. basic premise is it true if your peers will be increased have just been wiped out you
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know the government claims this is necessary to hold the home whatever we know for a fact there are many other ways you can help including try to craft right to be around as well as right in my generation which is the baby boomer generation benefiting from education. which was then perceived as a public good about. why was it education cuts a just possibly painful hold up britain's spendings being slashed by up to a quarter across the board health care defense and benefits for the less well off yet money to pay for the european union will rise next year prime minister david cameron is promising he won't spend more than the extra seven hundred million dollars earmarked this in a new budget negotiators says that's not true it will be closer to a billion cash which critics say is money down the drain. we're sending forty eight
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million pounds a day forty eight million pounds a day to the i mean that's a huge amount of money i mean you know our cases are going to pull out. of a referendum and putting out we'll be saving that money we can you know we can look at all sorts of other you know savings and all these vicious cuts that you know that come in and bring in what's likely to make cash strapped taxpayers see red even more is that for the sixteenth year running e.u. order to have rejected the books ninety percent of accounts have irregularities from awarding dodgy farming contracts through to rampant inefficiencies when the stairs the measures were announced last month that didn't seem to be any tangible response from the british people and that made the government into a false sense of security but protesters laying siege to conservative party headquarters i don't think know probably by. the way.
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on the way in the program that left right left of young americans. can start some better and say youngsters are ready to try to government and there's always the option to take. the fish in the public of cracking down on the ancient tradition of marriage making which they say there is now. some more news making headlines around the world the south the un says israel's easing of the economic blockade in gaza has had little effect on people living there certain restrictions on consumer goods were lifted but he still remains one of the a total ban on exports the blockade that was imposed in two thousand and seven was used on the international pressure to israel's attack on the turkish aid flotilla. iraqi m.p.'s are meeting to finalize a deal which will end the country's eight month political stalemate prime minister
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nuri al maliki will return to power for a further four years on the monday which includes parties from the shiite sunni and kurdish sides it's hoped it will help stabilize iraq's national security situation which is deteriorating and meet the deadlock the country has broken the world record for taking the longest time ever to form a government to lections. the death toll from cholera across haiti has risen to six hundred forty four as aid workers fight to contain the spread of disease in the capital thousands of people with cholera or in hospitals across the country with face the epidemic will spread further because of the water supply being contaminated after last month's harlequin millions are now said to be risk of catching the disease. more than one hundred families have left the mexican border town after increased drug related violence restaurants have fled near to a neighboring town after an american tourist was killed in the area powerful drug
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cartels are blamed for a significant rise in murders in mexico over the past five years. as america celebrates a veteran's day the number of its troops heading to overseas wars is on the rise but so is the number of soldiers refusing to fight the desertion rate among the american military has shot up three fold artie's or invest met in iraq veteran who couldn't take anymore war and says others don't have to either. autumn in new york the leaves red and yellow reminders that seasons change green becomes obsolete for people to meet sergeant sure rove first name out this u.s. army all formerly and now but there are vets who are anti military i'm one of them you know there are vets who are anti american specifically because of what they experienced and i'm one of them he keeps moving forward as a college student and activist trying to create change. because he can't turn back
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time i came to that conclusion that personal conclusion that we were actually not just we hadn't just made a mistake but we were and continue to be in violation of the law to wage the war in iraq that i said it is imperative that i not go the math is took the military head on resistance even if more quiet is becoming more common since two thousand and four the number of soldiers who have gone a while in the u.s. army has gone up two hundred thirty four percent according to an army report i would say it's him extensively linked to the wars in iraq and afghanistan to repeat deployments to even abuse within the military realities perhaps not told to young people when they enlist but use a lot of different underhanded tactics to recruit youth into the military here you can see some of those after we already have n.b.a. basketball game behind me the west point military academy drill team is performing
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because it's military appreciation night sponsored by the u.s. army and it's also student rewards night were students as young as grade school had been given free tickets to the game. so it's also a recruiting opportunity is what we like to call this kind of community relations if. it is it could be it would putting a band as well as outside a souped up humvee welcomes kids from this poor new york suburb off their bus. the pretty awful hopelessness of virtual reality and video games market flying drones going into battle and firing weapons you know they don't have the you know feeling suicidal again today a video game inside g.i. johnny draws a crowd and it's future soldier train or game as it's called imo if you just hold your draws a new recruit who recently enlisted you praise you. to be every shot around and you
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know. the math this is nothing this young man knows will prepare him they say your travel the world and you'll meet interesting people do is really going to be basically that. these promises are sold but something's missing and they never address the brutality they they always leave it out they just they just say oh you know what the military is like you know you've you've played some shoot em up video game one time but war isn't a game and the u.s. military experience doesn't fit into a halftime show and looking from a veteran on the other side of it do this with mild across a jacket to a soldier about to embark time almost stand still i was going to do something but seasons will change and time and it soldiers will keep marching on lauren lyster r.t. new york. one of the more few to discover online including blog speeches begin the war with the taste of what you can find right now it's hard. reconstructing the
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russian capital is revealed their strategy to the traffic jams you can. see it's not getting the details so. close the moscow metro has been described as the most in the world its own site that is the place from music to the sounds of the underground these musicians. the women in chechnya said to be scared of the even their homes as many are kidnapped and forced to marry someone they don't know authorities in the southern russian republic have condemned the practice implementing laws and fines many women still live in fear. of reports it is the moment of families torn apart the church
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and bride to be happening here remains a ritual rather than the man simply chooses the woman he wants and forcibly takes her but the kidnapping of one young girl called him on one terribly wrong. i knew she went shopping down. we had a good outside and saw her being kidnapped yes she was shouting we saw it all and. the good lebron his accomplice grabbed him on jumped into a car and sped away but a short way down the road they crashed into the truck. a young girl. when they were driving here they crashed in the. northwest it was an awful tragedy the car was just a piece of metal you couldn't tell what car it was. some say kidnapping brides runs in the cook asian blood religious leaders and churches strongly disapprove and no
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laws have been brought in to corrupt the practice because delta says i'm able to go to the corner chechens never had such as this is. every friday i say during the. this is for appealing to see. and those who will be punished if you're in this life and on the judgment day. the girls who have been kidnapped rarely bring does not deter for trial as such case may be considered it is grace bible but they never forget about it is on the one sword experience forty years ago she left a shop and was heading home when it happened this is the one taking me away and i didn't even know who was kidnapping me it was several men in the car and then you know one only on the second or third day did i find out who i was telling him in a. reason remembers the day she spent not knowing what was coming next lost and frightened she had no choice but to stay with her kidnapper chris youngest daughter
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was almost her rage two months later resign or ran away but her life was changed forever with which is. this really is the big tragedy because your life doesn't belong to you when you longer you come to the most if you were kidnapped girl grow even if you spend two or three days there and return home you're not you considered a guy you belong to someone your so the woodruff but now attrition is getting tough on the practice with the new laws. i think lose lose for the global issue i think many families where girls are brutal up to feel themselves moosic you are probably a right good lovers will face a prison sentence and have to be over so it is sold in dollars in fines to the girl's family even religious leaders forcing a girl to marry her kidnapper will be punished isn't all there appears to be a strong support goes intension are yet to see whether the old plantation has been ended early on people or angry allegiance to suddenly what's wrong are seen from crossly. well shot at his head with
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a business news now and so rather than wish to dispute the last nickel we understand show us according to reports russian billionaire. and a group of investors are looking to buy out into ross's twenty five percent stake in the mining giant but other details later in the program but first to the g twenty summit and russian president dmitry medvedev has called for better access to domestic and foreign capital for small and medium sized businesses to spur global economic growth speaking at the business forum in south korea in which bit of banks may need further encourage went to work more actively with the means russia will urge the group of twenty policy makers to remove barriers to long term investment in developed countries emerging economies kelso capital inflows according to a call which the proposal would have set the money including into emerging market. by creating an incoming flow of capital to industrialized nations the gas problem is the playa no less than ten billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to south
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korea starting in five years time at present russia supplies just liquefied natural gas to asia in modest following the person to deliver as much gas to the region as it sends to europe to china political reports. asia in poor it's just one twentieth of the gas that russia supplies to europe japan india and south korea receive aid billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from russia by tanker but there are reasons room for growth visiting smallhead of gas pramod lakes a miller says these market alone expanding by fifteen percent within the decade. in our korean partners are interested in increasing the gas supply into the korean market and today we were greeted with the coal gas company on the fact that we move to the next stage of negotiations gazprom is also in talks with china as ever this sticking point is price of gas consumption in china is expected to balloon to two
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hundred billion cubic meters a year offering a new export market for russia but analysts say russia should keep its western gas fields for europe and supply eastern consumers from annual tap. first of all we must think about the increase of production spot of russia it's very important for us because we know that the future for us in this industry in the east part of russia not in the west but russia because we see the decline of production on our. fuels and that is why it's a very simple test of the new market and we have the new fields which are not far from this you watch it the key to winning the asian markets is so highly in islands in the far east holding the last hydrocarbon reserves gastronomy is accelerating its second three gas project to come on stream by two thousand and eleven if you have any form of business our team. time will see how long could see before me in here must go to both the climbing in morning trade on the back of losses on
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wednesday all the main players that are on the outs here leading the games as near as nickel more than one percent of the nation's top markets that are also shrugging off or cost wise in places of energy in financial terms and on his bank saying it's going to point eight percent in japanese shares of climbs in tokyo over the weekend yen provides a boost to exporters lifting the nikkei slightly. now russian billionaire owner jerry past and a group of investors are looking to buy out interoffice twenty five percent stake in rural snorkel this is according to the news agency which also owns a twenty five percent stake in the nickel producer is currently in talks with investors to set up a pool for the bid in october interop. will turn it into a proposal to buy its stake in the rails for nine billion dollars which was swiftly rejected both shareholders have been locked in a battle over the control of the nearest nickel to this june. and i dare pascoe is
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also seeking to place an initial public offering for his power utility you are safe and you go in hong kong by the end of the year there are brainier says he hopes to generate one point five billion dollars through the sale of a twenty five percent stake. now to other news in a new government scheme has been put into place to ensure a steady in for foreign investment into the caucasus region in an exclusive interview with r.t. presidential envoy to the north caucasus federal district alexander porn and explains the government's plan. from next year the government is ready to offer a guarantee to investors it's not means that if they invest money the government of the russian federation will take on risks to the tune of seventy percent of the investment value and the remaining thirty percent should of course be taken on by the minister and the banks involved in. the amount of the government guarantee security for the following year. which is a very serious commitment to save the investor from any risks that might arise in
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the caucasus region. and you can catch the exclusive interview with xander have followed it in full of r.t. this saturday for an elevator up day for this hour we can always buy more stories on our website r.t. dot com flash business. wealthy british style. is not on.
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the. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our cheek for some this is just a parliament building in urban. but then. sixty five years ago. it was the final target minus to move through from some from the main army. to its country became the symbol of the fall of the financial system. and the fig tree over nazi germany. the fall of moon on our cheap. holidaymaker who wouldn't dare to
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swim so deep. a tourist would be scared of such cold water. and would never die if nothing is seen within an arm's reach. but they are not to lists they are researchers. and few more some lambs that. in deep water. with out to the main stories we're covering for you as. sole hosts a meeting of global powers as a group of twenty gather for a two day summit about quantity in crisis prevention not talk makes up a debate shared recovery and constant beings. bobbins breaks out on the streets
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of london students test against the high contrition government it's broken its promise it's an inspirational result dozens of student leaders and politicians have condemned the bottom to the. last sighting of crime to see us pulls out all the stops to soldiers some veterans form it comes to solving it into the army under false pretenses they claim video games they can use to trade the reality that it can not many does it instead of the solution. of course will have more on their stories in thirty minutes time time now for the financial headlines with a twist ties and stacy have it ahead to give their take on the latest news affecting the markets and the global economy.


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