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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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those are ruling the world's major economies are confronted with preventing over currents of the financial nightmare of two thousand and eight and russian president dmitri medvedev there is among them he addressed the business forum and met with his chinese counterpart oxys and he said now reports on what else was on the schedule for thursday. shared recovery beyond the crisis is the main theme that of course means money the summit kicked off with a business forum and there president medvedev urged the g. twenty to create a favorable environment for medium and small business does he really believes that that will get global recovery going for the first day is very much set up for bilateral meetings president medvedev met with british prime minister david cameron there the dialogue very positive both saying they see eye to eye on many of the top priorities of the g twenty and of course the top priority is the economy which you can't talk about these days without china are going to hear a lot of dialogue on the u.s. fiscal policy policy which right now the world is not very happy with what the u.s.
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just pumps six hundred billion dollars into its economy essentially devaluing the dollar while at the same time pushing pretty intensely on china to revalue its currency it's pushing on germany to lower its exports to spend more to help global recovery so there is an air of hypocrisy and leaders around the world are seeing this protesters are seeing this artie's alice hibbert takes a closer look at this high stakes battle for the world's currencies they'll be plenty of soul searching at this g. twenty for the south korean capital it on the lines its economic kidding but there are may just spots around as country circle the wagons while others try to cool the shelves then that is the problem to the north this year's g. twenty is being billed as the financial coming out of the end of to south korea proof of just how far the country's come in the nearly sixty years since the end of
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the korean war once poorer than it's an old and communist neighbor and now the thirteenth largest economy in the world north korea may just slide some full kilometers north of this freedom bridge and demilitarized zone but economically the to paul's. the threat from the democratic people's republic leaves particularly large and solace in taking any chances with security forces on high alert but it's another conflict on the g twenty leaders minds the outbreak of the so-called currency war the us lead the charge accusing china of cheating world trade by also officially giving its currency it wants the one to be. the united states is going to try and saying we want you to commit economic suicide just like japan did we want you to follow the same thing we want you to revalue their currency we want you to squeeze your companies we want you to go bankrupt well you can imagine what the chinese are saying they're laughing they're thinking you know are you guys and yet
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washington stands accused of allowing its own dollar to twin walling a merge in markets whose own currencies are rising strongly and damaging their export competitiveness can plagues intensified after the federal reserve announced a second print run of six hundred billion dollars the quantitative easing designed to get cash flowing but with other economies warry will flop their markets russia's president medvedev wants the summit to agree that when countries like the u.s. take big steps to save themselves that they consider the ripples it causes to get permission from the g. twenty first the russian position is that we need more coordinated approach we don't want surprises from partners. we want. more intensive. and central banks. and this can be great some stability in the markets
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among other leading critics of germany the world's fourth largest economy its finance minister calling the us helpless i don't think the u.s. is making its case any stronger through the measures that is taking through printing dollars we can. sleep because that looks far too much like a competitive devaluations one hundred european countries see it as a dangerous move because what it could do is increase the capital control around the world but that's not what barack obama wants to hear the president's call for germany along with china and japan to rely last fall bad dominant export markets and spend more to spalling what death is the truth is that no one is happy with today's international monetary system especially the dominance of the dollar as a reserve currency and america's management of it and what business leaders want the g. twenty to realize is that nations will have to fight their natural urge to try and
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protect their own countries trade and should boost foreign investment unless events are t. cells south korea well it's sort of gabriel off russian political journalist and a news anchor at the t.v. channel rossiya told r.t. that china and russia try to protect their trade from the u.s. dollar fluctuations. we've seen something very dangerous in the global economy and that is the financial sector dominating over industries basically what we see now is americans pumping these dollars to the financial sector once again ignoring the industries of the american position is totally explicable i can't really argue with the americans the more so that's what all the fans of the of the states given the framework of the national financial system i would emphasize the initiative at least the idea which is being discussed between russia and china and that is to switching to you on rubles in the bilateral trade now the chinese russian buy a little trade is not as huge as the u.s.
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chinese so that this will not will not kill the u.s. dollar that is to say we do have alternative options to switch into the national currencies will that resolve all of our problems it will not and that's the whole purpose of g twenty is actually meet and discuss things and they sincerely hope that they will be not to get another set of slogans following these summits but a deeper mutual understanding understanding sort of gabriel off the russian political journalist well on the way for you in the program here on r.t. left right. thousands of young americans march after fight in afghanistan some veterans say youngsters are being lured into work coming travel by their own government and there's always the option of desire. for the russian newspaper says it has revealed the identity of the man behind exposing eleven russian agents in the u.s. this summer come a stand claims he was
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a former foreign intelligence service employee let's get more on this developing situation now across live throughout the year growth is going off and good to see you so this development is certainly going to raise a few eyebrows here are startling revelations from the newspaper do some light on this please who who is this person behind the outing. well this is truly a fascinating story which has been continuing now for several months community newspaper claims to have held its own investigation and the sea that call most should of course an officer of the russian foreign intelligence service was a double agent working undercover in the us migration service and it was him responsible for blowing the cover on his colleagues in the united states last summer which resulted basically in the biggest spying scandal between moscow and washington since the cold war era now if all this is true then the big question is at the moment is held. manage to hide his activities from russian authorities the newspaper says that before this scandal erupted polish was offered
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a promotion by russian authorities which she rejected possibly because he had to take a lie detector test which could have revealed his activities as a double agent and also reportedly several months before the scandal just about corsi daughter left russia to the united states. and also this could hint that she might have known that something was about to happen going to sunset newspaper also says that the foreign intelligence service here in russia claims to continue looking into what happened back then and also valves to find and punish everybody responsible for the feel year of that massive secret operation not you go if you would just take us back for a moment to that worldwide attention getting spy drama that unfolded this past summer the one that ended with a double agent swap between washington and moscow. in june american authorities announced that the of arrested a group of people of people suspected of being secret are russian agents who worked
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in the united states undercover for years in some cases for decades and they've all been arrested found guilty by a u.s. court of being unregistered foreign agents and deported from the united states to russia in exchange for four people who are serving time here after having been found guilty of being foreign spies now the coming sun newspaper and is now also focusing its intention of on the one of the members of that group of deep water from the united states this man has already been deemed a super agent and this is mikhail wish him well kuo left of the soviet union back in the nineteen sixty's first to spain and then to lot in america he became a photographer and it became known under the name of one alongside or traveled to the united states became acquainted with lots of politicians and other officials and this man reportedly denied to being
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a russian agent up to the very end and it was actually called. who presented to the secret materials proving that. it was a russian agent and it was only van that he actually said his real name to the investigation so some really interesting details are now emerging despite the fact that the scandal itself erupted just several months ago our identities you're going to is going to reporting there from the moscow region thank you. well coming up in just a few minutes it's time to hit top gear. russia races into the formula one world with the country's first super carmaker buying a stake in a formula one team. police in the u.k. of launch an inquiry into how the force when the state student marches which turned
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violent riots broke out in london among tens of thousands of students protesting government plans to slash education spending the kurds could see university fees rebel in an attempt to reduce the country's massive budget deficit prime minister david cameron said the violence was unacceptable the classes which involved missiles being fired at police led to over thirty arrests and left several wounded james prior and to europe campaigners says the cuts are a result of blowing the budget on the e.u. . we're sending forty eight million pounds a day forty eight million pounds a day to the i mean that's a huge amount of money i mean you know our cases are going if we pull out or at least have a referendum on saying of pulling out would be saving that sort of money we can you know we can look at all sorts of other you know savings and all these vicious cuts that you know that cameron and clegg are bringing in the rich talk that you know this is an organization that hasn't had these accounts altered for fourteen years i
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think if i'm right from saying they've just rejected the latest round of. you know accounts i mean you know this is that you know this is an unelected group of people you know it's all down to interpretation i mean they're saying anything i think cameron's been completely misread rise in this and i think he's also missed the mood of the people i mean the people are really now showing you know that we know we can't stand that he's kept all down to interpretation is one hundred twenty billion we send over them we get money back and yes actually of course we do get to break it down to ten that we can all understand it's the equivalent of sending them two pounds sixty and they give us a pound back that doesn't make sense to me. that was james prior and to your talking about the student protests in london where it did get violent and the students didn't fire projectiles at the police there now let's get to some other news making headlines around the world this hour. and the u.n. says israel's easing of the economic blockade in gaza has had little effect on
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people living there certain restrictions on consumer goods were lifted but many still remain as well as a total ban on exports the blockade was imposed in two thousand and seven but it was eased in june following international pressure after israel's attack on a turkish aid flotilla. iraqi m.p.'s are meeting to finalize a deal which will end the country's eight month political stalemate prime minister nouri al maliki will return to power for a further four years under the new agreement which includes parties from the shiite sunni and kurdish sides it's hoped it will help to stabilize iraq fragile security situation which i was deteriorated amid the deadlock the country has broken the world record for taking the longest time ever to form a government after elections. and the death toll from cholera across haiti has risen to six hundred forty four as aid workers fight to contain the spread of the disease in the capital thousands of people with cholera now in hospitals across the
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country with fears the epidemic will spread further due to the water supply being contaminated after last month's hurricane millions and are said to be at risk of catching the disease. well as r.t. celebrates veterans day the number of its troops heading to overseas wars is on the rise but so is the number of soldiers refusing to fight the desertion rate among the american military has shot up three fold a loyalist met an iraq veteran who couldn't take anymore war and says others don't have to either. autumn in new york the leaves red and yellow reminders that seasons change green becomes obsolete for people to meet sergeant sure rove first name out this u.s. army all formerly and now but there are vets who are anti military i'm one of them you know there are vets who are anti american specifically because of what they
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experienced and i'm one of them he keeps moving forward as a college student and activist trying to create change. because he can't turn back time i came to that conclusion that personal conclusion that we were actually not just we hadn't just made a mistake but we were and continue to be in violation of the law to wage the war in iraq that i said it is imperative that i not go though mathis took the military head on resistance even if more quiet is becoming more common since two thousand and four the number of soldiers who have gone a while in the u.s. army has gone up two hundred thirty four percent according to an army report i would say it's in extensively linked to the wars in iraq and afghanistan to repeat deployments to even abuse within the military realities perhaps not told to young people when they enlist they use a lot of different underhanded tactics to recruit youth into the military here you can see some of those after we are ready and be
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a baptismal behind me the west point military academy drill team is performing because it's military appreciation night sponsored by the u.s. army and it's also student rewards night where students as young as grade school have been given free tickets to the game. so it's also a recruiting opportunity is what we like to call this kind of community relations if. it is to compete with putting events as well as outside a souped up humvee welcomes kids from this poor new york suburb. off their bus the pretty awful hopelessness virtual reality and video games market flying drones going into battle and firing weapons you know they don't have. you know feeling suicidal again today a video game inside g.i. johnny draws a crowd and future soldier trainer game as it's called i'm a future soldier draws
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a new recruit who recently enlisted you praise you. to be every shot around and you know. the math this is nothing this young man knows will prepare him they say your travel the world and you'll meet interesting people. is really going to be basically that. these promises are sold but something's missing and they never address the brutality they they always leave it out they just they just say oh you know what the military is like you know you you you've played some shoot em up video game one time but war isn't a game and the u.s. military experience doesn't fit into a halftime show and looking from a veteran on the other side of it do this with mild quests a jacket to a soldier about to embark time almost stand still i was going to do something but seasons will change and time minutes soldiers will keep marching on lauren lyster r.t. new york. russia is sets of burst on to the formula one scene in full force moscow
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based supercar make up as brought out virgin racing's british f one team it's to be rebranded as moto virgin racing oxys top bottom reports. let's start with the man behind the company or one of the co-owners of the company nicholai from menko a huge figure within russian racing a distinguished russian race driver and also the host of the russian version of the television motor show top gear this company the russie of which here is a clone or. a super car maker it's revealed already some very high performance cars and next year iran's waiting with bated breath because it does announce that early next year it will unveil its first f one car already under stock under construction in the u.k. so there is the company itself it has a factory in moscow it wants to build more factories in europe the company itself
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wants to build commercial cars as well as super cars but now it has moved further into that glamorous sports of their war by buying a large stake in the virgin racing team in britain which makes it box office formula one teams of its cars are going to be on the track sooner rather than later on there we'll see how they do there they start to fly it seems to be well and truly waved in russia over the past few days has been little bits of news coming out about formula one the biggest of them i suppose in terms of russia in the formula one scene in the world is the deal struck with formula one after decades of waiting for russia to host formula one races in the southern resort of sochi after that city hosts the winter olympics in two thousand and fourteen the deal currently two thousand and fourteen to two thousand and twenty the money going into that with the construction of the track and all the races could amount up to three hundred
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million dollars also glad to hear putin has been leaving the starting line and just in the last few days he hopped into work a rare no that one car in the went up to two hundred forty kilometers an hour on roads near learning grow. in the leningrad region near st petersburg russia seemed to really taken this bull by the horns with this one being the third most popular sport in the world now after football world cups. and the olympics it seems that it really wants to try and get itself into top gear to try and get that interest whipped up. why don't you talk about reporting that while charlotte is here now with the latest from the world of bruises on my head bowed to it and charlotte told me developments in the shareholder dispute of no rules mikel tell me more about las according to reports russian billionaire owner gary pascoe's we're all in the group of investors looking to buy out interoffice twenty five percent stake in the mining giant nickel more later in the program first to the g.
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twenty summit and russian president dmitry medvedev has called for better access to domestic and foreign capital to small and medium sized businesses to spur global economic growth speak of the g twenty business for when south korea invaded said banks may need to further encourage men to work more actively with us i mean. the group of twenty policy makers to remove barriers to long term investment in developed countries to help emerging economies counter capital inflows according to motivate is a creditable coverage the proposal we just sent the money flooding into the emerging markets by creating an incoming flow of capital for industrialized nations and staying with g twenty earlier i spoke to chris we thought chief strategist or will say of who explained that russia would probably push for more access to foreign markets. you know this is a key issue for russia this is were certainly been a real bug bear over the last several years russia has accused the west of the like of deliberately blocking investment from russian companies into western europe in
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particular of course we have this big route two thousand and five when russia tried to buy investment in airbus d.s. industries last year of course russia tried to buy general motors opel you know and the reason is because russia wants to establish these relationships with established foreign companies so that it can bring back that expertise to russian industries and the like that cooperation. arrangement then helping the russian companies to modernize become more efficient to make up if you like the lack of international experience in russian companies so it's a key part of russia's development and a key policy or sort of answer so now we've heard from countries like brazil china complaining about the u.s. federal reserve's decision to pump action of the six hundred billions worth of money into the economy we have already had many complaints from russia why is that world because initially russia could actually benefit from that emulates in a different situation to the other say so-called bric countries russia has not had
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a substantial amount of capital inflows in the last couple of years in fact quite the opposite flows in the last two years total almost two hundred billion so it actually could do it reversing some of the having taken some money back also the ruble is the cheaper end of the band concert with sustained some appreciation again which would benefit the investment case and then frankly you know q e which is having the effect of weekend in dollar and of course to counterbalance of that is weaker dollar means higher oil prices higher metal prices which russia's boosts russia's trade position as well as its fiscal position so at least initially russia is one of the beneficiaries of capital flows that may change of course they are a year from now the priority i think is to get money. now the former head of the u.s. federal reserve alan greenspan has also weighed in against the policy of weakening the dollar and driving up exchange rates in the rest of the world. the u.s. central bank accounts that china is also pushing down the yuan to boost exports its
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currency walls could spark global trade protectionism and provoke a crisis much sharper than the one from which the world economy is only just recovery. time see how the markets are performing out here moscow bosses are mixed with the my sex slipping into the red this rank and rolls that are among the biggest losers helping lend support is new and cynical which is pretty no more than one percent of the us and european stocks are making modest gains of the last is the financial sector offsetting earnings announcements from the alliance of siemens and bt group in london bt shares where its report will be sent off to the telecoms from increased its full cost. to russia now and billionaire owner jerry pascoe's rossella a group of investors looking to buy out into ross's twenty five percent stake in the nickel this is according to the news agency also owns a twenty five percent stake in the nickel producer is currently in talks investors
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set up a pool the bid in october into ross owned by a body made proton it sent a proposal to a stake in the rules for nine billion dollars which was swiftly rejected both shareholders have been locked in a battle over the control of new rules nickel since. a lawyer gary pascoe is also seeking to place an issue of public offering for his power. in hong kong by the end of the year the russian billionaire says he hopes to generate one point five billion dollars for the sale of a twenty five percent stake. leslie update for this hour we can always find more stories on our website also dot com slash business.
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the moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothing. is our son's wounded. man doomed to suffer to enter the land. that was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon.
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how many more will be come. on come on get on in the future hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. .
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from france to. come. up with headlines now currency growth. gathered for a two day summit the g twenty is to find ways of strengthening the global economy and preventing a future financial crisis. a new twist in
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a spy ring scandal that gripped the world a russian reporter close to cover his colleagues in the united states eleven agents were exposed. and what was the biggest. since the cold war. british onto the streets of london protesting against. that demanding the government taking advantage of them and breaking its promise to the demonstration resulted in dozens of arrests. politicians condemned the. republican victories in the recent us mid-term elections have highlighted the growing dissatisfaction with the current government the country's economy is ailing and politicians are clashing about domestic policies spoke to democratic congressman dennis kucinich about the mountain of challenges facing the u.s. .


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